The Hero Appears   現われた 伝説の勇者   Appeared: The Legendary Hero                                                                  
 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]
 [Taban]  [Taban]  [Taban]
   If you see Lucca, tell her to drop   ルッカに会ったら言っといて    Tell Lucca I said 'hi' when you see her.    He doesn't actually say WHAT to tell her, but this makes as much sense as anything.
   by!    くれよ。[END]
TABAN: Hey, Lucca! タバン「おう! ルッカ。[END] Taban: Oh! Lucca.
TABAN: I'd like to see more of her. タバン「たまには、かお見せろって。 Taban: Show your face once in a while.
   I've been making items she'd like.    俺はルッカの気に入る防具を    I've been hard at work making armors you'd like.
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   You're not going anywhere! 逃がすかーッ![END]    As if we'd let you get away!
 [System]  [System] [System]
   It's locked tight… かたく閉ざされている……。[END]       It's shut tight......
Marle: Come on, Crono! マール「行こう、クロノ! Marle: Let's go, Crono!
   I don't wanna see that bullheaded    あんなわからず屋の父上なんか    I don't wanna meet that thickheaded father!
   fool!    会いたくない![END]
 [Soldier] 兵士「!! Soldier: !!
   T, Terrorists!!
   テ、テロリストいちみだーッ!![END]    It, it's a gang of terrorists!!
Lucca: This is NOT good. ルッカ「マ、マズいわよ!![END] Lucca: Crap, not good!!
Robo: What is going on?! ロボ「ナ、何なんデス~!?[END] Robo: WH, what IS this!?
Frog: Who, what? カエル「テロリストお!?[END] Frog: Terrorists!? Frog has to be in the party here, of course.
 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]
FRITZ: Come on in!! フリッツ「へい! らっしゃい……!![END] Fritz: Hey! Welcome......!!
FRITZ: Crono!! フリッツ「クロノさん!!! Fritz: Crono-san!!!
   I owe you one!    あの時は本当にありがとう    Seriously, thank you for back then.
   You saved my skin back there.    ございました。
   おかげでこうして家にもどることも    Thanks to you, I was able to come back home
   出来ました。[END]    like this too.
FRITZ: Man, was I up the creek! フリッツ「まいりましたよ……。 Fritz: I'm beat......
   I went off on a buying trip, and    おやじを見返してやろうと思って    I was thinking I'd outdo my old man, and going
   ended up getting jailed with a bunch    しいれの旅にでたのはいいんですが……    on a trip to stock up was all well and good......
   of thieves!
   帰りの宿で、ごうとうだんのとりものに    But at the inn on the way back, I got caught
   The officials planned to execute me    まきこまれましてね。    up in the arrest of a gang of robbers.
   without a trial!    いっしょに、つかまってしまった    I got arrested along with them.
   What has gotten into them?    わけなんですよ。
   それにしても私の話を聞きもしないで    Besides that, the death penalty, without even
   死刑! なんですから……、ふう……     listening to my story! Why in the...... phew......
   ほんとうに助かりましたよ。[END]    You really saved me.
ELAINE: We're forever in your debt! エレイン「本当に、本当に Elaine: I truly, truly, thank you.
   Thank you, again!    ありがとうございました。    I'll be happy now.
FRITZ: Hope my Dad never hears about フリッツ「これ、おやじにはないしょで…… Fritz: Keep this secret from my old man......
             Get 10 Mid Ethers!  ミドルエーテルを10コ手に入れた!![END]    Got 10 Middle Ethers!!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Huh, hey! ん、んん![END]    Ahem! He's probably clearing his throat to get their attention.
FRITZ: D, Dad! フリッツ「お、おやじ![END] Fritz: D, dad!
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Working hard? ちゃんと、やってるんだろうな?[END]    You're running things proper-like, right?
FRITZ: But, of course! フリッツ「も、もちろん。な、なあ。[END] Fritz: Of, of course. R, right?
   R, right?
ELAINE: Y, yes. エレイン「え、ええ。[END] Elaine: Uh, yeah.
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Well, all right... まあ、いいだろう……。[END]    Well, all right......
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Crono... クロノさん……。    Crono-san......
   I'm in your debt. ほんとうに、ありがとうございました。[END]    I truly thank you.
FRITZ: Now Crono, down to フリッツ「さあ、クロノさん。 Fritz: Well, Crono-san.
   business.    こっからは商売だ、俺がしいれた物    It's business from here on, go on and buy what
   Please, buy whatever you like!    買っていってくれ。[END]    I stocked up.
FRITZ: Welcome,  [member1]! フリッツ「いらっしゃい! Fritz: Welcome!
   [pc1]さん。[END]    [pc1]-san.
FRITZ: Thanks! フリッツ「まいど!![END] Fritz: Come again!!
 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]
MOM: Crono! ジナ「クロノ!![END] Jina: Crono!!
MOM: Crono! ジナ「クロノ! クロノ!! Jina: Crono! Crono!!
   You had me so worried!    よかった……。    What a relief......
   I heard you were to be executed,    母さん、あんたが死刑になるって    I heard you were going to be executed...... Actually, she's speaking in third person (your mother heard...), as she usually (always?) does when addressing Crono.
   dear.    聞いて……[END]
MOM: Stop scaring me like that! ジナ「もう、母さんを心配させるんじゃ Jina: Don't make me worry any more.
Lucca: Hi! ルッカ「こんにちは、ジナおばさん![END] Lucca: Good afternoon, Jina oba-san! Probably could change this to “Ms. Jina” or maybe “Auntie Jina” if it's understood that she's not actually her aunt.
MOM: Lucca! ジナ「おや、ルッカ。 Jina: Oh, Lucca.
   We hardly see you these days!    最近、うちにあんまり来ないのね?[END]    You haven't been coming around much lately.
Lucca: I've been kinda busy... ルッカ「最近、研究いそがしくって。[END] Lucca: I've been busy with research lately.
MOM: Don't let life pass you by, dear! ジナ「そう、あんまりガンバリすぎて Jina: Yes, well make sure you don't push yourself
   And say «Hi» to your parents!    体こわさないようにね。    too hard and damage your health.
   ララとタバンにもよろしく言って    Give my best regards to Lara and Taban too, please.
MOM: Goodness...! ジナ「あら……、ルッカの発明品?[END] Jina: Oh my..... an invention of Lucca's?
   Lucca, is THIS one of your
Robo: Greetings. ロボ「お初にお目にかかりマス。 Robo: We mEET for the first time.
   I am Robo.    私はロボともうしマス。    I am calLED Robo.
   Crono is my friend.    クロノには、大変お世話に    I have reciEVED considerable assistance from
   なっておりマス。[END]    Crono.
MOM: My, how polite! ジナ「あらあら、ごていねいに。 Jina: My, my, so courteous.
   Strange looking, but well behaved!    ちょっと変わったカッコだけど    Even though you look a bit peculiar, you're very
   Crono, you could learn a thing or    とっても、れいぎ正しいわね。    polite.
   two.    クロノも少しは見ならいなさい。[END]    Crono, follow his example a little.
 [End of Time]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Leene Square» A.D.1000年『リーネ広場』へ    Go to A.D. 1000, “Leene Square”?
   1000 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Truce Canyon» A.D.600年『トルース村裏山』へ    Go to A.D. 600, “Truce Village Back Hills”?
   600 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Guardia Forest» A.D.1000年『ガルディアの森』へ    Go to A.D. 1000, “Guardia Forest”?
   1000 A.D.? 行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Go to «Bangor Dome» A.D.2300年『バンゴドーム』へ    Go to A.D. 2300, “Bango Dome”?
   2300 A.D.?    行きますか?       Yes
         Yes.    はい       No
         No.    いいえ[END]
 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Wearing the «Hero Medal,» the chosen なーに、心配いりません。    What, there's nothing to worry about.
   one has appeared!
   We're saved! 勇者のあかしといわれる    The one holding the “Hero Badge”, said to be proof
『勇者バッジ』をもった方が    of the hero, has finally appeared!
これでこの世界にもやっと    Now peace will finally come back to this world.
平和がかえってきます。    Thank goodness, really, thank goodness......
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   I heard Magus's army is at the なんでも魔王軍がゼナンの橋まで    Word is that Magus's army's come all the
   bridge. 来てるって話じゃないか。    to the Zenan Bridge, isn't it?
   We're in trouble now! 一体どうなっちまうのかね。[END]    Just what's going to happen now?
 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Have you heard?! あんた聞いたかね!    Have you heard?!
   The legendary Hero has appeared! あらわれたんだよ! ついに!    He's appeared! Finally!
伝説の勇者様がねっ!    The legendary Hero!
   He went to see the King.
   Now Magus's army hasn't a chance! それで、王様に会うため    And they say he headed to the castle to
城に向かったって話だ。    meet the King.
いやー、これで魔王軍もオシマイだな![END]    Wow, Magus's army is done for now!
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   They say the King has been wounded! 何でも王も倒れられたって言うし……    They say even the king has fallen......
   Is this the end? もうオシマイかー。[END]    Are we done for?
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   No, the Hero has appeared! いや伝説の勇者様が現われたから    No, the legendary Hero has appeared, so
   He'll save us! もうだいじょうぶだ![END]    everything's fine now!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Is it true? I heard Magus's army 国王軍が前線でやぶれ    Is it true that the royal army was beaten in the
   has taken the bridge! 魔王軍が橋まで攻めて来てるって    front lines and Magus's army is coming to
話だが本当か?[END]    attack as far up as the bridge?
 [Truce Residence, 600 A.D.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   I had almost completed the bell when この鐘の完成も近いんだが……。    This bell is almost complete, but......
   Magus's army wounded our King. 国王軍が魔王軍にやぶれて    The royal army was beaten by Magus's
   I've lost the will to work. ガルディア王も負傷された。    army, and King Guardia was wounded too.
鐘どころじゃねえやな……。[END]    This is no time for BELLS......
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I hope this bell will ring in a new world 私は、このリーネの鐘が    I hope that this, Leene's Bell, will ring out on
   of peace. 平和な世になりひびく……    a peaceful world......
そんな日が来るって信じてるの。    I believe that such a day will come.
どんな時でも希望は失わないように……。[END]    May we never lose hope......
 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]
 [Knight]  [Knight] [Knight]
   Magus's army is awfully well あとは魔王軍をげきたい出来れば……[END]    Now, if we can just repel Magus's army......
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Our rations have run 騎土団長「食料が底をついてしまった…… Knight Captain: The food's bottomed out......
   out!    ガルディア城からのホキュウはまだか![END]    Aren't the supplies from Guardia Castle here yet?!
   Have the supplies from Guardia
   Castle arrived yet?!
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Forming a protective ring around the 勇者様を守って、騎土団のせいえいが    Protecting the Hero, the best of the Knights
   Hero, the best knights of the Kingdom 突撃を開始しました。[END]    have initiated an assault.
   kicked off the offensive.
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   It appears our knights and Magus's 橋のまん中で騎土団と魔王軍が    It looks as though the Knights and Magus's
   troops are locked in battle, at the げきとつしたようだ。がんばってくれ……。[END]    army have run into each other in the middle of
   center of the bridge.    the bridge. Keep at it......
   May we emerge victorious!
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Does the Hero alone have the power to しかし、勇者様一人の力で    But can the Hero crush Magus's army with just
   take on Magus's army? 魔王軍をうちやぶれるのだろうか?[END]    his own power?
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   We cannot defeat Magus's army by 我々の力では、魔王軍に勝てない……    We can't beat Magus's army with our power......
   ourselves. 情けない事だが、勇者様だけがたよりだ。[END]    It's shameful, but our only recourse is the Hero.
   Our only hope is the Hero.
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   I never believed those stories about 勇者バッジを持った勇者……。    The hero who holds the Hero Badge......
   the Hero and his legendary medal... おとぎ話だとばかり思っていた……。    I always thought it was a fairy tale......
   Now it turns out he's our only hope. 今となっては勇者様の力を信じるしかない。[END] Now there's no choice but to trust in the Hero's power.
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Our food supplies have run out. もう食料がありません……[END]    There's no food any more......
 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]
SOLDIER: Oh, it's you again. 兵士「何だ、お前か。[END] Soldier: Oh, it's you.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Magus's troops had us cornered 魔王軍におされていたが    We were being pressed by Magus's army, but
   but the appearance of the Hero, saved もう、だいじょぶだ。    everything's fine now.
   us. 勇者様があらわれたんだからな![END]    For the Hero has appeared!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Hero? 勇者様?    The Hero?
   He just went to see the King a moment 今ここを通って王に会いにいかれたよ。[END]    He just now went through here to see the King.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The Knight Captain has gone to Zenan 騎土団長はゼナン橋に行かれた。    The Knight Captain is at Zenan Bridge.
   Bridge. Many of the wounded from 下は負傷者でいっぱいだ。[END]    Below, it's full with the wounded.
   there, are resting below.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   I'm sorry, the beds are all taken. すみません、ベッドがいっぱいで……[END]    I'm sorry, the beds are full......
 [Wounded Soldier]  [Wounded Soldier] [Wounded Soldier]
   Even the Knight Captain went to the 騎土団長まで、前線に行かれたと    Even though even the Knight Captain is at the
   front lines... いうのに……[END]    front lines...... ...I'm stuck here.
 [Wounded Soldier]  [Wounded Soldier] [Wounded Soldier] The English game notes that Magus already defeated three fierce warriors. This was meant to read that he had finally deployed his three generals, Flea, Ozzie, and Slash.
   Magus has already defeated 3 魔王め、ついに3大しょう軍を戦いに    That damn Magus finally threw his three great
   fierce warriors. とうじて来やがった。[END]    generals into the battle.
 [Wounded Soldier]  [Wounded Soldier] [Wounded Soldier]
   There's a food shortage on the front 前線の食料もそろそろ底をつくころ……[END]    Food's about to hit bottom on the front lines too......
 [Wounded Soldier]  [Wounded Soldier] [Wounded Soldier]
   Heard something 'bout a hero showing 勇者があらわれたって、話だが……[END]    A hero's appeared, or so they say......
 [Wounded Soldier]  [Wounded Soldier] [Wounded Soldier]
   Argh... うう……[END]    Oohh......
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   The King's trying his best, too. 王様もガンバってんだ。    The King's doing all he can too.
   So snap out of it! しっかりしな![END]    Keep it together!
 [Soldier] [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   The chef's in a snit, trying to get food 料理長は前線へとどける食料と、王に体力を    Between the food sent to the front lines and
   to the front lines while keeping the つけようと、大いそがしさ。[END]    trying to recover the king's strength, the Head
   King healthy.    Cook is very busy.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Hey you, is this food good enough for あんた、王様のお食事はこれでいいかい?[END]    You there, will this do for the King's food?
   the King?
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   We've got to nurse the King back to 王様にはスタミナをつけてもらわなきゃ![END]    We've gotta build up the King's stamina!
   good health!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Chef, hurry with the food that goes to 料理長、ゼナン橋への食料も急がないと![END]    Head Cook, we must hurry with the food that
   Zenan Bridge!    goes to Zenan bridge too!
CHEF: What? 料理長「何? アニキが!? Head Cook: What? Big bro!?
   My brother?!
   He's...    ……。[END]    ..…
CHEF: That's what you get for thinkin' 料理長「ヘッ、てめえ達だけで Head Cook: Heh, that's what you bastards get for
   that you're the only ones fighting for    この国を守ってると思ったむくいだ。[END]    thinking it's just you protecting this country.
   your country!
MAID: Hey! おかみさん「あんた![END] Wife: You!
MAID: Stop bickering! おかみさん「いつまでも、つまんない意地 Wife: Don't keep up this pointless stubborn thing
   Grow up!    はりあってんじゃないよ、男だろ![END]    with each other forever, aren't you a man?!
CHEF: ... 料理長「…… Head Cook: ......
   Pipe down!    るせえ! お前に何がわかる![END]    Shaddup! What do you know!
   What do you know?!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Men are such fools! バカだね、男ってな![END]    They're such idiots, men!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   He acts that way, but the chef always ああ言ってますけど、料理長は    He talks like that, but the Head Cook always
   worries about the Knight Captain. いつも騎土団長をしんぱいしてますよ。[END]    worries about the Knight Captain.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Those two are really looking for a way 本当は二人とも、なかなおりする    The truth is those two are looking for a chance
   to make up. きっかけをさがしてるのよ。[END]    to make up.
 [Chef]  [Chef] [Chef]
   Hey, hey, come on now!! そらそら~ッ!![END]    Hey, HEY!!
 [Chef]  [Chef]  [Chef]
   Wait! 「待ちな![END]    'Wait!
CHEF: ... 料理長「ハアハア…… Head Cook: haa, haa......
   Take this with you!    これを持ってってくれ![END]    Take this with you!
CHEF: And, this is for you guys. 料理長「それから、こいつはお前らにだ。 Head Cook: And, this is for you guys.
   Take it, will ya.    持ってけ。[END]    Take it.
CHEF: And tell that fool... 料理長「それから、あのバカに Head Cook: And, tell that idiot this for me:
   He had better come back alive!
   生きて帰って来ねえと    I ain't gonna let you not come back alive!
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]
   Sir Crono! おお、クロノどの!    Ohh, Crono-dono!
   The legendary Hero has finally ついに伝説の勇者様が姿を    The legendary Hero has finally made his
   appeared! あらわしたのじゃ!    appearance!
   He just arrived a moment ago, to meet つい先ほど、ここに立ち寄られ    Just a short time ago, he visited here and went
   the King. 王に会いに行かれましたぞ。[END]    to see the king.
 [Knight]  [Knight] [Knight]
   The King was injured, and is 王は、お部屋でねこまれている。[END]    The King is bedridden in his room. No mention of why, but other characters explain that well enough.
   recuperating in bed.
 [Knight]  [Knight] [Knight]
   Queen Leene has been at his side all リーネ様も王の部屋で、ねずのかんびょうを    Leene-sama, too, is in the King's room, looking
   night. しておられる。[END]    after him all night long.
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   The King fought bravely against おいたわしや! 王は魔王軍を前に    How terrible! The king took up his sword and Meaning of first sentence guessed based on context. Google turns up plenty of results for that exclamation, but I couldn't find a single one that gives any explanation. It might be some kind of joke-fad line like the 'all your base' insanity.
   Magus's troops. Had he not heard of みずから剣をとり戦ったのです。    personally battled Magus's army earlier.
   the arrival of the Hero, he might have
   fought to the death! もし伝説の勇者様が現れたという    Had we not received word that the legendary Hero
知らせを受けなければ、王は引かずに    had appeared, the king might have kept on
あのまま戦死されていたやも知れません。[END]    without falling back, and fought to the death.
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   I'm so ashamed... 私は自分がはずかしい……。    I am ashamed of myself......
   I treated him badly, thinking he was はじめ、あのお方を勇者様とは気付かず    I'm afraid that at first, not realizing that person
   just some brat. ただのこぎたないガキだと思って    was the Hero and thinking he was just a filthy
けとばしてしまったのです。    brat, I turned him away.
   Luckily, he forgave me.
   A hero, HE IS. しかし私は許されました。    However, I was forgiven.
なんと心の広い人物でしょう。    What a generous personage.
さすがは勇者様です。[END]    It is as befits the Hero.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   At this rate, Queen Leene will also このままではリーネ様も、まいって    At this rate, Leene-sama will collapse of Based on context, this seems to be about right. The verb is very vague, and while the basic meaning is 'go' or 'come', it's also used in all sorts of more idiomatic ways, including being beaten, falling for someone, or being dead tired.
   succumb. しまいます。[END]    exhaustion too.
 [King]  [King]  [King]
   Oh, Crono... おお、クロノ。    Ohh, Crono.
   I've let down my kingdom. もう、私も年老いたかな……。    I wonder if I have grown old already......
   Since we cannot locate Cyrus, our sole サイラスの消そくが、つかめぬ以上    As long as we are unable to catch hold of any
   hope rests on the boy who has the あのバッジを持った少年こそ    news of Cyrus, it is that boy who holds the
   hero medal... 残されたゆいいつの希望……。    who is our sole remaining hope......
   He searches the southern continent, 少年は、魔王を倒せる伝説の剣を    The boy headed for the southern continent,
   for the sword that can defeat もとめて南の大陸へ向かったよ。[END]    seeking the legendary sword that can beat Magus.
 [Queen]  [Queen]  [Queen]
   Cyrus must have sent the boy to us. きっとサイラスが、あの少年をよこして    Surely Cyrus sent that boy to us.
 [Zenan Bridge, 600 A.D.]
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Mere mortals can never expect to beat やはり人間の力では、魔王軍には    Can we really not handle Magus's army with
   Magus's troops. かなわないのか……[END]    human power......?
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   The Hero has made it across the bridge 勇者様は、何とか橋をわたりました。    The Hero crossed the bridge somehow.
   somehow, but our troops have しかしわが軍は、大きないた手をこうむって    But I'm afraid our army suffered a very serious
   suffered heavy losses. しまいました……[END]    blow......
 [Knight]  [Knight] [Knight]
   Aaagh! うう……[END]    Uggh......
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Magus's army has 騎土団長「魔王軍が Knight Captain: Magus's army has sent out a
   the advantage now.    新手をくり出して来た。    fresh supply of troops.
   Keep back!    今は危険だ。 下がっていなさい。[END]    It's dangerous now. Stay back.
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Sir Crono! 騎土団長「クロノ殿、何事かな? Knight Captain: Crono-dono, what is it?
   Is that for us? 料理長の食料をわたしますか?    Give him the Head Cook's food?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Food rations! 騎土団長「こ、これは!? Knight Captain: Th, this!?
   The cook...he has saved us all!    そうですか、あいつが……[END]    I see, he......
KNIGHT CAPTIAN: Sir Crono, if I do 騎土団長「クロノ殿、もし私がここで Knight Captain: Crono-dono, if I die here, tell my
   not make it back...    死んだならば、弟に……[END]    little brother......
   ...give my brother my thanks...
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: WHAT is going on 騎土団長「何事だ!![END] Knight Captain: What's going on!!
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Magus's troops have launched an 魔王軍の攻撃が始まりました!    Magus's army's attack has begun!
   attack! もうささえきれません![END]    We can't hold any longer!
   They're breaking through our
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Stop sniveling! It 騎土団長「弱音をはくな! Knight Captain: Don't whine!
   shames the Knights of the Square    ガルディア王国騎土団のめいよにかけ    On the honor of the Guardia Royal Knights,
   Table!    魔王軍をげきたいするのだ![END]    repel Magus's army!
   We shall DESTROY Magus's troops
   and bring honor to our King!
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   But, we are far outnumbered! し、しかし、もう兵の数が……。[END]    B, but, the number of soldiers is already......
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: This is our last line of 騎土団長「ここが最後の防えい線なのだ。 Knight Captain: This is our last line of defense.
   defense.    もうひとがんばりしてくれ![END]    Hold out a while longer!
   We must let no one through!
 [Knight]  [Knight]  [Knight]
   Understood! わかりました![END]    Understood!
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Our troops are 騎土団長「ごらんのとおり、我が軍は Knight Captain: As you can see, our army is
   suffering greatly.    苦戦しております……    fighting a difficult battle......
   Sir Crono, will you assist us?    クロノ殿、助太刀願えませぬか?    Crono-dono, may I not implore your assistance?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: We are eternally in 騎土団長「かたじけない! 魔王軍は Knight Captain: We are grateful! Magus's
   your debt!    橋の向こうのたもとにおります!    army is at the far foot of the bridge!
   You will find Magus's troops    これをお持ち下さい。    Please take this.
   across the bridge!    きっとクロノ殿のお役にたつはず。[END]    It should surely be of use to you.
   Take this with you!
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Magus's troops are 騎土団長「魔王軍は手強い敵です。 Knight Captain: Magus's army is a tough foe.
   highly trained.    くれぐれもお気をつけて。[END]    I insist that you be careful.
   Please be on your guard.
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: I see... 騎土団長「そうですか……。 Knight Captain: I see......
   We Knights of the Square Table    だが我等もガルディア王国騎土団。    Be we are the Knights of Guardia Kingdom.
   cannot surrender.    メンツにかけてこの橋は死守しますぞ![END]    Upon our honor, we will defend this bridge to the
   We shall hold this position to the last
 [Ozzie]  [Ozzie]  [Ozzie]
   I'm Ozzie, Magus's top general! ワシは、魔王様だいいちの部下    I am Magus-sama's foremost subordinate,
   Those who dare defy Magus have to 魔王3大しょうぐんの、ビネガー。    Vinnegar of Magus's Three Great Generals.
   answer to me! いだいなる魔王様の敵に、死を![END]    Death to the enemies of the great Magus-sama!
OZZIE: Yes my children... ビネガー「ワシのかわいいムスコ達よ! Vinnegar: My dear children!
   Give 'em a taste of doom!    こやつらに死をあたえるのだ![END]    Confer death upon them!
OZZIE: Those wimps're stronger than I ビネガー「くう~、なかなかやるな。[END] Vinnegar: Khuu, better than I expected.
Marle: Wait up, already! マール「待ちなさいったら![END] Marle: Wait up!
Lucca: He's pretty swift when it ルッカ「逃げ足だけははやいわね。[END] Lucca: You're fast at running away, at least.
   comes to running away.
Robo: We've got him. ロボ「追いつきマシタ。[END] Robo: We HAVE caught up.
OZZIE: Seems I misjudged you. ビネガー「少々、お前達をあまく Vinnegar: It looks as though I took you a bit too
   But I won't do that twice!    見すぎていたようだ。    lightly.
   しかし、今度はそうはいかんぞ。[END]    But that won't happen this time.
OZZIE: Grrrr! ビネガー「殺っちまえ![END] Vinnegar: Kill them off!
   You're through!
OZZIE: Drat! ビネガー「ちくしょー![END] Vinnegar: Dammit!
OZZIE: That's IT! ビネガー「こ、今度こそお前達も Vinnegar: Th, this time for sure, it'll be over for
   Now you're finished!    おしまいだぞ! ホントだぞ![END]    you too! Really!
Marle: Don't mess with Crono, マール「何よ! Marle: What's your problem!
   or you'll really be sorry!    クロノをナメると    Underestimate Crono and you'll pay for it!
Lucca: Poor sport, huh? ルッカ「ふん、負けおしみね。[END] Lucca: Hmph, you're a poor loser.
Robo: You cannot win. ロボ「アナタに勝ち目はありマセン。 Robo: YOU have NO chance.
   You had best surrender.    コウフクシナサイ。[END]    SURRENDER.
OZZIE: Go Zombor! ビネガー「ゆけ、ジャンクドラガー! Vinnegar: Go, Junkdragar!
   Crush Sir Magus's enemies!    魔王様の敵をたたきのめせ![END]    Take down Magus-sama's enemies!
KNIGHT CAPTAIN: Thanks to Sir 騎土団長「クロノ殿のおかげで Knight Captain: Thanks to you, we were able
   Crono, we held the bridge! But,    橋を守りきる事が出来ました。    to protect the bridge to the end.
   unless we defeat Magus, this is an    しかし、魔王を倒さない事には    But there will be no overall resolution unless we
   empty victory.    こんぽん的な解決にはなりません。[END]    can beat Magus.
 [Knight]  [Knight] [Knight]
   We held Zenan Bridge with Sir ゼナンの橋を魔王軍から    We were able to take back Zenan Bridge from
   Crono's help. とりもどす事ができました。    Magus's army.
これもクロノ殿のおかげです。[END]    This, too, is thanks to Crono-dono.
 [Dorino Market, 600 A.D.]
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Welcome, what can I do for you? いらっしゃいまーしい。    Welcome.
今日はどんなごようで?[END]    What do you need today?
   Thanks a lot! まいど、ありあとやしたー![END]    Y'all come again! well, she DOES have an accent...
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   The Hero has appeared? 伝説の勇者様があらわれたんだって?    The legendary Hero has appeared?
   That means the epic battle will begin! いよいよ歴史にのこるような    Could that mean a battle to make history
戦いのひぶたが    is finally going to be sparked......?
 [Dorino Residence, 600 A.D.]
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Mom said I can't play outside 'cause of 魔物達がね、いっぱいいてね    There's lots of monsters.
   the monsters. あぶないから、外に出ちゃダメだって。    They say I can't go outside cause it's dangerous.
   I'm so bored! チェッ、つまんないよー。[END]    Tch, bo-o-oring.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   I heard Magus knows arcane magic なんでも魔王は、失われた太古の魔術を    The word is that Magus commands ancient lost
   which the monsters can't match. あやつるという話よな。    magical arts.
そこいらの魔物どもの術など    Supposedly it's something terrifying, incomparable
くらべものにならぬ    to the arts of the monsters around here.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Oh! ああ、騎土サイラス様は    Aaah, where has the knight Cyrus-sama gone?
   Where could Sir Cyrus be? どこへ行かれてしまったのでしょう?
   Surely he hasn't deserted the kingdom? まさか……    Don't tell me......
王国を見すて、一人でどこかへ    He can't have abandoned the kingdom and run away
逃げてしまわれたとか……?[END]    by himself somewhere......?
Frog: ...... カエル「……。[END] Frog: ......
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Is it true that the King was injured? 王が負傷されたというウワサは本当か?    Are the rumors that the King was injured true?
   What's going to happen to us, and to おお、この国は、われらは    Ohh, just what will become of us and this
   our country...? 一体どうなってしまうというのだ……?[END]    kingdom......?
 [System]  [System] [System]
                  It's locked!    なんとカギがかかっている![END]    What the, it's locked!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Hey! やや……!!    Hey......!!
   Is that a Naga-ette Bromide you've got おぬしがそこにかくしもっとるのは    Is that a banned Mianu bromide[heart] you're In this context, 'bromide' basically means 'pin-up photo'.
   there?! きんだんのミアンヌ・ブロマイド[heart]!?[END]    secretly carrying!?
   I'll trade you something good for it. そのブロマイド、わしにくれるなら    If you give me that bromide, I'll give you something
   How about it? いいものをやるが……、どうかね?    good...... how about it?
         Let's trade!    とっかえっこしよう!       Let's trade!
         I don't want the geezer's loot.    じーさんのお宝などいらない[END]       Don't need the old man's treasure
   Hmph! む……!    Mh......!
   Fine then, suit yourself. なら、勝手にせい。[END]    Then suit yourself.
   Really, you mean it? ホントかね、ホントかね?    Really, really?
   Yahoo! Now just hold your horses and わーい、やったぞ、ベービィ!    Yay, I've done it, baby!
   I'll be back in a jiffy! よし、ちょこっと待っておれよ。[END]    Okay, wait just a minute.
   It's unlocked so you're free to take it. カギはあいとる    It's unlocked.
じゆうにもって行くがいい。    You can take it as you please.
   And I'll be taking this. それじゃ、ブロマイドはもらっとくぞ。    Well then, I'll be taking the bromide.
   Hee hee... うひょひょ……。[END]    Uhyo, hyo......
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Don't tell Grannie. ばーさんには、ないしょじゃぞ。    Keep it secret from grannie.
   Hee, hee, my very own Naga-ette pet. むふふ……、ミアンヌちゃん……。[END]    Mu, hu, hu...... Mianu-chan......
 [Elder's House, Dorino, 600 A.D.]
HEADMAN: I want you to find the 村長「探し出してもらいたい物は Chief: It's the mythical Rainbow-Colored Shell that I
   mythical «Rainbow Shell.»    まぼろしの虹色の貝がら……。    want to have you find for us.
   Here's some front money.    これは前金じゃ。    This is advance payment.
   We're counting on you Toma!    よろしくたのむぞ、トマよ。[END]    I'm counting on you, Toma.
TOMA: Hey, no problem! トマ「ヘヘッ、まかせときなって。 Toma: Heh, heh, leave it to me.
   'cause, like, I'm the mythical    俺も伝説の探検家とよばれる男。    I'm the man they call the legendary explorer.
   explorer.    きたいはうらぎらないぜ、村長。[END]    I won't betray your hopes, chief.
   Good match, eh chief.
HEADMAN: Hmm... 村長「うむ……。 Chief: Yes......
   I'll be waiting for good news.    よい知らせ、待っておるぞ。[END]    I'll be waiting for the good news.
TOMA: With that settled, I'll grab a bite トマ「よし、そうと決まれば Toma: All right, now that that's settled, I guess I'll go
   before I go.    いっぱい、ひっかけてくるかな。[END]    have a drink.
TOMA: I'm busy right now. トマ「おりゃ、ちょっといそがしいんだ Toma: Hey, I'm a little busy.
   Let's talk later.    また後でな。[END]    Try again later.
CHIEF: We can use the «Rainbow Shell» 村長「虹色の貝がらさえあれば Chief: If only we had the Rainbow-Colored Shell,
   to make some reflective armor.    魔法ぼうぎょバツグンの    we could make prism armoring with outstanding
   It'll be strong against magic!    プリズム防具がつくれるのじゃ。    magic defense.
   But that guy's a little flakey...    しかしあのわかぞう、ほんとうに    But will that youngster really be all right?
   Was it a mistake to trust him?    だいじょうぶなんじゃろか?    He declared himself a great explorer and
   自分では、いだいなる探検家などと    such, but......
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   The Hero has come! ゆうしゃたまが、あらわれたんだ!    The Hero's appeared!
   He's strong and he's gonna thrash わるいまものをやっつけてくれる    He's a rea-a-ally stro-o-ong person who's gonna
   those monsters! すっごく、つおーいひとなのよ![END]    beat up the bad monsters for us!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Only the ancient sword, «Masamune,» 言い伝えでは、魔王をたおせるのは    According to legend, the only thing that can beat
   can defeat him. 太古より伝わる剣グランドリオンだけ    Magus is the sword Grandleon passed down from
   And only the Hero can wield it! なんですってね。    ancient times.
えらばれた勇者様だけが    Supposedly only the chosen Hero can equip the
グランドリオンを装備できるのだそうよ![END]    Grandleon!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Magus has 3 fearsome henchmen, 魔王には恐ろしい手下がいる。    Magus has three terrifying subordinates.
   Ozzie, Flea, and Slash. ビネガー、マヨネー、ソイソーの3人さ。    Vinnegar, Mayonnay, and Soysaw.
   They're tone-deaf, evil fiends! できることなら、あいつらとは    You'd better not get mixed up with them if
かかわりあいにならない方がいい。    you can help it.
血もなみだもないバケモノどもだよ。[END]    They're cold-hearted monsters. Literally, they have neither blood nor tears.
 [Old Woman]  [Old Woman] [Old Woman]
   The chief of Sandorino Village lives ここは、サンドリノの村長の家だよ。    This is the house of Sandrino's village chief.
はて、変わったかっこうをしとるが    Dear me, you look peculiar; have you all fled too,
   Are you foreigners? お前さん達も魔王軍に追われて    pursued by Magus's army?
   Did you flee from Magus's troops? 逃げのびてきたのかい?[END]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Magus's lair is on an island to the 魔王の城は東の海の島にあるんだ。    Magus's castle is on an island in the eastern sea.
   east. でも島のまわりはだんがいぜっぺきで    But it's sheer cliffs all around the island, and no
   Sheer cliffs make it inaccessible. 誰にも近づけないんだよ……。[END]    one can get close......
 [Dorino Inn, 600 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   Are Magus's armies really closing 魔王の軍が今にも攻め込んでくるという    I wonder if the rumor that Magus's army will invade
   in? うわさは、本当かしら……?    soon is true......?
   Well, the mythical Hero has appeared でも、伝説の勇者様があらわれたからには    But now that the legendary Hero has appeared
   so we'll be all right! もうだいじょうぶですよね![END]    everything's okay!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Want to hear my tale? とっておきの話、聞きます?    Want to hear something I've been saving?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Goblins with huge hammers, roam the 東にあるデナドロ山には    Ougan with huge hammers prowl the Denadoro
   Denadoro Mountains to the east. 巨大なハンマーをもったオウガンどもが    Mountains to the east.
   But burn their weapons, and they're    But if you just burn their hammers, they're no
   pussycats. でも、ハンマーさえもやしてしまえば    problem.
   Well...I'll tell someone else... いいよ。 じゃ、とっておくから……。[END]    Fine. Then I'll keep saving it......
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Did you know? They say the mythical 知ってるかい?    Did you know?
   Masamune lies deep within the 伝説の剣グランドリオンは    It's said that the legendary sword Grandleon
   Denadoro mountains. デナドロ山の奥に眠ると言われてる。    sleeps within the Denadoro Mountains.
   But it's guarded by terrible beasts. でも、すっげーおっかない魔物が    But, the story says a reeaal scary monster is
剣を守ってるって話だよ。[END]    guarding the sword.
 [Nun]  [Nun] [Nun]
   Clear your conscience, the end of the いのりなさい。    Pray.
   world is coming. 世界の終わりが始まるのです。[END]    The end of the world is beginning.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Magus is trying to bring forth an 魔王は、邪悪で強大な力を生みだそうと    It sounds like Magus is trying to bring forth
   immense evil... しているらしいぞ……。    an immense evil power......
   If he succeeds, there will be nowhere もしそうなったら、どこへ逃げても同じ!    If that happens, anywhere you run'll be the same!
   to run. みんな死んじまうんだよ……。    Everyone'll die......
   We'll all perish!
……ってなワケで    ......and that's why I'm escaping into alcohol
   That's why I'm living it up now! 俺はこうして酒に逃げてるのさ。    like this.
ヒック![END]    hic!
TOMA: Hey, how have you been? トマ「よう、元気だったか。 Toma: Yo, how've you been?
   You pay my tab and I'll let you in on    いっぱいおごってくれるんなら    If you treat me to a drink, I'll give you some
   some stuff.    いいネタをやるぜ。[END]    good info.
   How about it?   どーだい?    How about it?
         Sure.    おごる       Treat him
         No way.    おごらない[END]       Don't treat him
TOMA: Thanks a bunch! トマ「こいつは、すまねえな。[END] Toma: Thanks for that.
TOMA: Tsk! トマ「ち、金がたりないぜ。[END] Toma: Tch, not enough money.
   Not enough money!
TOMA: Hey, one more, please! トマ「おやじ、もういっぱいくんな![END] Toma: Old man, bring another drink!
TOMA: Some creepy, dangerous frogs トマ「ちかごろ南の森の奥にゃ Toma: There's a story that a strange monster's been
   have taken over the southern woods.    ヘンな魔物が    living in the forest to the south lately in hiding.
   なんでも、うすっきみわるい    I hear it's an unearthly monster frog. Heh.
   化け物ガエルらしいぜ。 ヘッ。[END]
TOMA: Fine! トマ「はん。じゃ、むこうへ行ってくれ。 Toma: Huh. Then go away.
   Go away, I don't have time for you.    おれもヒマじゃないんだ。[END]    I haven't got time for you.
TOMA: Now for that «Rainbow Shell»... トマ「虹色の貝がらか……。 Toma: The Rainbow-Colored Shell, huh......
   I guess Porre would be the first    手始めにパレポリから    I guess I'll try heading for Parepoley to start
   place to look.    あたってみるとするか。[END]    with.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man]  [Old Man]
   Many people go to the inn. 旅の宿には、いろんな人がたちよる。    Various people drop in at travel inns.
   If you seek someone, ask there. もし人をさがしておるのなら、    If you're looking for someone, you should
ここの主人に聞くがよろしかろう。    probably ask the owner here.
   By the way, EnergyWhirls will dissipate
   if you use your «Slash» attack. ところで、知っていなさるかな。    By the way, I wonder if you knew this?
たつまきのエネルギーは、かまいたちを    If you strike tornado energy with a whirlwind
   There's balance in nature. ぶつけてやれば、消えてしまう……。    cut, it dissipates......
自然ってのは、いろんなものの    Nature, you see, consists of the harmony and
調和とバランスでなりたっとるのさ。[END]    balance of various things.
OWNER: You're looking for the Hero? 主人「あんたら、勇者様をさがしてるとか? Owner: You guys looking for the Hero?
   Go south, to the village of Porre,    だったら、南のパレポリの村に    Then how about you go to the village of Parepoley
   where they say he's from.    行ってみちゃどうだい。    to the south?
   なんでも勇者様は、パレポリから    Word is the Hero appeared out of Parepoley.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Helloooo there! は~い、ここは愛といこいのホテル。    He-e-ello, this is the hotel of rest and love.
   This is the R & R hotel. 料金は50Gになるんだけれど    The charge is 50G, is that okay with you, tee-hee?
   It'll cost you 50 G! よろしいかしらん、あはん?[END]
   Will you stay? おとまりになっちゃうん?    Will you stay over?
         Yes.    とまる       Stay
         No.    とまらない[END]       Don't stay
   Oh yes! キャンッ!    Kyahn! cutesy fake scream.
   Well then rest and relax! それじゃ、ごゆっくりどうぞ~ん。[END]    Well then, take your time.
   Huh? あらん? お金、たりないわよ。[END]    Wha? You don't have enough money.
   You don't have enough!
   What a shame! まあ、ざんねん! またのおこしを    Oh, that's too bad! We'll be waiting for you to
   I'll wait for you to come back... お待ちしておりますわん。    come again.
うふん。[END]    *giggle*
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   A sword called the なんとかドリアンとかいう剣は    Supposedly the sword called the something or other
   «something-or-other mune» was はるか昔にほろんじまった人達の手で    durian, or something like that, was made by people
   made hundreds of years ago. つくられたんだそうだよ。    who perished in the distant past.
   No one has the skill to make a sword 今ではもう誰にも、あんな剣を    They say no one can make a sword like that
   like that anymore. 作り出すことは出来ないんだとさ。[END]    any more now.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Have you met the Hero already? あなた達、もう勇者様に会った?    Have you all met the Hero yet?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Wow! I wish I could just get a glimpse すごい! 私も一目でいいから    Wow! I wanted to meet the Hero too, even if it's
   of him... 勇者様に会ってみたかったな……!    just a glimpse......!
   I've got butterflies! うるうるしてきちゃう……![END]    I'm getting so worked up......!
   I haven't met him either. そう……。 私も、まだなの。    Oh...... I haven't yet either.
   I wonder what the champion of the 世界を救ってくれる勇者様って    I wonder what kind of person the Hero who's
   world looks like? いったいどんな人なのかしら……?    going to save the world is......?
   I'm so excited! うるうるしてきちゃう……![END]    I'm getting so worked up......!
 [Fiona's Villa, 600 A.D.]
FIONA: My husband Marco hasn't フィオナ「おっとのマルコは、兵士として Fiona: My husband Marco is still out fighting
   returned from the war.    戦いに出たまま、帰って来ません……。    as a soldier and hasn't come back......
   But these woods mean a lot to us, so    私達ニ人は、この森で育ったの。    The two of us grew up in this forest. Fiona and Marco actually grew up in the forest on central Zenan.
   I'll guard them until he returns.    せめて、この森だけは守りたい。    I want to at least protect this forest.
   いつかマルコが帰って来る日まで……。[END]    Until the day when Marco comes back......
 [Porre Market, 600 A.D.]
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   I'm gonna put on this armor and fight 僕も、このよろいを着て魔王と戦うんだ![END]    I'm gonna put on this armor and fight Magus too!
   that stupid Magus!
   Yeeeoooww! うーーー    uuuuuuuuuu
   It's heavy! お も い ……。[END]    h e a v y ......
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Don't overdo it! お兄ちゃん、無理しちゃって![END]    Big brother, you're trying too hard!
 [Porre Cafe, 600 A.D.]
MISTRESS: Little Tata must be away... おかみ「タータの姿をしばらく見ないけど Hostess: I haven't seen Tarta in a while, wonder
   We haven't seen him in awhile.    どっか出かけてるのかしら……。    where he's gotten to......?
   But things are a lot quieter without    でも、あのイタズラこぞうがいないと    But when that mischievous kid's not around,
   that brat around.    ホッとするわね、ほんと。[END]    it's really a relief.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   A strange monster came by the other 以前ヘンな魔物が、酒を飮んでいたことが    A weird monster was drinking sake earlier.
   day, mumbling about Queen Leene and ありましたっけな。
   the Masamune...
リーネ様がどうしたの    Was mumbling to itself, what's happened with
グランドリオンがどうだのと    Leene-sama, what about the Grandleon......
   That shore were an ugly frog! ありゃほんと、うす気味悪い    That was a really creepy frogman! Uhya, hya.
   Hardy har! カエル男でしたぞ! うひゃひゃ。[END]
 [Man] もう、ビックリだよ!    What a surprise!
   I can't believe the legendary Hero was 伝説の勇者様が、実はこの村の    To think the legendary Hero was actually a boy
   a boy from this village! 少年だったとはな![END]    from this village!
   Did you hear the latest? あんた、知ってたかい?    Did you know?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
   Everyone's talking about him! そうか、もうそんな有名な話なのか!    I see, it's already that well known!
   I bet his old man is proud! こりゃ、あのオヤジもハナが    I'll bet his old man's proud too.
   Well, remember that the legendary じゃあ、おぼえておきな。    Then remember it.
   Hero is from this village then! 伝説の勇者様は、この村の生まれよ![END]    The legendary Hero is born of this village!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I can't believe the legendary Hero is あのイタズラこぞうのタータが、    How could that mischievous kid Tarta have been
   that naughty runt, Tata! 伝説の勇者様だったなんて……。    the legendary Hero......?
世の中、信じられないわっ。[END]    I can't believe the state of the world.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Have you heard about the magical デナドロ山の東にある魔岩窟って    Know about the Demon Cavern east of the
   cave? 知ってるかい?    Denadoro Mountains?
   The one east of the Denadoro
   Mountains? あそこの岩が、ぽっかり口を開けて    I saw the rock there gaping open and monsters
中に魔物が入っていくのを見ちゃったよ。    going inside.
   I saw a rock wall there pop open, and
   a gaggle of ghouls just walked right in! でも、さわらぬ魔王にたたりなし![END]    But it's better to let sleeping Maguses lie. The original saying is 触らぬ神にたたりなし, roughly “the gods you don't touch won't curse you”.
   Best to leave Magus and his cronies
   alone, though!
TOMA: Hey, you again! トマ「よう、また会ったな。 Toma: Yo, we meet again.
   How 'bout buying me a soda?    いっぱい、おごってくれねえか?    Treat me to a drink?
      Sure.    おごる       Treat him
      No way.    おごらない[END]       Don't treat him
TOMA: Thanks! トマ「おう、ありがとよ。 Toma: Hey, thanks.
   I'll wish you a safe journey.    お前さん達の旅の無事をいのって。[END]    I'll pray you have a safe journey.
TOMA: I tracked down the Rainbow トマ「サンドリノの村長のほしがってる Toma: About the Rainbow-Colored Shell the
   Shell that the chief wanted.    虹色の貝がらだが、どこかの小島に    Sandrino village chief wanted, I've determined that
   It's on some small island...    あるらしいってことまでは    it's on a small island somewhere, but......
   Only thing is...I don't know WHICH
   island.    その島がどこにあるか    I haven't got a clue where that island is.
   And the money he gave me is gone.
   What should I do?    しかし、村長からあずかった前金は    But I've already used up all the advance payment
   もう、みんな使っちまったしな。    I got from the chief.
   さて、どうしたもんか……。[END]    What to do now......?
TOMA: What a miser! トマ「ちェ、ケチだな。 Toma: Tch, stingy.
   I don't even have enough for grub!    サンドリノの村長の前金    Is there enough of the Sandrino village chief's
   もういっぱい飮めるくらいは    advance payment left for another drink......?
 [Tata's House, 600 A.D.]
 [Tata's Father]  [Tarta's Father] [Tarta's Father]
   My son's the legendary Hero! 俺のせがれが勇者だってんだ。    They say my son's the hero. Guess this's that thing
   It must have been all that oatmeal! トンビがタカを生んだってヤツかね……。    about even normal parents having genius kids......
   And to think that I'm his father...! だが、どうひいき目に見ても、そんな    But, no matter how favorably you look at it, this's
ごたいそうなヤツじゃねえんだが……    like a huge exaggeration, ain't it though......
ま、勇者の親父ってのも悪くねえやね。    Well, being the hero's old man ain't bad either.
ヘッヘ。[END]    Heh, heh.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   My grandson's a brave Hero! わしの孫が勇者らしいぞい!    I hear my grandson's the hero!
   That's from my side of the family! わしの血じゃな!    That's my blood!
   Heeheehee... ファファファ……!!!![END]    Fwa, ha, ha......!!!!
 [Elder's House, Porre, 600 A.D.]
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   I'm gonna marry Tata! 私タータのおよめさんにして    I'm gonna have Tarta make me his bride!
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   If only I had some Jerky... ハイパーほしにくがあれば    If I had Hyper Dried Meat, I could make some
   What a great meal I could make... すんごい料理がつくれるんだけどねえ……。[END]    incredible cooking, but......
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Next to the bed is a treasure box. ベッドのそばにあるのは    Next to the bed is an unopened treasure chest that's
   Open it, and the contents are yours. この家に代々伝わる、開かずの宝ばこです。    been passed down in this family for generations.
中には何が入っているのやら?    I wonder what's inside?
もし開けられたらあなたにあげますよ。[END]    I'll give it to you if by some chance you can open it.
VILLAGE CHIEF: The «Magic Cave» lies 村長「デナドロ山の東にある山は魔岩窟と Chief: The mountain to the east of the Denadoro
   under a mountain east of Denadoro.    呼ばれておる。    Mountains is called the Demon Cavern.
   あそこに行くと、せすじがゾッと    It sends shivers down my back when I go there.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Tata received the Hero Medal! タータが勇者のあかしであるバッジを    Tarta had the badge that's proof of the hero.
   At first I thought it was fake! 持っていたんです。
   He must have done something very はじめは、にせ物かと思いましたが    At first, I thought it might have been a fake, but
   brave! He's probably up north, looking あれはまさしく勇者のあかし。    that's definitely the hero's proof.
   for the legendary sword. タータは本当に勇者様だったんです!    Tarta was really the Hero!
今ごろはきっと伝説の剣をさがして    He's sure to be in the Denadoro Mountains to
北のデナドロ山ではないでしょうか。[END]    the north now, searching for the legendary sword.
Tata and the Frog    タータとカエル   Tarta and Frog      
 [Denadoro Mts]
 [Tata]  [Tarta]  [Tarta]
      Aaagh! 「うっひゃ~ッ![END]    'Uhhyaaa!
BOY: Th, this is a terrible place! 少年「こ、ここは、とんでもないトコだ! Boy: Th, this is a horrible place!
   Y, you'd best run away while you    あ、あんちゃん達も、アブナイぜ    Y, you guys too, it's dangerous.
   can!    とっとと、ズラかんねーと。[END]    Gotta run away quick.
 [FreeLancer]  [FreeLancer] [FreeLancer]
   Shut up! 「うるさい! じゃましないでくれ![END]    Shaddup! Don't disturb me!
   Get lost!
 [Kilwala]  [Kilwala] [Kiwala]
   Mountains're nice. 「山はいいよねえ。[END]    Mountains are nice, aren't they.
 [Kilwala]  [Kilwala] [Kiwala]
   This's the life. 「いいんだな、これが。[END]    This's nice.
 [Kilwala]  [Kilwala] [Kiwala]
   Mountains're nice. 「山はいいよねえ。[END]    Mountains are nice, aren't they.
 [Kilwala]  [Kilwala] [Kiwala]
   Man, you're nosy. 「君達もしつこいなあ。これやるよ。[END]    You guys sure are stubborn. I'll give you this.
   Here, take this.
KID: I'm the wind! 子供「ボクは風だぞー。 Child: I'm the wind.
   Whoosh!    ぴゅぴゅ~ん![END]    whooshwhoooosh!
KID: Stop! 子供「ダメッ!![END] Child: Don't!!
KID: Are you here for the Masamune? 子供「お兄ちゃん達も、取りに来たの? Child: Did you guys come to take it too?
      Yes    グランドリオン。    The Grandleon.
      No    はい       Yes
   いいえ[END]       No
KID: You're not? 子供「なーんだ、ちがうの。 Child: What, that's not it?
   Then you should leave quickly.    なら、早く山を下りた方がいいよ。[END]    Then you should leave the mountain quickly.
KID: Thought so... 子供「うーん、そーか。 Child: Huhn, I see.
   Wait a second, okay?    ちょっと待っててね……。[END]    Hold on a sec......
KID: Oh big broooother... 子供「おーい、グラン兄ちゃ~ん![END] Child: Heeey, Gran nii-chaaan! Or big brother Gran if you'd rather drop the Japanese entirely
   Where are you, Masa?!
MASA: What is it, Mune? グラン「どーした、リオン?[END] Gran: What's wrong, Leon?
MASA: Not again!? グラン「やれやれ、またか……。[END] Gran: Oh, come on, not again......?
MASA: So! You want to get a name for グラン「グランドリオンを手に入れて Gran: You want to get the Grandleon and make
   yourself by grabbing the Masamune?    勇者としての名声がほしいんだろ?    a name for yourself as the hero, right?
   What a buffoon!    くだらないよ……。[END]    Ridiculous......
MUNE: Humans are so...silly! リオン「人間って、バッカだねー。 Leon: Humans are idiots.
   It's how you USE the sword that's    手にした力をどう使うかが    It's how you use the power you've gained
   important...not who owns it!    大事なのに……。[END]    that's important, and yet......
MASA: You can't even understand グラン「そんな当り前の事も Gran: It's because they don't even understand
   something as simple as that.    わからないから人間やってんだよ。[END]    something so obvious that they're human.
   That's why you're human.
MUNE: What should we do? リオン「どーする、兄ちゃん?[END] Leon: What'll we do, nii-chan?
MASA: The usual...test them. グラン「決まってるだろ、ためすのさ。 Gran: It's obvious, we test them. Literally “it's decided”.
   You can entertain us for awhile.    少しばかり、あそんでやろう![END]    For just a little, we're gonna play with them.
MUNE: All right! リオン「うん! 行くぞー!! Leon: Yeah! Here we gooo!!
   Here we go!!!    ぴゅぴゅ~ん![END]    whooshwhoooosh!
MUNE: Hey they're pretty tough. リオン「兄ちゃん、コイツら、やるね。[END] Leon: Nii-chan, these guys are good.
MASA: Only Cyrus made it this far. グラン「ここまで手こずったのは Gran: We haven't had this much trouble
   サイラス以来だ。[END]    dealing with anyone since Cyrus.
MASA: This time it's for real! グラン「決まってるだろ。 Gran: It's obvious, right?
   本気でいくんだよ![END]    We're going at it seriously!
MUNE: All right, this is it... リオン「よーし! 今度は…… Leon: All right! This time......
MASA: Yeah. グラン「あそびじゃないぞ![END] Gran: We're not playing!
   We mean business!
 [System] [System] [System]
   With Masa's bravery and... ゆうきのグランと……[END]    Brave Gran and...... Or Gran of Bravery/Valor
   ...Mune's knowledge! ちえのリオン!![END]    Wise Leon!! Or Leon of Wisdom/Wit
   Two become one!! コンフュ~ジョ~ン!![END]    Soul fuuusiooon!!
MUNE: They beat us, big brother... リオン「やられちゃったね、兄ちゃん。[END] Leon: We got beat, nii-chan.
MASA: That was fun! グラン「なかなか楽しかったな。[END] Gran: That was funner than I expected.
MUNE: Will they fix us? リオン「この人達なら、ボクらを Leon: I wonder, will these people fix us?
   Will they find us an owner?
   ちゃんと持ち主を見つけて    Will they do like they should and find us an owner?
MASA: Yeah, it'll be all right. グラン「ああ、だいじょうぶさ。[END] Gran: Yeah, it'll be fine.
Lucca: So this is the Masamune... ルッカ「これがグランドリオン……。 Lucca: This is the Grandleon......
   But it looks like it's been broken for
   ages.    でも、この伝説の剣……    But, this legendary sword......
   もうかなり昔に    It looks like it's already been quite a long time
   おれてしまったみたいね……。[END]    since it broke......
Robo: So! ロボ「この剣が、伝説の Robo: This sword is the legendary
   The Masamune is not just a myth...    グランドリオン……。    Grandleon......
   But it has long been broken.    しかし、これは……    However, this......
   おれてしまってから    A considerable time HAS passED since it
   かなりの時間がたっていマスネ。[END]    broke.
 [System] [System] [System]
       You got the broken Masamune! おれたグランドリオンを手に入れた![END]    Got the broken Grandleon!
MASA: Allow me! We'll ride the wind to グラン「ふもとまで風にのせて Gran: I'll give you a ride on the wind and
   the base of the mountain!    一気にはこんでやるよ。[END]    transport you at once to the mountain base.
MUNE: Good luck to you. リオン「ガンバってね Leon: Do your best, guys......
 [System] [System] [System]
   Ride the wind? 風にのりますか? Ride the wind?
         Yes    はい    Yes
         No    いいえ[END]    No
 [Dorino Inn, 600 A.D.]
OWNER: Last I heard, the Hero went to 主人「勇者様はデナドロ山に Owner: The Hero went to the Denadoro Mountains
   the Denadoro Mountains to find a    剣をとりに行ったまま、    to get a sword, and we haven't heard a thing
   sword.    それっきり何の話も聞かんけど……    since.
   I hope he's okay!    その後どこに    Where could he have gone after that......?
 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]
 [Note]  [Note] [Note]
   Sorry, but I'm out on the road peddling      行商に行っておるので    I'm going peddling, so I won't be back for a while.
   my wares.      しばらく帰ってこんぞよ。    Do come visit again another time.
   Please come back some other time.     また今度たずねてきておくれ。       Bosch
                                Melchior                  ボッシュ[END]
Lucca: Say, where's Melchior? ルッカ「あれ? ボッシュはどこ?[END] Lucca: Huh? Where's Bosch?
Lucca: There's a note? ルッカ「てがみかしら? Lucca: A letter?
   What does it say?    なになに……[END]    Let's see......
Lucca: What!! The geezer's gone ルッカ「な、なんですってえ!! Lucca: Wh, what!!
   when we need him the most!    あのオヤジ、カンジンな時に    That old geezer's not here when we need him!
   いないんだから! まったく![END]    Oh, come on!
Marle: Hey, looks like Mr. Melchior マール「あれれ? Marle: Huh?
   isn't home!    ボッシュさんいないね。[END]    Bosch-san isn't here.
Marle: I wonder what this is? マール「これ、何かしら? Marle: What could this be?
   Let's see here...    どれどれ……[END]    Let's see......
Marle: He's gone when we need him マール「何よ それェ! Marle: What's that supposed to mean!
   the most!    カンジンな時にいないんだから~![END]    He's not here when we need him!
 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]
 [Nu]  [Nu] [Nu]
   Stop it you dog! イヤン、エッチィ![END]    Yah, you pervert!
SIGN: Private Property. たてふだ「これより 私有地。 Notice: Beyond here is private property.
   No trespassing...GRIBBIT    立ち入りきんし。 ゲロゲロ。[END]    No trespassing Gribbit.
 [Frog]  [Frog]  [Frog]
   Who's there!? 「誰だ!?[END]    'Who's there!?
Frog: 'Tis thee, Crono! カエル「よう、クロノか! Frog: Yo, Crono!
   Thou art here to practice thy    どうした、剣でもならいに来たか?[END]    What's wrong, have you come to train swords
   skill in swordplay?    or something?
Frog: What?! カエル「何ッ……!? Frog: What......!?
   The King hast been injured?    王がたおれられた、だと……?[END]    The king has fallen, you say......?
Frog: ...... カエル「……。 Frog: ......
   I see...    そうか……。[END]    Is that so......
Frog: 'Tis nary a thing I canst do... カエル「俺には、どうする事もできん。 Frog: There's nothing I can do.
   Please be on thy way.    悪いが…… 一人にしてくれ……。[END]    Sorry, but...... leave me alone......
Frog: The Hero, I am not. カエル「俺は勇者などではない。 Frog: I'm not the hero or anything.
   I can do naught.    俺には、どうする事もできん……。[END]    There's nothing I can do......
 [Tata's House, 600 A.D.]
TATA: I...I'm sorry everyone. タータ「ゴ、ゴメンよお……。 Tarta: I, I'm sorry......
   Some frog guy dropped this in a    この勇者バッジ、ホントは酒場で    This Hero Badge, the truth is, a seriously drunk
   cafe.    よいつぶれてた、カエルのオヤジが    frog man dropped it in the bar and left.
   I thought I'd sell it, but then
   everyone started calling me a    で、高く売れるかと思って    Then, when I went out in the city thinking I
   «Hero.»    町に出てったら、みんなが勇者様って    could sell it for a lot, everyone made a big fuss
   I couldn't bear to get rid of it!    チヤホヤしてくれるから    over me, calling me the Hero, so I was in too
   引っ込みがつかなくなって……[END]    deep to back out......
   I just can't fake it any longer.   でも、やっぱりオイラには無理だよ。    But it's too much for me after all.
   I'm no Hero...! I'm so ashamed!    伝説の勇者だなんて……    Legendary hero, as if......
   Here.    もうコリゴリだよ。    I've learned my lesson now.
   Please take this!    このバッジ、あんちゃん達にやる![END]    I'll give you guys this badge!
TATA'S FATHER: Scoundrel! タータの父「ったく、こんなこったろうと Tarta's Father: Sheesh, I thought it might be
   I knew this was all a sham!    思ったぜ……。    something like this......
   父ちゃん、情けなくって    Your father's ashamed to the point of tears!
 [Tata's Father] いやあ、せがれが勇者だってんで    No, I'm embarrassed to have been caught up
   How could I have fallen for that? For まい上がっちまって、おはずかしい。    thinking my son was the hero.
   my dear departed wife's sake, I vow 死んだかかあのためにも、俺もせがれも    For the sake of my dead wife as well, both I and
   to keep my feet on the ground! 地道に生きますよ。[END]    my son will live with our feet on the ground.
TATA: Listen to YOU! タータ「父ちゃんだって、俺も勇者を育てた Tarta: This even though YOU'RE the one who
   Who was going around telling    親父かって、ハナたかだかだった    was all proud about, "I'm the dad who raised
   everyone that you raised a Hero,    クセにさ……![END]    the hero"......!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Oh, my grandson! なーに、わしの孫じゃぞ。    Hey, he's my grandchild.
タータはこんなことではくじけんよ。    Tarta won't be crushed by something like this.
   He secretly told me, «My next goal is to わしにこっそり教えてくれたよ……    He secretly told me......
   command the Super Legendary Space
   Ship, XR-RX!» 『次にめざすは、スーパー伝説の船乗り    “My next goal is to be a super legendary sailor
 スペシャルデラックス!!』     special deluxe!!”
とな。    That's what he said.
ファファファ…!!![END]    Fwa, ha, ha...!!!
 [Porre Cafe, 600 A.D.]
MISTRESS: I guess Tata's home now. おかみ「帰ってきたみたいね、タータ。 Hostess: Looks like he's come back, Tarta has.
   It was so quiet without him...    しばらくどこかに行ってたらしくて    Seemed like he'd gone somewhere for a while, and
   村も平和だったのに……。    the village was peaceful too......
   But I'm glad he's back.
   It was a bit TOO quiet around here...    でも、無事でよかった。    But I'm glad he's okay.
   いないとみょうにさびしくてね。    It's strangely lonely when he's not around.
   あの人すごく心配してたし……。[END]    And that person was so worried......
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   And I thought the Hero was from here. せっかくこの村から伝説の勇者様が    And after all this time I thought the legendary Hero
   What a let down... あらわれたって思ったのによ……。    had appeared from this village......
もう、トホホだよ。[END]    I feel so miserable.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   So Tata was a fake after all! やっぱりタータはニセ者だったのね。    I knew Tarta was a phony.
ほんとにもう、アイツったら。    Oh dear, that boy. This line is an exasperated exclamation and doesn't translate directly.
   Then where's the real Hero?
でも、だとすると、どこかに    But, if that's so, I wonder if it means there's a real
本物の勇者様がいるってことかしら。[END]    Hero somewhere.
 [Porre Elder's House, 600 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Oh, that Tata! タータはしょうがないわね……    Tarta's so hopeless......
   He's just too loveable. でも、にくめないのよね。[END]    But you just can't hate him.
 [Cursed Woods, 600 A.D.]
Frog: Thee hath returned? カエル「また、来たのか……? Frog: You've come again......?
   Th, the Hero Medal!    む、そのバッジは……。[END]    Mh, that badge......
Frog: You hath done well to find カエル「しかし、よくここが…… Frog: But well done finding your way......
   this locale.    む、そのバッジは……!?[END]    Mh, that badge......!?
   Th, the Hero Badge!
Frog: Aye... カエル「そうか……。 Frog: I see.…
   Then thou hast seen the lad.    あのチビに会ったのか……。    So you met that runt.…
   Yet there's nary a thing I canst do    しかし、もう魔王には手も足も    But, I can't do a thing against Magus
   against Magus.    出ない……。[END]    anymore......
Frog: The legendary Masamune is カエル「魔王と戦うのに必要な Frog: The legendary sword Grandleon, essential to
   required to fight Magus.    伝説の剣グランドリオンは……。    fighting Magus, is......
   And I've no right to wield it.    それに、グランドリオンを持つしかくも    And besides, I'm not even qualified to hold
   俺にはない。[END]    hold the Grandleon.
Frog: Please leave now... カエル「もう、ほっといてくれないか Frog: Won't you leave me alone already......?
Lucca: A broken sword... ルッカ「おれた剣ね……。 Lucca: A broken sword......
   It's part of the Masamune!    グランドリオンの一部だわ![END]    It's a piece of the Grandleon!
Robo: A broken sword... ロボ「くだかれた剣……。 Robo: A sword that has been broken......
   A part of the Masamune!    グランドリオンの一部デスネ![END]    It IS a piece of the Grandleon!
Lucca: It's engraved with archaic ルッカ「古代文字で何かほってあるわ。 Lucca: Something's engraved in characters from an
   letters.    このていどなら何とか読めそう。    ancient era. Seems like I'll be able to read this
   I think I can read it.    えっ…… と……[END]    difficulty anyway, one way or another.    U...... mm......
Lucca: ...M...e...l...c...h...i...o...r! ルッカ「……ボ……ッ……    ....b....o....s....c....h....?
Lucca: «Melchior?!» ルッカ「『ボッシュ』ですって!? Lucca: You said "Bosch"!?
   That guy in Medina Village?    まさか…… メディーナ村の……?[END]    It can't be...... Medina Village's......?
Robo: Something is written in ロボ「古代のショウケイ文字で Robo: Something IS writTEN down in an ancient era's
   archaic script.    なにか、しるされていマス。    hieroglyphic characters.
   I will translate...    解読してみマショウ……。[END]    I SHALL try decoding it......
Robo: ......... ロボ「………… Robo: ......…
   R...o...i...h...c...l...e...m?    ……ュ……シ……ッ……ボ……?[END]    ....h....c....s...o....b....?
Robo: Roihclem? ロボ「ュシッボ……??[END] Robo: Hcsob......??
Robo: System error! ロボ「アア、さかさまデス! Robo: AH, it IS upside down!
   I reversed it!    『ボッシュ』としるされて    "Bosch" is inscribed.
   It says «Melchior!»    いるのデス。[END]  
Marle: Melchior? マール「ボッシュって、あのボッシュ? Marle: 'Bosch', that Bosch?
   That guy in Medina Village?    メディーナ村の……?    Medina Village's......?
   What does this mean, Crono?    ど、どーゆー事、クロノ?[END]    W, what's going on, Crono?
Frog: Nary a soul remains to カエル「グランドリオンを Frog: There isn't a person in this world
   mend'eth the Masamune.    なおせる者は、もうこの世には    anymore who can fix the Grandleon......
 [Melchior's Hut, 1000 A.D.]
MELCHIOR: You're back again? ボッシュ「ほう、お主達か。 Bosch: Hey, it's you guys.
   Come to see my collection?    また、ワシのコレク……!![END]    Come again for my collec....!!
MELCHIOR: Th, this's the ボッシュ「こ、この剣は、たしかに Bosch: Th, this sword is definitely the Grandleon!
   Masamune!    グランドリオン! お主達これを    Where did you guys get that?
   How did you get it?    どこで?[END]
Marle: Why would YOUR name be on マール「なぜ、この剣にあなたの名が?[END] Marle: Why's your name on this sword?
   that sword?
Lucca: Why would your name be ルッカ「どうして、この剣にあなたの Lucca: I wonder why your name's carved on this
   engraved on the sword?    名前がほってあるのかしら?[END]    sword?
MELCHIOR: ... ボッシュ「…… Bosch: ......
   It's a...long story.    それはの……、話せば長くなるが……[END]    That is...... it's a long story......
MELCHIOR: You do want to hear this ボッシュ「お主達がたずねて来たのは Bosch: But you didn't come visit to ask about that,
   story, right?    その事を聞くためではなかろう?[END]    did you?
Marle: Yes! マール「そうよ! グランドリオン![END] Marle: That's right! The Grandleon!
   Tell us about the Masamune!
Lucca: Of course! ルッカ「そうだわ! グランドリオン![END] Lucca: That's right! The Grandleon!
   Tell us about the Masamune!
Marle: Can you fix it somehow? マール「何とか元通りに出来ない?[END] Marle: Can't you somehow put it back the way it was?
Lucca: Is it possible to reforge it? ルッカ「復元する事は可能なの?[END] Lucca: Is it possible to restore it? In the NA version, he asks if they want to hear the story, they agree that they want him to tell it, and then he says nothing else about it and no one seems to care. However, in the original, he's changing the subject ahead of time by asking why they came in the first place. Marle and Lucca's aren't so much agreement (like "Of course!" and "Yes!" in the NA version) as they are a startled "Oh, that's right, how could I almost forget we came here to get this thing fixed!" kind of meaning.
MELCHIOR: Hmmmm... ボッシュ「こいつの原料である Bosch: If you can even now get the ore called
   It might be possible if we could get    ドリストーンっちゅう原石が    Dreamstone that's its raw material...... I suppose so.
   our hands on some Dreamstone,    今でも入手出来れば……な。[END]
   which the sword is made of.
Marle: Dreamstone? マール「ドリストーン? Marle: Dreamstone?
    Where can we get that?    どこにあるのかしら?[END]    I wonder where it is?
Robo: Dreamstone...? ロボ「ドリストーン…… Robo: Dreamstone......
    No data in my memory banks of    ワタシのメモリーには記録されていない    The stone name IS not recorded in MY memory.
   such a rock.    石の名前デス。[END]
MELCHIOR: You can't find it anymore. ボッシュ「今じゃどこにもなかろう。 Bosch: I doubt it's anywhere, now. Dreamstone was never used as money, as it stated in the English translation.
   It was a red stone that was once    昔は金よりも、ねうちがあった赤く    It's a red shining stone that long ago had more
   used as money.    輝く石なのじゃが。    value than even gold.
   Unfortunately, it hasn't been    もう、はるか昔じゃよ。    That's far in the past now.
   available for a very long time.    気の遠くなるほどのな……[END]    So far the mind boggles......
MELCHIOR: I doubt that you'll ever find ボッシュ「ま、無理じゃろが、まんがいち Bosch: Well, I don't expect it's possible, but if by
   the red stone, but if you bring some    赤く輝く石、ドリストーンが手に入れば    any chance you get the red shining stone,
   to me, I will fix the Masamune. Keep    グランドリオンを修復してやるぞい。    Dreamstone, I'll mend the Grandleon for you.
   the sword with you until then.    それまで剣はお主達が持っとけ。    Until then, you guys hold onto the sword.
   Would you like to buy something?    で、何か買って行くか?    Well, will you buy something before you go?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No