4.) Appendices and lost lines
 [Ending: Beyond Time (With Epoch)]
 [Soldier]  [Soldier]  [Soldier]
   Crono... 「クロノ……    'Crono......
   Crono! クロノ!    Crono!
   Crono!!! クロノ!!!    Crono!!!
SOLDIER: It's time to rise and shine! 兵士「いつまでねてるつもりだ! Soldier: How long do you plan on sleeping!
   We have a little surprise for you!    いいかげんに起きろ!!    Get up already!!
SOLDIER: Your stay of execution has 兵士「しっこうゆうよは終わりだ。 Soldier: You suspended sentence is over.
   been cancelled.    せいしきに刑をしっこうする。    We will formally enforce the punishment.
   We must now carry out your    城へ同行しろ。    Come with me to the castle.
KING: We've been looking for you, 王「さんざん探したよ。 クロノ君。 King: I have searched hard. Crono-kun.
   Crono.    私の娘を引っぱり回して。[END]    You've been dragging my daughter around.
   Where did you take my daughter?
Marle: Father! マール「父上やめて![END] Marle: Father, stop it!
   Stop this!
Marle: Daddy, don't! マール「パパやめて![END] Marle: Papa, stop it!
Marle: Crono hasn't done a マール「クロノは何もしてないわ![END] Marle: Crono hasn't done anything!
KING: She says Crono has been a 王「クロノが何もしていないと King: My daughter says Crono hasn't done
   perfect gentleman, but...    娘は言っておるが……[END]    anything, but......
KING: What do you think, Chancellor? 王「大臣もそう思うか? King: Chancellor, do you think so as well?
CHANCELLOR: Crono's deeds have 大臣「いいえ。 Chancellor: No.
   had an enormous impact on the    クロノ達は国の一大事に    Crono and the others have done things that
   kingdom!    かかわる事をしました。[END]    seriously affect the kingdom.
KING: Pierre, what do you think? 王「ピエール、君もそう思うか? King: Pierre, do you think so as well?
PIERRE: I think Crono's been ピエール「いいえ。 Pierre: No.
   keeping himself...rather busy!    クロノ達は国の一大事に    Crono and the others have done things that
   かかわる事をしました。[END]    seriously affect the kingdom.
Marle: Chancellor, how could you?! マール「大臣まで何を言うの?[END] Marle: Chancellor, what are you saying?
Marle: And just WHAT are you マール「ピエールまで何を言うの?[END] Marle: Pierre, what are you saying?
   saying, Pierre!
Marle: Please! マール「話せばわかるわ! Marle: You'll understand if we talk!
   Just listen to me!    私が今まで城を出ていたのには    There's a reason why I've been out of the
   We had to...    わけがあるの……    castle up to now......
   実は……[END]    As a matter of fact......
KING: ...save the future, right? 王「未来を救ったのだろう?[END] King: You saved the future, right?
Marle: Huh?? マール「へ?[END] Marle: Huh?
DOAN: You saved the future, and gave ドン「未来を救い、われわれに元気の意味を Don: They saved the future, and taught us the
   us hope.    教えてくれた……。[END]    meaning of healthy......
KING GUARDIA: You fought Magus's ガルディア21世「魔王軍を Guardia the 21st: They beat Magus's army.
   troops, and brought peace to the    倒してくれた。    Peace once again came upon the world of
   kingdom in the year 600.    王国歴600年の世界にふたたび    Kingdom Year 600.
KINO: Crono beat Reptites! キーノ「クロ達 恐竜人 倒した![END] Kino: Cros beat Dinomen!
Marle: Wh, what's going on here? マール「ど、どうしたの? みんな[END] Marle: Wh, what's going on? Everyone.
Marle: Lucca! マール「ルッカ…… Marle: Lucca......
   You brought them here, didn't you?    連れて来たのね?[END]    You brought them, didn't you?
KING GUARDIA: Our kinsmen told me all ガルディア33世「お前達が Guardia the 33rd: About the great mission
   about your incredible mission.    大きな使命をせおっていたこと……。    you were burdened with......
   歴代のガルディア王家の血を引く者達が    Successive generations of those with the blood of
   すべて話して下さった。[END]    the Guardia royal family have told me everything.
Marle: Kinsmen?! マール「ガルディアの血……って Marle: Guardia's blood...... you mean they're all
   You mean these're MY ancestors...and    みんな、私の先祖や子孫なの?[END]    my ancestors and descendants?
KING: Here I was fussing about my 王「平和ボケして自分の事しか考えて King: I'm ashamed that I was so blinded by peace Peace-senile might be a more literal translation.
   kingdom, and my daughter, and you    いなかった自分が情けない。    that I thought only of myself.
   were saving past, present and    国のため……、この星のためを    In a time when I must think about the good of
   future!    考えなくてはならない時に。[END]    the kingdom...... the good of this planet.
KING: Now, for a true victory parade! 王「さあ! 戦勝パレードじゃ! King: Now! The victory parade!
   Tonight we celebrate...you!    世界を救ったヒーローを    We celebrate the heroes who saved the world!
KING GUARDIA: Now Marle, go out ガルディア33世「さ、マールよ。 Guardia the 33rd: Now, Marle.
   and enjoy the last night of the fair!    思いっきり千年祭最後の夜を    Come enjoy the last night of the Millenial
   楽しんで来い![END]    Festival with all your might!
 [System]  [System]  [System]
   Come along with Crono, our Hero. さあ! 未来を救ったクロノと[END]    Now! Along with Crono, who saved the future,
   Princess Nadia is finally home! 無事お城に帰ってきたマールディア王女と    Wish for Princess Marledia, safely returned to the
   At last, Guardia is back to normal! そしてガルディアのますますのはってんを    castle, and for Guardia's continued development......
         It's a moonlight parade!    イッツァ ムーンライトパレード!        It's a Moonlight Parade! decided to stick with proper English here after all.
 [Elaine]  [Elaine]  [Fritz]
   This is fantastic! とってもファンタスティック![END]    It's really fantastic!
 [Fritz]  [Fritz]  [Fritz]
   The princess is gorgeous! Don't get 王女様きれいだな……    The princess is beautiful......
   me wrong, of course you are や、当然君もだよ。[END]    Ah, you are too, of course.
MOM: YOU saved us all?! ジナ「あなたが未来を救ったなんてね……。 Jina: To think you saved the future......
   That's nice, dear, but I wish you    信じられないわ。 でもね。    I can't believe it. But, you know,
   spent more time around the house.    お母さんはお前にもっと家にいて    I want you to spend more time at home.
   It's a real problem when the person   ……ネコのめんどう見る人が    ......it's a real pain when the person who looks
   who's in charge of the cat is gone!    いなくて大変なんだから。[END]    after the cat isn't there.
LARA: What a dreamy night... ララ「こんなすてきな夜を Lara: Spending such a dreamy night...... If her legs weren't saved, she says this.
   Thank you darling.    すごせるなんて……。    Thank you, dear.
LARA: Honey, don't just be a sack of ララ「あんた。 Lara: Darling.
   potatoes!    すわって飮んでばかりいないで。    Don't just sit and drink.
   Dance with me!    私達もいっしょに踊りましょう![END]    Let's dance together too!
LARA: Crono, the King says YOU ララ「あ! クロノくん。 Lara: Ah! Crono-kun.
   saved the future!    王様から聞いたわよ。未来を救った事。    I heard from the king. You saved the future.
   Wait 'till I tell my friends!
   ルッカのおさななじみが    To think Lucca's childhood friend was
   そんなすごい事をする人だったなんて。    someone who would do such an amazing thing.
   なんかじまんしちゃいたい気分だわ。[END]    I kind of feel like bragging.
TABAN: Yum! タバン「いやー Taban: Yah,
   Lemonade sure tastes great    祭りで飮む酒はうめーぜ![END]    the sake you drink at a festival is great!
TABAN: Crono, have a sip! タバン「クロノよ。 Taban: Crono.
   You're the Hero today.    お前もいっぱいやりなよ。    You have a glass too.
   今日はヒーローなんだからよ![END]    Cause today you're the hero!
MELCHIOR: Not much business in ボッシュ「もう刀などいらない時代が Bosch: An era may have come that needs no such
   weapons anymore.    来たのかもしれんな。    things as katanas.
   But I like it that way.
   刀かじボッシュとしての役目は終わって    My duty as the swordsmith Bosch may be over,
   しまうが、この星空を見ていると    but as I look at this starry sky, such things no
   そんな事はどうでもよくなって    longer bother me.
Lucca: Well everyone, this is it. ルッカ「もうみんな……お別れなのよ。[END] Lucca: Well, everyone...... this is goodbye.
Frog: Each to thine time. カエル「みな、それぞれの時代へ。[END] Frog: Everyone, to your respective eras.
Robo: The Gate has grown weak... ロボ「ラヴォスが死に Robo: Lavos is dead, and the power of the Gates
   ゲートの力が弱まってイマス。[END]    IS weakening.
Lucca: We've got to say our ルッカ「ゲートが閉じる前に Lucca: We have to say goodbye before the
   goodbyes before the Gate closes.    さよならを言わなきゃ。[END]    Gates close.
Marle: You're all leaving? マール「そんな、みんな行っちゃうの?[END] Marle: No way, everyone's leaving?
Ayla: Crono was strong! エイラ「クロ 強かった! Ayla: Cro was strong!
   Marle too!    マールも 強かった!    Marle was strong too!
   Ayla have fun!!    エイラ 楽しかった!![END]    Ayla had fun!!
Marle: You're my distant ancestor. マール「遠い遠い Marle: You're my distant distant grandpa. -chama is childish and combines the respect of -sama with the intimacy of -chan.
   So you'd better have tough kids or I'll    おじいちゃま。    Have healthy kids.
   be in trouble!    元気な子供を生んでね。    I'm gonna be in trouble if you don't.
KINO: Heh, heh! キーノ「へへ…… Kino: Heh, heh......
   No worry.    だいじょうぶ! エイラ 元気!!    It fine! Ayla healthy!!
   Ayla VERY strong!
Marle: Right! マール「そうね!![END] Marle: Right!!
Marle: Hey...what do you mean by マール「……って? Marle: ......huh?
   that?    何それ?? どういう事?[END]    What's that? What do you mean?
Ayla: Kino dummie! エイラ「キーノ バカ!! Ayla: Kino dummy!!
   We go now!    さ エイラ達 行く![END]    Aylas go now!
Frog: 'Tis a feisty crowd! カエル「にぎやかな連中だな。 Frog: They're a lively bunch.
   But they are thine kin, and 'tis of    自分の先祖かもしれないと思うと    But they may be your own ancestors, so you This line made so much more sense once I realized he was talking about Ayla and Kino.
   consequence.    ほっといてもいられないがな……。    can't just be rid of them......
   Queen Leene awaits.    さあ王様、リーネ様がお待ちです。    Come, your majesty, Leene-sama awaits.
   Your Majesty, we too shall take our    私達も帰りましょう。[END]    Let us also return.
Marle: Mr. Frog... マール「カエルさん……[END] Marle: Frog-san......
Frog: ... カエル「…… Frog: ......
   Long farewells ne'er were
   necessary.    別れに多くの言葉はいらないさ。[END]    I don't need many words as farewell.
Marle: Right! マール「そう。 Marle: Right.
   Besides, actions speak louder than    言葉とはかぎらないわ。[END]    Words aren't all there is.
Lucca: Yeah. Don't these things end ルッカ「良かったわね。 Lucca: Thank goodness.
   with the princess kissing the frog?    王女様のキッスで姿がもとにもどるって    It's a happy ending standard for someone's form
   いうのがハッピーエンドの定番よ。[END]    to go back to normal with a princess's kiss.
Marle: So...you're going to search マール「サラを探すの……?[END] Marle: You're searching for Sara......?
   for Schala?
Robo: Lucca, I will miss you. ロボ「ルッカ Robo: Lucca,
   ワタシも未来で元気にやっていきマス。[END]    I too WILL live healthily in the future.
Marle: What's wrong Lucca? マール「どうしたの。 ルッカ? Marle: What's wrong, Lucca?
   Aren't you going to say goodbye to    ロボにお別れは……[END]    Say goodbye to Robo......
Robo: She knows. ロボ「ヤハリ気づいてたのデスネ。 Robo: She HAS INDEED realized.
Marle: Knows...what? マール「何のこと?[END] Marle: What?
Lucca: ...... ルッカ「…… Lucca: ......
   Robo was born in a bleak future.    ロボは廃墟となった未来で    Robo was born in the ruined future......
   When we defeated Lavos, we    生まれたわ……。    But the future ought to become bright by
   changed history.    でも私達がラヴォスを倒した事に    our defeat of Lavos.
   Robo...may not exist in the
   future.    つまり新しい未来では    In other words, in the new Future, Robo's
   ロボの存在は……[END]    existence.....
Robo: Ha ha. ロボ「ハハ、そんなことないデス。 Robo: Ha ha, DO NOT be silly.
   Please relax.    きっと新しい未来でもワタシは……[END]    Surely even in the new future I......
   The new future has a place for me!
Lucca: Darn it, Robo! ルッカ「ロボのバカ バカ! Lucca: Robo, you dummy, dummy!
   Don't pretend you don't care when    悲しい時はすなおに悲しむのよ!!    When you're sad, be honest about being sad!!
   you're really sad!    こっちがよけい悲しく    This way just makes it even sadder!!
   It just makes things worse!    なっちゃうじゃない!![END]
Robo: ...... ロボ「…… Robo: ......
   Lucca, YOU have taught me these
   emotions.    そんな思いやりの気持ちを    It IS also you who taught me such feelings
   Thank you.    教えてくれたのもルッカデス。    of sympathy.
   とてもカンシャしてイマス。[END]    I AM very GRATEFUL.
Marle: Tears don't become you, マール「なみだは似合わないわ。 Marle: Tears don't suit you.
   Lucca!    ルッカ……!    Lucca......!
   Robo'll be there in the new    新しい未来でも、ロボはきっと    I'm sure Robo will have been born even in the
   future!    生まれて来るわ。[END]    new future.
Robo: Good...bye. ロボ「サヨウ……ナラ。[END] Robo: GOOD...... BYE.
Robo: Caution! ロボ「おっと Robo: Oops,
   Oil has washed over my sight    オイルでアイセンサーがかすんで……[END]     my eye sensors are blurred with oil...... The verb is usually used to mean tears fogging eyesight.
   Sight diminished...
Lucca: Do you remember that talk ルッカ「いつかした話 Lucca: Do you remember the talk we had
   we had?    おぼえてる?[END]    once?
Marle: You mean about whether マール「ええ Marle: Yeah,
   our lives flash by before we die?    死ぬ時に見る思い出の話……。[END]    about how you see your memories when you
Lucca: Yeah. I get the feeling that ルッカ「もうその人は Lucca: It looks like that person is saved now.
   the «Entity» is finally at rest.    助かったみたいね。
Marle: Yes, I feel that too... マール「うん。 Marle: Yeah.
   私も感じる。 その人のいぶきを……。[END]    I feel it too. That person's breath......
Marle: Time travel...how マール「時間を旅するなんて…… Marle: Travelling time......
   exhausting!    にが重すぎるね。[END]    It's too much of a burden.
Lucca: We should dismantle the ルッカ「シルバードも壊した方が Lucca: It looks like we'd better break down the
   Epoch.    良さそうね。    Sylbird too.
   Its job is finished.    もう、みんなと会えなくなるけど……。[END] Though we won't be able to see everyone anymore......
MOM: You naughty thing, come back ジナ「これこれ、もどってきなさい。[END] Jina: Hey, hey, get back here.
MOM: Look, Crono! ジナ「ほら、クロノ。 Jina: Crono, look.
   Your cat's running away because    あなたがエサをきらしたもんだから    They're all running away since you let the food
   you haven't been feeding it!    みんな逃げ出しちゃって……。[END]    run out......
MOM: Hey, come back here! ジナ「あ!これ![END] Jina: Ah! Hey!
Marle: Oh, great! マール「た、たいへん!! Marle: Oh, oh no!!
   Crono, that Gate will never open    クロノ!!    Crono!!
   again!    もうゲートは一生開かないわよ!!    The Gate won't open again in a lifetime!!
   どうする?[END]    What'll we do?
Lucca: Well it looks like we have no ルッカ「そうね! Lucca: That's it!
   choice but to go after them!    追いかけるしかないわね![END]     There's no choice but to chase her down! 
Marle: Go after them?! マール「追いかけるって Marle: Chase her down, you say,
   ゲートはもう……[END]    but the Gate's already......
Marle: Lucca, don't turn off マール「まさかルッカ……[END] Marle: Lucca, you can't mean......
   your brain, yet!
Lucca: I forgot! ルッカ「たーいむ マシーーン[heart]が Lucca: We've got a Time Machiiinnne{heart}! Forgot? No she didn't.
   We have a Time Machine!    あるじゃない![END]
                  Nya ha ha!      オーッホッホッホ![END]               Oh ho ho ho!
SOLDIER: Oh, Princess, the King asks for 兵士「おっとマールディア様。 Soldier: Ah, Marledia-sama.
   your presence.    こんな所に。 王様がお呼びです。[END]    Here you are. The king calls.
KING: I'm so happy! 王「私はうれしいぞ。 King: I'm glad.
   Now there's no reason for you to go    もうお前が遠くに行くことも    I shouldn't think you'll be going far away any more.
   away anymore.    ないじゃろうからな。[END]
KING: I have a gift for you, 王「マールディアよ。この日を記ねんして King: Marledia. A present from me to
   to commemorate this day,    私からのプレゼントじゃ。[END]    commemorate this day.
   Princess Nadia.
KING: This is Nadia's Bell. 王「ほーら。 かわいいじゃろ。 King: Look. Isn't it lovely.
   It will ring out across the land.    マールディアの鐘じゃ   Marledia's Bell will make a fine sound.
KING: Marle...where did you go? 王「おいマールや……どこいった? King: Hey, Marle...... where did you go?
   Could someone please lend me a    ほれ……誰か……手伝ってくれ。[END]    Hey...... someone...... give me a hand.
Marle: Daddy... マール「ありがとう…… Marle: Thanks......
   I hate to say this but…
   でも私。    But I...
   I can't sit around doing nothing!    じっとしていられないの![END]    I can't sit around doing nothing!
TABAN: Phew! タバン「王様! Taban: Your majesty!
   Made it just in time!    間に合いましたぜ!    I made it in time!
   Shall I fire one off?    一発ドカンと行きますかい!!    Should I fire off a shot!?!  
KING: Uh, no Taban. 王「いや、タバン。 King: No, Taban.
   Actually, I could really use your help...    悪いが今はそれどころじゃ……    Sorry, but it's no time for......
 [Ending: Beyond Time (Without Epoch)]
Marle: It's... マール「これは! Marle: It's!
KING: It's Nadia's Bell, which will 王「マールディアの鐘じゃよ。 King: Marledia's Bell.
   replace the 400 year old Leene Bell.    400年間この国を見守り続けて来た    From now on, Marledia's Bell will sing in place
   Henceforth, Nadia's Bell will    リーネの鐘にかわって、これからは    of Leene's Bell, which has continued to watch
   proudly ring for lasting peace.    マールディアの鐘が歌をうたう……。[END]    over this country for 400 years.
Marle: It's beautiful! マール「すてき……![END] Marle: Wow......!
KING: Now, you can do the honors. 王「さあ、お前がつけなさい。[END] King: Now, you attach it.
Marle: Done! マール「うんッ![END] Marle: Sure!
Marle: Huh?! マール「!? Marle: !?
   H, hey Crono, help me!    ちょ ちょっとクロノ!    H, hey, Crono!
   助けて!![END]    Help me!!
 [Ending: Beyond Time (Without Fiona's Forest)]
Lucca: I thought Lavos made the ルッカ「ゲートはラヴォスの力で Lucca: We thought the Gates were born from
   Gates...    生まれたものと思っていたけど……    Lavos's power, but......
   But I guess I was wrong.    今思うと違ってたのかもね。[END]    Thinking about it now, we may have been wrong.
Marle: What do you mean? マール「どういう事?[END] Marle: What do you mean?
Lucca: I think a greater force ルッカ「もっと違う…… Lucca: I wonder if another......
   wanted us to experience those    あたたかく大きな存在が    If a great, warm being didn't want to show us
   events.    いろんな時代を私達に    the various eras.
 [Ending: Reunion]
ELDER: Lavos is gone, so the Gate will 老人「ラヴォスも死に Old Man: Lavos is dead, and I except the Gates
   shut.    そのうちゲートも閉じるじゃろう。    will soon shut too.
   Return now, or you'll be lost in time.    今のうちに自分の時代に帰らないと    If you don't return to your own eras now, while you
   時のさまよい人になってしまうぞい。[END]    can, you'll become temporal wanderers. Has a sense of wandering aimlessly, so lost fits too.
Marle: Let's go back in time and マール「過去にもどって Marle: Let's go back to the past and save Crono.
   save Crono!    クロノを助けましょうよ。[END]
Marle: Don't you care? マール「心配じゃないの?[END] Marle: Aren't you worried?
Marle: Come on! マール「ねえ。[END] Marle: Hey!
Frog: 'Tis necessary that I return カエル「私は中世でリーネ様を Frog: I must protect Leene-sama in the Middle Ages.
   and protect Queen Leene.    守らなくては。[END]
Ayla: Kino wait for me. エイラ「キーノ達 待ってる。[END] Ayla: Kinos waiting. Kinos meaning Kino and the others, not Kino's as in Kino is.
Robo: This really is the last we will ロボ「本当に最後のお別れデスネ。[END] Robo: This truly IS our final farewell.
   see of each other.
Ayla: Ayla go home now. エイラ「エイラ 帰る。 Ayla: Ayla go home.
   Good luck all!    元気でな![END]    Be healthy!
Frog: Fare thee well! カエル「達者でな。[END] Frog: Stay well.
Robo: Goodbye...everyone. ロボ「サヨウナラ。[END] Robo: GOODBYE.
Marle: You're all so heartless! マール「みんな、つれないわ……! Marle: You're all heartless......!
Lucca: It's a fate we can't escape. ルッカ「人の死は運命なのよ。 Lucca: Death is our fate.
   Someday we will all pass away.    マール……。[END]    Marle......
ELDER: Hey there! 老人「おーい![END] Old Man: Hey!
ELDER: They've all... 老人「お前達…… Old Man: You all......
   Have they all left?    ……って、もう行ってしまったか?[END]    ......wait, they've left already?
ELDER: I forgot to give them this. 老人「これがあるのをわすれてた。 Old Man: I forgot I had this.
   ... ...Oh well.    ……ま、いいか。[END]    ......well, no matter.
ELDER: They dropped this! 老人「これ落として行ったぞ。 Old Man: They dropped this and left. This is if the player already had the Chrono Trigger.
   ... ...Oh well...    ……ま、いいか。[END]    ......well, no matter.
 [System]  [System] [System]
   Come on! さあ! 千年祭り最後の夜!![END]    Now! It's the final night of the Millennial Festival!!
   It's the last night of the fair!
MOM: Have you seen Crono? ジナ「うちの子見かけなかった? Jina: Have you happened to see my child?
   He was really looking forward to this    この日を楽しみにしていたのに。    He was looking forward to this day.
   fair!    いったいどこで    I wonder where on earth he's goofing off?
   Where do you suppose he is?    あぶらをうっているのかしら?[END]
Marle: I wonder how everyone is マール「みんな元気で Marle: I wonder how everyone is......
   doing.    やってるかな……。[END]
Ayla: Give me «Time Egg!» エイラ「『時の卵』 よこせ! Ayla: Give “Egg of Time”!
GASPAR: Calm down. ハッシュ「だから落ち着けっちゅうに。 Hasch: Calm down, I said.
   Rushing won't bring him back!    そんなにあせったら生き返るもんも    You won't be able to bring a thing back to life
   生き返らんだろうに。[END]    if you rush like that.
Ayla: Ok, understand. エイラ「わかったから Ayla: Got it, so hurry give!
   Now hurry, give!    早く よこせ![END]
Robo: Hey! ロボ「あ! Robo: Ah!
   He is escaping!    逃げマシタ![END]    He RAN away!
Marle: What's going on, everyone? マール「ねえねえ! Marle: Hey, hey!
   みんな! どうしたの?[END]    Everyone! What's going on?
 [Frog]  [Frog] [Frog]
   That «Time Egg» of his can bring HIM あいつの持っている時の卵で    We can bring him back to life with that egg of
   back! 生き返らせる事が出来るんだ。    time he's got.
Lucca: Bring who back? ルッカ「生き返らすって? Lucca: Bring him back to life?
You mean Crono?    クロノの事?![END]    You mean Crono?!
 [Frog]  [Frog] [Frog]
   Yes. そうだ。[END]    Yes.
Marle: By the way, who...are you? マール「ところであなた誰……[END] Marle: By the way, who are you......?
Marle: He just took off. マール「行っちゃった。 Marle: They're gone.
Lucca: Could that have been... ルッカ「もしかして…… Lucca: Could it be......
   Frog?    カエルじゃない?[END]     Frog?
Lucca: H, he's handsome! ルッカ「ハ、ハンサム![END] Lucca: He, he's handsome!
Lucca: Let's catch up with him! ルッカ「追いかけましょう!![END] Lucca: Let's go after them!!
Lucca: Hey Frog! ルッカ「カエルってば。 Lucca: Oh, Frog.
   Why didn't you tell us you were a    ハンサムだったらハンサムって    If you're handsome, say you're handsome
   dish?    最初っから言ってよね。[END]    in the first place.
 [Ending: Reunion (Without Epoch)]
Marle: What's up?! マール「みんな、どうしたの? Marle: What's going on, everyone?
   How did everyone get here?    ゲートは閉じたはずなのに。[END]    The Gates are supposed to have closed.
   The Gate's been shut!
Lucca: Heh heh, I tinkered with the ルッカ「転送機を改造したのよ。[END] Lucca: I remodeled the transfer machine.
Marle: And made it into a time マール「タイムマシンに?[END] Marle: In the time machine?
Marle: You're the guy from the マール「あなたは Marle: You were at the Farthest Reaches of Time......
   End of Time!    時の最果てにいた……。
GASPAR: You forgot the «Time Egg!» ハッシュ「あんたら『時の卵』を Hasch: You forgot the “Egg of Time”.
   The «Time Egg» is used for...    わすれておったから。    The “Egg of Time” is......
   blah, blah, blah...
   etc, etc, etc...       うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
      うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
   etc, etc, etc...
   etc, etc, etc...       うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
      うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
   ... You got that?
      うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
      うんぬんかんぬん……       etc., etc., etc., etc.......
        ……なんじゃ。[END]             ......you see.
Marle: You mean we can get マール「って事はクロノを…… Marle: You mean, Crono......
   Crono back?
GASPAR: Yes, that's possible. ハッシュ「生き返らせる事が Hasch: You might be able to bring him back to life.
Marle: Th, that's why you're all マール「そ、そのためにみんな Marle: Th, that's what everyone's gathered for?
   here?    あつまってくれたの?[END]
Marle: Let's get Crono! マール「行こう! Marle: Let's go!
   クロノを取り戻しに!![END]    To bring Crono back!!
Lucca: Why don't you stay here ルッカ「パパのそばに Lucca: Be here for your papa.
   with your dad?    いてあげなよ。
Marle: But... マール「でも…… Marle: But......
Lucca: Don't worry! ルッカ「あのバカは Lucca: I'll bring that idiot back for sure!
   I'll bring the idiot back!    きっと連れて来るから![END]
Lucca: Trust me! ルッカ「ま・か・せ・な・さ・い!![END] Lucca: Leave – it – to – me!!
Marle: ?! マール「!? Marle: !?
   H, help!!    ちょ ちょっと!助けて!![END]   H, hey! Help me!!
 [Ending: The Dream Project]
 [Gaspar] よくぞ!    Well done!
   Good job! You finished the hardest こんな、こんなんな…しゃれじゃないぞ…    You've cleared the game in such a
   version of the game! This is the じょうきょうでゲームをクリアしました。    troublesome... I'm not joking... situation. Just look at line two to get the joke. こんな、こんなんな. Yay. Doesn't translate.
   development room for the Chrono ありがとうございます。    Thank you.
   Trigger game.
   ここはクロノトリガー開発ルーム。    This is the Chrono Trigger development room.
   Take a walk around and hear what the スタッフのみんなの声をきいてください。    Please listen to what everyone on staff has to say.
   team has to say... では……    Now then......
Ken Narita: Love was in the air... なりた けん「いろいろなこいを Ken Narita: I've been in love a variety of times.
   But then...the boat sank.    しました。そのどれもが……    Every one of those......
   Sigh...    ふッ……[END]    sigh......
Hiroyuki Ito: Heh heh... the Tyrano Lair? いとう ひろゆき「ティラン城? Hiroyuki Itou: Tyran Castle?
   Yup, it was my bright idea to put the    ごめんなさい。くちにスイッチを付け    I'm sorry. It was me who put the switch
   switch in the mouth!    たのは、私でケロッ![END]    in the mouth, ribbit!
Kazuo Suzuki: Hey that's me, the すずき かずお「すっかり しょくにん。 Kazuo Suzuki: Total craftsman.
   merchant-maker!    R0Mは こしで させ。[END]    Make ROM with hips. ...I think. Too ambiguous, odd phrasing.
Shun Moriya: I've been working on this 守屋 しゅん「24時間 おはようござ Shun Moriya: Good morning 24 hours a day.
   ROM for 24 hrs! Aaah!! Someone save    います。    I pull the ROM out with my sides. ...another possible nonsense statement.
   me...I'm getting sucked in!    R0Mは わきばらで ぬきます[END]
Masanori Hoshino: Hey, they promised ほしの まさのり「このゲーム、ホントは Masanori Hoshino: This game was really supposed
   to name the game Hoshino Trigger!    ホシノトリガーってタイトルになるハズ    to have the title Hoshino Trigger. Just kidding.
Mami Kawai: Oops! かわい まみ「はっ!?またパーツをいれ Mami Kawai: Huh!? I forgot to put some parts in
   Did I forget to insert a few parts?    わすれてる!?しくしく…すみません    again!? Waaah... I'm sorry, can I fix it~~? しくしく is a sobbing noise
   I'm so sorry, it won't happen again...    直していいですか~~?[END]
Taizo Mamo: How 'bout those Dodgers?! まも たいぞう「…ん?なんばしよっとや、 Taizou Mamo: ...hm? (?) *****
   きさん。せからしったい!! (?). ('m BUSY!!)? eep. This looks like a nasty combination of slang and dialect. I can't figure it out... though frankly I'm surprised this is the only one this bad.
   ぼてくりこかされたいとや!?[END] (?)!?
 [Hiroto Yamamoto]  [Hiroto Yamamoto]  [Hiroto Yamamoto]
   Don't look for me... 探さないで下さい。   Please don't search for me.
                Hiroko Yamamoto            やまもと ひろと[END] Hiroto Yamamoto NOT Hiroko, doublechecked it with the game
Minoru Akao: Boy isn't this fun? あかお みのる「旅はいいよね。 Minoru Akao: Journeys sure are nice.
   あそびもいいよね。    Playing's nice too.
   ふっ、楽しいこと、たくさんしよう![END]    Hm, let's do lots of fun things!
Eiji Nakamura: Congrats on finishing なかむら えいじ「おつかれさまでした!! Eiji Nakamura: Good job!!
   the game.    あしたは、外であそぼう![END]    Let's play outside tomorrow!
   Now get a life!!
Katsuhisa Higuchi: Legendary ひぐちかつひさ Katsuhisa Higuchi
   programmer seeks that special 伝説のプログラマ 29さい Legendary Programmer, 29 years old
   someone.    「勇者になりそこねて、伝説のみと    “It was I who failed to become a Hero and
   Waiting for those cards and letters.    化してしまったのは私です。    changed to merely legendary.
   おてがみくださいね。[END]    Please write.
Kenichi Nishi: Boy it was a long haul... にし けんいち「長かったです。 Kenichi Nishi: It was long.
   I've gotten my first grey hairs    初めてのしらががはえました。    My first grey hairs have come out.
   because of this game!!    やせました。[END]    I've lost weight.
 [Manabu Daishima]  [Manabu Daishima] [Manabu Daishima]
   Hey out there in TV land! How're we やあ!テレビのまえのみんな~元気かい?    Hey! Everyone in front of the TV, how are ya?
   doing? It's me, Manabu Daishima! If you ぼくが、だいしま まなぶで~~す。    I'm Manabu Daishima~~.
   like this game, check out the other んん!!こらァ~ かりてやるな~~[END]    Oh!! Hey~! Don't borrow that~~!
   Square Soft titles!!
Shinichiro Okaniwa: Gee, you know they おかにわ しんいちろー「ふふふ…… Shinichirou Okaniwa: Hu, hu, hu......
   really kept us locked up for a long    ずっとかみのけ切らなかったら    My hair's gotten this long since I haven't cut it
   time.    こんなにのびちゃった。切りにいこ。[END]    in forever. I'm gonna go cut it.
   My hair's THIS long as a result!
Keizo Kokubo: Well I hope everyone こくぼ けいぞう「このゲームに Keizou Kokubo: May the people involved in this
   can say it was a learning experience!    かかわった人々、これをやってくれた    game, all who have done this, pass beyond "this"
   When you complete your rounds,    みんなが、『この』時をこえて    time and continue to grow.
   come back to see me.    成長し続けますように。
一通り聞き終えたらまた私の所へきなさい。[END]    Come again once you're done hearing everyone.
Hiroshi Uchiyama: That's a pretty good うちやま ひろし「良くできてるなー Hiroshi Uchiyama: Pretty well made, huh.
   costume you got on there, kid!    そのふく。    Those clothes.
   Wait!    作るの大変だったでしょ?    Must have been a pain to make, right?
   It's really YOU, isn't it?!    え!ナニ?本物!? こりゃ失礼。[END]    Huh! What? They're real!? Well, excuse me.
Fumi Nakashima: Someone kiss me! なかしま ふみ「どもども、中プウだケロ。 Fumi Nakashima: Thank you, thank you, (?), ribbit. 中プウ eludes me, sounds like nonsense.
   ワールドマップのちびキャラいたケロ。    There's chibi characters on the world map, ribbit.
   ルッカは本を読んでるケロ。    Lucca reads a book, ribbit.
   クロノは急がせてるケロ。わかるケロ?[END]    Crono urges you on, ribbit. Know that, ribbit?
Yasuhiko Kamata: Isn't 32 megs great? かまた やすひこ「32めがって、いーーっ Yasuhiko Kamata: 32 megs holds a lo------------
   The graphics become incredible. It    ぱいえがはいるんだぞ。    ---ot of images.
   was painful at times, but it sure was    大変なんだぞ。    It's a pain.
   fun!    でも、楽しかったかな。[END]    But I guess it was fun.
Keita Eto: It'll cost you 10,000,000G to えとう けいた「壊れたマップの修理? Keita Etou: Fixing a broken map?
   fix a broken map!    10000000Gかかるぜ。[END]    It's going to take 10,000,000G.
Haruyuki Nishida: Want to see a にしだはるゆき 化け物たんとー Haruyuki Nishida, in charge of monsters
   Chrono Trigger 2?    『ねーねー2ができるってホント?』    “Hey, hey, is it true we're making a 2?”
      Yes.    はい       Yes
      No.    いいえ[END]       No
   That'd be nice huh? 『できたらいいよね~』[END]    “I hope we do make it~”
Kato: Every night will have a day. かとう「ふりやまないあめは、ない。 Katou: There is no rain that does not stop falling. Sounds like the Nun's line.
   Even forever has to come to an end.
   ...I think...    永遠にも、おわりがある……。    Even eternity has an end......
   たぶん……。[END]    Maybe......
Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank まつはら けいすけ「ども、どもっ! Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank you!
   you, no applause necessary, just    ボクのイベント、楽しんでもらえた?    Did you enjoy my event?
   send money...    次の作品でも『まつはらえんしゅつ』が    “Matsuhara Production” is going to explode in
   サクレツするので、よろしく!![END]    the next work too, look forward to it!!
   Another of my masterpieces will be
   available soon, so stay tuned.
Matsuzo Itakura: Did you figure out the いたくら まつぞー「やあみんな おいらの Matsuzou Itakura: Hey everyone, find my deathblow
   Poyozo Dance attack?    必殺技ポヨゾーダンス みつけたかな?    tech, Poyozo Dance?
   See you again in the next game.    またつぎの作品で会おうネ!![END]    Let's meet again in the next work!!
Hasui: Shh, I'm in the middle of はすい  Hasui:
   something good here!    「話しかけるな!いまいいとこなんだ![END]    “Don't talk to me! I'm at a good part right now! Between the line, the sprite's positioning, and the noises that come with it... well, I'd rather not say what it sounds like. Potty humor++
Akane Haruki: Feed me! はるきあかね「きゃたきゃたきゃたきゅた[heart] Akane Haruki: Kyata, kyata, kyata, kyuta[heart] scurrying noises, I think
   They've kept me locked up for so    ひるるるるるるっぴどーーんんっっ!    Hi, ru, ru, ru, ru, ru, ru, pidohhhhnnhh!
   long!    はらはらはらはら[note]はらへったよう![END]    Hunhunhunhun[note]hungry!
Hiroki Chiba: So which is it, the Raiders ちば ひろき「1ー4! 1ー4!! Hiroki Chiba: 1-4! 1-4!! some sort of gambling?
   or the Cowboys?    1ー4!!! 1ー4!!!!    1-4!!! 1-4!!!!
   ダーッ! また外れたー!![END]    D'oh! Off again!!
Kazuhiro Ohkawa: Congratulations! おおかわ かずひろ「クリアおめでとう!! Kazuhiro Ookawa: Congratulations on clearing the game!!
   Now wasn't that fun?    おもしろかった?[END]    Was it interesting?
Akiyoshi Masuda: Kokubo and I've been ますだ あきよし「しごともせずにこくぼ  Akiyoshi Masuda: Me and Kokubo-san have been
   polishing up on our anti-stress    さんとくんずほぐれつもみあってました    going at it and not even doing our jobs. As far as I can make out, kunzu hoguretsu refers to intense movement together and apart, like in wrestling or... well, that can be sort of like wrestling too. Potty humor++
   massage technique...    ……………………かたもみの話だよ[END]    .....................I'm talking about shoulder massages.
Tetsuya Takahashi: If you thought this たかはし てつや「こんどは死なないぞ! Tetsuya Takahashi: Don't die this time!
   was tough, get a load of Final    だいじょうぶだ、安心しろ。    It's fine, don't worry.
   Fantasy 2    死にたいヤツはFF4をやってみろ。    If you wanna die, try playing FF4.
   死ぬぞ~[END]    You'll die~
Yoshinori Ogura: Well I'm glad they おぐら よしのり「このゲームに Yoshinori Ogura: I'm glad I could participate in this
   gave me a bit part in this game...    少しでもさんかできたことを    game, even if it was only a little.
Koji Sugimoto: Bet you can't beat the すぎもと こうじ「バイクレースの Kouji Sugumoto: I hear the programmers' top
   score of 2110 in the bike race!    プログラマーの最高ウイニングポイント    winning score in the bike race is 2110.
Koichi Ebe: Wow, you just jetted  えべこういち「クロノトリガー最後まで Kouichi Ebe: Thanks for playing Chrono Trigger
   through the game huh?    あそんでくれてありがとう。    through to the end.
   Let me throw you a kiss!    そんなあなたにプレゼント。ちゅう[heart][END]    Here's a present for you. smooch[heart]
Toshiaki Suzuki: Aaack! I'm so tired... すずき としあき「ウゥ~ン… Toshiaki Suzuki: Uhhhhn...
   No, I'm hungry... No, I can't decide...    あー眠い…  うーおなか空いた…    Ah, I'm sleepy... Ohh, I'm hungry...
   Acck! They've made me into a    とりあえず、ねよっと。[END]    Guess I'll sleep for now.
   zombie, working on this game...
Kiyoshi Yoshii: You finished the game よしい きよし「クロノトリガーシリーズ Kiyoshi Yoshii: The 128th work in the Chrono
   already?    だい128作目 感動のストーリー……    Trigger series, a moving story......
   What about all the work I put in it!?    おやっ また時代が違ったようじゃの[END]    Whoops, looks like I've got the wrong era again.
Tsutomu Terada: Hey don't mess with てらだ つとむ「今年、全てのかぜをひい Tsutomu Terada: I've caught all the colds this
   the monsters I created! They kinda    たな~。 へぶしゅっ!!    year... ACHOO!!
   grow on you after awhile you know?    最後に強くなった君たち、モンスターを    Don't bully the monsters too much now that
   へぶしゅっあまりいじめないでね。[END]    you've gotten strong at the end.
Tadahiro Usuda: Look closely and you'll  うすだ ただひろ「よ~く見るとモンスター Tadahiro Usuda: Take a gooood look, and even the
   appreciate the individuality of the    にも小さなこだわりが。あっ、ホラホラ    monsters have little things we fussed over.
   monsters. Check out the shadow on    コイツの剣のカゲとかさァ……ね?ね?[END]    Hey, look, look, like the shadow on this guy's
   this guy's sword!    sword......see? See?
Makoto Shimamoto: Can you do it? しまもと まこと「めざせ! Makoto Shimamoto: Go for it!
   THE 9999 damage point strike!    9999ダメージ!!    9999 damage!!
   ばくはつ![END]    BOOM!
Yasunori Mitsuda: Well, it's my turn to みつだ やすのり「僕は旅に出るんだ Yasunori Mitsuda: I'm going on a journey, to a far,
   go on a journey!    遠い、へんきょうの地へ・・・それは    remote land... it's for the next step up.
   次へのステップ・アップのために。    But what if I can't come back again?
Kazumi Kobayashi: I've lost 22 pounds こばやし かずみ「やせました……… Kazumi Kobayashi: Lost weight.........
   because of this game.    10キロ……[END]    10 kilos...... which is about 22 pounds
   You'd better be enjoying it!
Kaname: Like, does this mean we're かなめ「おいらはマッパーみならいさ Kaname: I'm an apprentice mapper. Parallels the apprentice carpenters in Choras.
   finally free to go home?    親方なら、ゲーセンで対戦やってるよ。[END]    If you're looking for the boss, he's waging war at
   the game center.
Hirokatsu Sasaki: Ever since I started ささきひろかつ『かみをのばすと声をかけ Hirokatsu Sasaki: “I get a lot of attention from people 声をかける is literally just 'call out to', but it has connotations of hitting on or trying to pick up someone.
   growing out my hair I've been    られるのよね。しかも男に…………』    when I grow out my hair. From men even............” Amazing that this one made it past the censors.
   getting a lot of attention...from guys!    超ショッーーク!![END]    Super shockkkkk!!
 [Takashi Tokita]  [Takashi Tokita]  [Takashi Tokita]
   Sorry, it's a bad makeup day for 「あ、すいません。    Oh, excuse me.
   Takashi Tokita.    今マスク付けてないんで……    I'm not wearing my mask right now......
   ときた たかしは    Takashi Tokita
   リバプールの風になりましたから。[END]    has gone Liverpool style. No idea what it's supposed to mean, but that's the line.
Yukio Nakatani: Will you be my friend?  なかたに ゆきお「あそんでくれて Yukio Nakatani: Thanks for playing. Incidentally, Yukio sounds like a female name, and the line sounds female as well.
   Are you a girl?    ありがとね。ところでキミは女の子?    By the way, are you a girl?
      Yes    はい       Yes
      No    いいえ[END]       No
Akihiko Matsui: Now wasn't that まつい あきひこ「いかがでしたか? Akihiko Matsui: How was it? Very formal, especially notable since most of these are very... not. Not rude, just kind of conversational and often silly.
   SPECIAL?    楽しんでいただければしあわせです。    We are pleased if you found it enjoyable.
   See you same time, new game!    では、ほかのゲームでお会いしましょう[END]    Now, let us meet in another game as well.
Tetsuya Nomura: 3...... のむら てつや「3…… Tetsuya Nomura: 3......
   2... ... 1......    2…… 1……    2......   1......
   Restart!    リセット!!。[END]    Reset!!
   Just joking! うそ、うそ。[END]    Kidding, kidding.
Yasuyuki Honne: Phew, what a relief ほんね やすゆき「はじめての Yasuyuki Honne: This was my first job.
   it's over!    しごとでした。    I was nervous as I wrote it.
Shinichiro Hamasaka: Good job guys! はまさか しんいちろう「ほんの Shin'ichirou Hamasaka: I helped out just a wee bit.
   ちょっぴり おてつだいしました。    I'm from the Blackbird team.
   くろとりチームのかた。    Good job.
Yoshinori Kitase: Did you get through きたせ よしのり「エンディングは Yoshinori Kitase: There are over ten different
   all 10 different endings? It depends    10しゅるい以上。シナリオのどの    endings. It changes depending on when in the
   on when you challenge Lavos.    タイミングでラヴォスを倒したかに    scenario timing you beat Lavos.
   全部見ることができたかな?。[END]    I wonder if you can see them all?
Yusuke Naora: Well are we having fun なおら ゆうすけ「楽しんで Yuusuke Naora: I had fun writing it. How was it?
   yet?    かきました。 どうでしたか?[END]
Takayuki Ohtachi: Mission complete! おおたち たかゆき「おつかれさまです。[END] Takayuki Ootachi: Good job.
Kezuka: Better find the switch soon or しかけにん けずか「早くスイッチを Trickster Kezuka: If you don't hurry and find the
   it'll all go up in flames!    さがさないと……もえちゃうよ![END]    switch......it's gonna burn!
 [Gaspar]  [Hasch]
   Well then, では……    Now then......
   open the Gates to the Dream Team! ドリームプロジェクトへの扉を開こう![END]    Let's open the door to the Dream Project!
 [Dream Team]  [Dream Team]  [Dream Team]
   C'mon in. 中へどうぞ。    Go on inside.
   We've been expecting you! 最高のプロジェクトスタッフが    The ultimate project staff are waiting.
Akira Toriyama: Heeey! Sasuke! Kikka! とりやま あきら「おーい! Akira Toriyama: Hey! Following the convention of placing given names first in English
   Pop's working on games like this!    さすけ!きっか!おとうさんはこんな    Sasuke! Kikka! Your dad's even working on
   Hey are you guys watching?    ゲームのしごともしてるんだぞー!    games like this!
   Isn't this great?!
   この画面見てるか?すごいだろー!    You looking at this screen? Amazing, right!
   どうだー![END]    How about it!?
Yuji Horii: One of these things is not ほりい ゆうじ「にたもの 3たくです。 Yuuji Horii: A three-choice question.
   like the others...    ホッチキス、モスラ、オリンピック    Stapler, Mothra, Olympics.
   A Stapler, Mothra, and the Olympics.    仲間はずれは どれ?[END]    Which one doesn't fit?
   SO...which one is it?
Hironobu Sakaguchi: Boy, it used to be さかぐち ひろのぶ「前は1つ Hironobu Sakaguchi: Before I'd get thinner when
   that I'd get thinner after each game.    作り終えるとやせてたんだけど……    we finished making one......
   Now I'm gaining weight instead.    最近は、ふとっちゃうのよ。    But lately, I'm getting thicker.
   Ack! I must be getting old.    トホホ…… としかしらねえ~[END]    I don't know anything but...... oh no. トホホ is sort of an upset or ashamed laugh. I've tried to get the meaning, but...
Kazuhiko Aoki: Guess what! あおき かずひこ「年まつジャンボ Kazuhiko Aoki: I won the 100,000 yen About $1000 US
   I hit the 100,000 yen jackpot!    10万円 当たった。[END]    year-end jumbo.
Nobuo Uematsu: siht daer naht od ot うえまつのぶお「『ェめだゃじんよ。』 Nobuo Uematsu: “Daer t'nod.”
   retteb gnihton evah I    さァ!ぎゃくからよんでみよう!![END]    Now! Try reading it backwards!!
   Now run out side and play, boys and
 [Dream Team]  [Dream Team]  [Dream Team]
   Cheers! You made it to one of the よくぞクリアしました。    Well done! You've cleared the game.
   endings! あなたもドリームプロジェクトのメンバー    You're one of the Dream Project members too.
   You're now a member of the Dream の一人です。おめでとう!!    Congratulations!!
こんなにはやくクリアしちゃうほど    We're sending a staff roll fitting to how impatient
   And since you blew through the game せっかちなあなたにふさわしい    you are, clearing the game this quickly.
   so fast, we have adjusted the credits スタッフロールをおとどけします。    Now! Let's roll!!
   to suit your style! さあ! かっとべ!![END]
 [Ending: The Successor of Guardia]
 [Various People]  [Various People] [Various People]
   Princess! あ、王女さま。    Oh, Princess.
   Wearing our disguise again, are we? また今日も変装してお出かけですかい?[END]    Are you going out in disguise again today?
 [Man]  [Man] [Not Man]
   My, your majesty, you look splendid! まあ、王女さま。    Oh my, the Princess.
お上手なおけしょうですわ。[END]    Such skillful makeup.
 [Little Girl]  [Little Girl] [Little Girl]
   Princess! 王女さま。    Princess.
   I see you're dressing...normally again! また私達と同じかっこうしている。[END]    You're looking like us again.
Marle: Something doesn't look マール「何か様子がへんね?[END] Marle: Something seems weird, doesn't it?
Marle: Let's return to the castle! マール「お城に帰ってみましょ。[END] Marle: Let's try going back to the castle.
Marle: Father! マール「父上! Marle: Father!
   What's wrong with the    町の人の様子が何か変なの。    Something's weird about the townspeople.
KING: Where have you been, Nadia? 王「どこに行ってたマールディアよ? King: Where have you been, Marledia?
   First, calm down.    お前もピョンピョンあそび回ってばかり    Don't just keep hopping around having fun, calm Yes, hopping. Yes, like a frog.
   And why those clothes?    いないで少しは落ち着きなさい。    down a little.
   あ、また人間の姿になんか変装して…。[END]    Ah, you're disguising yourself in human form again...
Marle: Everybody keeps saying マール「みんなそう言うけど…… Marle: Everyone's saying that......
   that!    それってどういう意味?[END]    What's that supposed to mean?
   What do you mean?
KING: What ARE you babbling about? 王「何をとぼけているんだ。 King: What are you playing dumb for?
   You needn't keep dressing that way!    お前もそんな無理なかっこうをして    Wouldn't it be easier on you not to force yourself
   いないで楽にならんか。[END]    to look like that?
KING: You're just in time! 王「ちょうどよかった。 King: Good timing.
   We found this 400 year old wedding    これから400年前の先祖の    I was just thinking of watching the wedding film
   album in the treasury.    けっこんしきのフィルムを    of our ancestors from 400 years ago.
      宝物庫をかたづけていたら    We found it when we were cleaning up the
   見つかったんじゃ。[END]    treasure vault.
Marle: ??? マール「?? ゲコゲコゲコ……[END] Marle: ?? cough, hack, gag......
Lucca: Marle! ルッカ「マール?? Lucca: Marle??
   No!    あなたもしや……[END]     You couldn't be......
   Tell me you didn't...
Marle: Nooo! マール「やだやだ! こんなの!! Marle: Ew, ew! No way!!
   This can't be!!
 [Ending: Legendary Hero]
HERO TATA: Magus!! 勇者タータ「魔王……ッ!! Hero Tarta: Magus......!!
 [Ending: The Oath]
Lucca: Phew... ルッカ「ふーッ…… Lucca: Phew......
   You're pretty stubborn.    なかなかしぶといわねえ。    This's awfully stubborn.
Robo: My apologies, Lucca... ロボ「スミマセン、ルッカ……。 Robo: I AM SORRY, Lucca......
Lucca: It's not your fault. ルッカ「あんたのせいじゃないでしょ。 Lucca: It's not your fault, is it?
   We're the one's who created    この体に武器をつけたのは、私達人間    It was we humans who put weapons on this body.
   weapons...    なんだから。
Lucca: Man, that fool sleeps a lot. ルッカ「しっかし、よくねるわねえ。 Lucca: But I'm amazed he's sleeping. The NA version assumes 'yoku' to mean 'often' here, but I think 'well' (adverb of 'good') is more likely. I've seen it elsewhere to express frustration and sort of a grudging respect for what someone else manages to do. The feeling is sort of a 'how can he possibly just fall asleep?'
   We should make him help us!    このバカ……。    That idiot......
   おこして手伝わせようかしら。    I wonder if we should wake him and make him help.
 [Marle]  [Marle] [Marle]
   No! 「ダメ!    Don't!
Marle: Let him sleep マール「ねかせておいてあげようよ。 Marle: Let's let him sleep.
   He fought long and hard.    あれだけの戦いの後だもん。    That was really some battle after all.
Frog:...... カエル「……。 Frog: ......
Lucca: Phew...all right. ルッカ「フ…… はいはい。 Lucca: sigh...... fine, fine.
Marle: Where're you going? マール「どこ行くの? Marle: Where're you going?
   We just got cozy.    せっかく、おちゃ入れたのに。    We've gone to the trouble of making tea.
Frog: Gotta take care of some カエル「なに、ちょいとヤボ用でな。 Frog: Oh, just some minor little business.
Marle: Tee, hee... マール「プッ…… Marle: Phooey......
 [Slash]  [Slash] [Slash]
   Grow up...! 「おろかな……    Foolish......
   Finally, we've got someone who wants 「ひさかたぶりに、死に急ぐ者が    It's been a long since since someone rushing
   to die young!  あらわれたか!    to die has appeared!
 [Flea]  [Mayonnay] [Mayonnay]
   Harhar, this is hilarious...! 「フフン、ずいぶんとナメてくれちゃって    *giggle*, you're SO underestimating me......
   So, you think YOU can take us on?
「一人であたいとやろうなんてネ!    Trying to beat me by yourself, as if!
 [Ozzie]  [Ozzie] [Ozzie]
   Y, you're...!! 「お、お前は……!!    Y, you're......!!
 [Magus]  [Magus] [Magus]
   Neuga, ziena, zieber, zom... 「ダ・ズマ・ラフア・ロウ・ライラ……    Da zuma lafwa roh laira......
   Now the chosen time has come...  つむがれよ、天と地のはざまに……    Be spun, betwixt heaven and earth......
   Exchange this world for...! 「この大地の命と引きかえに……!    In exchange for this earth's life......!
Magus: So, you came... 魔王「やはり来たか……。 Magus: So you really did come......
Magus: We Wizards and humans 魔王「わが魔族も人間も Magus: Both humans and we Demons have
   have brought about our own ruin...    あらかた命を落とした……。    in large part let their lives drop...... Generally meaning dying, but I like the imagery, so I kept it. He could literally mean that most are dead, or he could mean that they're so insignificant, or lacking in the qualities needed to bring about change and shape the future, that they are effectively 'dead' despite living.
   Except for you and I, this world is    私とお前以外で生きているのは    Those aside from you and I who live are like
   populated by cretins...    虫ケラも同然……。    unto worms......
   The one who wins this battle...    この戦いが終わった時    The one who lives when this battle ends will
    ...will rule the world...    生きていた方が世界を……    take the world......
   No, make that RULE THE FUTURE...    いや、未来を手にするわけだ……。    No, take the future in his hands......
Frog: So that's the story... カエル「らしいな……。 Frog: Looks that way......
   But who cares.    だが、そんな事はどうでもいい。    But I don't care either way about such things.
Frog: But there is some merit to カエル「きさまと戦う事に意味が Frog: There is meaning in fighting you......!
   fighting you!    あるのだ……!
Magus: Hmmmm... 魔王「ほう……。 Magus: Oh......? these lines are the same as in the normal storyline
   You have the Masamune...    きさまがグランドリオンを……。    The Grandleon, you......
   Let's see if you know how to use it...    よかろう、かかって来い……    Very well, come at me......
 [Ending: Dino Age]
 [Crono's Mom]  [Jina]  [Jina]
   Crono...... 「クロノ……    'Crono......
   Crono!    クロノ!       Crono!
   Wake up, Crono!    クロノったら!       Hey, Crono!!
MOM: It's time to rise and shine! ジナ「いつまでねてるの? Jina: How long are you sleeping?
   Dreams are for sleepers, son!    いいかげん起きなさい!    Get up already!
MOM: Dear me! I'd forgotten how ジナ「ああ、リーネの鐘があんなに Jina: Ahh, Leene's Bell is singing so pleasantly.
   beautiful Leene's Bell sounds!    気持ちよさそうに歌ってる。
MOM: You were so excited about the ジナ「どうせゆうべ、こうふんして Jina: I'll bet you wound up too excited to
   Millennial Fair that you didn't sleep    ねつけなかったんでしょ?    get to sleep last night, didn't you?
   well, did you...?    ま、建国千年のお祭りだから    Well, it's the National Foundation Millennial
   無理ないけど……    Festival, so that's only natural, but......
   I want you to behave yourself today!   
   あんまり調子に乗って    Don't get caught up in the moment and party too
   ハシャぎすぎるんじゃないわよ!    much!
MOM: Now, get out of that bed! ジナ「さ、いいかげん起きなさい! Jina: Come on, get up already!
 [Ending: What the Prophet Seeks]
 [Magus]  [Magus] [Magus]
   If history is to change, let it change! If 「歴史が変わるというなら、変われ!    If history is to change, change!
   the world is to be destroyed, so be it!  世界がほろぶというなら、ほろべ!    If the world is to be destroyed, be destroyed!
   If my fate is to be destroyed...  そのために、今この俺が    If I am thus to vanish and be no more......
   I must simply laugh!!  消えてなくなるというのなら……    That in itself will be interesting!!
   I'm coming, Lavos!
「行くぞ、ラヴォス!!    Here we go, Lavos!
 [Ending: A Slide Show?]
Marle: What! マール Marle:
   This's ending already?  「ええーっ!    Huuuh!?
 もう、終わっちゃうの……。[END]    It's already over......?
Lucca: That's what that word ルッカ Lucca:
   usually means!  「この言葉が出たら、たいがい終わりっ    From what I've heard, when these words
 てことらしいわよ。[END]    show up, it generally means it's the end.
Marle: But things were just マール Marle:
   starting to get interesting!  「せっかく、これからだったのに。[END]    And we worked so hard for what comes next.
Lucca: Well, come on folks, let's do ルッカ Lucca:
   the «ending» thing.  「じゃあ、このエンドの文字、上げても    Well then, let's get them to raise these end
 らいましょう。[END]    words.
Marle: ROLL THE CREDITS! マール Marle:
   But first, let's remember all the fun  「上げろっ、上げろっ!    Raise them, raise them!
   things we did!  はんせい会いってみましょーっ![END]    Let's try having a review meeting!
Lucca: Okay! ルッカ Lucca:
   Let the ultimate slide show begin!  「美術さん、おねがーい![END]    If you please, artist-san!
Marle: First, let's see a close up of マール Marle:
   Leene Square!  「まずは、リーネ広場にズームイン![END]    First, zoom in on Leene Square!
Lucca: There's the Steel Runner. ルッカ Lucca:
 「てっかめんランナーね。[END]    It's the Iron-Masked Runner.
Marle: I've never understood why マール Marle:
   anyone would want to run for 3  「あたし、こーゆうの苦手なんだよ!    I've got a weakness for this type!
   hours at a stretch...  かたそうだし……。[END]    He looks hard, for one thing......
Lucca: Forget that! ルッカ Lucca:
   Can you imagine what the inside of  「走るだけじゃね……、あのヨロイは、    He just runs...... even though that armor's a
   that armor must smell like?  ハンディキャップなのにね。[END]    handicap.
Marle: What a lovely thought, マール Marle:
   Lucca.  「また今度ってとこね。バイバーイ![END]    See you next time, I guess. Bye-bye!
   Let's get on with the show, OKAY?!
Lucca: Next let's visit Guardia ルッカ Lucca:
   Castle, your home.  「次はガルディア城、あんた家よ。[END]    Next is Guardia Castle, your home.
Marle: Goodness! マール Marle:
   VERY nice scenery!  「へへっ、カッコいいのをそろえたわ![END]    Heh, heh, he's got his coolness all in order!
Lucca: But of course, my dear! ルッカ Lucca:
 「さすがね。私もうドキドキしちゃう![END]    Fitting for a soldier. My heart's already racing!
Marle: I guess you never took a マール Marle:
   shot at him, right?  「彼だけには、どっかんピストル使わな    He's the only one you didn't use your blast
   Say, didn't he just wink at you?  かったでしょ。    pistol on, right?
 彼の名前はピーター。でも女なの。[END]    His name's Peter. But he's a woman.
Lucca: RELAX, Marle!! ルッカ Lucca:
 「ぐらっ!    Ghrah!
 私、その気はないわよ!![END]    I'm NOT into girls!! What is it with Lucca and bisexual jokes? The same thing happens when she meets Ayla.
Marle: Hey! マール Marle:
   It's Pierre!  「ぎゃーっ!! ピエールよ![END]    Gyahh!! It's Pierre!
Lucca: Wouldn't want anything to ルッカ Lucca:
   do with someone like HIM.  「ぜーったいダメ、こーゆータイプ。    Absoluuutely no good, this type.
   Too shifty...  もっと正しい裁判をするべきよ!![END]    You've got to have a more honest trial!!
   He should be put on trial!
Marle: Come on, Lucca! マール Marle:
   Live it up a little!  「ほら、コンジョウがないわよね。    Look, he's got no guts.
   Let your hair down!  自分達でなんとかしよう!っていう    Show some, Let's do something by
   Get Crazy!!!  『元気』出してよ、『元気』!![END]    ourselves!, kinda cheering "vitality", "vitality"!!
Lucca: Yeah, thanks PRINCESS. ルッカ Lucca:
   I'll take that under advisement!!  「同じ立場だったら、こーなってるかも    If we were in the same situation, we might get
 よ。『元気』出せーっ!![END]    like that. Show some "vitality"!!
Marle: There's the seed. マール Marle:
   Hope it grows...  「たね。 育つといいね……。[END]    The seeds. I hope they grow......
Lucca: Theeeeere's Johnny... ルッカ Lucca:
   Mr. Speed himself!  「ジョニーか……。スピードに全てをか    Johnny......? The man who bets everything on
 ける男か……。[END]    speed......?
Marle: Someone ought to tell him to マール Marle:
   take a permanent pit stop.  「はやいだけってのもね……。[END]    All he is is fast, too......
   Look at that hair!
Lucca: Hey, check it out! ルッカ Lucca:
   He's really a tricycle!  「なーんだ、よく見ると三りんしゃよ!    What's this, if you look closely he's a tricycle!
   Pass him!  パス、パス![END]    Pass, pass!
Marle: Try again when you learn to マール Marle:
   RIDE.  「勝とうなんて! 一万年早いわね。[END]    Trying to win! Try again in ten thousand years.
Lucca: There's that stuffed-shirt, ルッカ Lucca:
   Cyrus!  「ちょーカッコつけ男っ、サイラス君![END]    It's the ultra-cool-acting man, Cyrus-kun!
Marle: He IS pretty handsome, マール Marle:
   though...  「でも事実カッコいいから、まいっちゃ    But since he really is cool, you'll fall for him......
Lucca: But WHERE does he buy his ルッカ Lucca:
   clothes?  「ファッションセンスがちょっとね。[END]    His fashion sense is kinda off.
Marle: Hey, did you hear? マール Marle:
   He plucks his eyebrows!  「知ってた?    Did you know?
 まゆをかいてるらしいんだって。[END]    I hear his eyebrows are penciled in.
Lucca: You've GOT to be joking! ルッカ Lucca:
   But...he's still a hunk!  「うっそ! げーっ、きもちわりー!    No way! Geeeh, I feel sick!
 でも、勇かんだから許しちゃおっと![END]    But, he's heroic, so I'll forgive him!
Marle: Hi, Toma! マール Marle:
   Now HE'S definitely my type!  「トマちゃん。あたいのお気に入り![END]    Toma-chan. My fave!
Lucca: Aw, he's just a flake. ルッカ Lucca:
 「ただの酒のみよ。[END]    He's just another heavy drinker.
Marle: Probably has a dozen マール Marle:
   girlfriends.  「それに、女好きだったりして。[END]    Besides, what if he's a woman-chaser?
Lucca: Actually, I see him as more ルッカ Lucca:
   of an intellectual!  「ひょっとしたら男好きだったりして![END]    What if maybe he's a man-chaser! Another bisexual joke involving Lucca! As least it's not ABOUT her this time...
Marle: What about him? マール Marle:
   That Kino guy?  「あんたどう思う?    What do you think?
 このキーノっていうヤツ……。[END]    This Kino guy......
Lucca: Total Neanderthal! ルッカ Lucca:
   Throw him a bone!  「ナヨナヨ族ね。    He's a wuss.
 ぜんぜんきょうみないわ。[END]    No interest whatsoever.
Marle: But he's honest. マール Marle:
   That's kind of attractive.  「でも、いちずな所が、かわいいって感    But, he's got kinda of a cute feeling to him in
 じ。ウソだけど……。[END]    his eagerness. That's a lie, though......
Lucca: He walks like a DUCK!! ルッカ Lucca:
 「あるき方がキライ! 変だわっ!![END]    I hate the way he walks! It's weird!!
Marle: Well, he'll never hurt anyone. マール Marle:
 「でもいいヤツだったよね。[END]    But he was a good guy.
Lucca: He's really very gentle, isn't ルッカ Lucca:
   he?  「とってもやさしいヤツだったよね。[END]    He was a really nice guy.
Lucca: Crono!!! ルッカ Lucca:
 「クロノ!!![END]    Crono!!!
Crono: What ARE you two doing?! クロノ Crono:
   I thought you said something about a  「いったいどのあたりが    Just what part of this is a
   nice little slide show?       『はんせい会』なんだよ!?[END]                "review meeting," huh!?
Marle: So, we got a little carried マール Marle:
   away!  「えへへへっ![END]    Eh, heh, heh, heh! Guilty nervous laughter.
Lucca: Where do you want to go ルッカ Lucca:
   next?!  「ねえ、次はどの時代へ行く!?[END]    Hey, which era are we going to next!?
Marle: Some place fun!! マール Marle:
 「楽しいことがいっぱいの時代っ!![END]    An era that's full of fun things!!
Crono: How about into the «now» ?! クロノ Crono:
 「今![END]    Now!
Lucca: Now, as in the present? ルッカ Lucca:
 「今って……?    Now, you said......?
 今、この現代ってこと?[END]    Now, meaning the Present?
Marle: Okay! マール Marle:
   Back to the present!  「オッケー! 現代ね![END]    Okay! The Present!
Lucca: So I guess we don't need a ルッカ Lucca:
   Gate Key anymore, right?  「じゃあ、ゲートホルダーはもういらな    Well then, I wonder if this means we don't
 いってことかなあ……?[END]    need the Gate Holder any more......?
Lucca: Hey! ルッカ Lucca:
   Wait a sec!!!  「あっ! 待ってよーっ!![END]    Ah! Wait uuuuup!!
(blank) [END] Unused lines found only in the the Japanese ROM.
(blank) だって。    Well.
 バッカじゃないの?[END]       Isn't that stupid? Or “aren't you stupid/an idiot”
(blank)        クロノ                   Crono
 「いいかげんにしろよ!![END]    Cut it out already!!
(blank)        ルッカ                   Lucca
   「クロノ! だーいすき!![END]       Crono! I looove you!! Not necessarily romantically, but usually.
(blank)        マール                   Marle
     「あたしもっ![END]          Me too! End of unused lines.
 [Ending: The Apocalypse]
OPERATOR: Direct attack on Truce!! オペレータ「ト! トルースに直撃です!![END] Operator: D—direct hit on Truce!!
SUPERVISOR: Calm down! 所長「落ち着け! Director: Calm down!
   How does it look down there?    かくちのじょうきょうはどうだ?[END]    How's the situation elsewhere?
OPERATOR: Porre...Choras...Medina...! オペレータ「パレポリも! チョラスも! Operator: Parepoley too! And Choras!
   Everything's been destroyed!!    メディーナも……!    And Medina......!
   ほぼ、かいめつじょうたいです!![END]    They're practically destroyed!!
DIRECTOR: ... 所長「……。[END] Director: ......
OPERATOR: Director! オペレータ「所長! ここも危険です![END] Operator: Director! It's dangerous here too!
   We're under attack!
DIRECTOR: Take cover in the 所長「そういんシェルタードームに Director: All hands, evacuate to the shelter dome......
   ShelterDome!    たいひせよ……。[END]
OPERATOR: Director! オペレータ「所長! 所長は!?[END] Operator: Director! Director, what about you!?
   Sir, you must come with us!
DIRECTOR: We're out of time! 所長「時間がない! 急がんか!![END] Director: There's no time! Hurry!!
   Get moving!!
OPERATOR: Y, yes sir! オペレータ「ハ、ハッ![END] Operator: Y, yes sir!
DIRECTOR: ... 所長「…… Director: ......
   Lavos...    ラヴォス……。[END]    Lavos......
Lost Lines          
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 [Programming code, denoting January 11th as the finish date for Trigger]
      1/11 1G version 1/11 1じバージョン[END]       1/11 1:00 version
 [? - Appears between Ioka / Arris Dome]  [? - Appears between Ioka / Arris Dome] [? - Appears between Ioka / Arris Dome]
   Info  [num16] インフォ [value16] Info [value16] Looks like a debugging message
      X   [num8]   [num8] X [value8] [value8] X [value8] [value8]
      Y   [num8]   [num8] Y [value8] [value8][END] Y [value8] [value8]
 [?, found at the end of Black Omen strings]
ingthenwngerewess tw: Does not appear
 [Person]  [Person] [Person] Unused tutorial line
   Ask the Mayor first. まず、町長の話を聞いてきな。[END]    Listen to what the mayor has to say first.
Marle: It's a family heirloom. マール「古ぼけてるけど Marle: It's worn out, but it's reeeally important. Unused. She hasn't given her name yet, for one thing, and says nothing if you don't return the pendant.
   May I please have it back?    とっても大事な物なの。    Could you give it back?
 [? - Appears in Porre, 1000 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears in Porre, 1000 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears in Porre, 1000 A.D. lines]
   It was Magus who killed off the 魔王のせいで北の森はなくなって    It's Magus's fault the forest in the north is
   forest up north. しまった……。[END]    gone......
 [These two Telepod Exhibit lines are unused]  [These two Telepod Exhibit lines are usused]  [These two Telepod Exhibit lines are unused]
TABAN: Hmm? タバン「ん……?[END] Taban: Hm......?
Lucca: ...... ルッカ「……。[END] Lucca: ......
 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   The wounded just keep piling up. ケガがなおるより、あらたなケガ人が出る    New wounded show up faster than the wounds
方が早いんです。[END]    can heal.
Robo: Her...expressive abilities are ロボ「しゅんぱつ力も人間の値を Robo: Her ability to move suddenly also
   also greater.    大きく超えていマス。[END]    greatly excEEDS human levels.
 [Duplicate of Frog's Cursed Woods line]  [Duplicate of Frog's Cursed Woods line]  [Duplicate of Frog's Cursed Woods line]
Frog: Awake'th, Crono! カエル「起きろ、クロノ。[END] Frog: Wake up, Crono. Though an original duplicate, Woolsey translated it differently here.
 [? - Appears between Magic Cave and Death Peak lines]  [? - Appears between Magic Cave and Death Peak lines]
                It's closed tightly.      かたく閉ざされている。[END]       It's tightly shut.
 [? - Appears with Ioka lines of reaction]  [? - Appears with Ioka lines of reaction]  [? - Appears with Ioka lines of reaction]
   Big ball of fire suddenly appear and でっかい火 突然 現われた。    Huge fire appeared suddenly.
   burn Reptite's castle. でっかい火 恐竜人の城 やいた。[END]    Huge fire burned Dinomen castle.
 [? - Probably Schala; unused OP lines]  [? - Probably Sara; unused OP lines]  [? - Probably Sara; unused OP lines]
   Aaaah! 「うわッ![END] 'Uwah!
   Nooo! 「キャッ![END] 'Kyah!
Magus: The lost Kingdom of Dreams. 魔王「失われた夢の王国……。 Magus: The lost kingdom of dreams...... Alternate North Cape lines.
   Sigh...    フ……。    Sigh......
   To have gained so much, and then    まさかこんな形で取り戻し    Incredible, to think I would regain it in such a
   have lost it again...    ふたたび失うことになろうとは……。[END]    way, only to lose it once again......
 [Unknown; 12000 B.C. line]  [Unknown; 12000 B.C. line]  [Unknown; 12000 B.C. line]
… ……。[END]    ......
 [Duplicate of Dalton's Epoch line]  [Duplicate of Dalton's Epoch line]  [Duplicate of Dalton's Epoch line]
   Mwa, ha, ha... 「フハハ……    Hu, ha, ha...... Though an original duplicate, Woolsey translated it differently here.
   It's complete!    出来た! 出来たぞ!![END]    It's done! It's done!!
   I've done it!
 [These five Aero-Dalton lines are unused]  [These five Aero-Dalton lines are unused]  [These five Aero-Dalton lines are unused]
Marle: Help! マール「キャアッ![END] Marle: Kyaah!
Lucca: What's going on! ルッカ「わわわッ![END] Lucca: wawawah!
Robo: Danger! ロボ「キ、危険デス![END] Robo: Th, that IS dangerous!
Frog: Oh, no! カエル「おわーッ![END] Frog: Owaaah!
Ayla: Epoch, wake up! エイラ「起きろ シルバード![END] Ayla: Wake up, Sylbird!
 [Unused, precede Magus flashback lines]  [Unused, precede Magus flashback lines]  [Unused, precede Magus flashback lines]
QUEEN: So Melchior? 女王「どうだ、ボッシュよ? Queen: How's this, Bosch?
   You see, the Mammon Machine    このとおり魔神器は完全だぞ。    As you can see, the Demonic Vessel is complete.
   functions perfectly.
   どうやらお前達の心配も    It seems that your worries were just
   Your worries were for naught.    とりこしぐろうだったようだな?[END]    overanxiety, yes?
QUEEN: The Guru of Reason, Belthasar. 女王「理の賢者ガッシュ。[END] Queen: Philosopher of Reason Gasch.
QUEEN: And the Guru of Time, Gaspar... 女王「そして、時の賢者ハッシュ。[END] Queen: And Philosopher of Time Hasch.
QUEEN: Foolish ones, watch closely. 女王「おろかなる賢者どもよ Queen: Foolish Philosophers.
   とくと見とどけるがいいわ。    Take a good look with your own eyes.
   Lavos awakens!
   The sun will never set on Zeal!    いだいなるラヴォス様のめざめ!    The awakening of the great Lavos-sama!
   わが王国のえいこうのはじまりを![END]    The beginning of my kingdom's glory!
SCHALA: Gurus! サラ「賢者様……!? Sara: Philosophers......!? Unused, part of Magus's memories
 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   I was one of the people you saved at ゼナンの橋では、助かりました。[END]    You saved us at Zenan Bridge.
 [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]  [? - Appears among 600 A.D. lines]
   I'm sure Cyrus is smiling, wherever he サイラス様もどこかでおよろこびでしょう。[END]    Cyrus-sama is probably rejoicing somewhere too.
TOMA: How have you been,  [member1]? トマ「よう、元気だったか、[pc1]。 Toma: Yo, how've you been? These Toma lines are never spoken.
   I kept my promise and found it!    やくそくは守ったぜ。    I kept my promise.
   探し物は見つけた。[END]    I've found what I was looking for.
TOMA: When next we meet, I'll have トマ「俺はお前らを待ってる……。 Toma: I'll wait for you guys.
   some good news for you.    さいごにいっぱい、おごってくれよ。    Treat me to one last drink.
   Heh heh...
   いいネタをやるぜ……。    I'll give you some good info......
   ニヤリ……。[END]    Grin......
 [? - They never actually get the Rainbow Shell in this manner]
          You got the Rainbow Shell!      虹色のかけらを手に入れた![END]    Got a Rainbow-Colored Shard!
 [? - Appears in Ioka Hut Trader lines]  [? - Appears in Ioka Hut Trader lines] [? - Appears in Ioka Hut Trader lines] I haven't got a clue why this is here either.
                 Transform!      ドッペルチェ~ンジ![END]       Dopple chaaange!
 [? - Placed among Guardia lines]  [? - Placed among Guardia lines]  [? - Placed among Guardia lines]
   Pierre's, he's in the soldier's quarters. ピエールさんなら兵士の部屋だぜ。[END]    If you want Pierre-san, he's in the soldiers' room.
 [? - Appear in Black Omen frog lines]  [? - Appear in Black Omen frog lines]  [? - Appear in Black Omen frog lines]
   See ya around! もどって来いよ~!    Come baaaack!
CHANCELLOR: B, but your majesty, what 大臣「し、しかし王様、戦勝って? Chancellor: B, but your majesty, victory? These 6 lines aren't used in the Beyond Time ending; they aren't in the game's event code, even.
   victory?    我々は戦などなにも……[END]    We had no war or......
   We have never fought anyone!
KING GUARDIA: Do you have any ガルディア33世「お前には子供はおるか?[END] Guardia the 33rd: Do you have any children?
   children, Chancellor?
CHANCELLOR: Y, yes, of course. 大臣「は、はい。 Chancellor: Y, yes.
KING GUARDIA: Then our victory is their ガルディア33世「なら、お前もいわえ。 Guardia the 33rd: Then you celebrate too.
   freedom!    お前の子供の子供の……    Your children's children's......
   Your children, and theirs as well, now    そのまたうにゃむにゃ……    and so on and so on......
   live in a world that knows hope.
   ……の子供が、きっとしあわせに    ......their children will surely have good fortune!
CHANCELLOR: Ow, oww! 大臣「いたたた……![END] Chancellor: Ow, ow, ow, ow......!
KING GUARDIA XXI: Yes, he's real. ガルディア21世「本物じゃ。[END] Guardia the 21st: He's the real thing.
Marle: I guess this wraps things up. マール「これでもと通りね。[END] Marle: Things are back to normal now. Unused; part of the ending "Beyond Time" at the Telepod Exhibit