Break the Seal!   とけよ封印 呼べよ嵐   Release the Seal, Call Forth a Storm   “forth” added for stylistic reasons                          
 [Lair Ruins, 65000000 B.C.]
Marle: Why did the Prophet let us マール「あの予言者、なぜ私達を Marle: That prophet, I wonder why he didn't kill
   go?    殺さなかったのかしら……。[END]    us......?
Lucca: The Prophet could have just ルッカ「あの予言者、私達を殺そうと Lucca: That prophet, if he meant to kill us, he
   done away with us.    思えば殺せたはずなのに……。[END]    should have been able to, yet......
Robo: Why would the Prophet ロボ「ナゼ、ワタシ達を消さなかった Robo: WHY did he not eliminate US?
   spare us?    のデショウカ?[END]
Frog: 'Tis true, he hath spared us. カエル「あの予言者、命だけは助けて Frog: That prophet let us off with our lives...... but
   But something is amiss.    くれたが……、どうもクサイぜ。[END]    I smell a rat.
Lucca: The key to defeating Lavos ルッカ「けどラヴォスを倒す手が Lucca: But it seems like the means to beat
   must exist in that period.    あの時代には、ありそうね。[END]    Lavos are going to be in that era.
Robo: The key to defeating Lavos ロボ「シカシ、ラヴォスのあの力を Robo: HOWEVER, it IS an era that uses that
   must exist in that era.    利用している時代デス。    power of Lavos.
   倒す方法も、あの時代に……。[END]    A way to defeat it, also in that era......
Frog: Where hast Magus gone? カエル「それにしても、魔王の Frog: Anyway, what the hell happened to
   I shan't allow him to get away.    ヤツは一体どうしちまったんだ。    that bastard Magus?
   この手でカタをつけない事には。[END]    It's a question I just can't settle.
Ayla: They take energy from エイラ「あいつら ラヴォスの力 Ayla: They were sucking out Lavos's power.
   Lavos.    吸い取ってた。    If being sucked out of, Lavos weakened, right?
   Lavos not get weak?    吸い取られたら ラヴォス 弱って
Marle: But we can't get back to マール「でも、もうあの時代には Marle: But we can't return to that era any more.
   that time.    戻れないよ。 どーする?[END]    What'll we do?
   What can we do?
Lucca: But the Gate to that time has ルッカ「けど、あの時代のゲートは Lucca: But that era's Gate was sealed off.
   been sealed.    封じられちゃったのよ。    Some good method......
   Is there another way back?    何かいい方法は……。[END]
Robo: But the Gate has been shut. ロボ「シカシ、ゲートはふさがれて Robo: HOWEVER, the Gate has BEEN shut.
Frog: Yet Schala hast sealed the カエル「けど、あのサラって娘が Frog: But that Sara girl sealed it, right?
   Gate.    封印してんだろ?    We can't return......
   'Tis not possible to returneth.    戻れやしないぜ……。[END]
Ayla: Door gone. エイラ「でも エイラ達 もう Ayla: But Aylas no can go there any more.
   No can return.    あそこ 行けない。[END]
Marle: Wait a minute. I've seen the マール「そういえば、このペンダントで Marle: Come to think of it, the crest on the
   design on the doors this pendant    開くドアの紋章、あの時代以外で    door that opens with this pendant, I feel like
   opens, somewhere else...    見た気が……。[END]    I've seen it outside of that era......
Lucca: The crest on those sealed ルッカ「!! ペンダントで開く Lucca: !! The crest on the door that opens with
   doors...    ドアの紋章、どっかで見なかったっけ?[END]    the pendant, haven't we seen it somewhere?
   We've seen it elsewhere, haven't
Robo: Wait. The crest on the doors ロボ「ペンダントで開けたドアの紋章 Robo: About the crest on the door that we
   that the pendant opens...    デスガ、ワタシの時代でも、いくつか    opened with the pendant, there WERE several
   I have seen them in my own time!    ありマシタ![END]    in MY era as well!
Frog: Thou hast seen elsewhere カエル「そういえば、このペンダントで Frog: Come to think of it, the crested door that
   the crest on the doors that the    開いた紋章のついた扉…    opened with the pendant......
   pendant opens, correct?    お前達、あれをどこかの時代で見たと    Didn't you say you saw them in some era?
Marle: Let's check it out, Crono! マール「行ってみよう、クロノ![END] Marle: Let's try going, Crono!
Lucca: We may yet find our way ルッカ「あの時代に行くための Lucca: We might be able to get a hold of a
   back to that era!    手がかりが、つかめるかも!    clue to go to that era!
   Let's get cracking, Crono!    行くわよ、クロノ![END]    We're going, Crono!
Robo: Let us return to my time! ロボ「行ってみマショウ。 Robo: LET US try going.
   ワタシの時代へ![END]    To MY era!
Frog: 'Tis time to depart, eh, カエル「行ってみるしか手はないな。 Frog: Guess there's no means but to try going.
   Crono?!    クロノ?[END]    Crono?
 [End of Time]
OLD MAN: Aha! 老人「ほう、お前さん達、あの魔法の国を Old Man: Oh? So you saw that land of magic
   So you've been to the Land of Magic...    見てきたか……。    before you came......
   Now that the pillar of light is sealed,    光のはしらが封じられては    As the pillar of light has been sealed, you need
   you'll be needing something that will    時をじゆうに行き来できる翼が    wings that can freely come and go through time.
   transport you through time.    必要じゃな。
   I recall someone working on such a    時をわたる翼……    Wings that Cross Time......
   device.    そんなものを研究していた男もおった。    There was even a man researching such a thing.
   The Wings of Time, I believe he called    研究にぼっとうするあまり、ちと正気を    Though I'm afraid he's lost a bit of his sanity,
   it.    うしなってしまったみたいじゃが……[END]    immersing himself too much in his research......
   I'm afraid he became a tad psychotic
   spending so much of his time doing
Frog: Need you not a カエル「剣が立つヤツがいなきゃ Frog: Nothing's going anywhere if you don't have a
   swordsman?!    始まらねえだろ。    guy who's good with a sword, right?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
Frog: OK, let's get going! カエル「よっしゃ、行くとするか![END] Frog: All right, let's go!
Frog: Mine blade and skill カエル「腕がなまっちまうぜ。[END] Frog: My skill will dull.
   may rust...
Ayla: Ayla go. エイラ「エイラ 行く。 Ayla: Ayla go.
   Big yawn here!    ここ たいくつ!    Boring here!
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
Ayla: Ayla fight for world! エイラ「今までの分も、エイラ Ayla: Ayla go so wild it make up for up to now! In other words, she'll cause so much havoc it makes up for all the sitting around doing nothing.
Ayla: Take Ayla,  [crononick]! エイラ「エイラ連れてけ クロ![END] Ayla: Take Ayla, [cro]!
Ayla: Take Ayla, エイラ「エイラ連れてけ Ayla: Take Ayla, [pc1]!
    [member1]!    [pc1]![END]
 [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]  [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.] [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]
 [System]  [System]  [System]
             Got a Power Ring!      パワーリングを手に入れた![END]    Got a Power Ring!
 [Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.]  [Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.] [Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.]
 [System]  [System]  [System]
             Got a Speed Tab!      スピードカプセルを手に入れた![END]    Got a Speed Capsule!
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
CHANCELLOR: I've been worried, 大臣「心配しましたぞ、マールディア様! Chancellor: We've been worried, Marledia-sama!
   マールディア様のお気持ち、この大臣    I, the chancellor, understand your feelings well,
   I understand your pain.    よくわかりますぞ。    Marledia-sama. The King is a man who places
   But the king really only cares about    国王は何よりも国を大事になさるお方。    his kingdom above all else.
   his realm...
   そう、あなたの母君アリーチェ王妃様が    Yes, even when your mother, Queen Ariche,
   Yes, even when your mother, Queen    なくなられた時も……[END]    passed away......
   Aliza passed away, he worked all
Marle: No one could do that! マール「母様が!?[END] Marle: Mother!?
   It's inhuman!
CHANCELLOR: Oh, child, it's ancient 大臣「いやいや、何でもありませぬ。[END] Chancellor: No, no, it's nothing.
   history now...
Marle: Tell me more! マール「話してよ![END] Marle: Tell me!
CHANCELLOR: This may be difficult... 大臣「もうしあげにくいのですが…… Chancellor: It is difficult to say this, but......
   Well, Queen Aliza's condition suddenly    もともと病弱だったアリーチェ様の    It was when Ariche-sama's condition, which had
   changed for the worst.    よう態が急変した時です。    been sickly to begin with, took a sudden turn.
   She desperately wanted to see the    最後に一目国王にお会いしたいと    Ariche-sama said that she wished to see the King
   king one last time, but he couldn't    おっしゃっていたアリーチェ様ですが    one last time, but the King......
   find the time to drop by...    国王はなんと……[END]
CHANCELLOR: Said he had some work to 大臣「国のしごとでおいそがしいとはいえ Chancellor: Even if he WAS busy doing work for the
   do...    アリーチェ様のもとに来ず……    country, not coming to Ariche-sama......
   But knowing nothing about death,    おさないマールディア様が    As a young Marledia-sama watched over her, not
   you waited faithfully by your    死という事もわからぬまま見守る中……[END]    knowing about death......
   mother's side...
CHANCELLOR: Aliza passed away in 大臣「アリーチェ様は、おなくなりに Chancellor: Ariche-sama passed away......
   sorrow...    なられたのですじゃ……。
   It's as if the king indirectly killed    いやはや、あれでは国王が    Dear me, that makes it sound almost like the King
   her... Such a shame...    アリーチェ様を殺したも同然……[END]    killed Ariche-sama......
Marle: WHAT...!! マール「……!! Marle: ......!!
   Father KILLED?    父上が……母様を……[END]    Father did that...... to mother......
   ...MY MOTHER...?!!
CHANCELLOR: But what do I know! 大臣「おやおや、私とした事が! Chancellor: Oh dear, what have I done!?
   There are reasons for everything,    お気にしませぬようにマールディア様![END]    Don't worry yourself over it, Marledia-sama!
   right dear?
CHANCELLOR: glad to see you 大臣「さ! せっかく戻られたのです。 Chancellor: Now! You've gone to all the trouble to
   back again.    国王のもとへお立ち寄り下され。[END]    come back. Please do pay the King a visit.
   Please go and visit the king.
 [System]  [System] [System]
   It's locked. カギがかかっている。[END]    It's locked.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Since it IS our 1000th Anniversary, めでたき千年祭でもある事だし    As it is the joyous Millennial Festival, the King has
   The King has, for the time being, クロノはとりあえず、しっこうゆうよに    ordered a suspended sentence for Crono for the
   ordered probation for Crono. しておけとの王のご命令だ。[END]    time being.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The King awaits the return of his かんどうしたとは言いつつも    Though he says he disowned her, the King is
   daughter. 王は帰りを待っておられる。[END]    awaiting her return.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Due to the King's orders, the court is 裁判所は王の命によりふうさ中だ。[END]    The courtroom is currently closed by the King's
   adjourned.    order.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   We're about to begin celebrating, but 建国千年パーティをとり行う予定だが    We have plans to hold the National Founding
   with the King like that... 王があれでは……[END]    Party, but with the King like that......
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Due to the King's orders, the court is 王の命により、刑務所も今はふうさ中だ。[END]    By the King's order, the prison is also currently Prison, not courtroom.
   adjourned.    closed.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Getting ready for the Millennial Fair. 千年祭のしゅくがパーティのじゅんび中だ。[END] We're preparing the Millennial Festival celebration party.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   What? You want to be put on trial どうした?また裁判にかけられたいか?[END]    What's wrong? Want to be put on trial again?
   again or something?
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The chef's ancestor had a cook-off コック長の先祖は料理で魔王軍との    I hear the Head Cook's ancestor contributed to the
   with Magus's troops. 戦いにこうけんしたらしい。[END]    war against Magus's army with cooking.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Hey!! 「コラーッ!![END]    'HEY!!
   Leave it! 「手を出すんじゃない![END]    'Hands to yourself!
   Oh, dear! 「これはマールディア様。    'Oh, Marledia-sama.
   I didn't recognize you, Princess Nadia!  しつれいしました![END]     Excuse me!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Hey, don't come in here without ちゅうぼうに勝手に入ってくんじゃないよ![END]    Don't come in the kitchen without asking!
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Hey, sorry 'bout that. いや、すみませんな。    Oh, I'm sorry.
   The old lady's handlin' the kitchen. このキッチンは、にょうぼうが    My wife does everything in this kitchen.
   Gotta tread softly around here!
   にょうぼう・イン・ちゅうぼう!    Wife In Kitchen! Weak wordplay. Wife = nyoubou, kitchen = chuubou. English adaptation is probably appropriate, maybe something like... bitchin' in the kitchen...?
   The gist of this is that she can
   cook...but she can yell, too. なんてね……    Something like that......
料理の腕はピカ一だが気性があらくって……    Her cooking skills are top-notch, but she's got a
何でも血すじらしいんですがね。[END]    rough disposition...... I hear it runs in the family.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   I'm in charge of the Princess' ワシャ姫様の教育たんとうじゃ![END]    I'm responsible for the Princess's education!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   I'm in charge of her physical education! や! ぼかあ姫様の体育たんとうだ!    Hey! I'm in charge of the Princess's athletics!
ガルディア体育大出のバリバリの    The great active sportsman of Guardia's athletics!
 [Nun]  [Nun] [Nun]
   I'm in charge of discipline. 私は姫君のしつけたんとう。    I'm responsible for the princess's discipline.
   And she's missed almost every lesson 今回のけんは、私がいたらなかったばかりに    The current incident is due to my inadequacy......
   this year! ……[END]
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Mr. Pierre awaits downstairs. ピエールさんが下でお待ちです。[END]    Pierre-san awaits you below.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The Chancellor lost it right around the ドラゴンせんしゃを作るよう命じたり……    Giving orders to make the Dragon Tank......
   time he ordered that Dragon Tank to あのころから大臣殿は変わってしまった。[END]    The Chancellor's been different since about that time.
   be built!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The Chancellor hired all those soldiers 刑務所にいた兵達は大臣殿の口聞きで    The soldiers that were in the prison all entered the
   that work in the jail. 城に来た者達だ。[END]    castle on the Chancellor's orders.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Those jail guardians were an odd 刑務所の兵達はどうにも    The prison soldiers were really disturbing.
   bunch. いけすかなかった。
   We got cold stares from them. 時々、俺達を冷たい目で見やがった。    Sometimes they'd stare at us with cold eyes.
   It's like they weren't even human! まるで人間じゃない目つきでな。[END]    With looks as though they weren't human.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   I heard the Chancellor really gave it to 裁判で王様をたきつけたのも    It was probably the Chancellor who stirred up the This sounds like he's talking about Crono's trial.
   the King in court. おそらく大臣殿……[END]    King at the trial too......
 [Pierre]  [Pierre] [Pierre]
   I'm your lawyer, Pierre. ベンゴシのピエールです。    I'm the lawyer Pierre.
   The King has been so gloomy since マールディア様が城を出られてから    The King has been thoroughly dejected ever since
   Princess Nadia's disappearance... 国王はすっかりふさぎこんでしまい……    Marledia-sama left the castle......
   Listening to my story, he has concluded 私の話も聞いて下さり、王女ゆうかいの    He has also listened to what I had to say, that there
   that it was NOT a kidnapping... 罪はなかった事と……    was no crime of abducting the princess......
   It's taken time, but I think he 時間はかかりましたが、ようやっと    It took time, but I have finally carried out my
   understands. 使命をはたせました。    mission.
   Still, the Chancellor's acting weird. それにしても大臣殿の様子がおかしい。    Even so, the Chancellor seems funny.
   He may give us some trouble... 我々はそのけんにかんして話し合って    We are talking things over as regards this matter.
 [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Only the Chancellor thought Crono 大臣殿だけは、クロノ有罪を最後まで    Only the Chancellor took Crono's guilt for granted
   was guilty. 決めこんでいました。[END]    to the end.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Without Princess Nadia, this castle's マールディア様がいないと、この城も    When Marledia-sama isn't here, it's as though the
   dead. 火が消えたようだ。[END]    flame has gone out in this castle.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   I, too, hope Princess Nadia returns. 私もマールディア様が、城にもどる事を    I also wish for Marledia-sama's return to the castle.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   Princess Nadia's a dead ringer for マールディア様は、母君のアリーチェ様に    Marledia-sama is like a living copy of her mother Hard on her, strict with her, whichever. I think the first sounds better, but that's just me.
   her mother. That's why the King's so 生きうつしだ。 だからこそ王もきびしく    Ariche-sama. That's probably exactly why the
   strict with her. されてしまうのだろう。[END]    King is so hard on her.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The King is deeply concerned about 王はマールディア様の事でだいぶ    The King appears to worry quite a bit about
   Princess Nadia. おなやみのご様子。[END]    Marledia-sama.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   But being a King, he keeps it all locked 一国の王ともなれば、そうだん出来る者も    But, as he is the country's king, it is unlikely that
   up inside. ありますまい。[END]    there is anyone he can talk it over with.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   After his wife's death, he only lived for 王はアリーチェ様がなくなられてから    Ever since Ariche-sama passed away, the King has
   Princess Nadia. マールディア様だけを大事にされて    valued only Marledia-sama.
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
   Urgh...! うぬぬ……    Unnngh......
   You'll see, you'll be put on ice! きさま、かならずや処刑してやる![END]    I'll make sure to execute you, damn you!
 [King Guardia]  [King Guardia] [King Guardia]
   It's you! おお、お前は……!    Oh, you're......!
   Where's Princess Nadia? マールディアはどこにいるのだ?    Where's Marledia?
   Tell her to return to the castle, please. 城にもどるよう、お前からも    Could you, as well, tell her to return to the castle?
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
   Come, Princess Nadia... さ、マールディア様……[END]    Come on, Marledia-sama......
KING: Oh! 王「おお、マールディア……[END] King: Oh, Marledia......
KING: W, what do you want! 王「な、何しにもどった! King: Wh, what did you come back for!?
   I'm not giving in to your demands!    この私に用などないはずだ![END]    You shouldn't have any business with me!
Marle: ...... マール「……。[END] Marle: ......
KING: It's your fault for leaving the 王「何だその目は! King: What's with that look!
   castle!    お前が勝手に城を飛び出すからだぞ!    You rushed out of the castle on your own!
   And letting these...hoodlums in here.    そうかと思えば、そんなキテレツな    And, come to think of it, brining such a bizarre
   やからを城に入れるなぞ……    group into the castle......
   You might as well beg for bread on
   the street corner!    チンドン屋でもはじめるつもりか![END]    Are you trying to start a circus or something?! Not actually circus. He's referring to an over-the-top form of public advertising involving flashy outfits and various instruments. You could probably compare it to having a guy in a hot dog suit to advertise a new diner.
Marle: Stop it! マール「何て事言うの! 私の友達に![END] Marle: How can you say that! To my friends!
   They're my friends!
KING: They're a disgrace to this family! 王「その様な者が友達とは King: People like that as friends,
   ガルディア王家のご先祖様に    I could never justify that to the Guardia
   もうしわけが立たぬわ![END]    royal family ancestors! You mean the ones who call them friends and consider Crono and Frog heroes? Yay for irony!
Marle: Father, you, you... マール「父上は私よりも……[END] Marle: More precious than me......
Marle: You care more about your マール「私や母様よりも大事なのね! Marle: It's more precious than me OR mother to you!
   country than me...or mother!!    このガルディア王国が!![END]    This Guardia Kingdom!!
KING: What...? 王「何……?[END] King: What......?
Marle: You, killed mother! マール「母様を殺したのは父上よ![END] Marle: You're the one who killed mother!
KING: !! 王「!![END] King: !!
KING: Get... OUT OF HERE this instant!!! 王「出て行け! King: Get OUT!
   I never want to see your face again!    二度と私の前に姿をあらわすでない![END]    Never show yourself in front of me again!
Marle: Good riddance! マール「いわれなくったって Marle: I wouldn't come even if you hadn't said so!
KING: We're no longer family! 王「お前とは親でも子でもない! King: I consider us neither parent nor child any more! This needed some tweaking. Literally it's closer to: with you, neither parent nor child
   Do as you wish!!    勝手にするがいい!![END]    Do as you please!!
CHANCELLOR: ...... 大臣「……。[END] Chancellor: ......
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
   Oh, woe is me... おお、何という事でしょう……[END]    Oh, how terrible......
 [King Guardia]  [King Guardia] [King Guardia]
   All right, forget it! ええい、もういい!    Argh, enough already!
   Beat it, you guys!! お前達も消えるがいい!![END]    All of you, get out of my sight too!!
 [King Guardia]  [King Guardia] [King Guardia]
   ...... ……。    ......
   I've got nothing to say! 今さらこの私に用などないはずだ![END]    You shouldn't have any business with me now!
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] [Chancellor]
   Why not give the King a present? そうですな、王のお好きな物でも    Oh yes, how about bringing something the King
   持ってプレゼントしてはいかがです?    likes as a present?
   He's been known to love jerky...
王は最近、ハイパーほしにくに    The King has developed a fondness for Hyper
目がなくておいでです。[END]    Dried Meat recently.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   Jerky? ハイパーほしにく?    Hyper Dried Meat?
   Seems one of his ancestors first made ああ、遠い祖先が作ったらしいけど    Oh right, I hear a distant ancestor made it, but I
   it, but I don't know the recipe. あたいはレシピがわかんないねえ。    don't know the recipe.
今じゃパレポリの名物になってるよ。[END]    It's Parepoley's specialty now. Hey, useful information!
 [Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.]
 [Chef]  [Chef] [Chef]
   Yo! おう!    Heya!
   What? 何? ハイパーほしにく?    What? Hyper Dried Meat?
   You want some Jerky?
   あいにくと、ざいりょうがな……    Sorry, but the ingredients......
   Sorry, I'm out of the ingredients right だいいち、なみの人間にはキョーレツ    And it's too intense for the average person in the
   now. Besides, it's a tad spicy for most すぎっぞ。[END]    first place.
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]  [Chancellor] Crono and Marle both must be out of the party for this to appear.
   Oh, my... うぬぬ……    Unnngh......
   That Crono, he'll be strung up! クロノのヤツ、かならずや    I'll make sure to execute that damn Crono!
KING: W, what's that? 王「そ、それは?[END] King: Wh, what's that?
Marle: Your... favorite. マール「父上の……好物だよ。[END] Marle: Father...... your favorite.
KING: ...... 王「…… King: ......
   For me?    お前が私に?[END]    You're giving me this?
KING: Let's see... 王「どれ……[END] King: Let's see......
SERVANT: What is it, sir?! めし使い「ど、どうされました!?[END] Servant: Wh, what is wrong!?
KING: What...!! 王「はうう……!![END] King: Hauggkk......!!
KING: How dare you...?! 王「うう…… King: Oohh......
   Giving me something this rich when    私の血あつが高い事を知っていながら    Giving me something so extremely spicy, when
   you KNOW I have high cholesterol...!    こんなゲキカラな物を……![END]    you know I have high blood pressure......!
Marle:'s your favorite! マール「え!? それ大好物じゃ……[END] Marle: Huh!? Isn't that your favorite......?
KING: This is the last straw! 王「今度という今度は、カンベンならん! King: This time, I will not tolerate this!
   Now I know how you REALLY feel!    お前が私をここまでキライなのが    Now I know quite well that you hate me this much!
Marle: Father, NO...! マール「ちがうよ、父上……[END] Marle: That's not it, father......
KING: Leave! 王「どこへでも行け! King: Go, I don't care where!
   NOW!!!!    二度と姿を見せるな!![END]    Never show yourself again!!
   Never show your face here again!!
Marle: Father!! マール「父上!![END] Marle: Father!!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   The King does not wish to see anybody. 王は誰にも会いたくないとの事です。[END]    The King does not wish to see anyone.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier] [Soldier]
   If you must know, he's been bedridden あれ以来、王はねこまれてしまって……    The King has been bedridden ever since that......
   since then. お体よりも、気持ちがふさぎこんで    It seems it's more emotional dejection than his
   He's emotionally drained. おられるようです。[END]    body.
 [Heckran Cave, 1000 A.D.]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   It's sealed with a mysterious energy...     不思議な力で封印されている……。[END]       It's sealed with a mysterious power......
 [System]  [System] [System]
                          Huh?          ん?       Hmm?
          There's something else in here.      奥の方に、まだ何かある……    There's something else further in......
           Wh...what in the world...!         な、なんと![END]       Wh, whoa!
 [Magic Cave, 600 A.D.]
 [System]  [System] [System]
            Sealed by a mysterious force…     不思議な力で封印されている……。[END]       It's sealed with a mysterious power......
 [Bangor/Arris/Trann Dome, 2300 A.D.]
 [System]  [System] [System]
   A curious crest is engraved here. ふしぎな紋章がきざまれている。    A mysterious crest is engraved.
   Some unknown power keeps it sealed. 何かの力によって封印されているようだ。[END]    It seems to be sealed by some sort of power.
   The pendant shimmers...! ペンダントが輝き出す……![END]    The pendant starts shining......!
   The pendant begins to glow… ペンダントが輝き出す……![END]    The pendant starts shining......!
 [Arris Dome, 2300 A.D.]
 [Child]  [Child] [Child]
   Hey! あ! お兄ちゃん達![END]    Ah! Bro, it's you guys! literally 'big brother and other(s)', used if Crono is in the group
   It's those people again!
 [Child]  [Child] [Child]
   Hey! あ! お姉ちゃん達![END]   Ah! Sis, it's you guys! literally 'big sister and other(s)', used if Marle or Lucca is in the group but Crono isn't
   It's them!
 [Child]  [Child] [Child]
   Daddy's on a trip. お父さん、遠くにいるんだって。[END]    I heard dad's far away.
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   But I haven't given up. 私もあきらめませんわ。    I won't give up either.
   This child, and this seed are この子も、あのめも育ってるんですもの。[END]    I'm raising both this child and that sprout.
   still growing.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Wonder what kind of fruit this is going どんな実がなるんだろうな。[END]    Wonder what kind of fruit it's gonna be?
   to bear?
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Since you've come, we've gained the あんたらが来てから、みんな生きようという    Ever since you guys came, it seems like
   courage to live. 力がわいて来たみたいだ。    everyone's strength to live on is boiling up.
これが『元気』ってヤツか?[END]    Is this that "healthy" thing?
DOAN: Hey fellas! ドン「おお、お前さん達! 見てくれ! Don: Oh, it's you guys! Look!
   Look!    あの種子がめを出したんじゃ![END]    Those seeds have sprouted!
   The seed's sprouted!
 [Trann Dome, 2300 A.D.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   So, there are people in Arris Dome, too! やっぱアリスドームにも人がいたのか![END]    So there really were people in Arris Dome!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   This edible?... コレ食えるのか……?[END]    Can we eat this......?
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Wheeze...pant... ハアハア……    haa, haa......
   Finally got through the ruins. I brought 何とか廃墟をぬけて、あの種子から出た    I somehow made it through the ruins and brought
   the sapling that sprang from the seed! めを持って来たんだ。    a sprout budded from those seeds. Things work
   死ぬ気になれば何とかなるもんだな……。[END]    out somehow when you're worried about dying......
   Amazing what you can do when you
   think you're gonna expire...
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   What's this? 何だコレは?    What's this?
   A plant?    ショクブツ? 何だそれは?[END]       A plant? What's that?
   What's that?
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   Never seen anything like this... こんな物見るの、はじめて……。[END]    First time I've seen anything like this thing......
 [Keeper's Dome, 2300 A.D.]
STRANGE CREATURE: The professor's なぞの物体「ワタシニ オコナワレタ Enigmatic Object: THE FINAL PROGRAM CARRIED
   programming was, in a sense, his    サイゴノ プログラムハ ハカセ    OUT BY ME WAS THE BURIAL OF THE WISE
   own eulogy.    ジシンノ マイソウ デシタ。    ONE HIMSELF.
   Soon, I, too, will be able to sleep    コレデ ワタシハ エイキュウニ    NOW I CAN ETERNALLY PASS THROUGH THE
   forever.    ハカセト オナジ ジカンヲ    SAME TIME AS THE WISE ONE.
   スゴスコトガ デキルノデス。
   But first...
   アレ……    HUH......?
   There is one thing I must do.
   ......    ナイコトガ アッタヨウナ……    THING THAT I MUST DO......
   ......    ザセキヲ……    SEATS......
   ......    ……    ......
   Program error...    ……    ...... memory banks have failed...
   ……    ......
   ワスレマシタ。[END]    I FORGOT.
 [Party]  [Party]  [Party]
   Huh...? 「ん……?[END]    Hm......?
 [Belthasar]  [Gasch]  [Gasch]
   To those who opened the door... 「扉を開けた者達へ……    To those who opened the door......
   I am Belthasar, the Guru of Reason.    私は、理の賢者、ガッシュ。    I am the Philosopher of Reason, Gasch.
   I once lived in the kingdom of Zeal.    魔法王国ジールの、ガッシュ。    Gasch, of the Magic Kingdom Zeal.
      私はジールの大災害のおり    I was flung to this age at the time of Zeal's
   A great disaster in Zeal somehow    この時代へ、とばされた……。    great disaster......
   threw me into this era.
      おどろいた事に    To my surprise, Lavos's appearance was not
   To my surprise, Lavos exists here, and,    ラヴォスが現われるのは    just in my era......
   I suspect, in other periods as well.    私の時代だけではなかった……。
   Aeons ago, Lavos descended from the
   heavens.    はるか太古の時代に、空より落下し    It fell from the sky in a distant ancient era,
   ジールに出現し、地中深くひそみ    appeared in Zeal, lay dormant deep
   Burrowing deep into the the world's    この地球のエネルギーを吸いながら    underground, and continued to grow while
   core, he began to consume our planet's    成長を続けた……。[END]    sucking up this earth's energy......
   energy, and grow stronger.
   Lavos disappeared briefly when he   時は、ガルディア王国暦600年    The time is Kingdom Year 600.
   was summoned away by a mighty    魔王が呼び出し、一時その姿を現わす。    Magus summons it, and it briefly appears.
   wizard who lived in Guardia, in the
   year 600.    王国暦1999年    Kingdom Year 1999
   ついに地表をもそのテリトリーにする。    It at last makes the surface its territory too.
   In 1999, Lavos claims this area, and
   reigns from high atop Death Peak.    そして、まるで卵を生むかのように    And then, just as if laying eggs, it gives
   私が死の山と名付けた場所から    birth to its own offshoots, one after another, offshoots = 'bunshin', one of those words that doesn't translate well. Sort of, but not exactly, 'clone'.
   Lavos continues to replicate......    自らの分身を次々とたんじょう    from the place I named Death Mountain.
   like a giant parasite, he is consuming    させるのだ。
   our world.
   ラヴォスとは、星自体に巣くう    Lavos is an enormous parasite that nests in
   巨大な寄生虫なのだ。[END]    the planet itself.
   Forced to live here, I continued to   私は、ここでラヴォスの監視と研究    I have continued the observation and study of
   conduct research on Lavos.    を続けて来た。    Lavos here.
   But I am growing old.    だが、すでに限界じゃ。    But I'm already at my limits.
   And it's impossible to keep sane in such    こんな時代に正常な精神をたもつのは    Maintaining a normal mind in an era like this
   trying times. So before I lose it    不可能なのかもしれぬ……。    may be impossible......
   completely, I shall safeguard my data,
   and my ultimate creation...    私の精神が死をむかえる前に    I have decided to leave behind this record
   この記録を残しておく事にする。    before my spirit accepts death.
   私の生がい最後の発明と共に……。[END]    Together with the final invention of my life......
   How I long to return home...   私は自分の時代になんとか帰ろうと    I continued researching so as to somehow While in the NA version Belthasar simply states that he longs for Zeal in his pre-Epoch speech, in the Japanese version he directly states that he was building the Epoch precisely to take him home. Sadly, he died before he could accomplish this.
   But I have grown frail...    研究を続けた。    return to my own era.
     しかし、この研究が完成するころには    However, by the time that research was
   So you...YOU, who have opened the    私自身、じゅ命を感じていた。    complete, I was feeling my own lifespan.
   I leave things in your hands.    だから、たくすのだ。    That is why I entrust it.
   ここを開く者に。    To those who open this place.
   Only by mastering time, itself, do you
   stand a chance against Lavos.    時間を行き来出来れば……    If you can come and go through time......
   時代を超えて人間が、この星そのものの    If, crossing time, humans can become one for
   ために一つになれば……    the sake of this planet itself......
   あのラヴォスをどうにか出来るかも    Perhaps they can do something about that
   知れぬ……。[END]    Lavos......
   The odds will be against you...   可能性はゼロに等しい……。    The probability is equivalent to zero......
   But you are true heros.    しかしゼロでない限り、かけてみる。    However, as long as it's not zero, I'll try taking the
   The world is in your hands.    この扉を開く者に、この地球のすべて    chance. I'll wager everything of this earth on those
   をかけて……。    who open this door......
   Open, now, the last door, and take
   what you find there.    さあ、開けるがいい、最後の扉を。    Now, the last door, open it.
   My last invention...    そして手に入れるのだ。    And then, take it.
     私の最後の発明……    My last invention......
   My «Wings of Time» ...
   時をわたる翼を……。[END]    The Wings that Cross Time......
Marle: Wow...this is amazing... マール「すごい……、これが…… Marle: This is...... awesome......
   How do you tell the front from the
   back?    でも、どっちが前なのかしら……?[END]    But I wonder which side's the front......?
Lucca: This must be the invention ルッカ「これが、理の賢者ガッシュの Lucca: This the the Philosopher of Reason Gasch's
   Belthasar spoke of.    最後の発明……。[END]    last invention......
Robo: The Wings of Time... I ロボ「コレが、先ほどの記録に Robo: THIS is the Wings that Cross Time, that “This is” and not “these are”, here and elsewhere, because it's the name for a single device.
   believe I have heard of this device.    あった時をわたる翼……。[END]    was in the record earlier......
Frog: This...moves through time? カエル「こ、こいつが時をわたる翼![END] Frog: Th, this is the Wings that Cross Time!
Ayla: !! エイラ「!! Ayla: !!
   What this thing?    これ……。[END]    This......
STRANGE CREATURE: Scared you, didn't I? なぞの物体「おどろいたようだな。 Enigmatic Object: You seem surprised. Notice the suddenly normal speech.
   It's me......BELTHASAR    私だよ……。    It's me......
   I copied my memory into this thing.    そう、ガッシュだ。    That's right, Gasch.
   What do you think?    この物体に、私の頭脳をコピーしてお    I copied my brain into this object.
   Anyway, there's something I need to
   explain.    この物体、気に入ってくれたかな?    Are you pleased with this object, I wonder?
   Namely, how to transcend time!    君達に説明をしておかなければなら    There is something that I must explain to you.
   Press the Y Button for the time
   gauge.    それは、他の時代への行き方じゃ。    That is, how to go to another era.
   Then use the L&R Buttons to select    緑色のボタンで、タイムゲージが    The time gauge appears with the green
   an era.    現われる。    button.
   LRで行きたい時代をえらぶと    Choose the era you want to go to with L and R.
BELTHASAR: Oh, yeah! ガッシュ「あっ! そうだ! Gasch: Ah! That's right!
   Before you go, why don't you...    出発の前に、このタイムマシンに……[END]    Before leaving, give this time machine......
BELTHASAR: my time machine! ガッシュ「タイムマシンに、名前をつけて Gasch: Why not try giving the time machine a
   みてはどうかな。[END]    name?
BELTHASAR: Hop aboard! ガッシュ「さあ、乗った乗った![END] Gasch: Go on, get in, get in!
   No dozing off, now! 「ねるなーっ!    Don't fall asleep!
STRANGE CREATURE: I will now deliver a なぞの物体「ハカセカラノ メッセージヲ Enigmatic Object: NOW CONVEYING A MESSAGE
   message from the professor.    オツタエシマス。[END]    FROM THE WISE ONE.
STRANGE CREATURE: Instructions for the なぞの物体「タイムマシン Enigmatic Object: ADVICE FOR TIME MACHINE
   time machine are as follows.    シヨウジョウ ノチュウイ。    USAGE.
   The Y Button displays the time gauge.    ミドリボタン GREEN BUTTON
   タイムゲージヲダス。    BRING UP THE TIME GAUGE
   Use the L & R Buttons and Control
   Pad to select a destination in time.    LRキー / ジュウジキー サユウ L AND R KEYS / CROSS KEYS LEFT AND RIGHT
   タイムゲージノ イキサキヲ エラブ。    SELECT TIME GAUGE DESTINATION.
   Press the A Button to board and get
   off the device, and to warp through    アカボタン RED BUTTON
   time.    ノル オリル タイムワープ。    RIDE, GET OFF, TIME WARP
   End Professor's message.    イジョウ    THAT IS ALL.
   シュウリョウシマス。[END]    ONE.
STRANGE CREATURE: Enter name of time なぞの物体「タイムマシンノ ナマエヲ Enigmatic Object: INPUTTING THE TIME MACHINE'S
   machine.    ニュウリョク シマス。[END]    NAME.
STRANGE CREATURE: Mumble, mumble? なぞの物体「ムニャ ムニャ? Enigmatic Object: Mumble mumble?
      Take off.    作動       Operate it
      Get off.    おりる[END]       Get off
Marle: Awesome! マール「ス、スッゴーい![END] Marle: Aweeesooome!
Lucca: Traveling at warp speed! ルッカ「次元空間をこんなスピードで![END] Lucca: Dimensional space, at such speed!
Robo: Even in my time, we did not ロボ「ワタシの時代の文明でも Robo: Even though there was no such thing as a
   have such devices!    時空間の乗り物などは    vehicle that travels timespace even in MY era......!
Frog: Whoa! カエル「ひええ~ッ![END] Frog: hyeeeiih!
Ayla: It great! エイラ「こいつ すごい! Ayla: This awesome!
   It fast!!!    こいつ 強い!!![END]    This strong!!!
 [Party]  [Party]  [Party]
   Epoch's capable of THIS?! 「こ、これがシルバードの力!?[END]      'Th, this is the Sylbird's power!?
 [End of Time]
Marle: We're outta here! マール「行っけえーッ![END] Marle: Go—!
Lucca: Let's go, Epoch! ルッカ「出番よ、シルバード![END] Lucca: It's your turn, Sylbird!
Robo: Forward, Epoch! ロボ「シルバード発進シマス![END] Robo: Sylbird takING off!
Frog: Hi ho, Epoch!! カエル「ハイヨー! シルバード!![END] Frog: Hi ho! Sylbird!! The Lone Ranger reference works better with the original name
Ayla: Epoch, GO! エイラ「シルバード! 行く!![END] Ayla: Sylbird! We go!!
Magus: We're off. 魔王「行くぞ……。[END] Magus: Here we go...... Once he's in the party, that is.
OLD MAN: Interesting. So he actually 老人「そうか、あの男、完成させたのか Old Man: I see, so that man completed it.
   finished the Wings of Time.    時をわたる翼を……    The Wings that Cross Time......
   In fact, gave his life for it!    その命とひきかえに……。    In exchange for his life......
   Why not put that device to good use?    その翼で今一度行ってみてはどうかな?    Why don't you try going on those Wings now?
   Take it to the ancient Land of Magic!    そのいにしえの魔法の国にな。[END]    To that ancient land of magic.
 [System]  [System] [System]
      Full speed ahead!   作動       Operate
      Disembark    おりる[END]       Get out
Marle: Let's go! マール「行っけえーッ![END] Marle: Go!!! Command form, and elongated for emphasis or (more likely) excitement. Romanized, it would normally be 'ike', but she's saying it like 'i (abrupt cutoff, dramatic pause) keeee!' Basically, she's putting an obscene amount of energy into it.
Lucca: Time for action, ルッカ「出番よ、シルバード![END] Lucca: It's your turn, Sylbird!
Robo: Epoch ready ロボ「シルバード発進シマス![END] Robo: Sylbird IS departing!
   for takeoff!
Frog: High ho, Epoch!! カエル「ハイヨー! シルバード!![END] Frog: Heigh-ho, Sylbird!! blatant Lone Ranger reference
Ayla: Epoch! エイラ「シルバード! 行く!![END] Ayla: Sylbird! We go!!
Magus: Forward... 魔王「行くぞ……。[END] Magus: Here we go...... Once he's in the party, that is.
Board the Epoch? シルバードに乗りますか?    Board the Sylbird?
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Land Bridge, 12000 B.C.]
 [System]  [System] [System]
             The power is sealed...      力は封印されている……。[END]    The power is sealed......
 [Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   This is Algetty, the village of the ここはアルゲティ。地の民の村だ。[END]    This is Algetty, village of the People of the Earth.
   Earthbound Ones.
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Many inhabitants of this land were ここに住む地の民の多くが    Many of the People of the Earth who lived here were
   taken to build the Ocean Palace, and 海底神殿けんせつのために連行され    hauled off for construction on the Ocean Floor
   were never seen again. ニ度と帰ってきませんでした……[END]    Temple and never again returned......
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Wanna buy something? 何か買ってくかい?    Buy something?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   We Earthbound Ones lack magical 我ら地の民は、魔力を持たないがために    We People of the Earth were banished from Zeal,
   powers. That's why we were banished 天空の王国ジールを追放されたのだ。[END]    the kingdom in the heavens, because we don't have
   from Zeal.    magical powers.
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   The Queen put the Mammon Machine in 女王は海底神殿に魔神器を設置して    The Queen intends to set up the Demonic Vessel
   the Ocean Palace to absorb Lavos's ラヴォスからさらなるエネルギーを    in the Ocean Floor Palace and extract yet more
   energy. 取り出そうとしているが    more energy from Lavos, but is that really going
   Is that safe? 果たして、だいじょうぶなのだろうか?    to be okay?
   She locked the Guru of Life up on the 危険だと反対した命の賢者様は    I'm afraid that the Philosopher of Life, who opposed
   Mountain of Woe for opposing her. なげきの山にゆうへいされてしまった。    it as dangerous, was imprisoned on Grief Mountain.
   The situation's hopeless. 我らではもう、どうする事も出来ない……。[END]    There's nothing we can do any more......
OLD MAN: The Guru of Life said that Sir 長老「賢者様から聞いたのじゃが Elder: I heard from the Philosophers that Jyaki-sama
   Janus has stronger powers than    ジャキ様はサラ様をもこえる    hides an incredible magical power that surpasses
   even Miss Schala!    すごい魔力をひめているらしい。    even Sara-sama.
   Janus must be using her and the    しかし、女王をくるわせ、サラ様を    However, he hates that power, which drives the
   Queen to get to Lavos...    苦しめるその力をきらい、心ごと……    Queen mad and torments Sara-sama, and along
   その力を閉ざしてしまっているのじゃ。[END]    with his heart...... he has shut that power away. Big difference. Janus searching for Lavos didn't make much sense. This means Janus was reluctant to use the magic that drove the wild and unchecked ambitions of Zeal.
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   Long ago, the Enlightened Ones and the かつては、光の民も地の民も    Once, both the People of the Light and the People
   Earthbound Ones lived as one. ともにくらしていた一つの種族だったのよ。[END]    of the Earth were one people that lived together.
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   Now, only the 3 Gurus and Miss Schala 三賢者様達とサラ様くらいですよ。    It's just about only the Three Philosophers and
   treat us as equals. われらを同等にあつかってくださるのは。[END]    Sara-sama who deign to treat us as equals.
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   I wonder when Miss Schala's gonna サラ様、今度はいつあそびに    Wonder when Sara-sama's gonna come play with
   come and play with us? きてくれるのでちゅかね~?[END]    us again?
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   The Beast's nest is dangerous. ドロクイの巣は、とってもキケンでちゅ。    The Mud-Eater nest's real dangerous.
   Better stay away, okay? 行かないほうがいいでちゅ。[END]    You'd better not go.
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Spend the night? とまって行くかい?    Stay over?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   Our Hero, the Guru of Life, rejected the 命の賢者様は、女王の計画に反対したため    The Philosopher of Life was imprisoned on Grief
   Queen's plan, so he was banished to the なげきの山に閉じ込められてしまいました。[END]    Mountain because he opposed the Queen's plans.
   Mountain of Woe.
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   This hole leads to the Beast's nest. このアナは、ドロクイの巣に続いている。    This hole continues into the Mud-Eater nest.
   Through the nest you'll reach the place ドロクイの巣はなげきの山を大地につなぐ    The Mud-Eater nest should lead to where the
   of chains, which anchors the Mountain くさりの所まで通じているはずだ。[END]    chain that ties Grief Mountain to the earth is.
   of Woe.
 [Mud Imp]  [Mud Imp]  [Mud Imp]
   You can't pass through here! ここから先は、と~さないもんね~![END]    I won't let you pass through here!
The Guru on Mt.Woe   なげきの山の賢者様   The Philosopher on Grief Mountain      
 [Mt. Woe, 12000 B.C.]
Marle: The Guru of Life's trapped in マール「ここに命の賢者が Marle: The Philosopher of Life is being imprisoned
   here.    閉じ込められているのね……。[END]    here......
Lucca: The Guru of Life's trapped in ルッカ「ここに命の賢者が Lucca: The Philosopher of Life is being imprisoned
   here.    閉じ込められているのね……。[END]    here......
Robo: Here we will find the Guru ロボ「ココデスネ。命の賢者が Robo: It IS HERE. The place where the Philosopher
   of Life!    ユウヘイされているのは。[END]    of Life is being CONFINEd.
Frog: Ah, 'tis where the Guru of カエル「ここか……、命の賢者が Frog: So it's here...... the place where the Philosopher
   Life remains imprisoned.    閉じ込められてるってのは……。[END]    of Life's being imprisoned...…
Ayla: This big cage? エイラ「これ デッカい オリか?[END] Ayla: This is huge cage?
Marle: Look! マール「見て! 消えてゆくわ![END] Marle: Look! It's disappearing!
   It's disappearing!
Lucca: It's disappearing! ルッカ「消える!? そんなバカな![END] Lucca: It's disappearing!? That can't be!
Robo: What's happening?! ロボ「コ、コレハ!?[END] Robo: TH, THIS is!?
Frog: 'Tis disappearing! カエル「! 消えてゆく![END] Frog: ! It's disappearing!
Ayla: Crono! エイラ「クロ! あれ見ろ!![END] Ayla: Cro! Look that!
Marle: M, Melchior?! マール「ボ、ボッシュ!?[END] Marle: B, Bosch!?
Lucca: Melchior?! ルッカ「ボ、ボッシュ!?[END] Lucca: B, Bosch!?
Robo: Mr. Melchior? ロボ「ボ、ボッシュさん?[END] Robo: B, Bosch-san?
Frog: Old man Melchior!? カエル「ボッシュのじいさん……![END] Frog: Old man Bosch......!
Ayla: Melchior? エイラ「ボッシュのジジイ?[END] Ayla: Old guy Bosch?
MELCHIOR: Indeed, I am Melchior. ボッシュ「いかにも、ワシは Bosch: Indeed, I am Bosch......
   Have we...met before?    ボッシュじゃが……。    But that's odd, how do you know my name?
   はて、どうしてワシの名を?    This is my first time meeting you all, you know?
   More importantly, can you tell me    お前さん達に会うのは、初めてじゃぞ?
   anything about the Ocean Palace?
   それより女王は、海底神殿の計画は    More importantly, what has become of the Queen,
   どうなった?    the Ocean Floor Temple project?
   お前さん達、何か知らぬか?[END]    Do you know anything?
MELCHIOR: I see...the Queen has ボッシュ「むう、そうか…… Bosch: Mmh, I see......
   degenerated to that degree...    女王の心は、すでにそこまで……[END]    The Queen's heart, already so far......
MELCHIOR: The more energy the ボッシュ「魔神器が吸い上げる Bosch: The greater the energy that the Demonic
   Mammon Machine absorbs, the    エネルギーが大きくなればなるほど    Vessel sucks up grows, the more the Queen
   further the Queen degenerates.    女王は正気を失っていった……。    loses her sanity......
   Her spirit has been stolen by the    海底に眠る不死の神ラヴォスに    The Queen's heart as a human has been eaten
   infamous immortal, Lavos.    女王は人としての心を    by the immortal god Lavos that sleeps in the
   食われてしまったのじゃ……。[END]    ocean floor......
MELCHIOR: We must flee! ボッシュ「む! ここの封印を解いたため Bosch: Mh! Because you broke the seal here,
   The seal has been broken!    山が落ちるぞ! 急いで下りるのじゃ![END]    the mountain will fall! Descend quickly!
   The mountain will collapse!
 [Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Elder! The Mountain of Woe is about to 長老! な、なげきの山が!![END]    Elder! G, Grief Mountain!!
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]  [Little Boy]
   Mommy, the mountain's gonna fall! ママ、お山が落ちてくるです~![END]    Mama, the mountain's falling down!
MELCHIOR: Lavos sleeps deep ボッシュ「ラヴォスは海底で、この星を Bosch: Lavos is consuming this planet as it sleeps
   underground, while consuming the    食べながら眠っておるのじゃ。    in the ocean floor.
   energy of this planet.
   魔神器を海底までおろせば    If the Demonic Vessel were moved all the way to
   If the Mammon Machine is brought    ラヴォスそのものを、目ざめさせて    the ocean floor, I fear that Lavos itself might be
   closer to him, he may awaken!    しまうかも知れぬ……![END]    awakened......!
MELCHIOR: We must hurry before it's ボッシュ「手おくれにならぬうちに Bosch: If we don't do something before it's too late,
   too late!    なんとかせねば、大変な事になるぞ……[END]    terrible things will happen......
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Elder! 長老! サラ様がおいでです![END]    Elder! Sara-sama has come!
   Schala is here!
MELCHIOR: What? ボッシュ「何、サラが?[END] Bosch: What, Sara?
   Schala's here?
 [Dalton]  [Dalton]  [Dalton]
   Why don't we keep it right there... 「そこまでにしていただきましょうか。[END]      'Let's have you leave it at that, shall we?
JANUS: What a filthy hovel. ジャキ「……きたない所。[END] Jyaki: ......filthy place.
ELDER: Miss Schala...why have you come 長老「サラ様……、このような所へ Elder: Sara-sama...... to such a place as this,
   to such a miserable place?    なぜ……。[END]    why......
SCHALA: Stop degrading yourselves! サラ「やめて下さい……。 Sara: Please stop......
   We Enlightened Ones were once the    我ら光の民も、もとはあなた達と同じ。    We People of the Light too were once the same as
   same as you.    私達は、ラヴォスの力におどらされて    you. The difference is nothing more than that we
   いるにすぎないのですから……。[END]    are compelled to dance by Lavos's power......
   The only difference is that we are
   under Lavos's control...
SCHALA: Melchior... サラ「ボッシュ…… Sara: Bosch......
   After the Mountain of Woe fell, I    なげきの山が落ちたので、ここに来れば    Because Grief Mountain fell, I thought that I
   thought I would find you here!    あなたに会えると思ったのです。    could meet you if I came here.
MELCHIOR: Is it safe for you to leave ボッシュ「宮殿を出たりして Bosch: Is it all right for you to do such a thing
   the palace?    だいじょうぶなのか?[END]    as leaving the palace?
SCHALA: That no longer matters! サラ「それどころではありません。 Sara: This no time to worry about that.
   The Ocean Palace is now operational!    海底神殿が完成してしまったのです![END]    I'm afraid the Ocean Floor Palace is complete!
MELCHIOR: Then all is lost! ボッシュ「間に合わなかったか![END] Bosch: I wasn't in time?!
SCHALA: But without me, the Mammon サラ「しかし、私がいなければ魔神器は Sara: However, the Demonic Vessel will not
   Machine won't work.    動きません……。    work if I am not there......
   I have turned my back on that evil    私はもうこれ以上、魔神器を……。[END]    The Demonic Vessel, I will no longer......
SCHALA: I've kept the Skyway open. サラ「天への道を開いておきました。 Sara: I have opened the Sky Road.
   You must mother!    はやく女王を……    Quickly, the Queen......
   母を止めて下さい![END]    Please stop my mother!
SCHALA: Dalton! サラ「ダ、ダルトン! Sara: D, Dalton!
DALTON: Tisk, tisk my dear. ダルトン「動かしてもらわなくっちゃあ Dalton: If we don't get you to run it, that's a
   Your presence is required elsewhere!    困るんですよ。ねえ……サラ様。[END]    problem. Isn't it...... Sara-sama.
MELCHIOR: Dalton! ボッシュ「ダルトン! Bosch: Dalton!
   Leave her alone!    お主のすきにはさせぬぞ![END]    I won't let you do as you please!
DALTON: Ah! ダルトン「ジジイは説教くさくて Dalton: Old man, I can't stand how you reek of
   The geezer speaks!    たまらんね。[END]    preaching.
DALTON: Silence, old man! ダルトン「だまっちまいな![END] Dalton: Silence!
MELCHIOR: Argh! ボッシュ「ぐはっ![END] Bosch: gwah!
DALTON: You'll come to the Ocean Palace ダルトン「さ、いっしょに海底神殿へ Dalton: Now, I'm having you come down to the
   with me.    おりてもらいますよ。    Ocean Floor Palace with me.
   Do anything funny, and Schala's dust.    邪魔するとサラ様の命は……。[END]    Interfere, and Sara-sama's life......
   Got it?
JANUS: Schala! ジャキ「姉上![END] Jyaki: Ane-ue!
DALTON: The Queen's children all seem ダルトン「ったく、女王の血をひくガキは Dalton: Oh come on, it's no good that every damn
   to have a problem with authority,    どいつもこいつも気が強くて    one of the brats with the Queen's blood is
   don't they?    いけない。[END]    stubborn.
DALTON: Stay back. ダルトン「おーっと、お前達も手を出すな。 Dalton: Whoa, don't you guys interfere either.
   The life of this woman means    俺は女王など少しも恐れちゃいない。    I'm not one bit scared of the Queen or
   nothing to me!    こんな小娘のクビなぞ、いつでも    anyone. I'm ready to take the head of a little
   ハネてやるぞ![END]    girlie like this one any time!
DALTON: Shall we get going, Schala, ダルトン「さーて、行きましょうかサラ様。 Dalton: Now then, let us go, Sara-sama.
   dear?    優しいお母上がお待ちかねですよ。[END]    Your gentle mother eagerly awaits you.
   Your mother awaits!
Marle: Melchior! マール「ボッシュ![END] Marle: Bosch!
Lucca: Melchior! ルッカ「ボッシュ![END] Lucca: Bosch!
Robo: Mr. Melchior! ロボ「ボッシュサン![END] Robo: Bosch-san!
Frog: Melchior! カエル「じ、じーさん![END] Frog: O, old man!
Ayla: Old man. エイラ「ジジイ だいじょぶか!?[END] Ayla: Old guy okay!?
MELCHIOR: I'm all right. ボッシュ「だいじょうぶじゃ……。[END] Bosch: I'm all right......
MELCHIOR: But we must save Schala, or ボッシュ「何としても、サラを Bosch: If we don't somehow rescue Sara, terrible
   else...    救い出さねば、大変な事に……。[END]    things......
OLD MAN: Impossible! 長老「ムチャです! Elder: That's unreasonable!
   Even though it's coming from YOU,    いかにボッシュ様といえど……。[END]    Even for you, Bosch-sama......
MELCHIOR: If the Queen is allowed to ボッシュ「だが、この計画が実行されれば Bosch: But, if this plan is carried out, all
   fulfill her scheme, all life as we    すべての人間、いや、すべての生命が    humans, no, all life will be exposed to a
   know it, is doomed!    危機にさらされる……![END]    crisis......!
MELCHIOR: You're willing to challenge ボッシュ「お、お主達が…… Bosch: Y, you guys......
   the Queen?    行ってくれると言うのか……?[END]    You mean you'll go for me......?
MELCHIOR: You've done so much for us... ボッシュ「すまぬ……、名も知らぬ Bosch: Thanks...... To you whose names I don't
   ...and I don't even know your names!    お前さん達に何から何まで……。[END]    even know, everything......
Marle: You'll find out soon enough! マール「名前なら、そのうち知る事に Marle: If it's our names you want, you'll find out
なるわよ![END]    eventually!
Lucca: That's OK. ルッカ「いいのよ! そのうち Lucca: It's okay! Since we're going to owe you
   Someday, maybe we'll need your    私達が世話になるんだから![END]    one eventually!
Robo: You've already helped us. ロボ「イイエ、ワタシ達も世話になり Robo: NO, WE are also indebtED to you. This
   Let us return the favor.    マシタ。ギブ・アンド・テイクデス。[END]    is GIVE AND TAKE.
Frog: Worry not thine head. カエル「気にするな。 Frog: Don't worry about it.
   Thou hath fixed the Masamune!    じいさんには、グランドリオンを    Since we owe you one for having you repair
   修復してもらった、かりがあるからな。[END]    the Grandleon.
Ayla: Gramps use red stone. エイラ「ジジイ、赤い石使って Ayla: Old guy, used red stone, helped Cros.
   Help Crono.    クロ達 助けた。    This time Ayla's turn.
   Now, Ayla help you.    今度 エイラの番。[END]
MELCHIOR: What ARE you talking about? ボッシュ「な、何?[END] Bosch: Wh, what?
Marle: Crono! マール「さ、急がなきゃ、クロノ![END] Marle: C'mon, we've gotta hurry, Crono!
   Let's get going!
Lucca: Come on, Crono! ルッカ「行くわよ、クロノ![END] Lucca: We're going, Crono!
Robo: Crono, let us hurry! ロボ「クロノ、急ぎマショウ![END] Robo: Crono, LET US hurry!
Frog: Crono, let us be on our カエル「クロノ、行くぞ![END] Frog: Crono, we're going!
Ayla: Crono! エイラ「さ 行く クロ!![END] Ayla: Now we go, Cro!!
   We go now.
MELCHIOR: Wait, take this with you. ボッシュ「まて、これを持って行け……。[END] Bosch: Wait, take this with you......
MELCHIOR: It's made from the same red ボッシュ「こいつは魔神器と同じ赤き石の Bosch: This was made from the same fragments
   stone as the Mammon Machine.    かけらで、作られた物じゃ。    of red stone as the Demonic Vessel.
   With it, you can destroy the Machine!    これなら、魔神器をこわせる……。[END]    With this, you can break the Demonic Vessel......
What Lies Beyond?    天空で待つものは   That Which Awaits in the Sky   もの in kana is ambiguous between 物 (thing) and 者 (person).  
[Terra Cave, 12000 B.C.]
ELDER: Schala's been abducted. 長老「サラ様がさらわれてしまった……。 Elder: Sara-sama has been abducted......
   But without sorcery, we can't do a    魔力を持たぬ我らでは    There is nothing we can do, not having magical
   thing.    どうする事も出来ん……。[END]    powers......
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   So it was the Enlightened Ones! やっぱり、光の民は……。[END]    So the People of the Light really are......
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Miss Schala, where have you gone? サラ様、どこへいっちゃったですか?[END]    Sara-sama, where'd you go?
 [Little Boy]  [Little Boy] [Little Boy]
   Aaaahhh, Schala...Schala...!! え~ん、サラ様が…… サラ様がァ~!![END]    Waaah, Sara-sama was...... Sara-samaaa!!
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   How could something like this happen? それなのに……    Even so......
なぜ、こんな事に……。[END]    Why did such a thing......?
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Use the Skyway to chase Dalton. 天の道を使えば、ダルトンを追えるはず。    If you use the Sky Road, you should be able to
   And please hurry, for Schala's sake! はやく、サラ様を……。[END]    chase Dalton. Quickly, Sara-sama......
 [Woman]  [Woman] [Woman]
   It's likely that Dalton came here using おそらくダルトンは    Dalton probably came to this village through the Opened, not created.
   the Skyway that Schala created. サラ様の開いた天の道を通って    Sky Road when Sara-sama opened it.
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Sir Janus is headed toward the Skyway ジャキ様は、サラ様を助けるため    Jyaki-sama headed for the Sky Road to save
   to save Miss Schala! 天の道へと向かわれました。[END]    Sara-sama.
 [Woman]  [Woman]  [Woman]
   The Gurus of Time and Reason are 理の賢者様や時の賢者様は行方が知れず    No one knows where the Philosophers of Reason
   missing, along with Miss Schala. サラ様までもがとらわれてしまいました。    and Time are, and even Sara-sama has been seized.
   Can no one stop the Queen?
……、女王の計画を止める事は's impossible to stop the Queen's plans any
もう不可能なのでしょうか?[END]    more, isn't it?
 [Man]  [Man]  [Man]
   Is Miss Schala alive? ……サラ様は、ご無事でしょうか?[END] Sara-sama okay?
 [Kajar, 12000 B.C.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   The Palace is finished! 海底神殿が完成しました。    The Ocean Floor Temple is completed.
   This heralds the dawn of the eternal おお、われらジールの永遠の時が    Oh, the eternal time of we of Zeal begins!!
   kingdom of Zeal!! はじまる!![END]
 [Zeal Palace, 12000 B.C.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   The Queen took Schala with her to the 女王様はサラ様をともなって    The Queen took Sara-sama with her and
   Ocean Palace. 海底神殿におりられました。    descended to the Ocean Floor Temple.
   We Enlightened Ones will finally attain ついにわれら光の民が    Finally, we People of the Light will obtain
   immortality. 永遠の生命を手にするのです。[END]    eternal life.
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   The way to the Ocean Palace is through 海底神殿への入り口は    I've heard that the entrance to the Ocean Floor
   the Queen's hall. 女王の間にあるらしい。    Temple is in the Queen's hall.
   A day will come when all may see the いずれ誰もが光り輝く新しい魔神器を    One day all will be able to see the radiant new
   shining new Mammon Machine. 見られるようになるよ。[END]    Demonic Vessel.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   The Ocean Palace is complete. 海底神殿が完成しました。    The Ocean Floor Temple has been completed.
   Zeal will rule forever!! おお、われらジールの永遠の時が    Oh, the eternal time of we of Zeal begins!!
 [Young Man]  [Young Man] [Young Man]
   Our kingdom is shrouded in eternal わがジール王国は永遠の光に    Our Zeal Kingdom is enveloped in eternal
   light. つつまれる……。    light......
   There is no sadness or fear, only もうそこには、おそれも悲しみもない。    Here, no longer is there either fear or sorrow.
   eternal peace. ただ終わることのない安らぎだけが    Just endless tranquility awaits us.
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   The hall of the Mammon Machine is この先は魔神器の間じゃが    Beyond here is the hall of the Demonic Vessel,
   beyond. もはや、あの気のみなぎりは    but I can't feel that brimming spirit any more......
   But the power is gone... 感じられぬわい……。[END]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]  [Young Woman]
   Just as I thought! やっぱり!    I knew it!
   Unfortunately, the Mammon Machine でも、おあいにく様。    But it's most unfortunate.
   has been moved. 魔神器はもうここにはありませんわ。    The Demonic Vessel is no longer here.
うるうる……。[END]    My eyes are clouding......
   Tragic...I can no longer feel the last ああ……、でも私にも    Aah..... but I can no longer feel it.
   waves of energy. もう感じられないのですわ。    That ultimate eye-clouder......!
 [Old Man]  [Old Man]  [Old Man]
   The Mammon Machine was moved to 魔神器は海底神殿にうつされたよ。    The Demonic Vessel was transferred to the
   the Ocean Palace to obtain the raw ついに、まことのラヴォス・エネルギーを    Ocean Floor Temple.
   energy of Lavos. 手に入れる時がきたのじゃ。[END]    Finally, the time has come when we will
DALTON: Phooey! ダルトン「ったく、あの予言者のヤローが Dalton: Jeez, that prophet bastard went in, how come
   Why is the Prophet allowed inside    中に入れて、なぜこの俺様が    I'M lookout in a place like this......?
   while I'm stuck with guard duty?    こんなところで見はり……[END]
DALTON: Ha! ダルトン「ハン、来やがったな……。[END] Dalton: Hmph, you bastards came......
   There you are...
DALTON: I let the Prophet go, knowing ダルトン「予言者のヤツが Dalton: I let that prophet bastard go, thinking he'll
   he'd mess up sooner or later.    なにかボロを出すかと思って    slip up somehow......
   But I've no use for you anymore.    およがせていたが……。    But I've no further use for you guys either.
DALTON: You're history! ダルトン「いさぎよく死ねーいッ![END] Dalton: Take it like a man and dieee!
DALTON: N...nooooo! ダルトン「バ、バカな……! Dalton: N, no way......!
   I'm going to be immortal!    俺は永遠の力を手に入れるんだ。    I'm going to get the power of eternity.
   I CAN'T be beaten now!    こんな所でやられてたまるか![END]    As if I'd just lie down and get beaten now!