Script Perfection Project
Chrono Trigger Retranslation / Comparison
Released March 30, 2007
Game Order Edition -
1.) Release information
2.) How to use this script
3.) Chrono Trigger script
4.) Appendices and lost lines
5.) Credits
1.) Release information
Chrono Trigger is copyright Square Enix. The Japanese script was extracted by JLukas. The three column format was arranged and presented by
ZeaLitY, who also edited and released the final products. Kwhazit translated the Japanese script and edited it for clarity and meaning. The script
prepared with the intent of preserving all original Japanese meaning. Interesting notes, important information omitted from the English version,
and certain difficult or strange lines are all annotated in the fourth column by Kwhazit or ZeaLitY. A comprehensive article covering major
differences can be found at . Two versions of the script are available. One
marked "Dialogue Packet Edition" presents dialogue as found in the ROM. The "Game Order Edition" attempts to present dialogue as naturally
encountered in Chrono Trigger.
Please note that this edition still only uses lines once, regardless of how many times they appear in-game. This will make certain endings and
other areas (that rely on stock lines, such as "Not enough cash") seem to be empty.
-March 30, 2007
This project is dedicated to all Chrono Trigger fans, who can now experience a new translation that is free of the space limitations and errors
present in the original script.
2.) How to use this script
The Game Order Edition is structured according to the way dialogue is naturally encountered in the game. Chapters are divided and labeled below.
You may use any chapter title to search and locate a given section.
The Millennial Fair 旅立ち!夢みる千年祭 Setting Out! The Dreamy Millennial Festival
The Queen Returns  帰ってきた王妃 The Queen who Returned
The Queen is Gone   消えた王女 The Vanished Princess
We're Back!   ただいま! I'm Home! 'I', not 'we', since the focus is on Marle's homecoming.
The Trial    王国裁判 Kingdom Trial
Beyond the Ruins  廃墟をこえて…… Across the Ruins......
The Factory Ruins 不思議の国の工場跡 Factory Ruins in the Land of Mystery 不思議 is being used as a noun, not an adjective, as evidenced by the use of の instead of な.
The End of Time   時の最果て The Farthest Reaches of Time
The Village of Magic   魔の村の人々 People of the Demon Village
The Hero Appears 現われた 伝説の勇者 Appeared: The Legendary Hero The extra space suggests a dramatic pause. A colon does something similar
Tata and the Frog  タータとカエル Tarta and Frog
The Rare Red Rock 赤い石 めずらしい石 Red Stone, Rare Stone
Footsteps! Follow!  足跡! 追跡!! Footprints! Track!!
The Masamune! 戦え!グランドリオン Fight! Grandleon
Magus' Castle 決戦! 魔王城!! Decisive Battle! Magus Castle!!
Forward to the Past  気がつけば 原始 Before You Realize It, Primeval Somewhat less literal, but probably more accurate.
Unnatural Selection?   大地のおきて Law of the Earth
The Magic Kingdom 魔法の王国 ジール Kingdom of Magic: Zeal Ditto the above comment on the hero chapter
Break the Seal! とけよ封印 呼べよ嵐 Release the Seal, Call Forth a Storm “forth” added for stylistic reasons
The Guru on Mt.Woe なげきの山の賢者様 The Philosopher on Grief Mountain
What Lies Beyond?  天空で待つものは That Which Awaits in the Sky もの in kana is ambiguous between 物 (thing) and 者 (person).
Lavos Beckons  ラヴォスの呼び声 The Call of Lavos
The New King   古代の新王 The Ancient Era's New King
The Time Egg    時の卵 The Egg of Time
The Fated Hour  運命の時へ…… To the Fateful Time......
The Final Battle  星の夢の終わりに At the End of the Planet's Dream
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3.) Chrono Trigger script
The Millennial Fair   旅立ち!夢みる千年祭   Setting Out! The Dreamy Millennial Festival      
 [Crono's House, 1000 A.D.]
 [Crono's Mom]  [Jina]  [Jina]
   Crono... 「クロノ……    Crono......
   Crono!    クロノ!    Crono!
   Good morning, Crono!    クロノったら![END]    Hey, Crono!
MOM: Come on, sleepy head! ジナ「いつまでねてるの? Jina: How long are you sleeping?
   Get up!    いいかげん起きなさい![END]    Get up already!
MOM: Ah, Leene's Bell makes such ジナ「ああ、リーネの鐘があんなに Jina: Ahh, Leene's Bell is singing so pleasantly.
   beautiful music!    気持ちよさそうに歌ってる。[END]
MOM: You were so excited about the ジナ「どうせゆうべ、こうふんして Jina: I'll bet you wound up too excited to
   Millennial Fair that you didn't sleep    ねつけなかったんでしょ?    get to sleep last night, didn't you?
   well, did you...?    ま、建国千年のお祭りだから    Well, it's the National Foundation Millenial
   無理ないけど……    Festival, so that's only natural, but......
   I want you to behave yourself today!   
   あんまり調子に乗って    Don't get caught up in the moment and party too
   ハシャぎすぎるんじゃないわよ![END]    much!
MOM: Let's get moving, now! ジナ「さ、いいかげん起きなさい![END] Jina: Come on, get up already!
MOM: Finally! ジナ「やっと起きたのね。 Jina: I see you finally got up.
   By the way, that inventor friend of    そうそう、あの、おさななじみの    Oh yes, your childhood friend, that girl who
   yours...    発明好きな子……    likes inventions...... know...!    アラ、ドわすれしちゃったわ。    Oh, it's slipped my mind.
   Oh, dear, I've forgotten her name!    なんていったっけ、あの子?[END]    What was that girl's name?
MOM: That's right, Lucca! ジナ「そう、ルッカ! Jina: That's right, Lucca!
   Don't forget that she invited you to
   see her new invention!    ルッカの発明、見に行くんでしょ?[END]    You're going to see Lucca's invention, right?
MOM: Run along now, and be back ジナ「あんまり、おそくならないようにね。 Jina: Make sure not to be too late.
   before dinner.    さ、行ってらっしゃい。[END]    Well, I'll see you later.
MOM: Oh, I almost forgot! ジナ「あっ、そうそう。 Jina: Oh yes, that's right!
   Here's your allowance, dear!    はい、おこづかい。    Here's your allowance!
   Have fun at the fair!    お祭り楽しんでらっしゃい。    Have fun at the fair!
               Received 200 G!     200Gを手に入れた![END]    Got 200G!
 [System]  [System] [System]
   How about a snooze? 休みますか?    Rest?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Hard to believe Guardia is now 1000 ねえ、知ってる? ここガルディア王国が    Hey, did you know? It's 1000 years this year since Marle was directly foreshadowed as being present at the Millennial Fair in the Japanese version. This text was trimmed during translation.
   years old, and our King is the XXXIII できて、今年で1000年。現ガルディア王    Guardia Kingdom here was formed. The current King
   descendant to the throne! つまり、今の王様だけど33代なのよ。    Guardia, our king now in other words, is the 33rd.
   But how can he rule a kingdom when で、その王様のなやみのタネは    And the root of that king's worries is the princess,
   he can't even control his own 一人娘の王女様。    his only daughter.
   daughter?! なんでもすっごい、おてんばなんですって。    They say she's an incredible tomboy.
たぶん今ごろは、お城のなかで    I wonder if she isn't making a big fuss in the castle
『あたしも、お祭りいきたーい!』    about now, something like “I wanna go to the festival
なんて、おおさわぎしてるんじゃ    too!”
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   That brat, Lucca, says she's made あの、まいどおさわがせ娘、ルッカが    That girl who's always causing a big fuss, Lucca,
   the discovery of a lifetime. 千年祭会場で、せいきの大発表をするって    was advertising about making the announcement
せんでんしてたぜ。[END]    of the century at the Millennial Festival grounds.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   I'm so happy I could scream! 私ね、今がいちばんしあわせな時……    Now is the happiest time for me......
そんな気がするの。[END]    That's the feeling I'm getting.
 [Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.]
 [Waitress]  [Waitress] [Waitress]
   Come on in! あら、いらっしゃい。    Ah, welcome.
   Take your bloody time...! ゆっくりしていってね。    Take your time.
   I'd rather serve you than go to the なーんていっても、無理よね。    Or whatever, it's overdoing it to say that.
   fair, anyway...
あ~あ、私もはやくシゴトをおわって    Aaah, I wanna hurry up and finish work and go
お祭りを見にいきたいわ。[END]    see the festival too!
 [Inn Keeper]  [Inn Keeper] [Inn Keeper]
   Lodging is 10 G. おとまりは10Gです。    It's 10G to stay here.
         Check in?    はい       Yes
         No, thanks.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Innkeeper]  [Innkeeper] [Innkeeper]
   Seeya around. ではいつでもどうぞ。[END]    Well then, feel free any time.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Been to the fair yet? 千年祭には行ってきたかい?    Have you been to the Millennial Festival?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Well get going, then!! えっ? 早く行ってこいよ!!    What? Hurry up and go!!
   You'll have to wait a thousand years この国ができて、今年で1000年って    The festival's since this year is the 1000th year
   for another Millennial Fair! お祭りなんだぜ。    since this kingdom was formed.
ここから北にあるリーネ広場じゃ、今ごろ    In Leene Square, north from here, there are all
いろんな店が出ていて、そりゃあもう    sorts of shops set up, and it's festival
お祭りさわぎってやつだな。[END]    merrymaking by now.
   Wasn't that a trip?! I spent all my すげえよな、いろんなものが売ってるし    It's amazing, selling all sort of things, having
   Silver Points at the «Tent of Horrors!» いろんなイベントもある……    all sorts of events......
まさにフェスティバル!![END]    Now that is a festival!!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Are you buying? 1ぱい、おごってもらえないかしら?    Could I get you to treat me to a drink?
         Sure.    はい       Yes
         Sorry.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Thanks! ありがとう、お礼に1きょく    Thanks, I'll play you a song to show my gratitude.
   I'll play you a song! プレゼントするわ。[END]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Remember the earthquake we just 先日、地震があったのをおぼえているかい?    Remember there was an earthquake the other day? You may already know this, but the earthquake was important in the prerelease, since it took out Zenan Bridge. The reference might be left in as an in joke, since it doesn't seem to matter any more.
   had?    はい       Yes
         Yes.    いいえ[END]       No
   No? そうか。ノンキなぼうやだな。    I see. Such a carefree kid.
   Airhead, huh? まあ、いいや。[END]    Well, never mind.
   Well, never mind.
   We've been having too many. 本当に最近は地震が多いよな。    There's really been a lot of earthquakes lately.
   Something's wrong... なにかよくないことが起こる    I hope it's not an omen that something bad's going
   Hope the «Big One» isn't coming! 前ぶれでなきゃいいんだけどね。[END]    to happen.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   This box has been in the family for 代々、伝わっているハコです。    The box has been passed down for generations.
   generations. 開けられた方ごじゆうにどうぞ。[END]    If you can open it, feel free to help yourself.
   Open it, and you may have what's
 [System]  [System]  [System]
          Sealed by a mysterious force...    不思議な力で封印されている……。[END]    It's sealed with a mysterious power......
 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]
 [Poyozo Doll]  [Poyozo Doll] [Poyozo Doll]
   Visit our stall in Leene Square! リーネ広場にて出店中![END]    Currently at a stall in Leene Square!
 [Mayor's Manor, Truce, 1000 A.D.]
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   Hi! こんにちは。    Good day.
   Do you know about our establishment? この家の事聞きたい?    Would you like to hear about this house?
         No.    はい       Yes
         Yes.    いいえ[END]       No
   This is the Mayor's Education Center.
   Think of it as a workshop for この家の町長は、ぼうけん者が好きでね。    The mayor in this house likes adventurers.
   beginners! 初心者にぼうけんのノウハウを    He teaches beginners adventuring know-how.
   You can take the things you find here!
それから、この家にある宝ばこは    Also, the treasure boxes that are in this house,
町長がぼうけん者のためにって    the mayor left for the sake of adventurers.
置いてあるの。    Take them with you without restraint.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Need a brief Weapons and Items 武器や防具について    Shall I let you hear about weapons and armoring? I use 'armoring' for 防具 (defensive equipment in general) and 'armor' to mean body armor.
   seminar? 聞かせてあげましょうか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
   Weapons include swords, bows, and
   guns. 武器といっても、色々なものがあるのよ。    We call them all weapons, but there are a variety
刀とか、ゆみとか、けんじゅうとかね。    of them. Like katanas, bows, and pistols. But
   Some weapons can only be used by けど人にはとくい、ふとくいがあって    everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and
   specific party members. その人に合った武器しか、使えないの。    can't use any weapons but those suited to them.
   You'll find a variety of armor for the 防具には3つのしゅるいがあるわ。    There are three types to armoring. The ones you
   head and body. 頭につけるものと、体につけるものと    put on your head, the ones you put on your body,
それからアクセサリー。    and accessories.
   Finally, there are numerous accessories
   with unique properties and effects. 防具も自分の体に合ったものしか    You can't equip armoring either except for the ones
装備できないのよ。    suited to your body.
   As you gain Power, swords will inflict
   greater damage. Bows and guns get それからアクセサリーには、特別な力が    Next, in accessories, many of them have special
   more powerful as your Hit rate あるものが多いから色々と調べてみると    special powers, so you should try checking out
   increases. いいわ。    a variety of them.
それと、刀は力が上がれば攻撃力も    Also, for katanas, if your power increases, your
上がるけど、ゆみやけんじゅうは    attack power also increases, but for bows and
チョットちがうの。    pistols, it's a LITTLE different.
必要なのは命中りつ、これが上がれば    What you need is hit rate; the more it increases,
強いダメージをあたえられるわ。[END]    the more powerful damage you'll be able to inflict.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Scattered throughout this world are この世の中には時の記憶がとどまる所が    It's said there are places in this world where
   places where you can save your game. あるという。    time's memory abides.
   Save whenever you can, especially in そこでは危険にみちた場所でも    There, even in places full of danger, you can
   unfamiliar or dangerous areas! 旅の記録をとる事が出来る。[END]    take a record of your journey.
   That's just a replica. Record your
   journey whenever you find the real それはレプリカさ。 もし本物を見かけたら    That's a replica. If you happen to see the real
   McCoy! 旅の記録を取ることをすすめるぜ。    thing, I recommend taking a record of your
なんせ危険な所ほど出現しやすいと    journey. Anyhow, they say they appear more
   You'll find more of them in riskier areas. いう話だからな。    easily the more dangerous the place is.
   Also, remember that you can log in
   anywhere on the World Map! おっと、それともう1つ!    Oh, one more thing! On the world map,
ワールドマップでは、どこでも旅の記録を    you can take a record of your journey
とれる、わすれないでくれ。[END]    anywhere, don't forget.
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]
  You can walk while reading messages. メッセージが出てる間も、兄ちゃん達は    You guys can move around even when there's a
  But go too far, and you can miss them! 動き回れるんだぜ。    message up. If you get too far away, you won't
遠くはなれれば、声も聞こえなくなるよ。[END]    be able to hear the voice.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   Use the Y Button to move the メッセージやバトル中のウインドウは    Move messages and the in-battle window up
   Message/Battle window up or down. Yボタンで上下に、いどうするのよ。[END]    and down with the Y button.
 [Old Woman]  [Old Woman]  [Old Woman]
   Do you know about «Shelters?» お前さん『シェルター』のことは    Do you know about "Shelters"?
   They're quite useful! 知っているのかい?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
   Use «Shelters» at Save Points, or on the 『シェルター』はセーブポイントと    "Shelters" are items you can use at save
   World Map, to completely restore HP ワールドマップで使用できるアイテムで    points and on the world map, and they fully
   and MP. HPもMPも全回復するんじゃよ。    recover both HP and MP.
べんりじゃの~。[END]    Convenient...
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   All right, I'll teach you about skills. Are よっしゃあ、俺様が技のこうかはんいを    Okay! I'll teach you about technique effect Upon looking at this line again, 'A'right' just didn't sound right. Too corny.
   you willing to learn? 教えてやる。 聞くか?    ranges. Listen?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
   いいえ[END]       No
   During combat, the effect of each 戦闘時の技には、様々な    For techniques used during battle, there are
   attack can vary. こうかはんいがある。[END]    various effect ranges.
   First, some of your attacks will まずは、モンスターを中心に    First, damage that spreads out centered on
   damage more than one enemy. 広がるダメージだ。[END]    a monster.
   For example, target this critter... たとえば、こいつを    For example, when this one's designated
ターゲットしていしたときは……[END]    target.....
   ...and your attack will hit another このハンイにいるモンスター    You can inflict damage to the monsters in
   monster in the area. つまりこの場合は2ヒキに    this range, that is, two monsters in this case.
   But if you target this one... だがな、こいつを    But, designate this one target and......
ターゲットしていすると……[END] can get all three at once! このとおり、3ビキのモンスターに    As you can see, you can inflict damage on
   Use this fact to your advantage! ダメージをあたえられる。    three monsters. Use it well.
   Next, you can hit enemies in your 次に、自分から直線的に    Next, the case where you inflict damage on
   direct line of sight. ダメージをあたえる場合。[END]    a line from yourself.
   There are two attack patterns. これには2しゅるいのパターンがある。    There are two types of patterns to this.
   The first one... 1つめのパターンは……[END]    The first pattern is......
   ...allows you to attack all the enemies 自分からまっすぐのびた直線上の    You inflict damage on all monsters along a
   oriented on a straight line from you. モンスターこの場合は3ビキ全てに    straight line from yourself, three in this case.
   You may place the cursor on any one この場合は直線上のどのモンスターに    In this case, no matter which monster along
   of them on the line. カーソルをもっていってももんだいない。[END]    the line has the cursor, there's no problem.
   The other pattern... もう1つのパターンの場合は……[END]    In the case of the other pattern......
   ...allows you to hit only the enemies in 自分とモンスターをむすぶ直線上の    You inflict damage only on the enemies on
   a straight line between you and the 敵だけにダメージをあたえる。[END]    the line between you and the monster.
   As in the previous example, all 3 この場合は先ほどと同じく3ビキだが……[END]    This case, like before, is three monsters, but......
   creatures are targeted here, but... this one, and that's all you'll この場合は1ピキになるから    In this case, it becomes one monster, so be
   get! 気をつけろ。[END]    careful.
   Next, use an enemy to establish a line, 次はターゲットしていしたモンスターを    Next, you make the monster designated as
   and any others on it will also be hit. ジクにして、ヨコ方向のモンスター全てに    target an axis, and damage all the monsters
ダメージをあたえる。[END]    crosswise from it.
   They're lined up horizontally here... この場合、ヨコならびなら……[END]    In this case, as long as they're in a horizontal line......
   The final pattern puts you at the 最後に自分を中心に    Finally, the pattern that inflicts damage with
   center of the attack zone. ダメージをあたえるパターン。[END]    yourself at the center.
   You can't use an attack like this if your まずこのように、はんい内にモンスターが    First, in the case where there are no monsters
   enemies are outside of the zone. いない場合は使えない。[END]    in range, like this, you can't use it.
   However, your attack will hit all はんい内にモンスターがいれば    If there are monsters in range, then you can
   enemies inside the active zone! 自分を中心としたはんい内の全ての    inflict damage on all the monsters in the range
モンスターにダメージを    centered on yourself.
あたえることができる。[END] you may target any of them. どのモンスターにターゲットしていしても    Whichever monster you designate target, it's
オーケーだ。[END]    okay.
   That's about it. ってところかな。    That's pretty much how it goes.
   Feel more confident? べんきょうになったろ?[END]    Learned something, didn't you?
 [Mayor]  [Mayor]  [Mayor]
   Want my advice? わしの話を聞きたいかの?    Want to listen to what I have to say? Moved misplaced JP line from here to where it goes
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]        No
 [Mayor]  [Mayor]  [Mayor]
   You've got potential! ふむ、お前さんはそしつがありそうじゃの。    Hmm, it seems that you have potential. As you
   You'll learn a number of «Techniques» お前さんは戦いを続けていくうちに    continue fighting, you should be able to learn
   as you progress! 『技』を身につける事が出来るじゃろう。    "techniques".
   «Techniques» are magic attacks that 技とは、おのれの武器をつかった    Techniques are unique attack methods using
   also utilize your weapons. とくしゅな攻撃法じゃ。    your weapons.
   You'll acquire them with discipline. これは、おのれのたんれんでのみ身につく。    You will learn these only by your training.
日々これ精進じゃ。[END]    Focus on this daily.
   My, my! You're so enthusiastic! ほっほっほっ。    Ho, ho, ho.
   Use this to help you get started! 熱心なわかものじゃの!    Zealous youngster!
よし、わしからのプレゼントじゃ。    All right, a present from me.
                  A gift of 300 G! これで装備でもととのえるとよかろう。    I hope you use this to ready yourself with some
   equipment or the like.
    300Gを手に入れた![END]    Got 300G!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   Want to learn about damage in 戦闘中に受けるダメージについて    Shall I lecture about the damage you take
   battle? レクチャーしましょうか?    during combat?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   Some monsters have special attacks. モンスターの攻撃には特別なダメージを    Some monster attacks inflict special damage......
   Poison    Poison:
      HP slowly decreases.    HPが少しずつへっていくの。       Your HP gradually decreases. Your attack
      Your attacks are weakened.    このじょうたいでは       power also drops in this condition.
   Slow スロウ    Slow:
      Increases the time between attacks.    スピードがおそくなって、次の攻撃に       Your speed slows, and you can't move on
   すばやくうつれなくなるわ。[END]       to your next attacks as quickly.
   Sleep スリープ    Sleep:
      Lowers your guard.    眠ってしまって防御力が下がるの。       You fall sleep, and your defense drops.
      A good hit will wake you up again!    けど、攻撃を受けるとめざめるわ。[END]       But take an attack and you'll wake up.
   Chaos こんらん    Confusion:
      Confuses you into attacking allies!    自分が何をしてるのか       You don't know what you're doing any more.
      A little tough on friendships!    わからなくなってしまうの。       You'll do things like attacking allies.   Scary!
   味方を攻撃したりね。 コワいわよ。[END]
   Blind ブラインド    Blind:
      You can't see too well...    回りがよく見えなくなって       You can't see your surroundings well and
      It's hard to hit enemies!    モンスターに攻撃をあてにくくなるわ。[END]       have a hard time hitting monsters with attacks.
   Lock ロック    Lock:
      Can't use any «Techniques.»    いっさいの技がつかえなくなるの。[END]       You become unable to use any techniques.
   Stop ストップ    Stop:
      Immobilizes and disables you.    これは動きが止まって       This is when your movement stops and
   何もできなくなるわ。[END]       you become unable to do anything.
   In these situations your guard is down, これらのじょうたいの時は    You defense power drops and damage increases
   and you'll sustain more damage. 防御力が落ちてダメージが大きくなるわ。    when you're in these conditions.
   Use «Heal,» or wait until the battle 『ばんのうやく』などの体調回復アイテムで    You can cure them with status recovery items
   ends to heal automatically. なおせるけど戦闘が終われば、アイテムを    such as the "panacea", but if combat ends,
使わなくても自然になおるのよ。[END]    you get well naturally even without using items.
   Would you like to hear more? 続き聞きます?    Will you listen to the continuation?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   When your HP hits 0, you'll be disabled. モンスターの攻撃を受けて、HPが0に    If your HP goes to 0 from taking monsters'
   Use «Revive» to restore yourself, but if なると戦闘不能になっちゃうわ。    attacks, you become incapacitated. Of
   everyone goes down, you're through. もちろん『アテナの水』とかのアイテムで    course, you can revive too, with items like
復活も出来るわよ。    "Athena's water".
   Be careful!
けどね、みんなが戦闘不能になった時は    But when everyone is incapacitated,
時のながれのわすれ物になっちゃうの……    you'll be lost in the flow of time......
気をつけてね。[END]    Be careful.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Hold down the L and R Buttons to LRを押し続けると戦闘から逃げる!!    Keep pressing L and R and you'll run from combat!!
   escape from battle! こいつも大事だ。    This's important too. I guess we'll call it a strategic
   Know when to run! 戦術的てったいとでも言おうかな。    retreat.
   But you need to fight to grow strong!
けどよ、逃げてばっかじゃ弱いままで    But, look, keep running away, and you'll stay weak
   Now, about the Equip menu... 強くなれないから気をつけな。    won't be able to get stronger, so be careful.
   Numbers next to the Sword and Shield
   icons indicate Attack and Defense それから、もう1つ。メニューの説明だ。    And one more thing. Menu explanation.
   power. 武器マークのヨコの数字は攻撃力。    The number next to the weapon mark is attack power.
たてマークのヨコの数字は防御力。    The number next to the shield mark is defense power.
   The higher the number, the greater the
   power. 防御力は、なぐりや物理攻撃を    Defense power indicates how well you defend
どれだけふせぐかあらわす。    against hits and physical attacks.
   «M. Def.» indicates your ability to block
   magic attacks. If it's 10, then magic 魔法をふせぐのは『まほうぼうぎょ』。    It's “magic defense” that defends against magic.
   damage will be reduced by 10%. これがたとえば40だったら    If, for example, that's 40, you'll defend 40 percent
敵の魔法を40パーセントふせぐ。    against enemy magic.
   A star after any characteristic means
   it's at maximum strength. それと数字が星マークになったら    Also, if the number becomes a star mark, it
そのパラメーターは最高ということだ。[END]    means that parameter is maximum.
 [Ticket Office, Truce, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Sometimes a mysterious whirlpool この海いきに、なぞの大うずが    There are times when a mystery whirlpool
   appears in the ocean near here. 現われる時があるんだ……。    appears in the ocean around here......
   What could cause that? 一体あのうずはなんなのだろう?[END]    What the heck is that swirl?
 [Ticket Clerk]  [Ticket Clerk] [Ticket Clerk]
   It's 10 G to Porre. 船にのりますか?    Will you ride the boat?
   Hop aboard? パレポリまで10Gです。    It's 10G to Parepoley.
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
ELAINE: If only Fritz would return. エレイン「彼が……、フリッツが Elaine: He...... Fritz is away on a journey, and Or possibly “my boyfriend...”
   I'd ask for nothing more!    旅に出たまま、帰ってこないの……。    hasn't come back......
   私は彼がいれば他になにも    Yet if he were here, I wouldn't need anything
   いらないのに……。[END]    else......
ELAINE: I guess he's forgotten me. エレイン「もう私のことなんて……[END] Elaine: I guess I don't matter any more...... The verb's missing, but it's implied that he's forgotten about her or doesn't care any more. Or she could be saying it doesn't matter what happens to her as long as he's okay. That's the problem with these half-finished sentences... it would help if there was tone of voice to go by.
 [Lucca's House]
LARA: Oh, hi Crono. ララ「おや、クロノかい? Lara: Oh, Crono?
   Lucca's off at Leene Square with    ルッカならお父さんのタバンと    If it's Lucca, she's gone to Leene Square with her
   her father, Taban, unveiling her new    リーネ広場にいってるよ。    father, Taban.
   せいきの大発明を見せるんだとか    She said they were showing the great invention
   言ってね。[END]    of the century or something.
TABAN: You're Lucca's friend right? タバン「おう! Taban: Oh!
   ルッカの仲間達だな。[END]    You're Lucca's companions.
 [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]
 [Sign]  [Sign] [Sign]
   The forest leads north, to Guardia     森をぬけて北…… ガルディア城[END]    North through the forest...... Guardia Castle
 [Sign]  [Sign] [Sign]
   Approaching Guardia Castle.    この先、ガルディア城。    Guardia Castle is ahead.
   No trespassing.    用のない者の出入りをきんずる。[END]    Passage prohibited to those without business.
 [Sign]  [Sign] [Sign]
   An open field lies ahead.    この先、空き地あり。[END]    An open area is ahead.
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
SOLDIER: Who's there! 兵士「何者だ![END] Soldier: Who goes there!
SOLDIER: Can't let you through. 兵士「民間人を通すワケにいかん。 Soldier: There's no way we can let civilians through.
   Go check out the festival!    子供は祭りにでも行くんだな。[END]    Go to the festival or something, kid.
Marle: C'mon, let's check out the マール「な、何してんの? Marle: Wh, what're you doing? If Marle's around.
   fair!    早くお祭り行こうよ![END]    Let's hurry up and go to the festival!
 [Zenan Bridge, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Going to the fair! ガルディア王国の千年祭に行くんだ![END]    I'm going to Guardia Kingdom's Millennial Festival!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Always wanted to go to a 1000th 一度、千年祭とやらに行ってみようと    I've been thinking I'd try going to that Millennial
   Anniversary! 思っての~。[END]    Festival or whatever it's called once.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Yea! わ~い! お祭り、お祭り![END]   Yay! A festival, a festival!
   A festival!
   Let's get crazy!
 [Merchant]  [Merchant] [Merchant]
   I'm opening a  stall at the fairgrounds. 千年祭の広場へ行って    I intend to go to the Millennial Festival grounds and
   Why don't you drop by!? お店を出すつもりです。    put up a store. Please be sure to come to my shop.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   All right, everyone! うおーっ、祭りだーっ!    Woohoo, it's a festival! I'm forgetting my usual
   Let's have some fun! ひごろのウサをわすれてガンガン飮むぞー![END]    gloom and tossing back some drinks!
 [Porre Inn, 1000 A.D.]
 [Innkeeper]  [Innkeeper] [Innkeeper]
   20G in advance... 20Gになるが……    It's 20G......
   Well? とまって行くかね?    Will you stay here?
         Yes   はい       Yes
         No   いいえ[END]       No
   Very well! ほうほう、そうかい![END]    Ho, ho, I see!
   Come again soon. またいつでも来なさい。[END]    Come again any time.
 [Mayor's Manor, Porre, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   The person I hate most? この世で1番きらいな人?    The person I hate most in this world?
   My dad, of course. もちろん父さんよ。[END]    My father, of course.
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Dad loves money more than he loves お父さん、お金大好きなの……    Dad loves money......
   me... 僕よりも……。[END]    Even more than me......
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Everyone says Daddy's greedy. みんなが、うちのパパはヨクバリだって    Everyone theth daddy'th greedy...... The 'little kid lisp'
   They're lying, right? 言うの……    It'th a lie, right?
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   The children are slipping away from us. 子供たちの心がはなれていくのが    It's very painful that the children's hearts
   It's so sad... とってもつらいんです……。[END]    are moving away......
ELDER: Ha! 町長「ガハハッ! Mayor: Ga ha hah!
   I run this town!  俺は、この町の町長。    I'm this town's mayor.
   And I'm so rich I don't know what to  実は金持ちなんだよ!![END]    The truth is, I'm rich!!
   do with it all!!
   Give you 10G if you act like 3回まわってコケコッコーで    I'll could give you 10G if you'll spin around 3 times Well, that explains the spinning...
   a chicken! 10Gやってもいいぞ?    and cock-a-doodle-doo, okay?
         Yes.   やる       Do it
         No.   やらない[END]       Don't do it
ELDER: Bo-oring! 町長「つまらん。[END] Mayor: Boring.
ELDER: HAAAHAHA! 町長「ガハハッ! Mayor: Ga ha hah!
   Here ya go, 10G!  そーら10G![END]    There, 10G!
 [Porre Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Grandpa & Grandma went to the 1000th じいちゃんも、ばあちゃんも、みんな    Grandpa, grandma, they've all gone to
   Anniversary in Truce. トルースの千年祭へ行っちゃって……    Truce's Millennial Festival......
   We're keeping an eye on things here! 私たちは、るす番ですよ。[END]    We're house-watching.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I wanna go to the festival, too! わたしもお祭り行きた~い![END]    I wanna go to the festival too!
 [Snail Stop, Porre, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
  Some monsters coexist with humans. なかよく人とくらすモンスターもいるの。    Some monsters live with and get on well with
  Like that piano player. あのピアノひきさんとかね。[END]    humans. That piano player, for example.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Everyone's over at the festival. みーんなトルースの千年祭へ    Eeeveryone's gone to Truce's Millennial Festival.
   What fools! 行っちまったよ。    I mean, come on, getting damn festive...... urp......
ったく。 うかれやがって…… ゲプッ……[END]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   400 years ago a woman named Fiona 400年前、フィオナという女性が    400 years ago, a woman called Fiona
   died trying to save the great forest 北のあれた大地を森に変えようとして    died trying to turn the rough land to the north
   that once flourished to the north. 死んでいった……悲しい話ですね……。[END]    into forest...... it's a sad story......
   How sad...
 [Shop Keeper]  [Shop Keeper] [Shop Keeper]
   The piano man's got talent. うちのピアノひきは腕がいいんだ。    Our piano player's skilled.
     Stop by and! ぜひ聞いていっておくれ![END]    Be sure to go listen!
 [Poyozo]  [Poyozo] [Poyozo]
  I'm the piano man [musicsymbol] お~いらは ピアノひき~[note]    I'm a piano player~[note]
        Play a sad one, Joe!   かなしいやつ       A sad one
        Something upbeat, please!   はでなやつ[END]       A flashy one
 [Shop Keeper]  [Shop Keeper]  [Shop Keeper]
  I've got the best Jerky in town, but I'm とっておきの、ハイパーほしにくが    I've got Hyper Dried Meat set aside...
  saving it. あるんだけどねえ~    And since it IS set aside...
  I might let some go for, say, 9900G.
  How about it? 9900Gでなら考えてもいいな。    I could consider it, if it's for 9900G.
        Yes. 買うかい?    Buy it?
        No.   買う       Yes
  やめとく[END]       No
  You must be really hungry!
  Here you go! もの好きだよね~    You're peculiar...
そ~ら、ハイパーほしにくだ![END]    There ya go, Hyper Dried Meat!
  Didn't think so...
やっぱりね。[END]    Thought so.
 [Ticket Office, Porre, 1000 A.D.]
 [Ticket Clerk]  [Ticket Clerk] [Ticket Clerk]
   A one-way ticket is 10G. 定期船に乗るなら10Gだよ。    It's 10G if you're riding the ferry.
   Want one? チケット買うかい?    Buy a ticket?
         Yes.   はい       Yes
         No.   いいえ[END]       No
   Here you go. はい。 これがチケットだ。    Here. This is your ticket.
   Have a nice day! まいどあり![END]    Come again!
   But you'd love the trip! 乗れば気分そうかい!    It feels great if you ride!
   I guarantee it! そんはしないと思うけどなあ……。[END]    I don't think it would hurt you......
   Not enough cash. お金が、たりないなあ……。[END]    You don't have enough money......
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   I take the ferry every chance I get! 定期船はいいわねえ。[END]    The ferry's nice.
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Nothing like a ferry ride! 定期船はいいなあ……。[END]    The ferry's nice......
 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Welcome to the Millennial Fair! おお、わか者よ!    Oh, the young!
   Have fun! 今日はわが王国の千年祭だ!    Today is our kingdom's Millennial Festival!
ぞんぶんに楽しんでゆかれよ。[END]    Go enjoy it to your heart's content.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Those runners are busy racing, so they 走っている人はレース中よ。    The running people are in the middle of racing.
   won't talk to you. 話しかけても返事してくれないんだから。[END]    They won't answer even if you talk to them.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Press the A Button while facing the 正面にたってボタンを押しな。    Stand in front and push the button. Once you start
   bell. Judge your distance carefully, and 動きだしたらタイミングよく    moving, hit the A button with good timing.
   press the A Button again! Aボタンだ。[END]
   Impressive! やったね!!    You did it!!
   I'll put 1 Silver Point on your card! シルバーポイントカードに1ポイント    You collect one point on your silver
ためておくよ!![END]    point card!!
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Can't carry any more Silver Points. もうこれ以上シルバーポイントは    You can't accumulate any more silver points
ためられないよ。[END]    than this.
 [Old Woman]  [Old Woman] [Old Woman]
   This Kingdom's been through a lot, 思い返せばこの国にもいろいろな事が    Thinking back on it, a lot's happened to this
   like the war against Magus, あったからねえ……。    country......
   400 years ago. 400年くらい前の魔王軍との    Like the war with Magus's army about 400 years
戦いとかさ。    ago.
   Thank goodness things are so peaceful
   now. あんたも今の平和にかんしゃしなよ。[END]    You be thankful for the peace now too.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I heard this guy pays big bucks for ここのおじさん、アクセサリーなんかも    I hear this guy buys accessories and stuff too.
   charms, weapons, pendants, and other 買い取ってくれるそうよ。
そうねェ……、ペンダントなんかも    Yeah...... I bet you could sell pendants and
売れるかしらねえ。[END]    stuff too.
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]
   What's the big deal? エヘヘ、ボク知ってるよ。    Eh, heh, heh, I know about it.
   So what if we won a war against a 何びゃく年か昔、魔王軍と    I heard there was an awesome battle with
   Wizard hundreds of years ago! すごい戦いがあったんだって。    Magus's army hundreds of years ago.
もしその戦いに負けてたら    My mama says that if we'd lost that battle,
今こんなお祭りはなかったって    there wouldn't be a festival like this now.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Guess the winner? よそうするかい?    Make a prediction?
         Sure!    はい       Yes
         No thanks.    いいえ[END]       No
         A. Steel Runner!   1ばん てっかめんランナー!    #1 - The Iron-Masked Runner!
         B. Green Ambler!    2ばん うっちゃれダイナ!    #2 - Throw-Down Dina!
         C. Catalack!    3ばん スイートキャット!    #3 - Sweet Cat!
         D. G. I. Jogger!    4ばん ほいほいソルジャー![END]    #4 - The Novice Soldier!
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   The race is on. レース中さ。    It's the middle of a race.
   Be quiet and watch! だまって見てな![END]    Be quiet and watch!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   The Steel Runner might try something. 今日のてっかめんランナーは    I get the feeling the Iron-Masked Runner's up to
何かやらかす予感がするぜ。[END]    something today.
   I knew it! うっちゃれダイナ……    Throw-Down Dina......
   It's the Green Ambler! ふっ……、俺が見込んだやつさ。[END]    Phew...... I've got high hopes for you.
   Catalack, you're a sure bet! たのもしいぜ……、スイートキャット。[END]    Promising...... Sweet Cat.
   Can't anyone beat G. I. Jogger? 今のほいほいソルジャーの右に    There's none above the Novice Soldier today......
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Last round's winner: ... 前回の勝者は……    Last round's winner......
   Steel Runner! てっかめんランナーです。[END]    The Iron-Masked Runner.
   Last round's winner: ... 前回の勝者は……    Last round's winner......
   Green Ambler. うっちゃれダイナです。[END]    Throw-Down Dina. Seems to be some wordplay here, as the first part resembles a verb for 'abandon' or 'neglect' and also a term that refers to a sumo throw-out-of-ring move and to sudden reversals. I haven't paid much attention to the racers, but this one may tend to have come-from-behind wins.
   Last round's winner: ... 前回の勝者は……    Last round's winner......
   Catalack. スイートキャットです。[END]    Sweet Cat.
   Last round's winner: ... 前回の勝者は……    Last round's winner......
   G. I. Jogger. ほいほいソルジャーです。[END]    The Novice Soldier.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   That's great! やったね!!    You did it!!
   I'll put your 20 Silver Points on the シルバーポイントカードに20ポイント    You collect twenty points on your silver
   card! ためておくよ!![END]    point card!!
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   You can't earn any more points! もうこれ以上ポイントは    You can't accumulate any more points.
 [Old Woman]  [Old Woman] [Old Woman]
   This is the renowned 世にも恐ろしい見せ物小屋だよ。    This exhibition hut is feared the world over. The place doesn't seem to have a name.
   «Tent of Horrors!» あんたのシルバーポイント[value8]てんは    There's nowhere to use your [value8] silver points
   Spend your  [num8] Silver Points here! この小屋の中でしか使えない。    except in this hut.
   Parental discretion advised. 勇気をためすかい?[END]    Test your courage?
 [Norstein]  [Norstein]  [Norstein]
   Welcome to Norstein Bekkler's lab. ようこそ、ノルシュティン・ベッケラーの    Welcome, to Norstein Bekkeler's laboratory shack.
   The spine tingling show is about to 実験小屋へ。    An extremely terrifying show begins now.
   start! 今から世にも恐ろしいショウがはじまる。[END]
   How many silver points would you シルバーポイントカード!    Silver point card!
   like to pay? いくらはらうかい?    How much will you pay?
         10 points.    10 P       10 P
         40 points.    40 P       40 P
         80 points.    80 P       80 P
         Cancel    キャンセル[END]       Cancel
   You can't play this game alone. 一人じゃこのゲームは出来ないよ。    You can't play this game by yourself.
   Go and bring your friends. 仲間を探して来な。[END]    Find some companions and come.
   You don't have enough points. ポイントたりないよ。[END]    You don't have enough points.
 [Vicks]  [Vicks] [Vicks]
   I'm Vicks. ビッグスです。[END]    I'm Biggs. And unlike in FF6, his name really is spelled with a 'g' sound here. He's probably 'Vicks' in the NA version to match FF6, where 'Vicks' was probably never anything more than a typo to begin with. Various sources, including Japanese Wikipedia, support 'Biggs' as the correct name, after Biggs Darklighter from Star Wars.
 [Wedge]  [Wedge] [Wedge]
   I'm Wedge. ウェッジです。[END]    I'm Wedge. Presumably from Wedge Antilles of Star Wars.
 [Piette]  [Piette] [Piette]
   I'm Piette. ピエットです。[END]    I'm Piett. Assuming he fits the Star Wars pattern Biggs and Wedge start, he should be Piett (no ending 'e'), after the Imperial admiral.
 [Norstein]  [Norstein] [Norstein]
   Find Vicks. ビッグスは誰だ?[END]    Who's Biggs?
   Find Wedge? ウェッジは誰だ?[END]    Who's Wedge?
   Find Piette? ピエットは誰だ?[END]    Who's Piett?
 [Vicks/Wedge/Piette]  [Vicks/Wedge/Piette] [Vicks/Wedge/Piette]
   Is it THAT obvious? バレちゃいましたか?[END]    I've been found out?
 [Norstein]  [Norstein] [Norstein]
   It's a Poyozo doll. ポヨゾー人形。    A poyozo doll.
   It'll spruce up your room! お部屋にかざってね。[END]    Decorate your room.
 [Norstein]  [Norstein] [Norstein]
   Mimic what you see! 分身のマネをしろ!    Mimic your clone! Clone is 'bunshin', one of those lovely vague terms that doesn't translate well.
   L...Left Arm   R...Right Arm L…左手あげ R…右手あげ    L...raise left hand   R...raise right hand
   Y...Laugh        A...Surprise! Y…わらい  A…ビックリだ。[END]    Y...laugh               A...surprise
   Start when you hear the signal. ヒュッ ……と音がなったら    Mimic once the 'hyu' noise sounds. Or whatever you want to call the noise the game makes when the clone picks a pose.
ドッペル ゴー![END]    Dopple GO!
   Excellent! 見事にドッペルった![END]    Magnificently doppled!
   The Clone will be at  [member1]'s house. このドッペル人形    I'll send this dopple-doll to [pc1]'s house.
 [Norstein]  [Norstein] [Norstein]
   Monsters are closing in! モンスターが下にせまってくる。    Monsters are closing in.
   Throw your pack against them and パックをモンスターにぶつけてオリの    Knock the puck at the monsters and
   push them back into the cage! 中まで追い返せ![END]    drive them into the cage!
   A hostage will be slowly lowered into 人質をもらっていくよ。    I'm taking a hostage.
   the flames! To save the day, you must 人質は上からつるされ、ほのおの上に    The hostage will be suspended from above and
   hit the blue light, to raise the rope. ズリズリっと下ろされていく。    lowered into the flames.
黒コゲになったらオジャンさ。    It's all over if they're burnt to a crisp.
   Defeat all monsters before the
   hostage's goose is cooked! あおい光にぶつかれば、人質の    If you hit the blue light, the hostage's life
命がわずかにのびる。    will be slightly prolonged.
人質を殺さないようにモンスター    Exterminate the monsters so I don't It's not really clear who's doing the killing.
をたいじしな![END]    kill the hostage!
   Well done! みごと!!    Well done!!
   Take this cat! ネコちゃんプレゼント。[END]    I present you with a cat.
   Cat food... ネコのえさ。    Cat food.
   I'll leave it at Crono's house, so his クロノの家に送っておくよ。    I'll send it to Crono's house.
   cat won't run away. おなかへらすとネコは逃げちゃうからな。[END]    Cats run away when they get hungry.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Keep going if you want to demo ルッカが開発した2足ほ行ロボット    Those who want to fight with Gonzales, the
   Lucca's robot battle trainer! ゴンザレスと戦いたいかたはこの奥へ!    bipedal robot that Lucca developed, head in
   Collect Silver Points if you win! 勝てばシルバーポイントもらえるよ!![END]    here! You can get silver points if you win!!
 [Gato]  [Gato] [Gato]
   They call me Gato [musicsymbol] あ~ ゴンザ~レス[note]    Ah~, Gonza~les[note]
   I have metal joints [musicsymbol] オ~レは 強い[note]    I~'m strong[note]
   Beat me up [musicsymbol] オ~レに勝ったら    If you beat m~e
   And earn 15 Silver Points [musicsymbol] 15ポイント~!![note][END]    15 point~s!![note]
 [Gato]  [Gato] [Gato]
   You're so weak [musicsymbol] あ~んたは 弱い[note]    You~'re weak[note]
   And I'm so strong [musicsymbol] オ~レは 強い[note]    I~'m strong[note]
   I punched your lights out [musicsymbol] それじゃあ あんたは    So you're
   Now run along [musicsymbol] [musicsymbol] へなちょ~こ~さ~!![note][END]    A ne~w~b!![note] Internet jargon dictates that a 'newb' is simply 'new' and lacking experience, while a 'noob' or 'n00b' has... serious maturity issues, to put it nicely. HEEL PLZ!!!1!!
 [Gato]  [Gato] [Gato]
   I lost [musicsymbol] You won [musicsymbol] あ~んたは 強い[note]    You~'re strong[note]
   Here's 15 Points [musicsymbol] あ~んたは す~ごい[note]    You~'re amazing[note]
   Now wasn't that fun!? [musicsymbol] だ~から あげるよ    So~ I give you
15ポイント~!![note][END]    15 point~s!![note]
 [Old Woman]  [Old Woman] [Old Woman]
   I hate fairs! ふォふォふォ 祭りは楽しいのう。    Ho, ho, ho, festivals are such fun. Bit of an attitude shift, isn't it?
   Say, do you know the latest gossip? ところであんた知ってるかね?    By the way, have you heard? Literally 'do you know', but not normal in English.
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Then scram! そうか……、だったらええわい。[END]    I see...... okay then.
   Just between us, I heard that the King ここだけの話、わが国の王、ガルディア王は    Just between us, our country's king, King Guardia,
   is distressed over his tomboy of a 娘のおてんばぶりに頭をかかえている    is at a loss over his daughter acting like a tomboy,
   daughter! そうじゃ。    or so I hear.
   Just once, I would like to see how wild しかしどこまでおてんばなのか    But I'd like to see just how much of a tomboy
   she really is! いっぺんその王女様とやらを見てみたい    that Princess is some time.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   After pressing the B Button and Bボタンダッシュで走り回ってたら    I got tired out from running around with the
   dashing here and there, I'm pooped! つかれちゃった。    B button dash.
   But this dance has rejuvenated me! でも踊りを見たらまた元気だよ![END]    But since watching the dance, I'm energetic again!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   A prehistoric dance. 大昔の踊りなんですって。    They say it's a dance from the distant past.
   How enchanting! しんぴてきよね~![END]    Such mystique!
 [Musician]  [Musician]  [Musician]
   Jurassic rhythm 原始の~ リズム~[note][END]    Primeval~ rhythm~[note]
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
  Catchy rhythm! あついリズムだね!    Hot rhythm!
  Use the X, Y, L, and R buttons to dance! あんたも、XYLRボタンで踊りなよ![END]    You dance too, with the X, Y, L, and R buttons!
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Ladeedadeeda! ランラ~ランララ~!    Lan la~ lan la la~!
   Got some spending money from the 町長さんの家で、おこづかいもらったの![END]    I got spending money from the elder's house!
GIRL: Hey!! 少女「キャッ![END] Girl: Kyah!
GIRL: Ouch, that hurt! 少女「いったー……[END] Girl: Owww......
GIRL: I'm so sorry! 少女「ゴ、ゴメンなさい! Girl: I, I'm sorry!
   Are you okay?    だいじょうぶ?[END]    Are you okay?
GIRL: Uh oh... 少女「ア、アラ? Girl: H, huh?
   My pendant!    ペンダントが……。[END]    My pendant......
GIRL: Oh, no! 少女「た、大変! Girl: Th, this is awful!
   Don't tell me I lost it!    なくしちゃったのかしら?[END]    Could I have lost it?
GIRL: Oh, thank goodness! 少女「ありがとう!! Girl: Thanks!!
   My pendant!    そのペンダント私のよ。    That pendant's mine.
   It has a lot of sentimental value!    古ぼけてるけどとっても大事な物なの。    It's worn out, but it's very important.
   May I have it back?    返してくれる?    Could you give it back?
      Yes.    はい       Yes.
      No.    いいえ[END]       No.
   I came to see the Festival!   私、お祭り見に来たんだ。   I came to see the festival. in this town, don't you?!    ねえ、あなたこの町の人でしょ?    Hey, you're from this town, right?
   I feel a little out of place here.    一人じゃ面白くないもん。    It's no fun alone.
   Would you mind if I walked around    いっしょに回ろうよ!    Let's wander around together!
   with you for a while?    いいでしょ? ね、ね?    That's okay, right? Right, right?
      Sure.    はい       Yes.
      Sorry.    いいえ[END]       No.
GIRL: Oh, come on! I don't know anyone 少女「そんなー! か弱い女のコを Girl: No way! I thought you'd help
   around here! Please!    助けると思って、お願いッ[heart]    out a frail little girl, please [heart]
      Ok.    はい       Yes.
      No.    いいえ[END]       No.
GIRL: You're a true gentleman! 少女「わーい、やったーッ![END] Girl: Yaaay, all right!
GIRL: Oh, by the way... 少女「あ、名前言ってなかったね。 Girl: Ah, I haven't told you my name.
   My name is, er...    え、えーと私は……[END]    Uh, ummm, I'm......
GIRL:, Marle! マール「マールって言うの。 Marle: I'm Marle.
   And you're?    あなたは?[END]    And you?
Marle: Crono? マール「クロノか、いい名前だね! Marle: Crono? That's a good name!
   What a nice name!    よろしくね、クロノ!    Nice to meet you, Crono!
   Pleased to meet you!    さ、早く行こう![END]    C'mon, let's go, quick!
   Now, lead on!
 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]
MOM: My, how nice! ジナ「あら、ルッカ以外の女の子を Jina: Oh my, it's unusual for Crono to do something
   I've only seen you with Lucca!    連れて来るなんて、めずらしいわね。    like brining along a girl besides Lucca.
   Who's your pretty new friend?    お名前は?[END]    What's your name?
Marle: Hi, I'm Marle! マール「はじめまして! Marle: It's nice to meet you!
   マールです。[END]    I'm Marle.
MOM: Eh?! Marle? ジナ「えっ? マールさん? Jina: Huh? Marle-san?
   ...?    ……?    ......?
   I'm sure I've seen you before, dear!    どこかでお会いしてません?    Haven't I met you somewhere?
   Now, where was that...?    おかしいわね、気のせいかしら。[END]    That's funny, I wonder if it's my imagination.
 [System]  [System] [System]
    [num8] ounces of cat food. ネコのえさ Cat food:
 [value8] グラム[END]    [value8] grams.
 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   You have {value 8} Silver Points.{full break} 今あなたのシルバーポイントは    You currently have [value8] silver points.
   Want to exchange 10 Silver Points [value8] てん。
   for 50 G?
      Yes. シルバーポイント10Pを50Gに    Change in 10 silver points for 50G?
      No. かえるかい?       Yes
   はい       No
   Not enough Silver Points. ポイントたりないね。[END]    Not enough points.
   Come again. まいど。[END]    Come again.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   They're still setting up. この先じゅんび中さ。    They're in the middle of setting up ahead.
   Why don't you come back in a while? 広場で一通りあそんでからまた来な。[END]    Come again after having a look around the square.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   No time to talk. そのつつみはオラの母ちゃんのべんとうだ。    That bundle's my mommy's lunch. I didn't realize at first that the bundle was his lunch in the NA version. I figured he was carrying his lunch with him, since he's obviously not sitting down.
   I'm just sitting down for my lunch. 元気モリモリ! オラまいにち楽しみに    Packed with energy! I look forward to it every day. The old man with the lunch comically notes that his "mommy" made it for him. This is echoed when he complains and whines in the trial of Crono if Crono devoured it.
 [System]  [System] [System]
          Yum!     おべんとうを食べ元気になった!![END]    Ate the lunch and became healthy!! Lunch is bentou (sort of a boxed lunch).
      Tastes like chicken!
Marle: Hee, hee. マール「うふふ。 Marle: *giggle*
   You're such a pig, Crono!    クロノって食いしんぼね![END]    Crono, you're a pig! Not literally pig, but you know what she means.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   Wahhh! わーん!    Waah!
   Where's my cat?!! わたちのネコが……。[END]    My cat......
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   You brought back my cat! わたちのネコちゃん、連れて来てくれて    Thanks for bringing me back my kitty.
   Thank you! ありがとう。[END]
Marle: You're so sweet, Crono! マール「クロノ、やっさしい![END] Marle: Crono, you're nice!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   It's a soda guzzling contest! となりに立ちな! 飮みくらべ!    Stand next to me! Compete in drinking!
   Press the A Button as fast as you can! Aボタンれんだだ![END]    Mash the A button!
   Ready? よーい どん!![END]    Ready... GO!!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Only  [num8] cans? [value8]本か。    [value8]?
   Is that the best you can do?! まだまだだな![END]    You've got a ways to go!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Not too shabby! やるねえ![END]    Not bad!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   You're too much, kid! あんたとは飮めないな。[END]    I can't drink with you.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Not bad! やったね!!    You did it!!
   I'll put 5 Silver Points on your card. シルバーポイントカードに5ポイント    You collect five points on your silver
ためておくよ!![END]    point card!!
Marle: You're awfully competitive, マール「何にでも Marle: You give your all no matter what you're The Japanese version's way of speaking about Crono makes him look like a passionate person rather than one who suffers from an inferiority complex.
   aren't you, Crono?    いっしょうけんめいなのね。    doing, don't you, Crono.
 [System]  [Bosch]  [Bosch]
   Buy something from Melchior, 「この刀かじボッシュの作った剣でも    Buy a sword that I, the swordsmith Bosch,
   the swordsmith?  買って行かんか?    made?
         Sure.    買う       Buy
         No thanks.    いらない[END]       Don't need it
 [Melchior]  [Bosch] [Bosch]
   By the way... ところで後ろのおなごのペンダント。    By the way, the pendant the girl behind you has.
   Could you talk that young lady into 売ってくれるように    Could you talk her into selling it?
   selling her pendant? 話をつけてくれんかね?       Yes
         I'll try.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [Melchior]  [Bosch] [Bosch]
   Oh, my! おお! よく見れば、そのペンダントは……    Oh! On a closer look, that pendant......
   It's...the pendant...!
いや、そんなこうかな物はうけとれん。    No, I can't take something that valuable.
   Er, sorry, but I can't buy that! あんたが大事にとっておきなされ。[END]    You take good care of it.
   It's...far too special!
   Keep it safe!
MELCHIOR: I live on the continent to the ボッシュ「ワシゃ東の大陸に住んどる。 Bosch: I live on the eastern continent.
   east.    何かの時は立ち寄るがよい。[END]    Stop by some time.
   Come see me sometime...
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   This is Leene Square. They say people ここはリーネ広場。    This is Leene Square.
   who hear Leene's Bell ring will have リーネの鐘の音を聞けばしあわせに    There's a legend that says if you hear the
   interesting and happy lives! なれるって言い伝えがありまちゅ。[END]    sound of Leene's bell, you'll be able to live
   happily ever after.
Marle: Crono... マール「しあわせ! Marle: I'm happy!
   I'm having a great time!    クロノとこうしているの。[END]    I'm with Crono like this.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   Lucca's device is all set up. ルッカの発明がもう完成したよ。    Lucca's invention's ready now.
   She's at the north end of the Square. 広場をずうっと奥へ行った所だよ。[END]    It's waaay in the back of the square.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I heard Lucca and her dad have ルッカがまた、かじやの親父さんと    I hear Lucca's made another questionable
   made another crazy invention. 怪しげな発明品を作ってるそうね。    invention with her blacksmith father. Yay! Taban's a blacksmith. I guess that explains why he keeps making Lucca armor.
   Hope it doesn't blow up like all the こないだみたく、いきなりドカン!    Hope it doesn't suddenly go BOOM! like that
   others! てな事にならなきゃいいわねえ。[END]    other one did.
   They ought to be ready now. もう完成しているころじゃない?    Isn't it about time for them to be ready?
   Make for the far side of the Square. 広場をずうっと奥へ行った所よ。    It's waaay in the back of the square.
Marle: This is going to be fun! マール「へー、面白そうじゃない。 Marle: Hmmm, sounds interesting.
   Come on, Crono!    連れてってよ、クロノ![END]    Take me there, Crono!
Marle: Hold your horses! マール「待って!! Marle: Wait up!!
   I want to get some candy.    キャンディ買っていくわ![END]    I'm gonna go buy some candy!
Marle: Give me just a second! マール「ちょっと待ってて Marle: Hold on a minute, don't rush!
Marle: There's no need to drag me マール「人さらいってわけじゃ Marle: It's not like you're a kidnapper.
   by the arm like some kidnapper!    あるまいし。    Don't drag my arm like that!
Marle: Hi! マール「おばさん Marle: Miss,
   I'd like some of this.    これちょうだい!    this one please!
LADY: Sure, young lady. おばさん「あいよ。[END] Middle-aged Woman: Gotcha.
Marle: Thanks for waiting! マール「おまたせ![END] Marle: Thanks for waiting!
TABAN: Step right on up, any of you タバン「さあさあ、お時間と勇気のある方は Taban: Come, come, those with time and
   who have the time and the courage!    お立会い!    bravery witness it!
   Our «Super Dimension Warp» is the    これこそ、せいきの大発明!    THIS is the great invention of the century!
   invention of the century!    超次元物質転送マシン1号だ!![END]    It's the Ultra Dimensional Matter-Transfer
   Machine #1!!
TABAN: To use it, jump up here... タバン「早い話が Taban: In short, when you get on over here,
TABAN: ...and you'll get teleported here! タバン「こっちに転送されるって Taban: You're transferred to over here. It's a
   It's the masterwork of my beautiful    夢の様な装置だあ!    dreamlike device!
   daughter, Lucca.  
   こいつを発明したのが頭脳めいせき    The one who invented this one is the
   さいしょくけんびの、この俺の一人娘    clear-headed, gifted with both intelligence and
   ルッカだ![END]    beauty, my own one daughter, Lucca!
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Check out that girl's glasses! 転送って何だ?[END]    What's “transfer”? Glasses insults are an invention.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   She could probably see the back side of 物がまたたく間にいどうするって話じゃ。[END]    They speak of moving things in the blink of an eye.
   the moon with those.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Lucca's inventions never work ルッカの発明の事だから    It's Lucca's invention we're talking about, so
   right. また何か……。[END]    something will......
TABAN: Give it a try, kid? タバン「おッ? 兄ちゃん Taban: Oh? You gonna do it, boy?
   ...Oh, it's you, Crono!    やるのかい?    ......oh, it's you, Crono.
Lucca: Crono! ルッカ「クロノ![END] Lucca: Crono!
Lucca: Where have you been!? ルッカ「待ってたわよ! Lucca: I was waiting for you!
   No one wants to try the Telepod!    だーれも、このテレポッドの転送に    Nooo one will brave this Telepod's transmission.
   How about you?    Won't you do it now that it's come to this?
Marle: It looks like fun! マール「面白そう! Marle: It looks fun!
   I'll watch while you try it out!    やってみなよ。 私見ててあげる![END]    Try doing it. I'll be watching!
Lucca: Just hop onto the left pod! ルッカ「左のポッドにのればいいのよ。[END] Lucca: Just get on the left pad.
TABAN: Don't worry, we tried it on our タバン「なーんにもこわい事ないぜ。 Taban: There's not a THING scary about it.
   pets!    ネコではうまくいったんだ。    It worked fine with cats.
   There's no reason why it shouldn't    まだ人間ではためしてないけど……。    Though we haven't tried on humans yet......
   work as well on humans!
   さ、安心してのった! のった![END]    Hey, relax and get on! Get on!
   So, step right up!
TABAN: All systems on! タバン「スイッチオン![END] Taban: Switch on!
Lucca: Begin energy transfer! ルッカ「エネルギーじゅうてん開始![END] Lucca: Energy loading beginning!
ALL: Oh wow. 一同「おおーッ!! All Present: Ohhhh!!
   That was GREAT!    グレイト!![END]    Great!!
Lucca: So, how was it? ルッカ「どう、おどろいた? Lucca: How was it, were you surprised?
   Want to try it again?    何だったらもう一度やる?[END]    You can do it again, if you want?
TABAN: It...WORKED?! タバン「本当にうまくいった!? Taban: It really went well!?
   I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!    めずらしい事も……    Even rarities can happ......
   Uh, er, a thrilling display of science at    コ、コホン!    C, cough!
   its best, ladies and gentlemen!    いやいや、ルッカの発明だから    No, no, it's Lucca's invention, so naturally!
   当然! すごいだろう![END]    Great, right!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I guess even HER inventions have to ルッカの発明もたまには    Even Lucca's inventions succeed once in a while.
   work, sometimes. 成功するのね。[END]
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Wow! 本当じゃ![END]    It's true!
Marle: What a kick! マール「面白そうね、私もやる![END] Marle: It looks fun, I'll do it too!
   I want to try it, too!
Lucca: Huh? ルッカ「へ?[END] Lucca: Huh?
Lucca: Hey Crono, how did you ルッカ「ちょ、ちょっとクロノ Lucca: H, hold on, Crono.
   pick up a cutie like her?    あんたいつの間に、こんなカワイイ子    Just when did you seduce such a cute girl?
Marle: Hang on, Crono! マール「ね、いいでしょクロノ? Marle: Hey, you don't mind, right, Crono?
   I'll be right there!    ここで待ってて。    Wait here.
   どこにも行っちゃやだよ![END]    Don't go anywhere!
TABAN: Behold, ladies and gentlemen, as タバン「さあさあ、ちょう戦するのは何と Taban: Well, well, the one who braves it is
   this vision of loveliness steps aboard    こんなにカワイらしい娘サンだ!    such a lovely young woman!
   the machine!    ささ、どーぞこちらへ![END]    Come, come, this way please!
Marle: Don't go away. マール「エヘヘ。 Marle: *giggle*
   I'll be right back!    じゃ、ちょっと行ってくるね![END]    Well, be right back!
TABAN: You're sure about this...? タバン「だいじょぶかい? Taban: Is this okay?
   There's still time to change your    やめるんだったら今のうちだぜ。[END]    If you're quitting, now's the time for it.
Marle: No way! マール「へっちゃらだよ! Marle: No problem!
   Throw the switch!    全然こわくなんかないもん。[END]    It's not like it's scary or anything.
TABAN: Okay, everyone, let's give her a タバン「それでは みなさん! Taban: Well then, everyone!
   great big hand when she reappears!    このカワイイ娘サンが見事    When this cute young woman beautifully
   消えましたら、はくしゅかっさい。[END]    vanishes, let's have some applause.
Marle: What's happening? マール「何これ? Marle: What's this?
   My's...    ペンダントが……。[END]    My pendant......
Lucca: Huh? ルッカ「えッ!?[END] Lucca: Huh!?
TABAN: Lucca! タバン「おい、ルッカ Taban: Hey, Lucca,
   Where is she?!    出て来ねーぞ?[END]    she's not coming out, you know?
TABAN: Show's over, folks! タバン「ハ、ハイ! ごらんの通り影も形も Taban: Y, yes! As you can see, she's vanished
   Let's head along now!    ありません!    without a trace!
   こ、これにてオシマイ!![END]    Sh, show's over!!
TABAN: What's going on Lucca? タバン「おい、ルッカ! Taban: Hey, Lucca!
   WHERE IS SHE?    一体どうなってんだ?    What the hell's going on?
   あのコはどうしちまったんだ!?[END]    What happened to that girl!?
Lucca: The way she disappeared... ルッカ「あのコの消え方 Lucca: The way that girl vanished isn't the way
   It couldn't have been the Telepod!    テレポッドの転送の消え方じゃない。    things vanish with the Telepod's transfer.
   The warp field seemed to be    あの空間のゆがみ方……    The way space warped......
   affected by her pendant...    ペンダントが反応していたようにも…    The pendant seemed like it was reacting...
   もっと別の……何かが……。[END]    And another...... something......
TABAN: What are we going to do now? タバン「どうしたらいいんだい? Taban: What should we do?
   助けることは?[END]    About helping her?
Lucca: She's so familiar! ルッカ「あのコは…… Lucca: That girl......
   I KNOW I've seen her somewhere...    ……んっ? そういえばあのコ Come to think of it, it feels like I've
   どこかで見たことがあるような?[END]    seen that girl somewhere?
Lucca: Crono! ルッカ「ちょ、ちょっとクロノ! Lucca: H, hey, Crono!
   You brought her here, YOU get her    あのコ、あんたが連れて来たのよ!    You brought that girl here!
   back!    どこ行こーってのよ![END]    Where do you think you're going!
Lucca: Crono! ルッカ「クロノ![END] Lucca: Crono!
TABAN: You're actually going to do it?! タバン「おーッ! Taban: Ohh!
   What a fine lad!    後を追うってのかクロノ。    So you mean you're going after her, Crono.
   さすがは男だぜ![END]    That's a man for you!
Lucca: Listen! ルッカ「そうね! Lucca: That's right!
   I don't know where this machine is    あの空間の先に何があるのかわからない    Though we don't know what's beyond that
   going to send you, but we haven't    けど、それ以外に方法はなさそうね。    space, it looks like there's no way but that.
   any other choice.
TABAN: Won't they both be lost? タバン「でも、都合よくまた Taban: But the hole won't necessarily
   あなが現れるとはかぎらないぜ。    conveniently appear again.
Lucca: This is our only hope! ルッカ「やってみるかちはあるわ! Lucca: It's worth trying!
   That pendant seems to be the key, so    きっとペンダントがキーに    The pendant has definitely become the key!
   hang on to it Crono, and brace    なってるのよ!
   yourself!    Crono!
   クロノ!    Hold on to it tight, and the same thing should
   しっかりそれをにぎってて。    definitely happen!
Lucca: Power to full! ルッカ「もっと出力をあげて!![END] Lucca: Raise the output more!!
TABAN: Roger! タバン「あいさ!![END] Taban: Gotcha!!
Lucca: More! ルッカ「もっと!もっと![END] Lucca: More! More!
   Give me more power!
Lucca: There! ルッカ「ビンゴ!! Lucca: Bingo!!
   We did it!    うまくいきそうよ!![END]    It looks like it's going to go well!!
Lucca: I'll follow you after I know ルッカ「私も原因を究明したら Lucca: Once I investigate the cause, I'll follow
   what went wrong.    後を追うわ!    after you too!
   Good luck, Crono!    たのんだわよ、クロノ![END]    I'm counting on you, Crono!