Think of this as the Big Repository of Terminology. Also names.

The NA version isn't always consistent, so I've tried to list the most common term there. The original purpose of this chart is to aid consistency in the retranslation, but it may also be interesting for itself.

Check the item table for anything that shows up in inventory, the location table for locations, and the enemy table for anything you fight.

Underscores are wildcards for whatever makes sense.

NA version JP version KWhazit version Comments (if any)

Characters, B.C. 65 million
Ayla エイラ Ayla default name
Woman Woman Ayla before she's named
Kino キーノ Kino
Crono クロ Cro Assuming default name. In the Japanese version, Ayla calls Crono by the first two characters in his name.
Crono, you, etc. クロ達 Cros More literally, 'Cro and the others' or 'the group containing Cro', using Ayla's primitive speech as an excuse to use incorrect English that's easy to understand. name+'tachi' is very common in Japanese but has no good English equivalent.
ape サル monkey The Reptite/Dinomen name for humans. Could be either 'ape' or 'monkey'. I just think 'monkey' sounds better.
Old Man 長老 Elder
Guard 見張り Lookout
Jailer 牢番 Jailer

Things and Groups, B.C. 65 million
soup 岩石クラッシュ Rock Crash
(varies) 大地のおきて Law of the Earth
Dactyl プテラン Pteran

Characters, B.C. 12,000
Alfador アルファド Alphard The brightest star in Hydra, from Arabic meaning "solitary one".
Guru of Life 命の賢者 Philosopher of Life
Schala サラ Sara
Schala サラ様 Sara-sama
(three) Gurus 三賢者様 Three Philosophers
Queen Zeal ジール女王 Queen Zeal
Janus ジャキ Jyaki
Janus ジャキ様 Jyaki-sama
Boy 少年 Boy Janus/Jyaki before he's named
Queen 女王 Queen refers specifically to a ruling queen
Elder 長老 Elder
Guru of Time 時の賢者 Philosopher of Time
Doreen ドリーン Doreen almost-not-quite 'dream'
Mountain of Woe なげきの山 Grief Mountain
Soldier 兵士 Soldier
Prophet 予言者 Prophet
Guru of Reason 理の賢者 Philosopher of Reason

Things and Groups, B.C. 12,000
Algetty アルゲティ Algetty
GolemTwins ゴーレム・シスターズ Golem Sisters
Zeal Kingdom ジール王国 Zeal Kingdom
Aero-Dalton Imperial スカイ・ダルトン・ギョクーザ Sky Dalton Throne
Sun Keep 太陽神殿 Sun Temple
Earthbound Ones 地の民 People of the Earth
Skyway 天の道 Sky Road
Beast's nest ドロクイの巣 Mud-Eater nest
Enlightened Ones 光の民 People of the Light

Characters, A.D. 600
King King
Maid おかみさん Wife the cook's wife
Queen 王妃 Queen
Queen 王妃様 Queen same as above but more respectful
Frog カエル Frog also wordplay on a verb for 'transform', and a few other words.
King Guardia ガルディア王 King Guardia
King Guardia XXI ガルディア王21世 King Guardia the 21st
Knight Captain 騎士団長 Knight Captain
the magician Flea 空魔士マヨネー the Void Mage Mayonnay マヨネー (MAYONEE) isn't quite mayonnaise -- that would be マヨネーズ (MAYONEEZU).
Masa グラン Gran
Glenn グレン Glenn
the swordsman Slash, Sir Slush 外法剣士ソイソー the Dark Arts Swordsman Soysaw Two dictionary entries might apply to 外法: one is a Buddhist term for heresy, the other is a sort of demonic arts linked to tengu or using skulls. Credit goes to J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter books for giving me the idea to use 'dark arts'.
Also, ソイソー (SOI SOO) isn't quite soy sauce -- that would be ソイソース (SOISOOSU), or more often 醤油 (shouyu). Soyso is closer to a normal Romanization, but doesn't work with English phonetics.
Frog King ゴールデンフロッグ Golden Frog
Child 子供 Child Mune/Leon before he's named
Cyrus サイラス Cyrus
Boy 少年 Boy the would-be hero
Headman 村長 Chief village leader
Tata タータ Tarta タータ (TAATA) isn't quite tartar -- that would be タルタル (TARUTARU) when referring to the sauce.
Tata's Father タータの父 Tarta's Father
Trainees 大工みならい apprentice carpenters
Chancellor 大臣 Chancellor
Toma トマ Toma
Ozzie ビネガー Vinnegar Unlike the other condiment names this one really IS vinegar... but it would normally be 酢 (su) in Japanese.
Fiona フィオナ Fiona
Soldier 兵士 Soldier
Real Chancellor 本物の大臣 Real Chancellor
Magus 魔王 Magus This is a TITLE, not a name, and roughly translates to 'Demon King'.
Marco マルコ Marco
Attendant めし使い Servant
Hero 勇者 Hero
Hero 勇者様 Hero same as above but more respectful
Leene リーネ Leene
Queen Leene リーネ王妃 Queen Leene
Queen Leene リーネ王妃様 Queen Leene-sama
Queen Leene リーネ様 Leene-sama
Mune リオン Leon
Chef 料理長 Head Cook

Things and Groups, A.D. 600
Knights of the Square Table 王国騎士団 Royal Knights
Knights of the Square Table ガルディア王国騎士団 Guardia Royal Knights
knights 騎士団 Knights
Rainbow Shell 虹色の貝がら Rainbow-Colored Shell
Nirvana Strike ニルヴァーナ・スラーッシュ Nirvana Slash
Magus's army / troops 魔王軍 Magus's army

Characters, A.D. 1000
Elaine エレイン Elaine
King King
King Guardia ガルディア王 King Guardia
King Guardia XXXIII ガルディア王33世 King Guardia the 33rd
Crono クロノ Crono default name
Judge 裁判長 Presiding Judge
Mom ジナ Jina Yes, she has a name.
Girl 少女 Girl Marle before she's named. I had used 'young woman', but if 'shounen' is 'boy' (for Tata/Tarta and Jyaki/Janus), 'shoujo' is 'girl', and besides, it's shorter.
Supervisor 所長 Director The guy who runs the prison
Taban タバン Taban
Chancellor 大臣 Chancellor
Norstein Bekkler ノルシュテイン・ベッケラー Norstein Bekkeler
Bandeau バンドー Bandor Could be Bandeau, if 'eau' is pronounced like a long o. I'm not much good with French... that is French, isn't it?
Pierre ピエール Pierre
Ozzie VIII ビネガー8世 Vinnegar the 8th Unlike the other condiment names this one really IS vinegar... but it would normally be 酢 (su) in Japanese.
Fritz フリッツ Fritz
Soldier 兵士 Soldier
Melchior ボッシュ Bosch
Marle マール Marle default name
Princess Nadia マールディア王女 Princess Marledia Assuming default name. In the Japanese version, her full name is the name you give her (with any characters past the third dropped) plus 'dia'. If you have odd tastes in naming, her name could even be Cronodia (but not if you keep Crono as Crono... at least not if both are katakana).
Princess Nadia マールディア王女様 Princess Marledia-sama
Lara ララ Lara ...but 'LALA' to stop the machine.
Lucca ルッカ Lucca default name

Things and Groups, A.D. 1000
Guardia R & D ガルディア王国開発部より Guardia Kingdom Development Dept.
Super Dimension Warp 超次元物質転送マシン1号 Ultra Dimensional Matter-Transfer Machine #1
Zonker-38 使いすてドッカンばくはつピスト Disposable Explosion Blast Pistol
Telepod テレポッド Telepod
Leene's Bell リーネの鐘 Leene's Bell

Events, A.D. 1000
fair (?) お祭り festival
Millenial Fair 建国千年のお祭り National Foundation Millenial Festival

Characters, A.D. 2300
Atropos アトロポス Atropos
The Man アニキ Boss
R6_-Y R6_ーY R6_-Y
Boss おやぶん Boss
Belthasar ガッシュ Gasch
Underling こぶん Lackey
Johnny ジョニー Johnny
Doan ドン Don
Strange Creature なぞの物体 Enigmatic Object
Guard みはり Lookout
Old Man 老人 Old Man
Robo ロボ Robo default name
Robot ロボット Robot Robo before naming, also generic robots.

Things and Groups, A.D. 2300
Enertron エナ・ボックス EnerBox
Jet Bike ジェットバイク Jet Bike
seed 種子 seeds

Events, A.D. 2300
Day of Lavos ラヴォスの日 Day of Lavos

Characters, Beyond Time
sweetheart セクシーなネーちゃん sexy babe Spekkio's description of Ayla
Master of War 戦の神 God of war
punk hairdo, etc. ツンツン頭 pointy head Spekkio's description of Crono
the biggest toy I've ever seen デッカい人形 hugeass doll Spekkio's description of Robo
a marlin どエラいヤツ really something else Spekkio's description of Magus
Gaspar ハッシュ Hasch
the one with the ponytail ポニーテールのギャル ponytailed girl Spekkio's description of Marle
weird fellow またヘンなの another weird one Spekkio's description of Frog
the one with goofy glasses メガネのネーちゃん glasses chick Spekkio's description of Lucca
Old Man 老人 Old Man

sword katana Crono's weapon
gun けんじゅう gun Lucca's
bow ゆみ bow Marle's

Status Effects
chaos こんらん confusion
stop ストップ stop
sleep スリープ sleep
slow スロウ slow
disabled (usually reworded out) 戦闘不能 incapacitated
poison poison
blind ブラインド blind
lock ロック lock

Eras (as shown in saves)
??? ??? ? ? ?
Present 現代 Present
Middle Ages 中世 Middle Ages
Future 近未来 Near Future
Pre-historic 原始 Primeval
Dark Ages 古代 Ancient Era
Black Omen 黒の夢あ Black Dream
End of Time 最果て Farthest Reaches (...of time)

Special Terms, General
year ___ 王国暦___年 Kingdom Year ___ The reference point for dates is the founding of Guardia Kingdom, hence Kingdom Year and not just year. It's like how some countries date things by the current ruler or ruling family.
Reptites 恐竜人 Dinomen Literally dinosaur-person
the black wind 黒い風 the black wind
the Chrono Trigger クロノ・トリガー the Chrono Trigger
Gate ゲート Gate
pop (Toma), soup (Ayla), etc. sake (rice wine, or alcohol in general)
(?) 時代 era
Epoch シルバード Sylbird
(varies) 精神エネルギー spiritual energy
(varies) 大地 (the) earth often used in a way that seems like it's a special term
lightning sky Crono's element
Wings of Time 時をわたる翼 Wings that Cross Time
friend 仲間 companion It's not quite the same as either 'ally' or 'friend'. 'Comrade' is close, but that sounds too much like Soviet Russia. The US version of FFVII uses "war buddy" in Cloud's flashback for what is probably this term.
humanoid 人間型 humanoid used several times to describe Robo
fire fire Lucca's element
Mystic 魔族 Demon ...more or less.
magic 魔法 magic
beast / monster 魔物 monster
(varies) 魔力 magical power
water water Marle and Frog's element
shadow dark Magus's element
crest 紋章 crest the term is also used for a coat of arms
him, etc. ヤツ IT how Magus generally refers to Lavos
technique / tech technique (tech for short)
tech points わざポイント tech points