[West Cape, 1000 A.D.]
 [Grave]  [Grave]  [Grave]
   The Great Adventurer      王国歴 634.3.6    3/6, Kingdom Year 634.
   Toma Levine rests here...    いだいなる探検家 トマ・レバイン    The great explorer Toma Levine sleeps
             3/6/634        ここに眠る……。[END]    here......
TOMA:  [member1], long time no see. トマ「よう[pc1]、ひさしぶりだな。 Toma: Yo, [char1], long time no see.
   I've located the Rainbow Shell.    ついに、虹色の貝がらを見つけたぜ。[END]    I finally found the Rainbow-Colored Shell.
TOMA: To the northwest of this cape is トマ「この岬から北西の海上に Toma: There's an island called Giant's Claw on the
   a large island called the Giant's Claw.    巨人のツメと呼ばれる島がある。    ocean northwest from this cape.
   You can find the Shell there.    虹色の貝がらは、そこにある。[END]    The Rainbow-Colored Shell is there.
TOMA: But beware! トマ「しかし、気をつけな。 Toma: But be careful.
   There are many beasts about!    あそこにゃ化け物がわんさといるぜ。[END]    There's hordes of monsters over there.
TOMA: Time to shove off. トマ「じゃあ、そろそろお別れだ。[END] Toma: Well, it's time I left.
TOMA: You guys are a riot a minute! トマ「やっぱり、お前と飮む酒は最高だぜ。 Toma: The sake I drink with you really is the best.
   See ya!    あばよ……。[END]    See ya......
 [Giant's Claw, 600 A.D.]
 [Note]  [Note] [Note]
   Toma's crumpled note: トマの書いたらしいメモが落ちている……    A memo that it seems Toma wrote has
   «Those holes! What if I jump into them 『落としあな…もしかしてわざと落ちる?    fallen......
   on purpose? Yes!  ちっ…でなおしてくるか……』[END]    "The pit... maybe fall deliberately?
   I'll start back at the beginning, and...»    Tch... start over......?"
Marle: Is this the Tyrano Lair? マール「ティラン城?[END] Marle: Tyran Castle?
Lucca: Is this the Tyrano Lair? ルッカ「ティラン城?[END] Lucca: Tyran Castle?
Robo: Looks like the Reptites' ロボ「ココハ恐竜人の Robo: THIS appears to BE the castle of the
   castle.    城のようデスネ。[END]    Dinomen.
Frog: The Tyrano Lair? カエル「ティラン城か?[END] Frog: Tyran Castle?
Ayla: What!! エイラ「ゾワー!! Ayla: Zowaa!!
   Why Reptites' castle here?    恐竜人の城 なんでこんなとこ ある?[END]    Why Dinomen's castle in place like this?
Magus: A prehistoric castle? 魔王「原始時代の城か?[END] Magus: A castle of the Primeval era?
Marle: This must have been pushed マール「ラヴォスが落ちてきたときに Marle: When Lavos came falling it was buried
   underground when Lavos fell to    地中深くうまって…… そのまま遺跡に    deep underground...... and it stayed like it was
   earth.    なっていたのね。[END]    and became an ancient ruin.
Lucca: When Lavos fell, this became ルッカ「ラヴォス落下時に Lucca: When Lavos fell it was buried deep
   buried beneath the earth.    地中深くにうまって遺跡化したのね。[END]    underground and became an ancient ruin. 
Robo: This must have been pushed ロボ「ラヴォス落下時に Robo: When Lavos fell, it was buried
   underground when Lavos fell to    地中にうまり、そのまま遺跡に    underground, then stayed as it was and
   earth.    なったのデスネ。[END]    BECAME an ancient ruin.
Frog: When Lavos came hither, カエル「ラヴォスが落ちてきた時 Frog: When Lavos came falling it was buried
   this place was buried beneath the    地中深くうまり……    deep underground...... so this means it stayed
   land!    そのまま遺跡になったってわけか……。[END]    like it was and became an ancient ruin......?
Ayla: Lavos fall and Tyrano Lair エイラ「ラヴォス ふってきた時 Ayla: When Lavos rained down Tyran Castle
   buried underground forever!    ティラン城 うまった。    buried.
   そのまま ずーっと 地面の下……![END]    It stay same looong time under ground......!
Magus: Prehistoric castle... 魔王「原始の城……[END] Magus: A Primeval castle......
Marle: THIS's the Rainbow Shell! マール「これが虹色の貝がら![END] Marle: This is the Rainbow-Colored Shell!
Lucca: The Rainbow Shell! ルッカ「これが虹色の貝がら![END] Lucca: This is the Rainbow-Colored Shell!
Robo: The Rainbow Shell. ロボ「虹色の貝がらデスネ。[END] Robo: It IS the Rainbow-Colored Shell.
Frog: Behold! カエル「フム。これが虹の貝がらか。[END] Frog: Hmm. So this is the rainbow shell.
   The Rainbow Shell!
Ayla: Pretty! エイラ「きれい! 大きい! Ayla: Pretty! Big!
   Big!    これ 虹色の貝がらか?    This Rainbow-Colored Shell?
   This Rainbow Shell?    食べられるか?[END]    Can eat?
   Can eat?
Magus: Rather drab, isn't it? 魔王「私には、にあわぬ色だ……。[END] Magus: The color doesn't suit me......
Marle: It's heavy! マール「重~い! Marle: Heaaaavy!
   We won't be able to carry it.    これじゃあ運べないよ。    We can't move it like this.
   Better get some help at the castle!    城からおうえんを呼んでこよう![END]    Let's go call for support from the castle!
Lucca: It's too heavy. ルッカ「重すぎるわね。 Lucca: It's too heavy.
   Let's get some help at Guardia Castle.    ガルディア城からおうえんを呼んで     Let's go call for support from Guardia Castle. 
Robo: It weighs a ton! ロボ「重すぎマス。 Robo: It IS too heavy.
   We must get help from Guardia    ガルディア城からオウエンを    We must call for SUPPORT from Guardia
   Castle.    呼ばないと。[END]    Castle.
Frog: Heavy, it be! カエル「重い! Frog: Heavy!
   Let's seek the King's counsel!    王にお願いし、城からおうえんを    Let's go make a request to the king for
   呼んで来よう。[END]    support from the castle.
Ayla: Heavy heavy! エイラ「おもい おもい! Ayla: Heavy, heavy!
   Can't carry.    運べない。城に 誰か いないのか?[END]    Can't move. Nobody at castle?
   Castle people help?
Magus: Who's going to carry this for 魔王「誰かに運ばせるか?[END] Magus: Can we get someone to move it?
 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]
KING: Hello! 王「よくぞ来た! King: Well come!
   You're always welcome here.    君らは、いつでもかんげいするぞ。    We welcome you at any time.
   What can I do for you?    ん? どうされた?[END]    Hm? What's wrong?
Marle: Well... マール「実は……[END] Marle: Actually......
Lucca: Um, well, it's... ルッカ「あ、あのですね……[END] Lucca: Ah, well you see......
Robo: We would like to ask a ロボ「お願いがあるのデスガ……[END] Robo: We HAVE a request......
Frog: We asketh a favor... カエル「おそれながら、お願いが Frog: Most respectfully, we have a request......
Ayla: Ayla have favor. エイラ「エイラ たのみ ある。[END] Ayla: Ayla have request.
KING: I get it. You want me to keep 王「なるほど、その島にある King: I see, you want me to keep the large shell
   that huge shell safe here until the    大きな貝がらを、後世までほかんして    that's on that island safe unto future generations?
   next century, right?    ほしいと?[END]
LEENE: I ask for the sake of  [member1]. リーネ「他ならぬ、[pc1]達の Leene: The request from none other than
   Please carry out their request.    たのみです。    {char1} and the others.
   私からもお願いします。[END]    I implore you as well.
KING: Done! 王「あいわかった! King: Understood!
   I shall obtain the shell and store it in    その虹色の貝がらとやら、城に運ばせ    I shall have that Rainbow-Colored Shell object
   the castle, as a national treasure.    家宝として代々、宝物庫に    moved to the castle and kept in a treasure
   安置させよう。[END]    storehouse as an heirloom for generations.
   Knight Captain!   騎土団長![END]    Knight Captain!
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Yes, Majesty! 騎土団長「は![END] Knight Captain: Sir!
KING: Go and obtain the Rainbow Shell, 王「巨人のツメにわたり、虹色の貝がらなる King: Cross to Giant's Claw, and bring the
   and bring it back in one piece!    巨大な貝を、何としても城に    huge shell, the Rainbow-Colored Shell, back
   持ちかえるのだ![END]    to the castle, no matter what it takes!
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: At once, Sire! 騎土団長「は、ただちに![END] Knight Captain: Yes sir, right away!
Marle: Thank you, your Majesty! マール「ありがとう、王様!リーネ![END] Marle: Thanks, King! Leene!
   And Queen Leene too, of course!
Lucca: Thank you very much! ルッカ「ありがとうございます![END] Lucca: Thank you!
Robo: Thank you very much! ロボ「アリガトウゴザイマス![END] Robo: THANK YOU!
Frog: Thanks to thee, from one so カエル「私の様な者のため Frog: Thank you for doing this for such a
   humble.    ありがとうございます。[END]    person as myself.
Ayla: You, good man! エイラ「お前 いいヤツ! Ayla: You good guy!
   Strong!    エイラ 気に入ったぞ![END]    Ayla like!
   Ayla like!
 [Giant's Claw, 600 A.D.]
SOLDIER: It's heavy... 兵士「お、重~い~ Soldier: H, heeeavyyy.
   But we'll manage!    でも、必ず城へ運びます![END]     But, we will unfailingly transport it to the castle! 
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Okay, everyone! 騎土団長「みんな~! Knight Captain: Everyone!
   Lift!!!    がんばれー!![END]    Keep at it!!
 [Choras Cafι, 600 A.D.]
TOMA: So,  [member1], you beat me to the トマ「よう、[pc1]、虹の貝がらを Toma: Yo, [char1], I hear you found the rainbow
   Rainbow Shell?    見つけただって?    shell?
   先をこされちまったなァ。    Guess I got beaten to it.
   Nah, I'm not sour about it. I probably
   couldn't have handled the monsters...    気にするなって。    Don't worry about it.
   どうせ俺じゃ、あそこの恐竜にゃあ    I didn't stand a chance against the dinosaurs
   But I WILL find the Sun Stone first!    勝ち目がねェ。    over there anyway.
   さァて、次にねらうは伝説の太陽石だ![END]    Okay, I'll aim for the legendary Sun Stone next!
 [Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Why is there a different guard on duty 最近のガルディア城って    There's been a lot of soldiers moving in and out of
   at the castle every time I go there? 兵士の出入りが多いわね……。    Guardia Castle lately......
そりゃお城なんだからっていったら    Well, if you say it's because it's the castle, I guess
そうだけどね。[END]    you're right.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   The soldiers say the Chancellor's been 城の兵士に聞いたんだが    I heard about it from the castle soldiers, the
   acting funny. 最近、大臣の様子がなんか変だとか……。[END]    chancellor's seemed kind of strange lately......
 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Hmm... そういえば……、楽しみにしてる    Come to think of it...... King Guardia's
   It's taking forever for the King's ガルディア王のパレード    parade that I'm looking forward to isn't
   parade to begin. いつまでたってもはじまらない……。    starting however much time passes......
   I wonder if something's wrong? どうしたんだろう?[END]    I wonder what's wrong?
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
 [System]  [System] [System]
       Sealed with a mysterious power...     不思議な力で封印されている……。[END]       It's sealed with a mysterious power......
   Reacting to the pendant, something ペンダントに反応して中の物が光りだした。    Something inside reacted to the pendant and
   inside begins to glow. Remove it? なかみを取り出しますか?    began glowing. Remove the contents?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [System]  [System] [System]
          Level up for the Red Vest!    レッドベストがバージョンアップ!    Red Vest version up!
              Got the Red Mail!     レッドプレートを手に入れた![END]    Got a Red Plate!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   They say the King sold off the royal 王が代々伝わる家宝をひそかに    They say the king secretly sold off an heirloom
   treasures. 売り飛ばしたという事ですが……。[END]    that was passed down for generations......
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   The trial of the century is about to 間もなく裁判が始まります。    Before long, the trial will begin.
   begin. 誰って?    'Whose'?
   Who's, you ask?
   ガルディア王の裁判です。[END]    King Guardia's trial.
   King Guardia's, of course!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I can't get anything done, with you 見はられてちゃ料理にしゅうちゅう    How am I supposed to concentrate on cooking
   standing around! 出来ないだろ![END]    when I'm being watched!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Cut the foolishness! よけいな事は言うな![END]    Don't say anything unnecessary!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Jeez, I ain't gonna poison the 見はってなくたって大臣の料理に    I wouldn't put poison or anything in the Chancellor's
   Chancellor. 毒なんかもりませんよ。[END]    food even if you weren't keeping watch.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   The King ordered that the court be 裁判が終わるまでは    Until the trial ends, the Chancellor's orders are It's the chancellor giving orders, not the king.
   locked until the trial's over. ふうさしろとの大臣のご命令です。[END]    to close this off.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Same thing on the left... 左に同じです。    Same as the left. Still not sure what he means by 'the left'.
   But weren't there some stairs, over そこに、かいだんなんか    Weren't there stairs or something there......?
   there? あったっけな……?[END]
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   No entry allowed! 通せません![END]    We cannot let you pass!
Marle: Let me through!! マール「通しなさーい!![END] Marle: LET US THROUUUGH!!
CHANCELLOR: Had any of you heard of 大臣「みなさん!王家に伝わる家宝 Chancellor: Everyone! Do you know of the
   the «Rainbow Shell?»    『虹色の貝がら』をご存じですか?    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" heirloom passed
   down in the royal family?
   I too, had no idea until I found this...    私もこれを見るまでは
   知りませんでした。[END]    Until I saw this, I did not know of it either.
CHANCELLOR: It's an ancestral will. 大臣「ガルディアの遠い祖先の書いた Chancellor: It's a will that Guardia's distant
   It says, «Unveil the Rainbow Shell to    遺言です。    ancestor wrote.
   the people at the Millienal Fair.»
   『千年の建国祭の時に    "At the time of the National Foundation
   家宝『虹色の貝がら』を    Millennial Festival, present the heirloom,
   国民の前にまつれ。』[END]    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" before the people."
KING: What are you talking about?! 王「そんな物は知らん! King: I know of no such thing!
   We have no family heirlooms here!    だいたい家宝などこの城にはない。[END]    There's no such thing as an heirloom in this
   castle to begin with.
CHANCELLOR: So this is a forgery? 大臣「これがニセモノとでも? Chancellor: Are you suggesting this is a forgery?
   Why does the defendant deny the    なぜヒコクは『虹色の貝がら』を    Why does the defendant not bring out the
   people a glimpse of the «Rainbow    国民の前に出さないのか?    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" before the people?
   それはもうここにないからです。    That is because it is no longer here.
   Because he no longer HAS it!!    よくに目がくらんだヒコクはお金ほしさ    The defendant, dazzled by greed, sold the
   He sold the heirloom for cash!    に大事な家宝を売ってしまったのです。    precious heirloom out of a want for money.
   Witness, please!    さ、証人を……。[END]    Now, the witnesses......
CHANCELLOR: Wh, what is it, Nadia? 大臣「な、何です王女様。裁判中です。 Chancellor: Wh, what is it, Princess? We're in
   We are conducting a trial here.    the middle of a trial.
Marle: Father! マール「父上![END] Marle: Father!
KING: Nadia! 王「おお、マールディアよ King: Oh, Marledia, I'm the victim of a framing
   The Chancellor is trying to frame me!    私は大臣にはめられようとしている![END]    attempt by the chancellor!
CHANCELLOR: He hurls insults! 大臣「人聞きが悪いですなあ。 Chancellor: You're disreputable.
   Confirm your innocence with proof!    しょうこさえあれば王の無実は    If only you had proof, you could verify the
   証明できるのですよ。    king's innocence.
Marle: Proof? マール「しょうこ? Marle: Proof?
CHANCELLOR: Yes. If he hasn't sold the 大臣「ええ Chancellor: Yes,
   heirloom, it should be in the castle.    もし家宝を売っていなければ    because supposing that he hasn't sold the
   まだこの城にあるはずですからな。    heirloom, it should still be in this castle.
   Show me the «Rainbow Shell,» and I'll
   accept his innocence, heh, heh...    私の目の前に『虹色の貝がら』を    If you go bring the "Rainbow-Colored Shell"
   持って来られたのならば、無罪を    before my eyes, I shall admit the king's innocence.
   みとめましょう。    Well, I doubt that's possible, though...... ku, ku...
KING: Chancellor! 王「大臣! 何をたくらんでおる?![END] King: Chancellor! What are you plotting?! 
   What kind of trickery is this?!
CHANCELLOR: Remove them! 大臣「さ、そいつらをつまみ出せ![END] Chancellor: Now, throw them out!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Princess, not even you may enter. だめです。    We cannot.
王女さまといえどもお通しできません。[END]    Even though you may be the princess, we
   cannot allow you to pass.
Marle: What ARE you saying!? マール「何言ってるの! Marle: What are you saying!
   It's a lie!    あれは大臣のでっちあげなのよ。    That's the chancellor's made-up story.
   There IS no heirloom!    初めっから家宝なんてないのよ!![END]    There's no such thing as an heirloom in the
   first place!!
Marle: Aha! マール「なるほど! Marle: I get it!
   The «Rainbow Shell» we gave to my
   ancestor 400 years ago is still here.    AD600年の王様……    You mean the "Rainbow-Colored Shell" we
   つまり先祖さまにわたして来た    handed over to the King in A.D.600...... that is,
   『虹色の貝がら』が400年たった    my ancestor, is shut away even now that 400
   今でもしまってあるって言うのね?[END]    years have passed, right?
Marle: It's probably in the マール「行きましょう。 Marle: Let's go.
   basement!    きっと地下だわ![END]    It's got to be in the basement!
Lucca: Find the «Rainbow Shell,» ルッカ「『虹色の貝がら』を Lucca: If we bring the "Rainbow-Colored
   and we'll be able to prove the King's    持って行けば無実を証明出来るわ![END]    Shell", we can prove his innocence!
Lucca: We changed history back in ルッカ「わすれたの? Lucca: Have you forgotten?
   600 A.D., so the «Rainbow Shell» should    私達がAD600年でやってきた事…。    What we did in A.D.600...
   still be in the castle!    Because we changed history, the
   歴史を変えたため、今の時代のこの城に    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" should be in this
   『虹色の貝がら』はあるはずなのよ![END]    castle in the current era!
Robo: The «Rainbow Shell» will ロボ「『虹色の貝がら』を Robo: If we bring the "Rainbow-Colored
   prove the King's innocence.    持っていけば無実を証明デキマス。[END]    Shell", we CAN prove his innocence.
Robo: We altered history in 600 A.D.! ロボ「わすれマシタカ? Robo: HAVE you forgotten?
   The «Rainbow Shell» should be here    AD600年でやってきた事。    What we did in A.D.600.
   in the castle.    Because we changed history, the
   歴史を変えたため、今の時代のこの城に    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" should BE in this
   『虹色の貝がら』があるはずなのデス。[END]    castle in the current era.
Frog: 'Tis the «Rainbow Shell» that カエル「『虹色の貝がら』を Frog: If we bring the "Rainbow-Colored Shell",
   shall prove his innocence.    持って行けば無実を証明できるぜ。[END]    we can prove his innocence!
Frog: Hast thou forgotten? カエル「わすれたか? Frog: Have you forgotten?
   History hath been changed, and the    俺達がAD600年でやってきた事を。    What we did in A.D.600.
   shell is within the castle.    Because we changed history, the
   歴史を変えたため、今の時代のこの城に    "Rainbow-Colored Shell" should be in this
   『虹色の貝がら』があるはずなんだ。[END]    castle in the current era.
Ayla: Take «Rainbow Shell!» エイラ「『虹色の貝がら』 持ってく! Ayla: Bring "Rainbow-Colored Shell"!
   Save Marle's father!!    マールの父親 助かる!![END]    Help Marle's father!!
Ayla: Remember Marle?! エイラ「思いだせ マール! Ayla: Remember, Marle!
   We ask old king save shell!    エイラ達 むかしの王様    Aylas asked old times king!
   «Rainbow Shell» here now!    たのんだ!
   "Rainbow-Colored Shell" now in this castle!
   『虹色の貝がら』 今 この城ある!    That wrong?
Magus: Taking the «Rainbow Shell» 魔王「『虹色の貝がら』を Magus: Shouldn't we just bring the
   to them will solve this problem.    持って行けばいいではないか……。[END]    "Rainbow-Colored Shell"......?
Magus: Idiot! 魔王「バカめ、わすれたか? Magus: You idiot, you forgot?
   Have you forgotten our trip to 600    AD600年でやってきた事を……。[END]    What we did in A.D.600......
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The decision is about to be handed まもなく判決が出ます。    A verdict will be reached before long.
   down. それまで誰も出入りを許すなとの    The Chancellor's orders are to allow no one
   The King requests that no one enter or 大臣のご命令で。[END]    in or out until then.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   This is the treasury. ここは宝物庫です。    This is the treasure vault.
   No entry permitted! 危険ですので入れません。[END]    It is dangerous, so you cannot enter.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Ouch! く……    Kh......
   A rat bit me! ネズミにスネをかじられた。[END]    My leg got bitten by a rat.
DUMB: The boss is itching to avenge the にょろた「親分は13代にわたる Slitherta: It's so great the boss'll be able
   grudge that's been in the family for    うらみがはらせるってウキウキさ。    to avenge his 13-generation grudge.
   13 generations!    きっきっきっき!    Kee, kee, kee, kee, kee!
   Gee hee!
にょろぽん「でっちあげのしょうこ品で Slitherpon: He says the king'll be condemned
DUMBER: He's gonna frame the king!    王様を死刑にするんだとよ。    to death with the made-up evidence.
   Ga haw!    きっきっきっき![END]    Kee, kee, kee, kee!
Marle: So there IS a plot! マール「やっぱりいんぼうよ! Marle: There really is a conspiracy!
   Let's hurry!    急ぎましょう![END]    Let's hurry!
MERCHANT: I confess. 商人「ええ、たしかに王様から Merchant: Yes, I definitely bought it from the
   I bought it from the king.    買いましたよ。    King. He seemed to be having serious money
   He said he needed the cash.    大変お金に困られていた様子で……。    troubles, and......
KING: Liar!! ガルディア王「うそをもうすな! King Guardia: Don't lie!
   I've never even seen you before!    私はお前など会ったこともない。[END]    I've never even met you.
JUDGE: Order in the court! 裁判長「せいしゅくに![END] Presiding Judge: Silence!
MERCHANT: Heh heh. 商人「へへ Merchant: Heh heh,
   Was I convincing?    これでよかったかい?    Was that good?
CHANCELLOR: Perfect! 大臣「グーだ![END] Chancellor: Good!
Marle: The Rainbow Shell!! マール「あった! 虹色の貝がら!![END] Marle: Here it is! The Rainbow-Colored Shell!!
Lucca: What's this...a letter? ルッカ「何これ……、てがみ?[END] Lucca: What's this...... a letter?
Robo: There is a letter? ロボ「何デスカ、このてがみハ?[END] Robo: What IS it, this letter?
Frog: Why, 'tis a letter? カエル「こんな所にてがみ……?[END] Frog: A letter in a place like this......?
Ayla: Something here! エイラ「ここ 何かある! Ayla: Something here!
   Paper here, paper!    かみ ある かみ ある![END]    Paper here, paper here!
Magus: There's a letter here. 魔王「てがみがあるぞ。 Magus: There's a letter.
   Shall we burn it?    もやすか?[END]    Burn it?
Marle: To Marle...? マール「マールへ……? Marle: To Marle......?
   «Dearest Marle, I know things    親愛なるマールへ。      Dear Marle.
   are tough between you and your    父上との仲はいかがでしょう?      How are your relations with your father?
   今のあなたには、わからないかも       As you are now, you may not understand, but
   But nothing can break your bond of    知れませんが、いがみあっても       even when you quarrel, even when you are
   blood. Neither words of anger, nor    はなれていても、親子は親子。       apart, parent and child are parent and child.
   great distances.
   あなたは、いつか親から巣立って       You must someday leave your parent's nest.
   Someday, when you have children,    行かねばなりません。       And then, you too will someday become a parent.
   you will understand.    そして、あなたもいつか親となる。
   This special bond is part of a family    それはいつの世も変わりないはず。       I doubt that will change in any generation.
   tree which links us together.    だからこそ、私達とマールも       That exactly is why we and you are also linked......
       -Queen Guardia XXI, Leene.»    つながっているのですから……。
   ガルディア王21世             From King Guardia the 21st's Queen Leene.
Lucca: Boy, can she tell it like it is!! ルッカ「ニクい事やってくれるわね…… Lucca: What a horribly wonderful thing to do......
   って、それどころじゃないわ![END]    Hey, this is no time for that!
Robo: Although I have no emotions, ロボ「ワタシは親がいないので Robo: I have no parents, so I do NOT Robo does have emotions.
   there is something warm and cozy    子を愛する気持ちがわかりまセンが    understand the feeling of loving a child, but
   about this letter.    この文章は何か……あたたかいデスネ。[END]    this text IS somehow...... warm.
Frog: Dear Queen Leene...! カエル「リーネ様…… Frog: Leene-sama......
   Let us now make haste and fulfill our    さ、先を急ごう![END]    Come on, let's hurry on!
Ayla: Ayla know about エイラ「おう すだつ! Ayla: Oh, leave nest!
   leaving nest!    エイラにもそれ わかる!    Ayla understand that too!
   Time pass, grow big, leave nest!    プテランもすだつ。    Pteran leave nest too.
   時たてば すだつ!    When time pass, leave nest!
   Ayla leave nest!
   Dactyl leave nest too.    マールも すだつか?    Marle leave nest too?
   Marle leave too?    それすごい![END]    That great!
   Big change!
Ayla: Leave nest! エイラ「すだつ! ねねする! Ayla: Leave nest! Sleep! Omitted from the English version. It's clear from the concept art that Marle does have breasts, but of a modest size (unlike Ayla and most other anime females), and her clothing is fairly baggy as well. It seems that Ayla is concerned that Marle may have trouble nursing her future kids, and doesn't realize that saying this could be considered embarrasing or insulting.
   Have baby!    子供うむ! おっぱいやる!    Bear kids! Give boobs!
   Baby grow big!    そしてまた 子がすだつ![END]    And then kids leave nest again!
   Leave nest too!
Ayla: Sure you ready leave nest? エイラ「オマエ だいじょぶか? Ayla: You be okay?
   Not too big yet.    おっぱいないな……。[END]    Not have boobs......
Magus: Perhaps we could have this 魔王「感動している場合では Magus: I don't think this is any time to be
   conversation later...?    ないと思うが……。[END]    getting all emotional......
Marle: Father! マール「父上!今行くからねッ!![END] Marle: Father! I'll be right there!!
   Hang in there, we're coming!
JUDGE: Members of the jury... 裁判長「ばいしんいん達よ。 Presiding Judge: Jurors.
   If he is guilty, stand to the left.    有罪と思う者は左へ    Go, those who think he is guilty to the left,
   If innocent, stand to the right.    無罪だと思う者は右へ行きなさい![END]    those who think he is not guilty to the right!
 [Juror]  [Juror]  [Juror]
   Guilty. 有罪[END]    Guilty.
Marle: You won't reconsider? マール「どーしてもダメと言うの? Marle: You mean it's no good no matter what?
SOLDIER: No, Princess. 兵士「はい、どーしてもです。[END] Soldier: Yes, no matter what.
Marle: There is one way... マール「手はあるわ! Marle: There's a way!
   It's a bit rough, but just follow me!    少々あらっぽいけど……    It's a bit rough, but......
   ついて来て![END]    Follow me!
JUDGE: The verdict is in! 裁判長「判決をいいわたす! Presiding Judge: I shall announce the verdict!
   Guilty!!!    有罪4 無罪1    Guilty: 4, innocent: 1
   よって有罪とする!![END]    Accordingly, we find him guilty!!
CHANCELLOR: The Guardia line ends 大臣「これでガルディアの時代は Chancellor: With this, the age of Guardia has
   here.    終わりましたな……    ended......
   This domain shall be mine!    これからは、この私が国をしきします。    From now on, I will run the country.
   Take him away!    さ! つれて行け!![END]    Now! Take him away!!
 [Marle]  [Marle]  [Marle]
   Wait!!! 「待ってーーー!![END]    'Waaaaaaiiit!!
CHANCELLOR: Who is it?! 大臣「誰だ![END] Chancellor: Who is it!
Marle: FATHER!!! マール「ちちうえェーー!![END] Marle: Fatherrrrr!!
KING: Nadia! 王「マールディア![END] King: Marledia!
CHANCELLOR: Princess! 大臣「マールディア様![END] Chancellor: Marledia-sama!
   Control yourself!
CHANCELLOR: You're too late! 大臣「し、しかしもうおそい! Chancellor: H, however, it's too late!
   The King has been found guilty.    ガルディア王は国民の裁判によって刑は    King Guardia's sentence was decided though a
   Even kings are subject to our laws.    決まったのです。 王と言えども……[END]    trial of the people. Even though he may be king......
Marle: No, this was a set up! マール「そんな事ないわ! Marle: Not a chance!
   それは、あなたのでっちあげよ!![END]    You framed him!!
CHANCELLOR: Nonsense! 大臣「いやいや、事実王は王家の宝を…… Chancellor: No, no, the truth about the king is,
   The King's a crook!    the royal family's treasure......
Marle: But the treasure is right マール「宝ならここに!![END] Marle: If it's the treasure, here!!
CHANCELLOR: IMPOSSIBLE!! 大臣「そ、それは![END] Chancellor: Th, that's!
Marle: Your little scheme is over, マール「かんねんなさい! Marle: Give it up, chancellor!
   Chancellor!    大臣![END]
CHANCELLOR: Grrr...I mean...uh... 大臣「くく……[END] Chancellor: Ku, ku......
Marle: Huh? マール「?[END] Marle: ?
CHANCELLOR: Hee hee hee! 大臣「くくくく…… Chancellor: Ku, ku, ku, ku......
   It's not the plot you think!    かんねんするのは君達の方だよ。    The ones who should give it up are you.
   I'm here to avenge my ancestors!    先祖代々うけつがれてきたうらみ    I'll make you pay back the grudge inherited for
   今ここではらさせてもらうよ![END]    generations from my ancestors, here and now!
CHANCELLOR: Super, ultra, presto... 大臣「スーパーウルトラデラックス Chancellor: Super Ultra Deluxe
   TRANSFORM-O!!!!!!    大臣チェーーーンジ!![END]    Chancellor Chaaaange!!
Marle: Father... マール「父上…… Marle: Father......
   I...    私……[END]    I......
KING: No, don't say it. 王「いいんじゃ、何も言うな。 King: It's fine, don't say anything.
   I was wrong to be so stubborn.    わからずやの私がいけなかったんだ。[END]    I shouldn't have been so obstinate.
Marle: No, I didn't even think about マール「私こそ父上の気持ちも Marle: It's me, who not even knowing your
   how you felt.    知らないで……    feelings......
   Um...    ううん……    No......
   I know it in my heart, but the words    頭ではわかっていたけど     I understood in my head, but couldn't put it
   just come out wrong.    うまく言葉にならなくて……。[END] into words well...... 
KING: I too, have that problem. 王「私もさ。 King: I too.
   I thought you left me, but realized    一時はお前が本当に遠くに行って    For a time, it seemed as though you were truly
   that it was I, who abandoned you.    しまったように思えた。    going far away.
   でもよく考えてみると、遠くに行って    But when I tried thinking it over well, the one
   いたのは私のほうだったのだな。[END]    who had gone far was I.
Marle: But I'm here now. マール「今は近くにいる。 Marle: Now we're close.
   We'll talk about everything that's    これからは父上に何でも言える。    From now on, I can tell you anything.
   About Crono, and mother, and...    いろんな事をそうだんしたり    Seek advice on various things,
   クロノの事を話したり    talk about Crono,
   母上の事を聞いたり……[END]    ask about mother......
KING: Your mother... 王「母か……はずかしい話だが King: Your mother...... it's embarrassing to talk
   How sad! It has taken me so long to    あの時の言葉が今やっと    about, but I feel like I've finally come to
   understand what Aliza meant with    わかってきた気がする。    understand her words of that day.
   her last words.
   アリーチェがいきを引き取る前に    The words Ariche said before she breathed
   «Someday when Nadia grows up,    言った言葉……    her last......
   she will bring her beloved to meet
   you. 『マールディアが大きくなれば    "When Marledia grows up, the day will likely
   Welcome him warmly.  あなたの前に好きな人を連れて来る日が    come when she brings the person she loves
 来るでしょう。    before you.
   It will be a day you remember
   forever.»  その時は2人をあたたかく    At that time, welcome the two of them warmly.
 ……だって、その日はあなたにとっても    ......after all, it will be a wonderful,
 わすれられないすばらしい日に    unforgettable day for you, too."
Marle: You...heard her last words? マール「母上の最後の言葉を Marle: So you were listening to mother's last
   父上は聞いていたのね?    words?
KING: Of course! 王「ああ…… King: Yes......
   You were so young!    お前は小さかったからおぼえて    You were little so you may not remember,
   いないかもしれないが……    but......
   You ran around saying «Daddy, it's
   fun having all my favorite people 『パパ、私好きな人いっぱいいるよ!    You were being cheerful, saying "Papa, there
   here!»  いっぱい いっぱい!』    are lots of people I like! Lots, lots!"
   Seeing you so happy, she felt    Seeing you like that, Ariche was at peace and
   reassured, and she left us quite    そんなマールディアを見て安心した    smiled as she breathed her last......
   peacefully.    アリーチェはほほえみながらいきを
Marle: So that's how it was... マール「そうだったの…… Marle: So that's how it was......
KING: Yes, why? ガルディア王「どうしたんだい?[END] King Guardia: What's wrong?
Marle: I used to call you «Daddy?» マール「私って小さいころは Marle: When I was little, I called you papa.
KING: You did. 王「ああ、そうだよ。[END] King: Yes, that's right.
Marle: I'm sorry...Daddy. マール「ごめんなさい…… Marle: I'm sorry......
   I'm really sorry for doubting you.    パパ……    Papa......
   わがまま言って本当にごめんなさい…。[END]    I'm really sorry for saying selfish things...
KING: I'll let you exit the castle, BUT! 王「城を出るのはみとめよう、じゃが! King: I will approve of you leaving the castle, but!
   ...you be careful, now.    くれぐれも気をつけるのじゃぞ。    I insist that you be careful.
   Take care of her!    キミ達、娘をたのんだぞ。[END]    You others, take care of my daughter.
Lucca: ...Yessir! ルッカ「……はい![END] Lucca: ......okay!
Robo: You can count on us! ロボ「オマカセクダサイ![END] Robo: PLEASE LEAVE IT TO US!
Frog: Indeed, Sir. カエル「……しょうちいたしました。[END] Frog: ......understood.
Ayla: You no worry! エイラ「お前 心配しょう! Ayla: You worry too much!
   Ayla protect Marle!    エイラ マール 守る![END]    Ayla protect Marle!
 [Melchior]  [Bosch]  [Bosch]
   It's my turn, now... 「さて、ワシの出番じゃな……。[END]    'Well then, it's my turn......
Marle: Melchior! マール「ボッシュ![END] Marle: Bosch!
Lucca: Melchior! ルッカ「ボッシュ![END] Lucca: Bosch!
Robo: Mr. Melchior! ロボ「ボッシュサン![END] Robo: Bosch-SAN!
Frog: Melchior! カエル「じーさん![END] Frog: Old man!
Ayla: Melchior! エイラ「ボッシュ![END] Ayla: Bosch!
MELCHIOR: Can't let you run the whole ボッシュ「お前さん達ばかりに Bosch: As if I'd let you guys take all the tasty
   show. Let me make some weapons    おいしい所を持ってかれてたまるか。    parts. I'll take care of making armor from the
   from the Rainbow Shell!    虹色の貝がらからの防具作りは Rainbow-Colored Shell!
   Finally time for me to do somethin'.
   Watch and learn!    ひさかたぶりの出番じゃ。    My first turn in quite a long time.
   腕がなるわい![END]    I'm itching for action!
MELCHIOR: This is a very rare! ボッシュ「これは特別な物質じゃ。 Bosch: This is a special material.
   As armor, it deflects magic!    これから作る防具は魔法攻撃を受けた    Armoring made from this will be able to weaken the
   時のききめを弱める事が出来るのじゃ。    effect when you suffer magical attacks.
   I can make you 1 Prism Dress,
   featuring maximum defense.    プリズム・ドレスはききめが大きいが    A Prism Dress will have a great effect, but I
   Or I can make 3 less-effective    1つしか出来ん。    can't make more than one.
   Prism Helms.    ききめの小さいプリズム・メットは3つ    I can make three Prism Helms that have a
   出来るな。    small effect.
   Which would you prefer?
      1 Prism Dress    どっちにするね?    Which will it be?
      3 Prism Helms    プリズム・ドレス一つ       1 Prism Dress
   プリズム・メット三つ[END]       3 Prism Helms
MELCHIOR: The Prism Dress? ボッシュ「プリズム・ドレスじゃな? Bosch: The Prism Dress?
   Only females may equip it.    こいつは女の子しか装備出来んぞ?    No one but the girls can equip that one.
      I want the Prism Dress.    はい       Yes.
      I've changed my mind.    いいえ[END]       No.
MELCHIOR: You want Prism Helms? ボッシュ「プリズム・メットじゃな? Bosch: The Prism Helms?
   You're sure?    こいつは誰でも装備可能じゃが?    Anyone can equip those.
      Yes    はい       Yes.
      No    いいえ[END]       No.
MELCHIOR: All right, you just wait there! ボッシュ「よーし、待っておれ! Bosch: Okay, just you wait!
   腕によりをかけて、このボッシュ    Applying my skill to its utmost, I, Bosch, will
   一世一代の代物をこしらえてやるぞ![END]    manufacture once-in-a-lifetime goods!
MELCHIOR: Finished! ボッシュ「完成じゃ。 Bosch: It's done.
   Off you go, now!    これを持っていけ![END]    Take this with you!
MELCHIOR: I finally feel like I'm doing ボッシュ「これで役に立てたわい。[END] Bosch: I have now been of use.
   something worthwhile!
MELCHIOR: Interesting substance! ボッシュ「この物質…… Bosch: This material......
   I could make some great stuff with    もうひとつ別の何かとかけ合わせれば    If I could cross it with another special something,
   an alloy of it!    とんでもない物が出きるぞい![END]    I could make something incredible!
MELCHIOR: Ahh! ボッシュ「おお!太陽石か。 Bosch: Oh! The Sun Stone?
   A Sun Stone!    さっそくこいつとかけ合わせてみよう![END]    I'll try crossing it with this one right away!
   I'll create an alloy out of it!
MELCHIOR: Heh heh! ボッシュ「ふふ。 Bosch: Hu, hu.
   Don't think that's the last of my bag    これで終わったと思うな。    Don't think I'm finished with this.
   of tricks!    今回のボッシュはおおはりきりじゃ![END]    Bosch is really enthusiastic this time!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   So! まさか大臣がモンスターだったとは……[END]    How could the chancellor have been a monster......?
   The Chancellor was a beast!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The King's finally feeling better. 王もやっと、お元気になられた。[END]    The King has finally recovered his health too.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   No one could tell that the Chancellor 大臣が魔物だったのを見ぬけんとは……[END]    To think we couldn't see through the chancellor
   was a beast...    being a monster......
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Now THIS is what I call a 1000th これで城も千年祭らしくなったな。[END]    Now the castle feels like a Millennial Festival too.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The soldiers hired by the fake ニセの大臣がひきいていた兵達は    I hear that all the soldiers the fake chancellor
   Chancellor were all monsters. みな魔物だったらしい。[END]    led were monsters.
 [Pierre]  [Pierre] [Pierre]
   I'm Pierre, the lawyer. ベンゴシのピエールです。    I'm the lawyer Pierre.
   So, like, where's the real chancellor?    だとすると、本物の大臣はどこに?[END]       So, where's the real chancellor?
CHANCELLOR: Phew, finally! 大臣「ふーっ、助かったわい! Chancellor: Phew, I'm saved!
   That beast, keepin' me locked up in    あの化け物め、こんなとこに    That damn monster, leaving me shut up in a
   here...!    おしこめおってからに……![END]    place like this......!
CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia! 大臣「お、マールディア様! Chancellor: Oh, Marledia-sama!
   Your friends, I presume?    お友達ですかな?[END]    These are your friends?
CHANCELLOR: Wait, I don't have time for 大臣「と、こうしちゃおれん。 Chancellor: Ah, I can't be doing this.
   this.    千年祭ムーンライト・パレードの    I have to set about preparing for the Millenial
   I must prepare for the Moonlight    じゅんびにとりかからねば![END]    Festival Moonlight Parade!
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
   Princess Nadia! マールディア様!    Marledia-sama!
   At the moonlight parade, you shall こよいのムーンライト・パレードで    You shall receive a wonderful present at tonight's
   receive a lovely present from me! このじいより、すてきなプレゼントを    Moonlight Parade from this old man!
 [Pierre]  [Pierre] [Pierre]
   I'm Pierre, the lawyer. ベンゴシのピエールです。    I'm the lawyer Pierre.
   I've been planning the Millennial Parade かねてから千年祭のパレードを    I have been planning the Millennial Festival's parade
   with the Chancellor. 大臣と計画していたのです。[END]    with the chancellor for some time.
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
Enjoy yourselves at the moonlight こよいのムーンライト・パレード    You all look forward to tonight's Moonlight
   parade! キミ達も楽しみにしていなされ![END]    Parade too!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Now we can go on with the moonlight これでムーンライト・パレードを    Now the Moonlight Parade can be carried out
   parade. 予定通りおこなえる。[END]    as planned.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Gonna be a great night. きっと、すばらしい夜になるぞ。[END]    It's sure to be a magnificent night.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The parade's the grand finale. パレードは千年祭のグランドフィナーレだ。[END]    The parade is the Millennial Festival's grand finale.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   It's the kind of parade that brings out 誰もが子供のころにもどれる。    Everyone will be able to go back to when they were
   the kid in all of us. そんなパレードだ。[END]    children. It's that kind of a parade.
 [Maid]  [Maid] [Maid]
   That's great to hear...! よかった、本当に……。[END]    Honestly, thank goodness......
 [King]  [King]  [King]
   Sorry, fellas. すまなかったな、キミ達。    I'm sorry, all of you.
   I'm terribly embarrassed... いや、思いかえせば、はずかしい所を    No, now that I look back on it, I let you see
   見せてしまった……。    something embarrassing......
   Take care of Princess Nadia, OK?
これからもマールディアを    Take good care of Marledia from now on too.
   The real Chancellor's okay. やはり本物の大臣は無事じゃったな。    The real Chancellor was okay after all. He adds this to his dialogue after the Chancellor has been freed.
   He took off to the Knight's room sayin' 兵士の部屋でパレードのうちあわせをすると    He rushed off saying he was having a parade
   he was gettin' ready for the parade! すっとんで行きおったぞ![END]    meeting in the soldiers' room.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Princess, let's start with P. さ、姫様! まずは体育から![END]    Come on, Princess! Start with athletics first!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   It's no game, now ! いやいや、教育じゃ![END]    No, no, education!
 [Nun]  [Nun] [Nun]
   No, we MUST start with discipline! いいえ、やはりしつけをやり直さないと![END]    No, we really must start discipline all over again!
 [Waiter]  [Waiter] [Waiter]
   Please have a seat over here. お食事なら、こちらにおかけ下さい。[END]    If you are eating, please be seated here.
 [Waiter]  [Waiter] [Waiter]
   What will you have? 何にいたします?    What shall it be?
         Refresh bread.    リフレッシュパン       Refresh bread
         Power roast.    スタミナうなじゅう       Stamina broiled eel
         Crono special.    クロ・スペシャル[END]       Cro special
   Coming right up. かしこまりました。[END]    Certainly.
   A fine choice お目が高い。    You have an eye for quality.
   This dish is named after a hero from これは昔、この地にあらわれた勇者の    This dish takes the name of a hero who appeared
   the past. 名をとった料理なのです。[END]    in these lands long ago.
   Here you are. お待たせしました。[END]    Thank you for waiting.
                   MP recovered!        MPが回復した![END]                    MP recovered!
                   HP recovered!        HPが回復した![END]                    HP recovered!
             HP/MP recovered!      HP・MPが回復した![END]              HP/MP recovered!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Come on, now!! そらそら~ッ!![END]    Yah yah yah!! This would be the cook in a... cooking frenzy, I guess. What she's saying doesn't really mean anything as much as it is impassioned shouts, more suited to a battle than a kitchen.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   We owe it all to you! いや、あんたらのおかげだ!    Hey, it's thanks to you guys!
   Eat all you want. 食べてって下さいよ。[END]    Please, eat.
 [Black Omen, 2300 A.D.]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal] [Queen Zeal]
   Know this! 見よ!    Behold!
   The mighty Lavos reigns here! ラヴォス神が世界の王となられたこの星を![END]    This planet where Lavos-god is king of the world!
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal] [Queen Zeal]
   Relax, poor creatures... おぬし達虫ケラどもが    However you worms may try to struggle, it's
   The Mighty Lavos has already いくらあがこうとも、もうおそい。    already too late.
   consumed this world's life energy! すでにこの星は、ラヴォス神によって    This planet has already been completely
食いつくされておるわ![END]    devoured by the god Lavos!
 [System]  [System] [System]
               It's shut tight...      かたく閉ざされている……。[END]       It's tightly closed......
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Return to Epoch? シルバードにもどりますか?    Return to the Sylbird?
         Yes    はい       Yes
         No    いいえ[END]       No
 [Black Omen, 12000 B.C.]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   Fools! 虫ケラどもが!    Worms!
   Haven't you learned your lesson?! またも、わらわにさからうつもりか![END]    Do you intend to oppose me once again?! 
   We are immortal! わらわは永遠の命を手に入れた!    I have obtained eternal life!
   We shall live forever with Lavos, who ラヴォス神とともに永遠に生き続けるのだ!    I will keep to living forever along with Lavos-god!
   devours this planet even as he sleeps. ラヴォス神は地中でゆっくりと星を食らう。[END]    Lavos-god is underground, leisurely consuming the
   Draining this planet's power, Lavos will そして力をたくわえ14000年のちに    And it will store up power, destroy the planet in
   rule the world in a mere 14,000 years. 星をほろぼし、世界の王となられるのじゃ![END]    14,000 years, and become king of the world!
 [Black Omen, 600 A.D.]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   Within 1,400 years he will emerge to そして力をたくわえ1400年のちに    And it will store up power, destroy the planet in
   become ruler of this world! 星をほろぼし、世界の王となられるのじゃ![END]    1400 years, and become king of the world!
 [Black Omen, 1000 A.D.]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   Within 999 years he'll become the ruler そして力をたくわえ999年のちに    And it will store up power, destroy the planet in
   of this world. 星をほろぼし、世界の王となられるのじゃ![END]    999 years, and become king of the world!
 [Black Omen, 12000 B.C.]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   The Black Omen is a path which leads この黒の夢は、ラヴォス神へとつながる道。    This Black Dream is a road connecting to Lavos-god.
   to Lavos. わらわに無限の力をあたえてくれる神殿。    A temple that provides me with infinite power.
   It is a shrine which provides us with
   limitless power. おぬし達のもとめる未来なぞ    You should not even wish for such a thing as the
この奥におわすラヴォス神があられる限り    future you seek as long as Lavos-god within here
   As long as the mighty one reigns, your 望むべくもないわ![END]    exists!
   dreams are hopeless!
   You should sacrifice yourself to the おぬし達は、ラヴォス神への    May you become a sacrifice to the god Lavos!
   mighty Lavos! 生けにえとなるがよい!    Foh, foh, foh!! unusual laughing noise
   HAAhahahaha! フォフォフォ!![END]
 [Nu]  [Nu]  [Nu]
   3 of you! And in a place like THIS! およっ! こんな所に、それも3人も!    Oyo! In a place like this, and three besides!
   You've got a long journey ahead of you この先まだ長いですから、ここでゆっくり    The way ahead is still long , so please take
   so please rest awhile. していって下さいな。    your time here.
   And if you wish to awaken from this この夢からさめたいのなら    Though if you want to wake from this dream, we'll
   dream, there probably is a way... なんとかしますけど……。[END]    manage it somehow......
   What will you do? どうしますか?    What will you do?
         Wake up.    もどる       Go back
         Stay.    もどらない[END]       Don't go back
 [Nu]  [Nu]  [Nu]
   Hey! おーい! お客さんだよー![END]    Hey! Customers!
   We've got a customer!
 [Nu]  [Nu] [Nu]
   What will you do? どうしますか?    What will you do?
         Shop!    売ってくれ!       Sell me something!
         Just chat.    あいさつだけ[END]       Just saying hello.
   Got a lot of great stuff! いい物、たくさんあるよ![END]    I've got a lot of good stuff!
   Come again! まいどありっ![END]    Come again!
   These just don't sell too well, ho, ho!! なかなか売れませんよ、とほほ。[END]    I can't do much selling, to, ho, ho.
UNDERLING: You're starting to bug me! こぶん「まったく! いつまであいつの言 Lackey: Sheesh! How long have we got to These scenes appear depending on how many times you've used the exit.
   How long do I have to put up with    うこと聞かなきゃいけない、ケロ?[END]    listen to what he says, ribbit?
   your drivel, ribbit?
BOSS: Just shut up and push, will ya, おやぶん「いいからだまって押すゲロ![END] Boss: Just shut up and push, gribbit!
UNDERLING: Hey, Boss. こぶん「ねえおやぶん。 Lackey: Hey, boss.
   What's your life's dream, ribbit?    おやぶん夢って何でケロ?[END]    What's your dream, ribbit?
BOSS: My personal dream? おやぶん「夢か……。 Boss: Dream......?
   To be King of the Sewer!    そうさなあ……、地下水道の王!    Let's see...... king of the underground waterway!
   Gribbit!    うーん、それだゲロ![END]    Yeah, that's it, gribbit!
BOSS: Oh, all right...! おやぶん「じゃあ、おめえの夢ってのを Boss: Well then, let me hear what your dream is,
   What's your little dream?    聞かせてゲロ。[END]    gribbit.
UNDERLING: I just want to keep being こぶん「おいらは、こぶんのまんまが Lackey: My dream is to keep being your lackey, ribbit.
   your apprentice, ribbit.    夢だケロ。[END]
BOSS: Sheesh! おやぶん「くーっ! Boss: Kuuuuh!
   You're making me cry, here.    泣かせること言いやがって!    Going and saying something that makes me cry!
   I'm gonna tell Krawlie what you just    みはりとクロウリーのコンビに    I wanna let the lookout and Crawlie combo hear
   said!!    聞かせてやりてえゲロ!![END]    that, gribbit!!
UNDERLING: Ribbit...ribbit, ribbit! こぶん「ケロッ ケロッ ケロッ![END] Lackey: Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit!
BOSS: Gribbit, gribbit, GRIBBIT! おやぶん「ゲロッ ゲロッ ゲロッ![END] Boss: Gribbit, gribbit, gribbit!
UNDERLING: Get on, ribbit! こぶん「乗ってケロ![END] Lackey: Get on, ribbit!
QUEEN: Behold, my pretties! 女王「ククク……。 Queen: Ku, ku, ku......
   Destiny, in its most brutal form.    そこにねむっているのは、    What sleeps there is your future......
   All the dreams that might have been.
   All the happiness, and sorrow, you    これから、かなうかもしれぬ夢……    The dreams that might have come true after this......
   might have experienced.    えられるかもしれぬ、よろこび    The joy and sadness you might have been
   悲しみ……    able to earn......
   Gone forever!!!    お前達の明日そのものなのだ![END]    Your tomorrow itself!
   For you there will be no tomorrow!
QUEEN: The Dark Omen transcends time 女王「この黒の夢はあらゆる時間 Queen: This Black Dream flows across all temporal
   and space, waiting for Lavos to    次元をこえてながれている……。    dimensions......
   awaken!    ラヴォス様がめざめる    While waiting for that time when Lavos-sama
   その時を待ちながら……。    will awaken......
   Destiny has led you here.
   And here you shall rest forever,    お前達の未来は    Your future will invariably reach here eventually.
   unless you can defeat me, and smash    いつか必ずここにたどりつく。
   the Omen!
   お前達に未来はない!    You have no future!
   わらわを倒し、この黒の夢を    As long as you don't beat me and stop this
   止めぬかぎりな![END]    Black Dream!
QUEEN: Come, dear friends. 女王「来い、人の子よ! Queen: Come, children of humans!
   Perhaps I can persuade Lavos to    わらわがいざなってやろう    I shall lure you into the midst of
   share his dreams with you!    ラヴォス様のねむりの中へ……。    Lavos-sama's slumber......
   Did I say dreams?    永遠の黒き夢に……![END]    To an eternal black dream......!
   I meant his eternal nightmare!
QUEEN: Argh! 女王「ここでは力が出せん……。 Queen: I can't draw out my power here......
   My powers don't seem to work here!
   良い事を思い付いた。    I've come up with a good idea.
   Wait! I'll simply toss you into the    キサマら魔神器に取り込んでくれる。    I'll take and stick you vermin into the Demonic 'Vermin' seems more in character than 'bastards'. 'Kisama' is just an insulting way of saying 'you' after all.
   Mammon Machine!    ありがたく思うとよいぞ……。    Vessel. I hope you're thankful...... Kanji compounds can get to be very messy... 魔神器 is one of the more annoying ones I've seen, but I think I've got the right idea here.
   You'll be one with the Omen,    この船の一部になれることを!    To be able to become a part of this ship!
   Lavos...and me!    この私の一部になれることを!!    To be able to become a part of me!!
   ラヴォス様の一部になれることを!!![END]    To be able become a part of Lavos-sama!!! 
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   You cretins... 虫ケラどもが……。    Worms......
   I plan to live with Lavos, and control わらわは、ラヴォス神と共に    I am the queen who will rule this world eternally
   the universe forever. 永遠にこの世をしはいする女王なるぞ。    together with Lavos-god.
   You will not get in my way! そのわらわに、さからおうというか。[END]    You would oppose me?
Magus: Idiots... 魔王「おろかな……。 Magus: Foolish......
   Nothing can live forever.    全ての存在は、ほろびの宿命から    All existence is unable to escape from the fate
   逃れる事は出来ぬ……。[END]    of perishing......
Magus: Zeal... 魔王「ジールよ。 Magus: Zeal.
   A pitiful woman, duped by Lavos!    ラヴォスに見入られた、悲しき女。    A sad woman enthralled by Lavos.
   せめてもの情けだ……[END]    Pitiful at best......
Magus: I, myself, will bring an end 魔王「この手で、全てを Magus: I will bring it all to an end by my hand!
   to all of this!    終わらせてくれる![END]
 [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]  [Queen Zeal]
   Prophet! You are doomed. 呪われし予言者よ。    Cursed prophet.
   I haven't forgotten what you did at the そなたが海底神殿でおかした罪    I will not forget the sins you committed at the
   Ocean Palace. わらわはわすれておらぬぞ。[END]    Ocean Floor Temple.
   You will now forfeit your life. 今こそ、その死を以てつぐなうがよい![END]    Now, may you atone for them with your death!
   How dare you insects come after ME! ム、虫ケラのぶんざいで    H, how could mere worms would back me
このわらわを追いつめるとは……[END]    into a corner......?
   Oh almighty Lavos, lend me your ラヴォス神よ、その御力をわらわに!![END]    O Lavos-god, thy power unto me!!
   Mwa, ha, ha... フフフ……    Hu, hu, hu......
   At last, Lavos awakens! ハハハ……    Ha, ha, ha......
   Compared with him, you are like ついに、ラヴォス神がおめざめになる!    At last the Lavos-god shall awaken!
   germs. キサマ達虫ケラなぞ    Before Lavos-god, the likes of you worms
   But, I...I shall obtain immortality! ラヴォス神の前では赤子同然。    are as good as babies.
わらわは、ラヴォス神とともに    I shall take hold of eternal existence along with
永遠の生命を手にする事としよう![END]    the Lavos-god!
   Indulge in such regrets in the next life! 死してその思い上がりをくやむがよい![END]    May you die and regret your conceit!