We're Back!     ただいま!   I'm Home!                                  
 [Leene Square, 1000 A.D.]
Marle: Phew! マール「わーい! Marle: Yaaay!
   We're back!    やっと帰って来られた![END]    We finally made it back!
Marle: Crono, Lucca, why マール「ね、クロノ、ルッカ! Marle: Hey, Crono, Lucca!
   don't you come home with me to the    お城までいっしょに来てくれる?    Will you come with me to the castle?
   castle?    色々お世話になっちゃったし![END]    I owe you one!
   I'd like you to come over for dinner!
Lucca: Sorry for putting you ルッカ「ゴメンなさいねマール。 Lucca: I'm sorry, Marle.
   through all that, Marle.    大変な目にあわせて。[END]    For making you go through all that.
Marle: Are you joking? マール「ううん、スリルあって Marle: Nah, it was thrilling and really fun.
   That's the most fun I've had in    とっても楽しかったよ!    I made great friends, for one thing!
   months!    ステキな友達も出来たし![END]
   And I have some new friends, too!
Lucca: Crono, be a gentleman ルッカ「お城へは、クロノ Lucca: Crono, you see her off to the castle.
   and take her home.    あんたが送りなさいよ。    Do a good job of escorting her.
   I've got some work to do.
   私はゲートの出てきた原因を    I'll try investigating the cause of the Gate's
   調べてみるわ。[END]    appearance.
Marle: See you soon, Lucca! マール「またねー ルッカ![END] Marle: Later, Lucca!
Marle: Will you escort me home, マール「じゃ、お城までエスコートして Marle: Well then, escort me to the castle, Crono!
   Crono?    クロノ![END]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I heard the Princess ran away from 王女様がお城をぬけ出したそうよ。[END]    I hear the Princess slipped out of the castle. Doesn't say again.
   home again!
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   The merchants went back to their 広場の商人は新商品の    The merchants in the square have all gone home
   warehouse to stock up on more goods. しいれのためみんな家に帰ったよ。    to stock up on new merchandise.
町のグッズマーケットによってみな。[END]    Try going to the town goods market.
 [Crono's House, Truce, 1000 A.D.]
MOM: Hello, Crono! ジナ「お帰り、クロノ。[END] Jina: Welcome home, Crono.
 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   There used to be a cathedral in the ねえ、知ってる?    Hey, did you know?
   woods to the west. なんでも昔は、西の森に修道院が    I hear that an abbey was built in the western forest
たっていたことがあったんだって。    long ago.
   I wonder what became of it?
でも、どうしてなくなって    But I wonder why it's gone now......?
 [Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.]
 [Young Man]  [Young Man]  [Young Man]
   Heh, heh...you're never too old to ははっ、年がいもなく    Ha, ha, I'm getting caught up in collecting silver 年がいもなく means something like he ought to know better at his age
   collect Silver Points! シルバーポイントをためるのに    points despite my age.
 [Truce Market, 1000 A.D.]
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Elaine's down at the pier again? 今日もエレインさんは船つき場か。    Elaine-san is at the pier again today?
   That Fritz! フリッツのやつ……。    That Fritz......
   Where could he be? 本当に、どこいっちまったんだ……[END]    Just where has he gone......?
 [Man]  [Man] [Man]
   Oh! あっ!    Ah!
   Hello! いらっしゃいませ    Welcome.
   What can I do for you? なんのご用でしょうか?[END]    What did you want?
   Not enough cash! お金がたりません。[END]    You don't have enough money.
   Thank you very much. まいど、ありがとうございました。[END]    Thank you, and come again.
 [Lucca's House, 1000 A.D.]
LARA: Lucca and Taban only care ララ「ルッカもタバンも発明で Lara: Lucca and Taban are both busy with
   about their silly toys!    いそがしくて。[END]     inventions.
Lucca: Hmmm, two-legged, walking ルッカ「うーん…… Lucca: Hmmm......
   humanoid robots are virtually    2本足で完全なバランスをとって    The miniaturization of robots that balance perfectly Lucca mentioned in the US version that two-legged robots were virtually impossible to create. She originally said that miniaturized versions were impossible to create, which ties in with a PSX cutscene (in which miniature Robos accompany her to find Kid in the forest).
   impossible to create.    あるくロボットの小型化は    on two legs and walk really is difficult.
   Oh! Crono! Hurry up and escort
   the Princess to the castle!    あ! クロノ! 早く王女を    Ah! Crono! Hurry up and take the princess to
   お城までつれていってやりなよ。[END]    the castle.
TABAN: Here's what we earned today! タバン「ほら、これが今日のかせぎで Taban: Look, I got these apples with what we earned
   手に入れたリンゴだ。[END]    today.
LARA: You're so thoughtful. ララ「いつもすまないね。[END] Lara: Thanks for always.
 [Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.]
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]
   Princess Nadia! 「マールディア様~![END]    Marledia-samaaa!
CHANCELLOR: Are you all right? 大臣「ご無事でしたか? Chancellor: You're safe?
   Where have you been?!    一体、今までどこに!?    Where on earth have you BEEN!?
   I heard you were abducted!    何者かにさらわれたという情報もあり    There were even reports that you were
   We had soldiers searching for you!    兵士達に国中を探させていたのですぞ![END]    kidnapped by someone, and we had the
   soldiers searching all over the country!
CHANCELLOR: Scoundrel! 大臣「ム! そこのムサいヤツ! Chancellor: Hey! You scum there!
   You're the one, huh?    そうか、お前だなッ!?    That's it, it's you, isn't it!?
   Kidnapping Princess Nadia!    マールディア様をさらったのは![END]    The one who kidnapped Marledia-sama!
Marle: No! マール「違うよ! クロノは……[END] Marle: You're wrong! Crono......
CHANCELLOR: Admit it! 大臣「えーい! ひっとらえろ! Chancellor: Hey! Arrest him!
   You confused her and tried to take    マールディア様をまどわせ    You damn terrorist, misleading Marledia-sama
   over the throne!    王家転ぷくをくわだてる    and plotting to overthrow the royal family!!
   Terrorist!!    テロリストめッ!![END]
Marle: S, stop it! マール「や、やめてーッ![END] Marle: S, stop it!
Marle: Stop this at once!! マール「やめなさ~いッ!![END] Marle: Stoooop!!
CHANCELLOR: What are you doing! 大臣「な、何をしておる![END] Chancellor: Wh, what are you doing!
SOLDIER: But Princess Nadia said 兵士「しかしマールディア様が……[END] Soldier: But Marledia-sama......
CHANCELLOR: Idiots! 大臣「かまわ~ん! ひっとらえ~いッ!![END] Chancellor: I don't caaare! Arrest him!!
   Detain him!!
Marle: Crono!! マール「クロノーッ!![END] Marle: Cronoooo!!
 [Pierre]  [Pierre]  [Pierre]
   I'm the lawyer, Pierre. 私がベンゴシのピエールです。[END]      I am the lawyer Pierre.
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]
   I'm the Chancellor, the prosecutor! 私がケンジの大臣じゃ![END]    I'm the the public prosecutor, the Chancellor!
CHANCELLOR: Members of the court. 大臣「ようこそみなさん。 Chancellor: Welcome, everyone.
   We now bring forth the defendant,    マールディア王女ゆうかいの罪で    Let us bring in the man called Crono, who is
   Crono, who is charged with    うたがわれているクロノという    suspected in the crime of kidnapping Princess
   abducting Princess Nadia.    男をここに連れてまいりましょう。[END]    Marledia.
CHANCELLOR: What shall we do with 大臣「この男をどうしましょう… Chancellor: What shall we do with this man...
   him?    火あぶり? くすぐりのけい?    Burning at the stake? The tickling sentence?
   Fire, perhaps?    さかさづり?    Hanging upside-down?
   Hang him upside down for a few    それとも……ギロチンでクビを……。[END]    Or...... his neck with a guillotine......
   Or...shall we employ the guillotine?
CHANCELLOR: You, the jury, shall decide 大臣「それを決めるのはみなさんです。 Chancellor: It will be all of you who decide that.
   his fate.    さ、始めましょう。[END]    Now, let us begin.
   Now, let us begin.
JUDGE: Crono, you are hereby 裁判長「では、ヒコク人クロノ! Presiding Judge: Well then, defendant Crono!
   ordered to tell the truth!    証言だいにつきなさい。[END]    Take the witness stand.
PIERRE: Crono is charged with ピエール「まずは私からいきましょう。 Pierre: I will begin.
   «Premeditated Abduction of Royalty.»    クロノに本当にゆうかいの    Did Crono truly have the intent to kidnap?
   The question is, did he kidnap    いしがあったのか? ……いや無い。[END]    ......no, he didn't.
   Princess Nadia? The answer?
   No, he did not.
   In fact, no «abduction» took place!
PIERRE: The two met completely by ピエール「ケンジがわはヒコクが計画的に Pierre: The prosecution says the defendant
   accident. In fact, the Princess ASKED    王女をさらったと言いますが    deliberately kidnapped the princess, but is
   Crono if SHE could join HIM!    そうでしょうか? ……いやちがう。    that the case? ......no, it's wrong.
   2人はぐうぜん出会ったのであって    The two met by chance, and it was by no
   決して故意ではありません。[END]    means intentional.
CHANCELLOR: Is this true? Who actually 大臣「はたしてそうでしょうか? Chancellor: Is that really so?
   started this whole mess?    どっちがきっかけをつくりましたか?    Which of you made the first move?
      I did.    私です。       I did.
      Marle did.    マールです。[END]       Marle did.
CHANCELLOR: Just as I suspected! 大臣「よろしい! Chancellor: Good!
   The defendant deliberately tried to    聞いての通りぐうぜんをよそおって    As you have heard, feigning chance, the
   get near the Princess!    ヒコクは王女に近づきました。[END]    defendant approached the princess.
CHANCELLOR: Are you sure? 大臣「本当にそう言い切れますか? Chancellor: Can you really say that with certainty?
   We have witnesses who'll say YOU    あなたからぶつかったという目撃者が    There are witnesses who say it was you who
   were the one that bumped into the    いるのです。[END]    collided with her.
CHANCELLOR: The Princess then 大臣「そして王女はさそわれるまま Chancellor: Then, with the princess invited, he
   innocently followed you to    ルッカ親子のショーへ    proceeds to Lucca and her father's show.
   Lucca's little sideshow.    足を運びます。
   Many people are witnesses to that.
   Whereupon you both disappeared!    その姿は何人もの人が目撃して
   If that wasn't criminal abduction, I    います。    And then, the two disappeared......
   don't know WHAT is!    If this isn't kidnapping, then what on earth is it?
CHANCELLOR: And I have facts that 大臣「ヒコクの人間性が Chancellor: I have even gotten hold of several facts
   throw the defendant's character into    うたがわれる事実も私はいくつか    that place the defendant's humanity in question.
   question!    つかんでいます。[END]
PIERRE: Objection! ピエール「異議あり! Pierre: Objection!
   This can't have any relevance    それは今回のけんにかんけいあるので    Does this have any relevance to the current
   whatsoever to this case!    しょうか? ……いや無い。[END]    case? ......no, it doesn't.
JUDGE: Care to respond, Chancellor? 裁判長「かんけいあるのかね? 大臣。[END] Presiding Judge: Is there relevance? Chancellor.
CHANCELLOR: Crono's character is at 大臣「はい。 証言の正しさを Chancellor: Yes. There is a need to make
   the very core of this case!    しめすためにもヒコクの人間性を    known the defendant's humanity in order to
   知らせておく必要があります。    show his testimony's accuracy.
PIERRE: We have nothing to hide. ピエール「いいでしょう。[END] Pierre: Fine.
PIERRE: We have a witness. ピエール「では Pierre: Well then, we shall bring in a witness.
   A little girl who will vouch for the    証人を連れて来ましょう。    A charming witness who will verify the
   character of the defendant.    ヒコクのせいじつさを    defendant's honesty.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]  [Little Girl]
   This nice man... この人はね……    This person......
   He brought me my kitty. わたちのネコちゃんを連れて来て    He brought me my kitty.
    Thank you for being so kind! あの時はありがとうね。[END]    Thanks for back then.
PIERRE: How about that? ピエール「どうです? Pierre: How is it?
   Doesn't this young man deserve a    このわか者の行動は?    This young person's conduct?
   medal?    くんしょうものですよ。[END]    Worthy of a medal.
PIERRE: Whew... ピエール「くく…… Pierre: Heh heh......
   Looks like they're buying it.    きいてるみたいよんっ。[END]    Looks like it's working.
CHANCELLOR: The defendant's cruelty is 大臣「ヒコクのれいこくなせいかくは Chancellor: The defendant's coldhearted character
   quite evident.    明白なものであります。[END]    is obvious.
CHANCELLOR: You remember HER, don't 大臣「身におぼえがあるだろう? Chancellor: You do remember doing this?
   you?    ネコちゃんを見失ったいたいけな少女の    You wouldn't even listen to the request of an
   The poor little girl who lost her cat?    たのみも聞けないお前は……[END]    innocent girl who had lost sight of her cat.
   You wouldn't even listen to her!
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   You ignored me! わたちの事ムシしたでしょ。[END]    You ignored me.
CHANCELLOR: Oh you poor dear! 大臣「おお……、かわいそうに…… Chancellor: Oh...... you poor thing......
   Thank you.    どうもありがとう。[END]    Thank you.
CHANCELLOR: As you can see, no further 大臣「もう何の説明もいりますまい。[END] Chancellor: No further explanation is required.
   proof is necessary here.
CHANCELLOR: Have you ever stolen 大臣「あなたは盗みをはたらいた事は? Chancellor: Have you ever committed theft?
   anything?    あります。       I have.
      Well...yes.    決してありません。[END]       I certainly have not.
      No! I've never been a thief.
CHANCELLOR: See! 大臣「ほら、この通り。 Chancellor: Look, as he says.
   He lacks morals!    ヒコクはモラルにかけております。    The defendant is lacking in morals.
   This should be on the record!    それは自他共にみとめる事なのです。    That is generally accepted.
   He's crying out for help!    聞いてください。 ひつうなさけびを![END]    Please listen. It's a bitter outcry! I have to agree with the “crying out for help” interpretation.
CHANCELLOR: DO NOT feign ignorance! 大臣「とぼけるのはいけません。 Chancellor: Do not play dumb.
   We have a witness.    証人がいるのです。[END]
 [Old Man]  [Old Man] [Old Man]
   Him! オラが大事にしてた、べんとうさァ    My precious lunch!
   He ate my lunch right off the table! コイツが食べてしまっただ。    He ate it.
母ちゃんがいっしょうけんめい    The lunch mommy worked so hard to make me!
CHANCELLOR: Let the record show that 大臣「まじめにくらしている人の Chancellor: There is no room for sympathy for a
   he stole from a poor, helpless man!    わずかな楽しみをもうばいさるヒコクに    defendant who would even deprive an honestly
   同情のよちはありますまい。[END]    living man of his faint pleasures.
PIERRE: The issue here is MOTIVE. ピエール「もんだいは動機です。 Pierre: The problem is motive.
   Was there any motive for this fine    この一市民にマールディア王女を    Where is the motive for this citizen to kidnap
   citizen to kidnap Princess Nadia?    ゆうかいする動機がどこに    Princess Marledia? ......no, there is none.
   No! There was none.    ありましょう? ……いや無い。[END]
CHANCELLOR: What about ransom? 大臣「お言葉を返すようで悪いが Chancellor: Sorry to contradict you, but what if
   ざいさん目当てと言うのはどうかな    I say your purpose is her wealth, Crono-kun?
   Crono, her fortune DID tempt    クロノ君?
   you, did it not?
      No.    王女のざいさんに    You had your eyes on the princess's wealth,
      Yes.    目がくらんだのだね?    didn't you?
   いいえ       No
   はい[END]       Yes
CHANCELLOR: So, you admit it! 大臣「すなおにはいたようだね。[END] Chancellor: It seems he's spoken frankly.
CHANCELLOR: Nothing more your honor. 大臣「もうあえて私から言う事も Chancellor: I have nothing more to say.
   The prosecution rests.    ないでしょう。    Your honor. The verdict.
   裁判長。 判決を。[END]
CHANCELLOR: Are you sure? 大臣「本当にざいさんには Chancellor: Do you truly have no interest in her
   You really weren't tempted?    きょうみが無いのかね?    wealth?
      Not at all.    きょうみない       No interest
      Just a bit.    すこしだけ[END]       Just a little
CHANCELLOR: That's enough. 大臣「ま、まあいいでしょう。 Chancellor: W, well all right.
   I have no more questions.    私のじんもんは終わります。    My questioning concludes.
PIERRE: It is evident that my client is a ピエール「見ての通り正ぎ感の強い Pierre: As you can see, he is a young man
   fine, noble young man!    少年です。 さあ裁判長。    with a strong sense of justice. Now, your honor.
   Your honor, the defense rests.    判決を。[END]    The verdict.
CHANCELLOR: Please keep in mind that 大臣「みなさん、今の言葉をしっかりと Chancellor: Everyone, please keep his words just
   he just said he had NO interest in her    頭に入れておいて下さい。    now firmly in mind.
   fortune.    ヒコクはざいさんにはきょうみ無いと    The defendant said he has no interest in her
   言いました。    wealth.
   Witness please!
   では証人を。[END]    Now for the witness.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   He can't fool me, I saw him with my やーね、私見ましたのよ。[END]    Uh-huhn, I saw it. She speaks kind of oddly.
   own eyes!
   Dear me! あらま!    Wow!
   I'm so nervous! 何か私きんちょうしてきちゃったわ![END]    I'm so nervous!
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   That man grabbed the pendant even その人、王女様とぶつかって転んだ時に    When this person ran into the Princess and they
   before he checked to see if the まっ先にペンダントをひろいに行ったわ。    fell over, he went straight to grab up her pendant.
   Princess was okay! 王女様を気づかうよりも先に……。[END]    Even before worrying about the Princess......
   He didn't seem to want to return it, 王女様にペンダントを返すのを    It looked like he was refusing to give the
   either. こばんだりしてたみたい……。[END]    Princess back her pendant......
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   He tried to sell it to the merchant, ボッシュって物売りに、売り飛ばそうと    He tried selling it off to this peddler, Bosch.
   Melchior. していたのよ。[END]
CHANCELLOR: And this person's final bit 大臣「最後に決定的な証言をして Chancellor: Finally, let us bring this to a finish with
   of testimony will prove our case!    しめくくってもらいましょう。[END]    some conclusive testimony.
 [Young Woman]  [Young Woman] [Young Woman]
   I heard it clearly. 私は聞いたのよ!!    I heard her!
   I heard her cry out with my own ears! 王女様が言った言葉をこのみみで    What the Princess said, plain as day, with my
はっきりと![END]    own ears!
   Is that it? あら、もう終わり?    Oh, done already?
   Can I go?! やーね。[END]    Uh-huhn.
JUDGE: Members of the jury... 裁判長「ばいしんいん達よ。 Presiding Judge: Jurors.
   If he is guilty, stand to the left.    有罪と思う者は左へ    Go, those who think he is guilty to the left,
   If innocent, stand to the right.    無罪だと思う者は右へ行きなさい![END]    those who think he is not guilty to the right!
 [Juror]  [Juror]  [Juror]
   Guilty. 有罪[END]    Guilty.
 [Juror]  [Juror]  [Juror]
   Not guilty. 無罪[END]    Not guilty.
 [Judge]  [Presiding Judge]  [Presiding Judge]
   Order in the court! せいしゅくに! せいしゅくに![END]    Silence! Silence!
   A verdict has been reached! 判決が出た![END]    A verdict has been reached!
   We have a majority! ぜんいんいっち!![END]    Unanimously!! Not exactly the same as a majority.
   The verdict is...guilty! 有罪とする。    We find him guilty.
   The sentence? Solitary confinement, ただちにどくぼうへ。    Take him to solitary confinement at once.
   pending execution in 3 days! 3日後には死刑をしっこうする![END]    We will enforce the death sentence in three days!
 [Judge]  [Presiding Judge]  [Presiding Judge]
   The verdict is...not guilty!     無罪とする!!    We find him not guilty!
   But the fact remains that even if he ……しかしだ。 ゆうかいのいしは    ......however. Though he had no intent to kidnap,
   did not kidnap her, he ran off with her. なかったにせよ、マールディア王女を    it is a fact that he took Princess Marledia
   3 days solitary confinement as しばらく連れ出したのは事実。    away with him for a while.
よってはんせいをうながすため3日間の    Accordingly, to urge him to contemplation, we
どくぼう入りを命ず!![END]    sentence him to three days of solitary confinement!!
CHANCELLOR: Take him away! 大臣「さ、連れていけ![END] Chancellor: Now, take him away!
Marle: Now just a darn minute... マール「待って!! Marle: Wait!!
CHANCELLOR: Princess! 大臣「お、王女様……[END] Chancellor: P, Princess......
KING: That's enough, my dear! ガルディア王「いいかげんにしなさい! King Guardia: Behave yourself!
   マールディア![END]    Marledia!
Marle: But Father...! マール「父上! 聞いてください! Marle: Father! Please listen!
KING: All I asked was for you to ガルディア王「私はお前に King Guardia: I simply want you to behave like
   behave like a princess.    王女らしく城でおとなしくしていて    a proper princess in the castle.
   Even royalty must obey rules.    Even if you are, for example, a king or
   Leave the rest up to the Chancellor    国のルールにはたとえ王や王女でも    princess, you must abide by the country's rules…
   and forget about the events in town.    したがわなくてはな……。    Leave the rest to the Chancellor.
   Marledia, you forget about what happened in
   マールディアも町での事は    the town, too.
KING: We're leaving! ガルディア王「さ、いくぞ![END] King Guardia: Now, we're going!
Marle: Crono!!! マール「クロノーーー!![END] Marle: Cronoooooo!!
CHANCELLOR: This terrorist has tried to 大臣「こいつは、王家てんぷくをはかった Chancellor: This guy's the terrorist who
   overthrow our kingdom!    テロリストだ。[END]    planned to overthrow the royal family.
CHANCELLOR: He has been found guilty, 大臣「裁判で有罪となったので Chancellor: Because he was found guilty in trial,
   and you must now carry out his    引きわたしに来た。[END]    we came to hand him over.
SUPERVISOR: So THIS is the monster who 所長「こやつが王女さまをゆうかいした Warden: So this guy's the terrorist who 所長 simply means head of the place. Warden is appropriate here.
   kidnapped the princess!    テロリストですか。[END]    kidnapped the Princess-sama.
CHANCELLOR: The execution is 3 days 大臣「こいつの処刑は3日後だ。 Chancellor: His execution's in three days.
   away.    にがさぬように、見はっておれよ。[END]    Keep watch so you won't let him escape.
   Do NOT let him out of your sight!
SUPERVISOR: Yes Sir! 所長「しょうちいたしました。[END] Warden: Acknowledged.
SUPERVISOR: Execution?! 所長「処刑? そのような話は Warden: Execution? I've heard nothing about any
   Strange, but I don't seem to recall    聞いておりませぬが……[END]    such thing......
   hearing anything about an execution.
CHANCELLOR: WHAT!!! 大臣「気にするな。 Chancellor: Never mind that.
   How DARE you question ME!    手続きのしょるいが    It's just that the paperwork's delayed.
   The paperwork's probably just been    おくれているだけだ。    Or, can you not believe my word?
   held up in the system!    それとも、わしの言葉が信じられぬか?[END]
SUPERVISOR: Understood, Sir! 所長「め、めっそうもない![END] Warden: Th, that is surely not the case!
SUPERVISOR: Guards! 所長「えいへい![END] Warden: Guards!
SUPERVISOR: Take the prisoner away! 所長「こいつをつれてゆけ![END] Warden: Take him away!
The Trial      王国裁判   Kingdom Trial      
 [System]  [System] [System]
       3 day(s) until the execution...     処刑の日まで、あと[value8]日……    [value8] day(s) left until the day of the execution......
       And finally, the day arrived...      そして、処刑の日が来た……    And so the day of the execution came......
 [System]  [System] [System]
                               HP and MP recovered!       HP・MPが回復した![END]    HP and MP recovered!
 [Guard]  [Guard]  [Guard]
   Some sympathizers brought that stuff それは、刑務所行きとなったおまえに    That's a present that trial attendees who pitied
   for you, you lousy felon. 同情した裁判のぼうちょうにんが    you brought when it was decided you'd go to
持って来たさしいれだ。[END]    prison.
 [System]  [System] [System]
                     Got 1 Ether!      エーテルを手に入れた![END]    Got Ether(s)! I'm pretty sure it's one or more based on how the jury votes, as long as the verdict is innocent.
 [Guard]  [Guard]  [Guard]
   Pipe down! うるさいぞ![END]    Shut up!
 [Guard]  [Guard]  [Guard]
   Knock it off! うるさいと言っているのが聞こえんのか!    Didn't you hear me tell you to shut up?!
   Ooh! この野郎、だまらせてやる。    I'll make you shut it, bastard.
   I'll show him.
 [Guard]  [Guard]  [Guard]
   Open it up! おい、扉を開けろ![END]    Hey, open the door!
 [Guard]  [Guard]  [Guard]
   That's what you get for misbehaving. へっ、いつまでもさわいでいるから    Heh, you're making a fuss all the time, so now
イタイめにあうんだ。[END]    you pay for it.
 [Guard]  [Guards] [Guard]
   Where do you think you're going?! き、キサマ! 脱走するつもりか![END]    Y, you! Trying to escape?!
 [Guards]  [Guards] [Guard]
   The prisoner's escaping! 脱走者だ!![END]    Escapee!!
 [Guard]  [Guard] [Guard]
   What are you up to?! キサマ、そこで何をしている![END]    What do you think you're up to!
 [Omnicrone]  [Omnicrone] [Omnicrone]
   So YOU'RE the escaped con! キサマが逃げ出した囚人か![END]    So you're the prisoner who ran off!
 [Omnicrone]  [Omnicrone] [Omnicrone]
   They don't pay me enough for this! こ、こりゃ たまらん。[END]    I, I can't take this.
 [Fritz]  [Fritz]  [Fritz]
   H, Help me! た、助けて!    H, help me!
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Save him? 助けますか?    Help him?
         Yes.    はい       Yes
         No.    いいえ[END]       No
 [Fritz]  [Fritz]  [Fritz]
   You're a life saver! ありがとう、助かったよ。    Thanks, I'm saved.
僕の名前はフリッツ。    My name's Fritz.
   I'm Fritz.
   My dad runs a store in Truce village. 僕の父さんは、トルースの町で    My father manages a goods store in Truce.
   Stop by if you're in the area. グッズマーケットをけいえいしているんだ。    If you come to the area, be sure to come visit.
SUPERVISOR: H...Help!!! 所長「ひ、ひえ~! お助け~!![END] Director: H, hiii! Help meee!!
Lucca: Crono! ルッカ「クロノ! Lucca: Crono!
   I've come to save you!    助けに来たわよ![END]    I came to help!
Lucca: Gee, it looks like you didn't ルッカ「……っていっても Lucca: ......so I say, but you were able to escape by
   need my help, after all!    自力で逃げ出せたのね。    yourself.
   ……、なんか、つまんないなあ。[END]    ......that's kinda boring.
Lucca: Let's blow this joint! ルッカ「さあ、こんな所とは Lucca: Come on, let's get out of here, quick!
 [System]  [System] [System]
                   He passed out!        きぜつしている……[END]     Passed out......
 [System]  [System] [System]
              Received a Mid Tonic!    ミドルポーションをいただいた![END]    Helped yourself to a Middle Potion!
       Amazing! You found 5 of them!!     なんと! 5コも見つけた!![END]    Wow! Found five of them!!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   We're here to take you to your place 処刑場へ連行する。[END]    We're taking you to the place of execution.
   of execution.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Come along. さあ、来るんだ。[END]    Now, come.
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   We've sharpened up the guillotine... ギロチンの刑をしっこうする。[END]    We'll carry out the guillotine sentence.
   Any last words? 何か言い残す事はないか?[END]    Any last words?
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Who the heck are YOU? キサマ、何者だ![END]    Who the hell are you!
Lucca: Get outta my way!! ルッカ「あんた達、ジャマよ![END] Lucca: You're in my way!
Lucca: Take 5, you mugs! ルッカ「しばらくねむってなさい![END] Lucca: Sleep for a while!
Lucca: So, what do you think of my ルッカ「どう? ルッカ様じまんの Lucca: How's that? The taste of Lucca-sama's
   Zonker-38?    使いすてドッカンばくはつピストルの    pride, the Disposable Explosion Blast Pistol?
   Pretty cool, huh?    お味は?[END]
Lucca: This is what happens to ルッカ「このルッカ様の Lucca: Those fools who stand in Lucca-sama's way
   fools who challenge the mighty    行く手をはばむオロカモノは    all wind up like this.
   Lucca!    みんなこうなるのよ。
                  Ha-hahaha!        オーッホッホッ![END]    Oh, ho, ho! This is “refined feminine laughter”.
 [System]  [System] [System]
   A top secret document has been left ひみつのしょるいが落ちている……    A secret document has fallen......
   behind the floor...
読んでみますか?    Try reading it?
   Care to read it?    はい       Yes
         Yes.    いいえ[END]       No
   To the Prison Supervisor ガルディア王国刑務所所長殿へ    To the Guardia Kingdom Prison Warden:
         «Dragon Tank Owner's Manual»     ドラゴンせんしゃのせっけいず    Dragon Tank Blueprints
   The Tank Head repairs body damage. ドラゴンせんしゃの頭には、本体が受けた    An ability is installed in the Dragon Tank's head
   It contains a shield that prevents ダメージを回復させる機能がついています。    that recovers the damage the body takes.
   damage by Lightning and Fire.
この頭には天、火ぞくせいの技を防ぐ    A shield that defends against Sky and Fire
   Unless the Head can be defeated, the シールドが装備されていますので    fire attribute skills is equipped to the head, so
   Tank is unbeatable. 剣やピストルによる攻撃でしか    one cannot inflict damage except with attacks
                        Guardia R & D ダメージをあたえる事が出来ません。    by weapons like swords or pistols.
つまり、剣などの攻撃で頭を壊されない限り    In other words, as long as the head is not
ドラゴンせんしゃがたおされる事は    broken by the attacks of swords, etc., you may
ないと考えてよいでしょう。    consider the Dragon Tank unbeatable.
         ガルディア王国開発部より[END]       From the Guardia Kingdom Development Dept.
Lucca: What was that? ルッカ「何の音かしら?[END] Lucca: I wonder what the noise is?
CHANCELLOR: Forward, Dragon Tank! 大臣「ゆけ、ドラゴンせんしゃ! Chancellor: Go, Dragon Tank!
   Crush those rebels!    テロリストどもを たたきのめせ![END]    Take down the terrorists!
CHANCELLOR: They got the Dragon Tank!! 大臣「ド、ドラゴンせんしゃが!! Chancellor: Th, the Dragon Tank!!
   Fix it!    修理するんだー!![END]    Fix iiit!!
CHANCELLOR: Don't fool yourselves into 大臣「き、きさまら、おぼえておれよ![END] Chancellor: Y, you bastards, you'll pay for this! Literally an order to remember it, but it has to be an idiom.
   thinking you've gotten away with
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   They're escaping! 「脱走だーッ![END]      'It's an escaaape!
Lucca: This doesn't look good! ルッカ「ここはマズいわよ![END] Lucca: This place is trouble!
Lucca: We have no choice but to ルッカ「ここは強行突破しかないわね![END] Lucca: There's no choice here but to force our way
   break through!    through!
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Stop! 「おやめなさい![END]    'Stop!
SOLDIER: Princess Nadia! 兵士「マールディア様![END] Soldiers: Marledia-sama!
Marle: This is my friend! マール「その方は私がお世話に Marle: I'm indebted to that person! These lines strongly parallel the ones she uses as “Leene” earlier. The main difference is that her speech as “Leene” sounds loftier and more dignified.
   Show him your respect!    なったのよ!    Make him welcome, as a guest!
SOLDIER: B, but... 兵士「し、しかし……[END] Soldier: B, but......
Marle: Can't you take orders? マール「私の言う事が聞けないの?[END] Marle: You won't obey what I say?
SOLDIER: Of course! 兵士「いえ、めっそうもありません![END] Soldier: No, that is surely not the case!
 [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]  [Chancellor]
   Hold it right there! 「そこまでじゃ~ッ![END]    'That's as far as you're going!
CHANCELLOR: Do as King Guardia XXXIII 大臣「え~い、頭が高ーい! Chancellor: Hey, bow down! Refer to similar line in the “new king Dalton” section above
   says!    ガルディア王33世様のおな~り~ッ![END]    King Guardia the 33rd is cominnnng!
Marle: Father... マール「父上……。[END] Marle: Father......
KING: Silence, Princess Nadia! 王「いいかげんにしろマールディア。 King: Behave yourself, Marledia.
   The throne comes before your    お前は、一人のこじんである前に    You are princess to the entire country before you Probably by no accident, “princess to the entire country” here could also mean “stubborn princess”...
   personal wishes!    一国の王女なのだぞ。[END]    are an individual.
Marle: What!? マール「ちがうもん! Marle: You're wrong!
   Just because I have a title doesn't    王女である前に一人の女の子なの![END]    I'm my own girl before I'm a princess!
   mean I'm not a person!
KING: You pick up strange ideas 王「城下になど出るから King: You're suffering bad influences because of
   venturing outside!    悪いえいきょうを受けおって![END]    going out to places like the outlying areas!
Marle: I didn't «pick up» anything! マール「えいきょうじゃない! Marle: It's not influences!
   It's called «common sense!»    私が決めた事だもん![END]    I decided it myself!
KING: Princess Nadia! 王「マールディア![END] King: Marledia!
Marle: I despise you! マール「こんなトコもういたくない! Marle: I don't want to be somewhere like this any
   I'm leaving!    私、城出するわ![END]    more! I'm leaving the castle!
CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia! 大臣「マールディア様![END] Chancellor: Marledia-sama!
Marle: Come on, Crono!! マール「行こう! クロノ!![END] Marle: Let's go, Crono!!
CHANCELLOR: Don't just stand there! 大臣「何をしておる! Chancellor: What are you doing!
   After them!    追えッ! 追え~いッ!![END]    After them! After themmm!!
KING: Princess Nadia... 王「マールディア……。[END] King: Marledia......
 [Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.]
SOLDIER: There they are! 兵士「いたぞ! Soldier: There they are!
   Don't lose 'em!!    逃がすな!![END]    Don't let them escape!!
SOLDIER: There's no escape! 兵士「もう逃げられんぞ!![END] Soldier: You can't run any more!!
SOLDIER: Silence! 兵士「おとなしくしろ![END] Soldier: Come along quietly!
Marle: Looks like a dead end! マール「行き止まり!?[END] Marle: A dead end!?
Lucca: A Gate! ルッカ「!! ゲートが![END] Lucca: !! A Gate!
Marle: Come on! マール「行こう![END] Marle: Let's go!
Lucca: But we don't know where ルッカ「行こうって…… Lucca: Let's go, you say......
   it'll take us!    どの時代に出るか、わからないのよ!    We don't know which era we'll come out in!
   今度は帰って来れるかどうかも!![END]    Or even whether we'll be able to come back
   this time!
Marle: Who cares?! マール「それでもいい! Marle: It's fine anyway!
   This place stinks, anyway!    私のためにクロノが    Better than this era where Crono
   つかまっちゃうこの時代よりは![END]    was arrested because of me!
CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia! 大臣「マールディア様~![END] Chancellor: Marledia-samaaa!
Lucca: This is completely irrational. ルッカ「えーい、もうどうとでも Lucca: Eey, I'm even getting used to
   なれだわ![END]    acting without thinking it over!
Marle: Hurry, Crono! マール「行こう、クロノ![END] Marle: Let's go, Crono!
CHANCELLOR: Princess, move away from 大臣「王女、その男からはなれるのです![END] Chancellor: Princess, move away from that man!
   that hoodlum!
CHANCELLOR: They...disappeared!! 大臣「き、消えた……。[END] Chancellor: Th, they disappeared......