The End of Time     時の最果て   The Farthest Reaches of Time                                  
 [End of Time]
Robo: Where are we? ロボ「ココは?[END] Robo: Where is THIS?
OLD MAN: Ah, more guests...! 老人「おや、またお客さんだ……。[END] Old Man: Dear me, visitors again......
Marle: Say...where are we? マール「あの、ここは一体?[END] Marle: Um, just where is this?
Lucca: What do you mean, ルッカ「客人って…… Lucca: Visitors......?
   «guest»...?    あの、ここは?[END]    Um, where is this?
   And, WHERE are we?
OLD MAN: Why, 老人「ここは、『時の最果て』……。 Old Man: This is "The Farthest Reaches of Time"......
   this is «The End of Time,» of course!
   時間のまよい子が、行き着く所さ。    The place where the lost children of time end
   All lost travelers in time wind up    お前さん達、どっから来なすった?[END]    up. Where did you all come from?
   Now, where are you from?
Lucca: We're from ルッカ「私達は、王国暦1000年から Lucca: We came from Kingdom Year 1000.
   Guardia Kingdom, circa 1000 A.D.    来たんです。[END]
Robo: I come from 2300 A.D... ロボ「ワタシはA.D.2300年の Robo: I, from the world of A.D.2300, by a
   世界からゲートで……[END]    Gate......
OLD MAN: When 4 or more beings step 老人「違う時間を生きる者が、4人以上で Old Man: When you enter a space-time distortion The CoT Theorem is detailed a tad more in the Japanese version, in which Gaspar states that it only acts if four or more beings from ''different'' time periods step into Gate, rather than just four beings as the NA version describes.
   into a time warp, the Conservation    時空のゆがみに入ると、次元の力場が    with four or more people who live in different
   of Time theorem states that they    ねじれてしまう……。    times, the dimensional field distorts......
   will turn up...
   しかし、この所、時空のゆがみが    However, there are many space-time the space-time coordinates of    多くてな。    distortions in this place.
   least resistance.    お前さん達の様にフラリとここへ    There are even those who, like you, appear
   Here.    あらわれる者もいる……。    here aimlessly......
   Disturbances in the space-time    何かが時間全体にえいきょうを    Perhaps something is exerting an effect on all
   continuum have increased recently.    およぼしているのかも知れんな……。[END]    of time......
   Far too many folks are just popping
   in here...
   I fear something is having a
   powerful effect on the very fabric
   of time...
Lucca: Which means one of us has ルッカ「って事は、誰か一人ここに Lucca: Which means it's safer if one of us
   to remain here.    残った方が安全って事ね。[END]    remains here.
Marle: Stay HERE? マール「ええ、こんなトコで Marle: What, leaving someone in a place like
   ALONE?    おいてけぼりなの~?[END]    thiiis?
OLD MAN: It is pretty bleak here... 老人「こんなトコはひどいな……。 Old Man: Place like this, that's rather harsh...... He's quoting her, duh :-P  ...should have realized that before.
It sounds like he's fond of the place...
   But not to worry.    何、しんぱいいらんよ。    You don't need to worry about anything.
   All time periods connect here...    ここはすべての時に通じている……。    This place leads to all times......
   You can visit your friends whenever    お前さんがたが願えばいつでも    If you wish, you can summon your
   you wish! But you can never travel in    仲間を呼び出せる。    companions at any time.
   groups greater than 3...    だが時の旅は不安定じゃ。    But time travel is unstable.
   つねに3人で行動する事じゃ。[END]    You should always act in groups of three.
Robo: So, one of us must stay. ロボ「デハ、ダレか残らないと Robo: THEN, someONE MUST remain.
Lucca: Who'll it be, Crono? ルッカ「誰が残る? クロノ。[END] Lucca: Who stays, Crono?
Marle: Decide, Crono! マール「早く呼んでよ、クロノ![END] Marle: Call me quick, Crono!
Lucca: Now don't you go getting ルッカ「二人っきりだからって Lucca: Don't get any weird thoughts just
   any ideas, mister!    ヘンな事考えないでよね、おジイさん![END]    because we're alone together, old man!
Robo: Please come for me ロボ「ゴヨウの時はいつでも Robo: PLEASE call me any time when I may
   whenever you need me.    お呼びクダサイ。[END]    be of SERVICE.
OLD MAN: You can instantly bring any 老人「ここに残っている者ならば Old Man: You can switch members with those who
   person here into your party, should    いつでもメンバーを入れかえる事が     remain here at any time.
   the need arise.    出来るぞ。[END]
OLD MAN: ...So there you have it. 老人「……という事じゃ。 Old Man: ......and that's that.
   Don't forget.  Press the Y Button to    Yボタンで私を呼び出せば    If you call me with the Y button, you can
   switch party members.    ここに残っている者といつでも    change members at any time with those who
   メンバーチェンジ出来る。    remain here.
   わすれんようにな。[END]    Make sure not to forget.
Marle: How do we get back to our マール「私達の時代に戻るには Marle: To return to our era, what should we do?
   time?    どうやったらいいの?[END]
OLD MAN: You see those lovely pillars of 老人「お前さん達がやって来た場所に Old Man: There are pillars of light where you
   light? Those hook you up to different    光のはしらがあるじゃろう。    arrived, correct?
   eras.    あれは、あちこちの次元のゆがみと    Those connect the scattered dimensional
   ここ、時の最果てをつなぐものじゃ。    distortions to here, the Farthest Reaches of Time.
   Once you've been through a Gate,
   you can always use it to come here.    一度通った事のあるゲートからは    Most likely, you can come here any time from
   いつでもここに来られるじゃろう。    any Gate you have already crossed once.
   To use a Gate from here, step into    光にかさなりAボタンを押せば    You can return to the Gate if you overlap with
   the light and press the A Button.    ゲートにもどれる。    the light and press the A button.
   But beware the Gate which leads
   from that bucket...    じゃが、そこのバケツからつながる    But, be wary of the Gate that connects from
   ゲートには気をつけるんじゃな……。[END]    the bucket over there......
OLD MAN: That Gate leads to 1999 A.D... 老人「そこはA.D.1999…… Old Man: That place is connected to
   It leads to the «Day of Lavos»...    『ラヴォスの日』と言われる時へ    A.D.1999.... the time called "The Day of
   つながっとる……。    Lavos"......
   Go there only if you're looking to
   achieve a shorter life span...    世界のほろぶ姿が見たいのなら    You could try going if you want to see what the
   行ってみるのもいいが……    destruction of the world looks like, but......
   Lavos will help you leave this mortal
   coil.    お前さん達まで、ほろびちまうかも    Even you might be destroyed.
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Day of Lavos» A.D.1999年『ラヴォスの日』へ    Go to A.D. 1999, “The Day of Lavos”?
   1999 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System]  [System]
   It's locked shut... かたく閉ざされている……。[END]    It's shut tight......
OLD MAN: Hey. 老人「おーい。[END] Old Man: Hey.
OLD MAN: Don't be in such a rush! 老人「そう、せく事もあるまい。 Old man: No need to rush, is there?
   Before you go, take a peek inside the    上のドアの向こうにも    Try dropping in on the other side of the
   room behind me!    寄って行ってみなされ。[END]    door up there, too.
 [Spekkio]  [Spekkio]  [Spekkio]
   What're you lookin' at? 「なんだ、おめーら?    'Whaddaya want?
   I'm Spekkio.    オレか? オレ、スペッキオ。    Me? I'm Spekkio.
   The Master of War!    戦の神!    God of war!
   I've seen all kinds of battles from    こっからいろんな時代の戦、見てる。[END]    I'm watching the wars in various eras from here.
SPEKKIO: How do I look to you guys? スペッキオ「おめー、オレどう見える? Spekkio: You, how do I look?
      Strong!    強そう       Strong
      Weak!    弱そう[END]       Weak
SPEKKIO: I see. スペッキオ「そうか。 Spekkio: Is that so.
   Let's put it this way.    オレの姿、おめーの強さ。    My appearance is your strength.
   If you're strong, I look strong.    おめーが強ければ強そうに    If you're strong, I look strong, if you're weak, I
   If you're weak, I look weak.    弱ければ弱そうに見える。[END]    look weak.
SPEKKIO: You are strong of will...! スペッキオ「ん? Spekkio: Hm?
   That's why the Old One let you    おめーら、持ってるな。    You guys have it.
   through.    心の力を……。    Power of the heart......
   Long before you were born...    そうか、表のジジイ、それでここに    I get it, that's why the old man outside let you
   ...there was a kingdom where magic    通したか。    in here.
   Everyone there could use it!    おめーらの生まれるずっと昔……    Long before you guys were born...... In the Japanese version, Spekkio talks about the fall of Zeal and how humans were never able to use magic again. He then notes that this inability excludes the Mystics, who can still use it. This was badly mangled in the NA release, where Mystics was replaced by "wizards."
   魔法でさかえた王国、あった。    There was a kingdom that prospered by magic.
   But in time, people began to abuse    その世界、みんな魔法使った。    Everyone in that world used magic.
   their powers. It got so bad that no
   one was allowed to use magic except    けどその王国、魔力におぼれ    But that country grew addicted to magical power
   wizards.    ほろびた……。    and was destroyed......
   それから人は魔法を使えなくなった。    After that, people became unable to use magic.
   But you have it...determination, I    魔族以外はな。    Except for the Demons anyway.
   Magic needs power of the heart.    だが、おめーら、持ってる。    But you guys've got it. Strength of the heart.
   It needs inner strength.    心の強さを。 魔法は心の強さ、力。    Magic's the heart's strength, power.
   Magic is divided into 4 types:    魔法は天・冥・火・水の4つの力で    Magic's made up of the four powers Sky, Dark,
   Lightning, Fire, Water, & Shadow.    なりたってる。[END]    Fire, and Water.
SPEKKIO: You, with the punk hairdo! スペッキオ「ツンツン頭のおまえは『天』。[END] Spekkio: You, pointy head, you're "Sky".
   You're «Lightning.»
SPEKKIO: The one with the ponytail is スペッキオ「このポニーテールのギャルは Spekkio: This ponytailed girl's "Water" power.
   «Water.»    『水』の力。[END]
SPEKKIO: The one with goofy glasses is スペッキオ「こっちのメガネのネーちゃんは Spekkio: Glasses chick here's "Fire" power.
   «Fire.»    『火』の力。[END]
SPEKKIO: That's the biggest toy I've スペッキオ「このデッカい人形は……。 Spekkio: This hugeass doll......
   ever seen...    おめー、生き物じゃないな。    You, you're not a living thing.
   Hey, you're not alive, are you?!
   おめーも強い心持ってるけど    You've got a strong heart too, but since you're
   You've got great strength, however,    昔の魔法の民の血ひいてないから    not descended from the ancient magic
   since I can't measure your inner    魔法ムリ。    peoples, magic's a no-go.
   character, I can't give any magic to
   you.    でも、おめーのレーザーとかいう武器    But that laser weapon of yours has got
   スゴい殺傷能力。    serious destructive ability.
   But your laser weapons will suffice.    『冥』の力に似てる。[END]    It resembles "Dark" power.
   They can inflict «Shadow» type
SPEKKIO: Not just magic, but スペッキオ「てなぐあいに、魔法だけでなく Spekkio: Like so, it's not just magic, all things The beginning of the line is contracted from 'to iu guai ni'
   EVERYTHING is based on the balance    すべてのものは、この4つのバランスで    are made up of the balance of these four.
   of these 4 powers.    なりたってる。[END]
SPEKKIO: Think «MAGIC,» and, starting スペッキオ「『魔法が使いたい~』と Spekkio: While silently praying, "I wanna use magic",
   from the door, walk clockwise along    ねんじながら、ドアの所からはじめて    circle clockwise along the edge of this room
   the walls of my room 3 times.    この部屋のさくにそって、時計回りに    three times, starting from where the door is!
   Don't lose track, now.
   バターにならないよう、気をつける。[END]    I'll pay attention so you can't cheat. Literally 'so as to not become butter'. This interpretation seems to make sense, but I still can't find any information on the phrase.
SPEKKIO: No cheating! スペッキオ「ズルだめ! Spekkio: No cheating!
   I'm watching!    オレちゃんと見てる!    I'm keeping close watch!
   Do it over! From the door, clockwise    もう1回やり直し! ドアの所から    Start over again! Three times, clockwise, along
   along the wall, 3 times!    さくにそって時計まわりに3回まわる![END]    edge, from the door!
SPEKKIO: Very good! スペッキオ「よーし![END] Spekkio: All right!
SPEKKIO: Ipso facto, meeny moe... スペッキオ「ハニャハラヘッタミタ~イ!![END] Spekkio: Hanyaharahettamitaai!
 [System]  [System]  [System]
       Crono learns to use magic!  クロノが魔法を使えるようになった![END]    Crono became able to use magic!
       Marle learns to use magic!  マールが魔法を使えるようになった![END]    Marle became able to use magic!
       Lucca learns to use magic!  ルッカが魔法を使えるようになった![END]    Lucca became able to use magic!
       Robo can't use magic!    ロボは魔法を使えない![END]    Robo can't use magic!
SPEKKIO: So! Fortified with magic! スペッキオ「どーだ、新たな力わくだろ。 Spekkio: How about it, you're excited at you new
   Wanna try it out?    ためしてみるか?    powers, right? Wanna try testing them?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
SPEKKIO: All right! スペッキオ「フフ、わくわく![END] Spekkio: Hu, hu, I'm excited!
SPEKKIO: Hi! スペッキオ「なーんだ、おめーら。 Spekkio: Oh, it's you guys.
   Looking for some practice?    腕だめししたいのか?    Wanna test your skill?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
SPEKKIO: Any time, friends. スペッキオ「いつでもいいぞ。 Spekkio: Any time's fine.
   Remember, I'M the Master of War!    なにしろオレ、戦の神![END]    I'm the god of war after all!
SPEKKIO: GRRRR... スペッキオ「オゴゴ…… Spekkio: ogogo...... That's the sound, don't ask what it means. 'Grrrr' may be pretty close.
   That was most embarrassing!    オレ負けるなんて……[END]    How could I lose......?
SPEKKIO: Wait a sec! スペッキオ「何かの間違い! オレ戦の神! Spekkio: It's some kinda mistake! I'm the god of war!
   I'M the Master of War!    そーだ、オレが魔法おしえたから    Oh, I get it, you could win since I taught you This makes so much more sense when this line isn't left out. He's rationalizing his defeat.
   おめーら勝てた![END]    magic!
SPEKKIO: See, I AM the Master of War! スペッキオ「やっぱオレ、戦の神! Spekkio: I really am the god of war!
   Uwahahaha!    フンフフ~ン[note][END]    Hun, hu, huuuun[note] Probably a silly chuckle.
SPEKKIO: Harrumph... スペッキオ「フ、フン。 Spekkio: H, hmph.
   Don't make a habit of this.    少しはやるみたいだな。    Looks like you're sort of competent.
   Here, this is for you.    しかたない、コレやる。[END]    Can't help it, I'll give you this.
SPEKKIO: I AM the Master of War! スペッキオ「オレ、戦の神! 気前いい! Spekkio: I'm the god of war! So generous!
   Whew! Sometimes I scare myself!    フンフフ~ン[note][END]    Hun, hu, huuuun[note]
SPEKKIO: HEHEHEHE!! スペッキオ「フンフフ~ン[note] Spekkio: Hun, hu, huuuun[note]
   I WIN!    オレの勝ち![END]    I win!
SPEKKIO: You guys are too much! スペッキオ「新しい仲間出来たら Spekkio: If you make new companions, you're
   Bring newcomers to meet me!    連れて来る。    bringing them here.
   おめーら、オモシロイ。[END]    You guys are VERY interesting.
 [System]  [System] [System]
       Spekkio special refresher set!    スペッキオさわやかセット!    Spekkio Refreshing Set! I just noticed... every single one of his sets is something-yaka. Wonder if it's possible to work a similar connection into the English...?
     マジックカプセル1コ    Got an assortment of 1 Magic Capsule
       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Ethers!  エーテル5コつめあわせを手に入れた![END]    and 5 Ethers!
            Spekkio choice set!    スペッキオしなやかセット!    Spekkio Flexible Set!
     マジックカプセル1コ    Got an assortment of 1 Magic Capsule
       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Mid Ethers!   ミドルエーテル5コつめあわせを    and 5 Middle Ethers!
       SPEKKIO Healthy choice set!    スペッキオすこやかセット!    Spekkio Healthy Set!
     マジックカプセル1コ    Got an assortment of 1 Magic Capsule
       Got 1 Magic Tab and 5 Full Ethers!    ハイエーテル5コつめあわせを    and 5 High Ethers!
          SPEKKIO Graceful set!    スペッキオたおやかセット!    Spekkio Graceful Set!
               Got 1 Magic Tab      マジックカプセル1コ    Got an assortment of 1 Magic Capsule
               1 Speed Tab      スピードカプセル1コ    1 Speed Capsule
               1 Power Tab      パワーカプセル 1コ    1 Power Capsule
                and 10 Elixirs!    エリクサー10コつめあわせを    And 10 Elixirs!
          SPEKKIO Cheerful set!    スペッキオにぎやかセット!    Spekkio Lively Set!
               Got 10 Magical Tabs     マジックカプセル10コ    Got 10 Magic Capsules,
               10 Speed Tabs     スピードカプセル10コ    10 Speed Capsules,
               10 Power Tabs     パワーカプセル 10コ    10 Power Capsules,
             and 10 MegaElixirs!    ラストエリクサー10コに……    10 Last Elixirs, and......
   Received enough of Spekkio's praise      スペッキオの気持ち    A year's supply of Spekkio's feelings!
   to last a year!      一年分を手に入れた![END]
SPEKKIO: Cut it out, fellas! スペッキオ「いーかげんにする、おめーら。 Spekkio: Cut it out already, you guys.
   I'm empty!!    オレもうカラッケツ!![END]    I'm flat out broke now!!
SPEKKIO: What're you laughin' at... スペッキオ「なにわらってる、おめーら…… Spekkio: What're you guys laughing at......? Said the first time the player sees Spekkio in his pink Nu form.
   Don't judge a book by it's cover...    本当の強さとは姿形などとは    There's no connection between form and true
   むかんけいなのだ……。[END]    strength......
OLD MAN: Well, well! 老人「ほ、やはりな。 Old Man: Oh? Just as I thought.
   People who lived long ago ALL    はるか昔の人々はみなそういった力を    All the people of the distant past had such
   enjoyed such powers...    持っていたもんじゃ。    power.
   Now, I know you are itching to go    そう、はるか昔……な。    Ah yes, the distant past......
   ripping back and forth through time,
   but first you need to return to your    お前さん達、何かとてつもない事を    It looks as though you guys are about to go
   era.    やらかそうというみたいじゃが    and perpetrate something unreasonable, but
   まずはお前さん達の時代に    perhaps you should first try returning to your
   And you must hurry.    もどってみてはどうかな……?    era....?
   The longer you remain here, the
   harder it will be to change that    急がばまわれ……    Less haste, more speed......
   which must be changed...    ここにいると、そんな言葉の意味も    When you're here, you come to understand
   よくわかってくるものじゃ……。    well the meaning even such words as those......
   Stop by whenever you're in the
   area!    何かあったら、いつでも来なさい。    If anything happens, come any time.
   私がお前さん達の時間の道しるべに    I shall be a guide to time for you.
OLD MAN: Come see me anytime. 老人「何かあったら、いつでも来なさい。 Old Man: If anything happens, come any time.
   Think of me as your guide.    私がお前さん達の時間の道しるべに    I shall be a guide to time for you.
Marle: Take me too!! マール「私も連れてってよー! Marle: Take me toooo!
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
Marle: OKAY! マール「よーし、ガンバるぞ![END] Marle: Okay, I'll do my best!
Marle: Aw, come on! マール「ちェッ、つまんない![END] Marle: Tch, boring!
Lucca: Don't you need my brain ルッカ「私の頭脳が必要じゃなくって? Lucca: You need my brains, don't you?
   power?    はい       Yes
      Yes.    いいえ[END]       No
Lucca: See! ルッカ「やっぱ、私がいないとダメね![END] Lucca: It really isn't any good without me there!
   You DO need me!
Lucca: Oh, get outta here! ルッカ「あ、あらそう?[END] Lucca: Oh, ah, really? I imagine her saying this with utter disbelief.
Robo: May I be of assistance? ロボ「何かお役に立てマスカ? Robo: May I BE of use?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
Robo: I'm ready,  [member1]! ロボ「リョウカイシマシタ。 Robo: UNDERSTOOD.
   [pc1]![END]    [pc1]!
Robo: I shall be waiting for you. ロボ「ご用の時はエンリョなく Robo: PLEASE instruct me without RESTRAINT
   おもうしつけクダサイ。[END]    when you have a use for me.
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Proto Dome» A.D.2300年『プロメテドーム』へ    Go to A.D. 2300, “Promethe Dome”?
   2300 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Medina Village» A.D.1000年『メディーナ村』へ    Go to A.D. 1000, “Medina Village”?
   1000 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Mystic Mountain» B.C.6500万年『不思議山』へ    Go to B.C. 65 million, “Mystery Mountains”?
   65,000,000 B. C.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [Mystic Mts, 65000000 B.C. ]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Jump? 飛びおりますか?    Jump down?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]
 [Child]  [Child] [Child]
   You wear odd skins. ダサい そのカッコ……。[END]    Your look lame......
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   You want to see pretty red stone? 赤い石 とてもキレイ。    Red stone very pretty.
   Chief has. オマエ 見たいか?    You want see?
酋長 持ってる。[END]    Chief has.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Chief's hut, north of village. 酋長のテント 村の北。[END]    Chief's tent north village.
 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   You one of Reptites? オマエ 恐竜人 仲間か?    You with Dinomen?
   I beat you up! やっつけるぞ![END]    I beat you up!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Reptites have scales, cold blood. 恐竜人 ザンコク 冷血。    Dinomen cruel cold blood.
   Hard to beat. 恐竜人 カタいウロコ。    Dinomen hard scales.
倒す とても力いる。[END]    Need much power to beat.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Drink Sweet Water? 元気の水 飮むか?    Drink healthy water?
   Grow strong when drink. 飮むと 元気モリモリ。    Healthy surge up when drink.
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [System]  [System] [System]
                  Recover HP/MP!     HP・MPが回復した![END]    Recovered HP and MP!
 [Ioka Hut, 65 Million B.C.]
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Thunder stun all dinosaur! 恐竜 みんな みんな かみなりで    Dinomen all, all get shock
   You know? ビリビリ 感電! 知ってたか?[END]    by thunder! You knew that?
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   You strange! オマエ ヘンなヤツ。    You weird.
   Have good stuff? 何か かわったモン あるか?    Got strange stuff?
   Chief no okay, no can trade! いや 酋長の許しない 交換出来ない。[END]    No, can't do trade chief not okay.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Find «Petal,» «Fang,» «Horn,» and かりの森 で かりする。   Hunt in Hunting Forest.
   «Feather,» in hunting range! 『はなびら』 『きば』 『つの』   Gather “Flower Petal”, “Fang”,
『はね』 あつまる!   “Horn”, “Feather”!
   When rain, rare monster appear!
それに あめ ふった時 とてもめずらしい   And when rain, very rare
モンスター 出る。   monster come out.
そいつ おとく! おとく!![END]   That one good profit! Good profit!!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   This trading house. ここ 交換屋。    This trade hut.
   Many things for trade. とって来た物 いろんな物    Swap brought stuff, various stuff.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Trade your shiny stone?! オマエの そのキラキラした    Trade for your shiny stone!
 [Meeting Site, 65 Million B.C.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Strong one become chief. 酋長 強いもの なる。    Strong one become chief.
   Man, woman, child, no matter. 男でも 女でも 子供でも。    Man, woman, child, not matter.
   Chief of Ioka, big muscles! イオカの酋長は むっちんプリプリ。[END]    Ioka chief lithe muscle. Not sure about むっちん, but few things make sense besides muscles, and プリプリ in this context means firm and flexible. After review, that's still my conclusion.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   You came from mountain? お前達 あの山 来た?    You came that mountain?
   Many strange things happen there. あの山 不思議な事 よく起こる。    Many mystery things happen that mountain.
   That's why name Mystic Mountain. だから 不思議山 いう。[END]    So called Mystery Mountain.
   Find baby Kino crying on mountain too. キーノも そう。    Kino same too.
   Chief raise Kino. ある日 山で 泣いてた。    Was crying at mountain one day.
   Now chief's right arm. 酋長 キーノ 育てた。    Chief raised Kino.
キーノ 今 酋長の右腕。[END]    Now Kino chief's right arm. Right arm: figure of speech, same meaning as right-hand man.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   We fight Reptites. 俺達 恐竜人 戦う。    We fight Dinomen.
   Laruba clan no fight Reptites. ラルバ族 戦わない。[END]    Laruba clan no fight.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Laruba clan hide in north woods. ラルバ族 北の森 かくれてる。    Laruba clan hidden north forest.
   Always hide, run from Reptites. かくれて あっちこっち。    Hide here, there.
   Weaklings! ラルバ族 恐竜人 逃げてる 弱虫![END]    Laruba clan cowards run from Dinomen!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Laruba clan call Dactyl. ラルバ族 プテラン呼ぶ。 空 飛ぶ!    Laruba clan call Pteran. Fly sky!
   Fly in sky! オレ達 呼べない。 空 飛べない。[END]    We no can call. No can fly sky.
   We no can call Dactyl, no can fly.
KINO: Where you from? キーノ「お前ら どっから来た? Kino: Where you come from?
   Why you here?    ここ 何し 来た?    Why came here?
   Kino no like you!    キーノ お前ら キライ![END]    Kino not like you!
The Village of Magic     魔の村の人々   People of the Demon Village      
 [Medina Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   Hey! Did you people just come out of 兄ちゃん達、ボクの家のタンスから    You came out of the chest of drawers in my
   the closet? 出て来たよね……?    house......?
   Get outta here! なんで? どーして?[END]    Why? How?
 [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]
   Who do you think you are? お、おまえらなあ、事もあろうに    Y, you guys, hey, what's the big idea, coming
   Coming and going out of our closet at 他人の家のタンスから出てくるとは    out of the chest of drawers in a stranger's
   all hours. どういうつもりだ?    house?
   Scram! これだから人間ってヤツは……[END]    That's why you humans are so......
 [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]
   Wait a sec. ちょっと待つんだ。[END]    Wait a sec.
 [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]  [Brown Imp]
   Medina village was founded by the このメディーナ村は、魔族の村。    This Medina Village is the Demons' village.
   ancestors of the Mystics, who lost a 400年前、人間との戦いに負けた魔族の    The village was built by descendants of the Demons
   war to human beings. 子孫によってつくられた村だ。    who lost the war with humans 400 years ago.
   Most Mystics hold a grudge against この村に住む魔族のほとんどは    Most of the Demons who live in this village
   humans. 人間に対してにくしみをいだいている。    hold a grudge against humans.
   Be careful... 気をつけな。[END]    Be careful.
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   Hey, wait a minute. あ、兄ちゃん達、ちょっと待って。[END]    Ah, wait a sec, you guys.
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   There's an odd man who lives near the 西の山の洞窟の近くに、ちょっと変わった    A rather peculiar old human man is living near
   cave in the mountains to the west. 人間のおじいさんが住んでいるんだ。    the cave in the mountain to the west.
   You might enjoy a chat with him. きっと兄ちゃん達の力になってくれるよ。[END]    He'll definitely help you guys out.
Marle: Thanks! マール「教えてくれて、ありがとう![END] Marle: Thanks for telling us!
Marle: Why are you being so nice? マール「でも…… Marle: But......
   Mystics aren't supposed to get along    なぜ私達に親切にしてくれるの?    Why are you being kind to us?
   with humans.    魔族は人間をにくんでいるのでしょう?[END]    Demons hate humans, right?
Lucca: Thanks a lot! ルッカ「アドバイス、どうも! Lucca: Thanks for the advice!
   Say. We were told that Mystics hate    でも、魔族は人間をにくんでいるはず    But, Demons are supposed to hate humans,
   humans.    でしょう?    right?
   Why are you being so kind?    なぜ、あなた達は……?[END]    Why are you......?
Robo: Thank you for your help. ロボ「助言ヲありがとうゴザイマス。[END] Robo: THANK you for the suggestion.
Robo: But why are you being so ロボ「シカシ、あなた方はナゼ Robo: HOWEVER, WHY are you graciously
   kind?    我々に親切にシテ下さるのデスカ?    being kind to us?
   The Mystics supposedly despise    魔族ハ人間をニクんでいるのデハ?[END]    Do NOT the Demons HATe humans?
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   Humans fought the Mystics over 400 人間と魔族が戦ったのは    It was 400 long years ago that the humans and
   years ago. 400年も昔の事だ。 いつまでも過去に    Demons fought. There's no point in staying
とらわれていてもしかたがない。    caught up in the past forever.
   My motto is «forgive and forget» but
   not many seem to agree with me. まあ、私達のような考えを持った魔族は    There are hardly any Demons who think like
ほとんどいないが……[END]    we do, though......
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   You folks hungry? ん、兄ちゃん達も食べてく?     Hey, are you eating too before you go?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   You can use magic?! 兄ちゃん達は人間なのに、なぜ魔力を    Why do you have magical powers even though
   Magic-using humans supposedly 持ってるの?    you're human?
   perished long ago. 魔法を使える人間はずっと昔にいなくなった    Humans who can use magic were supposed to
はずなのに……[END]    have died out in the far distant past......
 [Medina Market, 1000 A.D.]
 [Omnicrone]  [Omnicrone]  [Omnicrone]
   No human's gonna talk to ME! 人間風情が、この俺様に話しかけるな![END]    Don't talk to me, you worthless humans.
 [Hench]  [Hench]  [Hench]
   Nothing here to sell to humans! 人間なんかに売ってやるモノはないね。    I've got nothing I'd sell to the likes of humans.
   Get out of here! とっとと帰りな。    Hurry up and go home.
         Give up.    あきらめる       Give up
         Plead.    たのみこむ[END]       Plead
   You know-it-all humans! 人間ごときがえらそうに!    You're awfully full of yourself for a mere human!
   Teach 'em a lesson, boss! 先生、ノシてやって下さい![END]    Sensei, please take them down!
   They got the boss?! せ、先生が殺られた!?    S, sensei was killed!?
   Beasts! こいつら、化け物だ~![END]    These guy's are monsters!
   All right. しかたがない。 売ってやるよ。[END]    I've got no choice. I'll sell.
   I'll sell something to you.
   Hah! You think I'm gonna cut my prices へっ! 人間なんぞに    Heh! As if I'd sell to the likes of humans at fair
   for a HUMAN?! まともな値で売ってやるもんか![END]    prices!
 [Medina Inn, 1000 A.D.]
 [Diablos]  [Diablos]  [Diablos]
   You're spoilin' my meal! 酒がマズくなる! あっちに行け![END]    You're spoiling the sake! Get lost!
 [Diablos]  [Diablos]  [Diablos]
   Hah! I hope those humans get what へっ、人間なんかヘケランのちょうはつに    Heh, I hope those humans fall for Hekeran's
   they deserve from Heckran! のせられて、いたい目を見りゃいいんだ。    taunting and suffer for it.
ウケケケ。[END]    Uke, ke, ke. evil cackling.
 [Hench]  [Hench]  [Hench]
   No room here for humans. 人間なんか、とまらせてやるギリはないね。    We've got no obligation to let the likes of humans
   Scat! とっとと帰りな。    stay here. Hurry up and go home.
         Give up and walk away.    あきらめる       Give up
         Plead with them.    たのみこむ[END]       Plead
   Awww! うるせえ! ゴチャゴチャぬかすな!!    Shut up! Quit whining!!
   Pipe down, okay!! 殺っちまえ![END]    Kill them!
   Get' em!
 [Hench]  [Hench]  [Hench]
   Shriek!!! ひえ~、お助け~![END]    Hieey, spare me!
   200G per night. 1ぱく200Gだ。    One night's 200G.
   Wouldn't you like to rest? とまらせてほしいのか?    Want me to let you stay?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Not enough cash, huh? 金がたりないようだな。[END]    It seems you don't have enough money.
 [Elder's House, Medina, 1000 A.D.]
 [Ozzie VIII]  [Vinnegar the 8th]  [Vinnegar the 8th]
   I'm Ozzie VIII, Medina village's leader! ワシがこのメディーナ村の村長    I am chief of this Medina Village, Vinnegar the
   My ancestors served the great ビネガー8世じゃ!    8th!
   Magus. ワシの先祖は、あのいだいな魔王様の    My ancestor fought humans as right-hand man
右ウデとして人間どもと戦ったのだぞ。    to THE Great Magus-sama.
   Oh, great Magus...why didn't you
   simply exterminate the human race ああ、魔王様…… なぜ400年前に    Ahh, Magus-sama...... Why didn't you graciously
   400 years ago? 人間達をほろぼして下さらなかったのじゃ?[END]    destroy humans for us 400 years ago?
 [Green Imp]  [Green Imp]  [Green Imp]
   This work is brutal. そうじも楽じゃないよ……[END]    Cleaning's no easy task......
 [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]  [Blue Imp]
   Ozzie VIII uses his ancestors' fame to ちくしょう、ビネガー8世のヤロウ!    Damn it, Vinnegar the 8th, you bastard!
   boss us around! 先祖の地位をカサにきて    Damn you for taking advantage of your ancestor's
俺達をこき使いやがって。[END]    position and overworking us.
 [Green Imp]  [Green Imp]  [Green Imp]
   A beast lives in a cave on the mountain 西の山の洞窟にすむ魔物は    The monsters living in the cave in the mountain to
   to the west. 魔法による攻撃しかうけつけないんだ。    the west don't take damage except from magic
   Only magic attacks can harm it. 魔法が使えない人間では    attacks. I'll bet humans would have a hard time
通りぬける事はむずかしいだろうね。    getting through, not being able to use magic.
   Those who do not possess magic will
   find it difficult sneak by. さ、ビネガー8世に見つかるまえに    Now, I have to get the cleaning finished before
   Well, I better get back to work and そうじを終わらせなきゃ。[END]    I'm noticed by Vinnegar the 8th.
   tidy up before Ozzie VIII finds me.
 [Medina Square, 1000 A.D.]
Marle: Crono, what's that weird マール「ねえ、クロノ。 Marle: Hey, Crono.
   chanting?    この不気味な声は何なのかしら?[END]    I wonder what those eerie voices are?
Lucca: That chanting's pretty ルッカ「……不気味な声ね。 Lucca: ......eerie voices.
   creepy!    ここで何が行なわれているのかしら?[END]    I wonder what's being done here?
   What do you make of it?
Robo: From where does this eerie ロボ「コ、コノ不気味ナ声ハ Robo: Wh, what ON EARTH could THESE
   chanting originate?    イッタイ何なのでショウカ?[END]    eerie voices BE?
 [Mystics]  [Demons]  [Demons]
   Hut! ははーっ! 魔王様~[END]    Yessir! Magus-sama~
   Sir Magus
 [Mystics]  [Demons]  [Demons]
   As soon as Magus's creation, the 魔王様が我々のために生み出された    When the god Lavos, who was brought forth for us
   mighty Lavos, awakens from his long ラヴォス神が永き眠りからめざめれば    by Magus-sama, awakens from his long sleep,
   sleep, the human race is doomed. 人間どもの世界などいっしゅんで終わりだ。[END]    the world of the humans will be over in an instant.
 [Mystics]  [Demons]  [Demons]
   400 years have passed since Magus 魔王様が我ら魔族をひきいて人間に    400 years have passed since Magus-sama led us
   commanded the Mystics, and waged 戦いをいどんでから、400年が過ぎた。    Demons and challenged the humans to war. If only
   war against the humans. ラヴォス神さえよみがえれば、人間など……[END]    the god Lavos were revived, the likes of humans......
   When Lavos is awakened, all humans
   are DOOMED!
   Mwa ha!
 [Mystics]  [Demons]  [Demons]
   Long ago, the all mighty Magus その昔、強大な魔力を持つ魔王様が    Long ago, Magus-sama, with his mighty powers
   brought forth the all-powerful Lavos. ラヴォス神をたんじょうさせたのだ。[END]    of magic, caused the god Lavos to be born.
 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]
MELCHIOR: Ah, hello! ボッシュ「おお、たずねて来おったか! Bosch: Oh, come to visit, have you!
   Could I interest you in a weapon?    ワシのじまんのコレクションでも    I hope you go view my proud collection too.
      Yes, I'd like to buy one.    見て行くとよい。
      No, I'm not interested.
   そうじゃ、ワシの作った武器でも買って    Ah, that's it, you've come to buy the weapons
   ゆかんか? 安くしとくぞ。    I've made, haven't you? I'll make it cheap.
MELCHIOR: Weapons... ボッシュ「武器はな…… Bosch: Weapons, you see......
   If there weren't evil in this world,    生命をうばうための物ではないぞ。    They aren't for taking life.
   there would be no need for    生かすための物であるべきじゃ。[END]    They ought to be for bringing life.
   What a sad state of affairs...
MELCHIOR: Really? ボッシュ「そうか、ザンネンじゃの。[END] Bosch: I see, that's too bad.
   Well, you know where to find me
   should the need arise.
MELCHIOR: That sword is an invention ボッシュ「それはの、かるくて使いやすい Bosch: That's a superior sword, lightweight and
   of mine.    名剣じゃ。    easy to use.
   It's lightweight and handles superbly.    モチロン、ワシの作品じゃぞ。[END]    Naturally, it's my work.
MELCHIOR: Should you desire to return ボッシュ「そうじゃ、おぬし達。 Bosch: Ah, yes, you guys.
   to Truce village, use the shortcut    トルース町に帰りたいのであれば、    If you want to return to the town of Truce, you
   through the cave in the mountains to    この家の北にある山の洞窟を    should pass through the cave in the mountain
   the north.    ぬけて行くがよい。[END]    north of this house.
 [Heckran Cave, 1000 A.D.]
 [Hench]  [Hench]  [Hench]
   Death to the Mystics' enemies! 魔族の敵に死を![END]    Death to the Demons' enemies!
 [Heckran]  [Heckran]  [Heckran]
   If only the great Magus who ラヴォス神を生んだ魔王様が    If Magus-sama, who gave birth to the god Lavos,
   brought forth Lavos 400 years ago, 400年前に人間共をほろぼしておいて    had graciously destroyed humans for us, the world
   had destroyed the human race! くだされば、今ごろこの世界は    of today would have been the age of us Demons......
   The world would've belonged to us
                       GRRRRRR!        ク ソ ー ッ ![END]    D A M N !
Lucca: In the Middle Ages, Magus ルッカ「やっぱり、中世の魔王が Lucca: So the Magus of the Middle Ages really did
   created Lavos, the destroyer of this    この星の未来をメチャクチャにした    give birth to the Lavos that wrecked this planet's
   planet's future!    ラヴォスを生んだのね……。[END]    future......
Marle: In the Middle Ages, Magus マール「この星の未来をメチャメチャに Marle: So the one who gave birth to the Lavos that
   created Lavos, who is responsible for    したラヴォスを生んだのが    wrecked this planet's future was the Magus of
   destroying this planet's future.    中世の魔王なのね……。[END]    the Middle Ages......
Marle: If we go to the Middle Ages マール「中世へ行って魔王を Marle: I wonder if history will change if we go to
   and take out Magus, can we    倒せば歴史は変わるのかしら?[END]    the Middle Ages and beat Magus?
   change history?
Robo: If we go to the Middle Ages ロボ「魔王を中世で倒ス事ガ Robo: If we CAN defEAT Magus in the Middle
   and destroy Magus, can we    出来レバ、歴史は変わるのでショウカ?[END]    Ages, MIGHT history change?
   change history?
Lucca: We could use the Gate at the ルッカ「千年祭広場のゲートを Lucca: If we use the Gate in the Millenial
   Fairgrounds!    使えば……。[END]    Festival square......
Marle: Hey, Crono, we could use マール「ねえ、クロノ。 Marle: Hey, Crono.
   the Gate at the Fairgrounds!    千年祭広場のゲートを使えば……。[END]    If we use the Gate in the Millenial Festival square......
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Jump in? とびこみますか?    Jump in?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No